Crash Casino Games Online

Online casino crash games strike a chord with many gamblers, who forget good old classics and start playing crash gambling games on every occasion. They are quite a recent phenomenon in the gambling niche, but they are still trendy and gaining traction on all gambling sites. The best crash games are a byword of pure luck because literally nothing depends on the player – there is an ever-increasing multiplier string that can abrupt at any time, and the player should go with their gut and take the money in due time. Crash casino games are fast, thrilling, and totally unpredictable – that is why many players love them so much. What’s more, these games are affordable to everyone.

Best crash games online casinos

What is a crash game?

As with other online casino games, a crash game is based on chance and luck. The key idea that makes it stand out is that a crash game is based on multipliers. A round starts at the minimum multiplier, normally 1x. This number rises quickly and suddenly crashes upon reaching some random point – this is the beauty of crash games. The crash can occur at anytime, and the player cannot affect that moment.

Min/max multipliers in crash betting games

A round begins from 1x. The rate at which it increases differs across games, but the common idea is that the higher the multiplier, the faster it counts up. For example, it takes about ten seconds to run from 1x to 2x in Aviator, and the same timeframe is needed to increase the multiplier from 50x to 100x.

Maximum multipliers are dependent on the crash game. In some crypto crash games, the game developer can specify the highest possible multiplier achievable by the game software. For example, a player cannot get over 1000x in Lucky Crumbling, as outlined in the rules. Similarly, Maverick X culminates at 10,000x.

Some of the best crash games don't restrain players at all in this respect. Aviator has no max multiplier altogether. Their official stats reveal that some rounds reach the 1-million mark.

Crash game bet sizes

A bet range is designed to attract as many players as possible. Casual players with irregular gaming patterns want low bets, while high rollers prefer more substantial bet sizes. With this in view, crash games tend to have a broad limit, catering to many casino players. For example, Aviator has bet sizes of $0.1 to $100, Cash Galaxy offers a game round at $0.50 to $50, while Zeppelin boasts a very flexible range of $0.01 to $250.

This diversity further means that every budget is covered. Also, note that online casino operators are entitled to modify the default limits provided by the game studio; however, this modification is not significant. Also, there are Bitcoin crash games where you can bet Bitcoin and other crypto assets, but generally, the accepted currency depends mainly on the online casino you are in.

Best winnings in crash games

The player’s won amount is calculated by the Bet x Multiplier formula. So, it is clear the higher both elements, the greater the ultimate cash prize. However, a crash games bet is always confined to some maximum value, for example, $100 in Aviator. Besides, virtually every game also restrains the highest win achievable by players. Let’s take Aviator as an example.

Its rules read the top payout is $10,000, but the multiplier is not limited. If you enter the game and skim the stats, you will see multipliers of over 1.5 million. But this does not mean a guy who’s wagered $100 has the chance to win $100 x 1.5m = $150m. This is because Aviator cuts the max win to $10k, as is said above. So when you put $100 at stake, and the X number rises beyond 100 on the screen, your cash win will freeze at $10,000, no matter how high the multiplier builds.

Crash game features

All crash games are different but have common features typical of this game type. First and foremost, there is a multiplier increase. It can be implemented through various objects, e.g. airplane crash games (Avaitor, JetX) display an airplane as a moving object that takes off and flies until the multiplier stops. In some games, there is no multiplier curve, and the object ascends vertically. For example, in Cappadocia, you have a few coloured air balloons, while Save the Hamster shows a funny hamster who wants to escape the trap and flies in the sky, holding onto a balloon.

Crash casino games have a user interface where one can customise bet options, tweak automatic rounds, watch statistics, keep track of personal bets throughout the session, and so on. As a rule, crash games follow the same logic and concept in arranging the interface, so if you have ever played one or two crash money games, you will easily come to grips with a new crash game. Below, we review the most typical features of crash betting games.

Automatic bet placement

This feature resembles the one used in video slots. It just simplifies the player’s job of tapping the start button every time. The player’s task is to make the initial setting of the feature and activate it.

The crash games ranked high usually supply a couple of extra settings in the autobet functionality, e.g., the game must turn off the Auto mode on reaching a set level of wins/losses or when the player has a certain one-time win. To initiate an automatic mode, you must pick the desired bet and the number of auto rounds. The feature turns out to be мунк useful, and today, you will find it in every crash game.

Auto cashout

No one has an exact reaction to tap the cashout button precisely at a desired multiplier value, and this is where the automatic cashout comes in handy. If you want to withdraw the money strictly at 2x, 5x or any other level, use Auto Cashout (if available) because you will hardly do this manually.

The feature is enabled intuitively. You must insert the value at which the game software is supposed to cash out the bet + accumulated winnings. Some crash games have limits in this regard, especially when it comes to the minimum multiplier. In all respects, automatic cashout is perhaps the most useful tool in all crash games.

Instant loss concept in crash games

It goes without saying that every casino game has a house edge. Roulette generates the edge due to zero slots; blackjack’s edge in favour of the house is premised on the total of its rules, where each small provision adds a tiny edge. Crash games channel profits to casino operators due to a so-called ‘instant loss’ implemented in all crash games.

If you look at any crash game for several dozen rounds in a row, you will probably see that some rounds end immediately after starting, and the final multiplier is 1x. This means the game collects all the bets placed by all players in that round. There’s nothing you can do to avoid the Instant Loss unless you did not make a bet. Even if you use auto cashout tools, they will not help because their starting value is 1.01x or slightly higher, whereas the instant loss happens at 1.00x. Unfortunately, this is a permanent feature in all crash game casinos, and you’ll have to accept it.

Typical gameplay in airplane crash games

To make a long story short, you would want to see a short but comprehensive guide on what an average crash game looks like and what its normal gameplay is. So when entering any airplane crash game, like Aviator, JetX or Aviatrix, you should take the following easy steps to start playing for real money:

  1. Get acquainted with the game interface. Locate the essential buttons, like the ones for betting, Auto-Bet, and automatic mode. Look at the stats to get some clues on how large the multipliers are and how they are distributed across the last rounds. This will help you better understand what outcomes to expect in your real-money betting.
  2. At the beginning of every round, you will see a flying object (an airplane, a rocket, a common dot, etc.) that will start moving diagonally or vertically. While it is moving, a multiplier value will be increasing, too.
  3. At some random point, the object explodes, flies away or disappears in any other way, at which point the round ends. If you fail to tap the button that withdraws the accumulated multiplier in time, you will lose the round.
  4. The gameplay flows automatically and uninterruptedly. Once the round terminates with the airplane explosion, a counter will start ticking seconds until the beginning of a new game. During this waiting time, you may place the bet you deem suitable for your budget. Moreover, all games have an auto-stake tool that we explore on this page. Utilise it if needed.

Crash games gambling RTP

So, how much can you win in a crash game? Certainly, your winning will depend on your bet sizes and the selected strategy. If you like a high-risk take and prefer cashing out on high multipliers, chances are you will not hit that multiplier you are targeting at. So, you can end up with no bankroll very quickly.

Another factor adding to your ultimate win in any crash game is its RTP (Return to player) value. Like in any other casino game, it shows a theoretical percentage of potential winnings from the bets placed (e.g. a 96% return means you lose $4 on $100). Sure, this figure is approximate – you can win $50 on your $100 bet or lose the same amount.

As for airplane crash games, their expected player’s edge is 97% and higher. So, if you tweak your bet patterns and find the right moment to cash out the bet, the chances are high you will increase your initial bankroll. Interestingly, some crash games have a varying RTP indicated in the rules, e.g. 95.2%–97% in Football X. Providers explain that the range applies to different times at which the player decides to cash out. The earlier one taps Cash Out, the higher the RTP in the long run.

Crash game casino bonuses

Online casinos offer bonuses to new and existing players, but crash games usually contribute little or nothing. Experience shows that the average contribution rate of crash games to deposit bonuses, cashback, free spin winnings, and other kinds of bonuses is about 10% to 20%, rarely 50%.

Sometimes, online casinos run dedicated bonus programs covering Aviator. They offer special deposit bonuses that are wagerable on this crash game only – but this kind of bonus occurs pretty rarely.

Finally, some crash games have a built-in bonus functionality. For example, Aviator from Spribe boasts a unique Rain feature that some online casinos leverage. If one or another casino wants to give away a few free bets in Aviator, you can find them in the Rain tab inside the game settings.

A couple of crash games come with added bonus features. Aviatrix enables you to collect experience points and change airplane skins. Besides, some online casinos with this game use the rewards program to award free bets and cash prizes to Aviatrix players. However, all of these bonuses are rare, and crash gambling games tend to have just basic functionality.

Crash game winning tips

No one can give you an ironclad guarantee of a win if you stick to a winning strategy. Moreover, hardly any strategy would provide you with permanent winnings; otherwise, millions of players would exploit it in their favour. However, seasoned players use a few helpful tactics and tips to minimise the risk of losing. Below, you can find a couple of useful pieces of advice to help you get the most out of your real money casino balance.

Use Double Bet option

Though not present in all crash games, the Double Bet feature adds fun and lets you hedge the risks. Experts recommended the following way of leveraging it: You place two equal bets in both betting panels, e.g. $1 on each. The first bet should be cashed out early, at about 1.10x to 1.20x, while the second bet remains intact till 2.00x. If you want to put in place a riskier gambling approach, consider cashing out the second bet later, at 5.00x or so. Anyway, you will very likely win on the first wager, which will partially compensate for the probable loss of the second bet.

Use Auto Cashout feature

One can hardly overestimate the importance of this feature in crash game casinos. Timing is essential when you use the double betting feature, but it is almost impossible for a human to click on the cashout button at an exact value. This is where the automatic cashout is put to good use. Switch to the Auto mode, calibrate the needed number of rounds, and you are ready to go. Also, note that many games limit the maximum multiplier you can choose – it is lower than the highest one built into the crash game.

Do not look for patterns

This refers to the game statistics. Many players believe they can find some patterns and regularities in how the multipliers are distributed across dozens of the latest rounds. They think that seeing 1.05x, 1x and 1x as the last three results means the next round will certainly yield a big multiplier.

Best crash game providers

Big names in gambling usually have a mixed catalogue that includes slots, table games, and other kinds of gambling titles. Some lesser-known studios specialise only in crash games and mini-games, providing genuine crash game masterpieces that are popular worldwide. Below are explored the best suppliers of crash games to online casinos.


Over a dozen instant win games have been released, of which the best known is the flagship Aviator – a byword of crash games. They are proud to create a mix of new-generation and classic games, culminating in Mines, Goal, and Hotline, which are less popular than Aviator, but still offer rich and diverse gambling experiences. After inking a milestone deal with Relax Gaming in 2023, Spribe’s crash games will be way easier to find in online casinos.

SmartSoft Gaming

This is much due to their efforts that niche crash games have gradually moved to mainstream entertainment. SmartSoft is a Georgian company that hones in on crash games, fish games and other non-traditional casino games often published under different categories: Instant Win, Mini Games, and so on. Their flagship game, JetX, followed by JetX 3, was created in 2018. Today, they come up with more than ten crash games, such as Tower X, Football X, and Cappadocia. Top quality, attention to detail, and impeccable graphics are the standout features typical of games from SmartSoft. They also have a dedicated category of crash Bitcoin games.

Pascal Gaming

Another minor studio with a small game portfolio comprising slots, instant-win games, arcades, and table games. They also have 10+ unique crash games that use the crash mechanics but give it a distinctive, unusual twist. Based on the Provably Fair system, their games feature head-turning animations and creative gameplay with high winnings. Some of the most beloved crash games of players are Blast, Crash, and Fighters xXx.

Turbo Games

This studio has been focusing on what they call ‘fast games’ since 2021, debuting with CrashX in March of that year. In 2022, they received their first RNG certificate, and in 2023, they released ten more crash games, including Aero. Notably, their crash games have a free bet feature, allowing the connected online casinos to incentivise players with small bonuses. The company has introduced a few unique categories: Limbo, Stairs, and Towers. Some of the selected games in the portfolio are JavelinX, Save the Princess, and Bayraktar.

Evoplay Entertainment

With over five igaming awards reaped, the Evoplay crash and instant games feature an impressive diversity that elevates the overall experience. These include a double-betting tool, bonus rounds, skin shops, and even a progressive jackpot system. High-quality visual design adds an extra layer of excitement. The most popular crash games created by Evoplay are Save the Hamster, Mine Field, and High Striker.


The UK-based company (est. 2022) is known to be the first to pioneer virtual football betting. Today, they mainly produce video slots and table games, having recently taken a few steps in the crash game niche. 1x2gaming has less than five crash games as of now, but the catalogue is impressive. Players are encouraged to try MaverickX (a low-volatile game with a 250,000x max), Maverick (its predecessor with a modest x10,000 cap), and Crashout Fireworks. All the games are certified by the UKGC.

Gaming Corps

A small Swedish development company with five crash games in its portfolio – by the way, the provider calls them ‘Multiplier Games’. They started quite recently, in 2020, creating games for online casinos and consoles as well. Their products are aimed at large audiences, especially high rollers, who will be happy with a $200 max bet in Skyliner. The most exciting crypto crash games by Gaming Corps are Jet Lucky 2 and Stormy Witch, which have an RTP of over 97%.


BGaming is a crypto gambling pioneer, and their crash games with Bitcoin bets are masterly. They don’t have complicated graphics and rules; however, they are engaging and attractive. All crash games by this studio are ranked high thanks to a perfect balance between unsophisticated visuals and excellent maths, along with rich gameplay. Recommended crash games from this company are Minesweeper and Space XY. They also have a Plinko version, a quite rare title in modern online casinos.

Crash games FAQ

What is a crash game?

A crash game is a casino game in which the player must predict at which moment the multiplier stops rising and cash out before that happens.

What are the best crash games?

The most popular crash games with a well-balanced multiplier distribution and friendly bet limits are Aviator, JetX, Aviatrix, and a few others.

How much can I win in a crash game?

Crash game providers usually limit the maximum win. Besides, the highest amount up for grabs also depends on your bet. Examples: The max win in Aviator and Cricket X is $10,000, High Striker – $90,000, and Comet Crash – no theoretical limit.

What is the best winning strategy in crash games?

For low-roller players, it is best to cash out early when the multiplier is in the range of 1.01x to 1.1x. A double-betting option is also advisable to hedge the risks.

Are crash games fair?

If they come from licensed providers, there’s nothing to worry about. Most crash games are backed by the Provably Fair tech, enabling you to verify each round.

What is the minimum bet in crash games?

In most crash games, the lowest acceptable stake is $0.1 to $1.

What RTP do crash games have?

Typically, a crash game has the player’s return value at about 95% to 97%. See game rules for details.