To Mars and Beyond Crash game by Gaming Corps for real money

If you love the thrill of space-themed crash games, get ready for a wild ride with To Mars And Beyond from Gaming Corps. This exciting title transports you to an arcade-style multiplier adventure in space. The gameplay is straightforward. Hit the launch button and watch your multiplier 'rocket' fly higher and higher as it blasts off from Mars to the unknown. Cash out your wins at the perfect moment before the rocket explodes, or risk it all for an astronomical 10,000x max payout. There's an autoplay option to ensure you never miss a launch. But the real fireworks come from the bonus round offering free bets with boosted multipliers. This To Mars And Beyond review covers all the need-to-know details like the rules, features, and top online casinos to play at. It reviews everything about this game.

  • To Mars and Beyond screenshot
  • To Mars and Beyond screenshot

Best online casinos to play To Mars and Beyond Crash game by Gaming Corps

To Mars and Beyond facts

βœ… Name To Mars and Beyond
πŸ” Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Gaming Corps
πŸ“… Release date 2021
πŸ’Ή Return to Player 95.31% - 97%
πŸ’° Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Space
πŸ‘€ Objects Rocket
🎯 Objective Cash out before the rocket crashes
πŸ“ˆ Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
βœ… Provable fair no
πŸ”„ Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Crash games are a new set of online casino games characterised by quick rounds and instant payouts. The concept is straightforward. Hit the play button and watch as the multipliers rapidly rise alongside the curve (there may be an object e.g. a rocket). The higher they climb, the bigger your potential payout. But you need to cash out on time lest the entire game will crash, leaving your bet and any winnings lost. 

It’s an exhilarating tug of war against the escalating multipliers. Pull out too early, and you leave a fortune on the table. Let it ride a moment too long, and it’s game over. Combining fast-paced action with cutting-edge graphics, crash games like To Mars And Beyond fuse this adrenaline-pumping concept with space-themed gameplay for an amazing experience.

About To Mars And Beyond crash game

To Mars And Beyond is a space-themed online casino game launched in the last quarter of 2021 by Gaming Corps. Since rocketing onto the scene in 2015, this developer has been tirelessly engineering games optimised for full-throttle fun across desktops and mobile platforms. Their To Mars And Beyond bet game is a must-experience cosmic thrill ride. It’s a multiplayer crash game.

Fueling this heart-pounding gameplay are rock-solid fundamentals like a varying 95.31% to 97% RTP alongside flexible bets from just $0.1 up to $100. Not to mention dynamic bonus challenges that can manifest multiple times in a game round to shower even more rewards. But the To Mars And Beyond casino game doesn’t just deliver on the cold, hard numbers. It’s an incredibly crisp audiovisual stunner pushing some gorgeous graphics. All are optimised for brilliantly smooth play, whether you’re igniting rocket action from an Android smartphone, Apple tablet, or desktop computer.

To Mars And Beyond game rules

Mastering the rules of the game is a prerequisite to playing profitably. So, before you play To Mars And Beyond for real money, take a closer look at the game rules to play like a seasoned pro. Below is a summary of the vitals.

Bet limits and maximum payout

One of the beauties of this crash game is its flexible betting structure that accommodates both casual players and high-stakes gamblers. Minimum bets start at just $0.10, allowing smaller bankrolls to get in on the action. But if you’ve got a bigger bankroll, you can stake up to $100 per bet. No matter the bet size you choose to fly with, the tantalising possibility of hitting that astronomical 10,000x multiplier is always looming. Even a $1 stake could theoretically blast you all the way to significant winnings if you perfectly navigated to the stratospheric payout. However, the maximum win is capped at an utterly massive $10,000 per round.

Bonus challenge

To Mars And Beyond isn’t just a straightforward crash casino thrill ride. This stellar game also dishes out some serious bonuses in their Bonus Challenge. When a danger warning is signalled, an enemy vessel may appear mid-flight, hellbent on blasting your rocket. An intense, reflex-testing shootout takes place to determine whether you escape unscathed or get shot down in a blaze. This hair-raising bonus challenge can manifest multiple times per round, keeping you squarely on the edge of your seat.

However, you’ll be rewarded handsomely if you outgun the enemy spaceship. First up is a multiplier booster. This is a random gift giving your current multiplier an express injection. The second option is a free bet to fire off on your next flight. These bonuses are given randomly, so you can get any.

Just note that while you can get multiplier boosts multiple times in a round, you only get one free bet launch per game round before it resets. But once you cash out boosted winnings, the iconic ‘community bet’ beacon lights up to let all To Mars And Beyond players know that a lucky astronaut has officially won the bonus.

Volatility and RTP

To Mars And Beyond is like other crash games in terms of volatility. This crash game cranks the volatility to extreme levels for a true white-knuckle experience. On one round, you could blast off towards epic winnings only to watch your entire stake explode into dust on the next. The potential for colossal wins up to $10,000 and crushing losses is always looming. 

However, the volatility level you’ll experience depends on your betting strategy and risk tolerance. The game delivers a solid RTP ranging between 95.31% and 97%. More conservative players laying smaller bets and cashing out at lower 2x-3x multipliers consistently can expect a remarkably smooth 97% RTP over the long run.

Double bet panels

You can double down on the action with dual side-by-side bet panels to be able to bet simultaneously at once. Each panel includes a manual betting console for customising wagers to the decimal. Or just enable the autoplay option to handle all the pre-launch settings automatically while focusing on the main event. It’s an absolute twin-engine brain melter pushing your luck and winning potential to the limits. One screen simply won’t contain all the heart-racing multiplier escalation.

Auto bet

Don’t bother with all those tedious manual re-entries between rounds. Let the Auto Bet function handle that repetitive grunt while you sit back and enjoy the game. Once engaged from the game panel, Auto Bet lets you set your ideal wager, then kick back as To Mars And Beyond automatically re-arms that same wager at your convenience. You must decide precisely how many auto-rounds you want.

Auto collect

Here’s where you get to customise the cashout multipliers fully. Thanks to the Auto Collect system, you can pre-program the To Mars And Beyond online casino game to automatically cash out at whatever multiplier threshold fits your unique risk/reward profile. Select multiplier values anywhere from the bare minimum of 1.35x to the extreme 100x using those simple +/- adjusters. Remember, you also get control over how many automatic collections you want. Whether a quick 5-round strike mission or an infinite sustained multiplier sequence, this option lets you enjoy the game on your terms.

Live statistics

Taking your multiplier tracking capabilities into the modern age, To Mars And Beyond houses a cutting-edge stats section conspicuously displayed on the far right on the desktop main control deck (or below the game panel on mobile devices). This premium community intel hub broadcasts all the latest multipliers and payouts achieved across every active round. Any win with a free bet or multiplier boost will have a light beside it for extra visibility. Watch and learn.

Demo mode

Before risking real money, you can test drive the full To Mars And Beyond crash game experience through the free demo mode. This is the perfect practice playground for new players still learning the ropes or for experienced pros looking to try out different strategies risk-free. In demo mode, you get virtual credits to launch as many practice flights as you want without spending a single dime. Use it to get fully comfortable with the fast-paced gameplay, sharpen your reflexes on those split-second cashout decisions, and experiment with various tactics until you’re prepared and confident. Once you have a good handle on manoeuvring through the realistic cosmic environment, you’ll be ready to play To Mars And Beyond for real money at top online casinos.

To Mars And Beyond game interface and betting options

Gear up for liftoff in the To Mars And Beyond bet game, and see the visual feast here. The hyper-realistic interface immerses you right into an absolute thrill-a-minute wagering spectacle. But before getting too starstruck, go over the mission-critical controls and betting functions:

  • Main game panel: Taking centre stage is the sleek, futuristic flight deck where you’ll pilot that powerful rocket from its launch station to unknown heights. Settle in and marvel as your stellar rocket engines roar to life at the desert launchpad before traversing the atmosphere and soaring majestically past planets and satellites into the dark skies.
  • Set bet level (- and +): Use simple + and – buttons to dial your ideal wager down to the decimal easily. You can also click the min or max buttons straight.
  • Place bet: Once locked and loaded, smash this bet button to arm those wagers and multipliers and await liftoff toward potential multiplier supremacy.
  • Cash out: As soon as you’ve achieved your preferred multiplier value, hammer down the cash-out button before an explosion vaporises everything into flames.
  • Bet again: You’ll have a brief 10-second grace period to regroup and bet again for another white-knuckle attempt at multiplier glory.
  • Cancel bet: If you accidentally jumped the gun arming those multipliers prematurely, just hit the cancel bet button to disarm the bet safely.
  • Last results: Stay grounded by reviewing the latest stats in the results flashboard above the main deck (or conveniently below on mobile screens).
  • Bet history:  Survey the community bet history for real-time exhibition of all players’ bets and multiplier scores. This stellar 360-degree arsenal is your greatest asset for formulating elite strategies.
  • Info: Access the compiled handbook by firing up the info terminal covering everything from rules and regulations to basic elements about To Mars And Beyond crash game.
  • Sound: A quick toggle of the audio icon is all it takes to turn on or off the engine rumblers and music.

How to play To Mars And Beyond online casino game

You start by setting your bet sizes. You can dial in the bet amount or adjust it by tapping the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons below the control panel. Alternatively, punch it straight to the preset minimum ($0.1) and maximum ($100) bet limits. When locked and loaded, smash that ‘Place Bet’ button and wait for the next round to start. As that celestial rocket starts soaring through the stratosphere, your multiplier payload will rapidly increase.

Your mission is to cash out before the spacecraft inevitably explodes, obliterating all potential winnings in one burst. The longer you let the multipliers climb, the bigger that paycheck could be. But this means there is a higher risk of vaporising the whole stack if the rocket explodes. Hit ‘Cash Out’ anytime to bank those wins and save your bets. Payouts are calculated from your initial launch investment multiplied by the multiplier value at the time of cash out.

To Mars And Beyond bet game enables automatic controls with Auto Bet and Auto Collect systems. The former ensures you’re auto-staking the same bet each round, while the latter lets you preset a multiplier threshold to cash out at automatically. With creative graphics, smooth gameplay, and the potential for significant payouts, this online casino game delivers a pulse-pounding and lucrative crash game experience.

Play To Mars And Beyond game for free in demo mode


As detailed in this To Mars And Beyond review, the game delivers an exciting thrill ride for all. It touts 95.3% to 97% RTP and bets starting from just $0.10 to $100. With its exhilarating features like the Bonus Challenge with free bets and multiplier boosters, this is one lucrative launch you can’t afford to miss. The automatic controls like Auto Bet and Auto Collect let you customise the experience to fit your gambling style. But what truly separates To Mars And Beyond crash game is the gorgeous sci-fi interface combined with full mobile optimisation. Every angle of the sleek cockpit immerses you in a spectacular cosmic environment. So, brace yourself for fascinating space action in the best To Mars And Beyond online casinos.Β Β 

To Mars And Beyond game FAQ

Is To Mars And Beyond game fair?

Yes. This cosmic thrill ride keeps it 100% fair and square. To Mars And Beyond is the brainchild of elite devs at Gaming Corps. This certified provider undergoes rigorous independent game testing for fairness from respected regulatory bodies like eCOGRA.

How to play To Mars And Beyond?

Playing this game is easy. First, set your wager amount. When locked and loaded, hit the bet button and watch your rocket start climbing through the stratosphere. Your mission is to cash out before it explodes, vaporising all winnings.

How much can I win in To Mars And Beyond?

Even with modest wagers, you could theoretically navigate all the way to the cosmic 10,000x max multiplier. But the wins are capped at a $10,000 single-round payout and will automatically be cashed out if this limit is attained.

What are the bet sizes in To Mars And Beyond?

To Mars And Beyond accommodates players of all budgets. Minimum bets are $0.10 per round, letting even smaller bankrolls get some skin in the game. But if you've got that big universal credit to burn, you can pump up to a hefty $100 max bet for some real high-stakes action.

Does To Mars And Beyond have an autobet feature?

You're cleared for full automatic flight controls on this crash game. The Auto Bet system lets you streamline your entire gambling adventure so you can focus on that white-knuckle multiplier escalation. Use it to pre-program repeated wagers and optimise your entire win/loss moments for maximum efficiency.

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