Lucky Tanks Crash game by Onlyplay for real money

The days of just slots, table games, and cards at online casinos are over. Now, rad software developers are crafting off-the-chain innovative games that flip the script. One such next-level title is Lucky Tanks crash game - a cutting-edge instant-win title from Onlyplay. This military-themed game throws you on a battlefield packed with tanks and gear. Your mission is to predict where enemy tanks are hiding behind bushes or rocks and blast them into oblivion. Any destruction scores juicy multipliers that get multiplied by your wager. Shoot 12 tanks in a row and win yourself a jackpot. This in-depth Lucky Tanks review will break down everything you need to know, from the immersive graphics and sound to the player-friendly bet limits and mobile access. It will also spotlight the best online casinos where you can play Lucky Tanks for real money.

  • Lucky Tanks screenshot
  • Lucky Tanks screenshot

Best online casinos to play Lucky Tanks Crash game by Onlyplay

Lucky Tanks facts

✅ Name Lucky Tanks
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Onlyplay
📅 Release date 2020
💹 Return to Player 93.65%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $50
🎨 Theme Military
👀 Objects Tanks
🎯 Objective Guess where the enemy tank is hidden and collect multipliers
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 118x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet no

What is a crash game?

Crash games bring together luck, excitement, and strategy. Unlike old-fashioned online casino games like slots, these ones have a one-of-a-kind mechanic where you bet on a growing curve on a graph. The goal is to cash out your earnings before that crazy curve crashes down to zero. If you time it right, you’ll bag wins based on the multiplier value at the time of cashout and the money wagered in that round. Note that the curve blasts off fast, usually starting at 1.00x. The longer you can ride it out, the higher it’ll go. But it can crash at any moment. With huge multipliers and risks, crash games bring a thrilling adrenaline rush.

About Lucky Tanks online casino game

Lucky Tanks is a fascinating instant-win online casino game based on classic arcade tank warfare jams. It was developed and launched in 2020 by the hype game maker Onlyplay. This game developer has cemented itself as a top dog by designing dozens of banging online casino games, from slots to tables, cards, and instant-win titles you can play for real cash (fiat or Bitcoin) or just for fun. Getting back to the topic, the Lucky Tanks crash game throws you into a battlefield with four enemy tanks hiding behind 4 of the 9 bushes and boulders. Your task is to guess where the enemy tanks are hidden and blow them out to destruction. 

Note that only 4 of the bushes will be hiding these tanks. The rest are just decoys. If you wreck those tanks, your bet gets multiplied by the multiplier shown. But if there’s no tank behind the bush or rock you shoot, the enemy retaliates and destroys your tank and your money. The game uses modern HTML5 technology, so you can get your game on any device – desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. The interface keeps it simple for easy navigation and control of actions. 

Lucky Tanks has a 93.65% RTP and bet limits from $1 to $50. There’s also a 118x max multiplier and a progressive jackpot on top for massive scores. Keep reading to get the full lowdown on everything that makes Lucky Tanks one of the most thrilling crash games. This tank warfare game will have you battling for big bucks in no time.

Lucky Tanks game rules

Lucky Tanks was made for players chasing an intense gaming thrill ride mixing strategy and luck. No military skills are needed. Even so, you need to get familiar with the rules and mechanics so you can pounce on opportunities to bank significant wins. Here are the key rules to note down:

Graphics and sound

The graphics and sounds in the Lucky Tanks casino game are crisp and captivating, creating a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. The colour palette is vibrant yet chill so that you can focus on the action with awesome visuals. Decide what’s better in battle: hearing cannon fire or total silence. Lucky Tanks lets you adjust the sounds to your preference. Blast the sounds to hear gunshots and military audio, or turn them off to fully concentrate in silence.

Bet limits and multipliers

Your bet amounts play a crucial role in Lucky Tanks’ overall strategy. You’ll need to carefully pick your coin values between 1 and 50 to maximise your rewards. With minimum bets starting at just $1, even casual players are welcome to play. For high rollers, the max bet reaches $50 per round. Note that you’ll have to set your bet using the controls. That is, you can’t input your own figure. Select from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50.

Here’s how the multipliers work: blowing up one tank scores a 2x multiplier, two tanks 5x, and three tanks 15x. And the top standard prize is a massive 118x multiplier for four tanks destroyed in a row. You can cash out your winnings after any successful shot. If you shoot down all four tanks in 3 consecutive rounds without cashing out, you win the jackpot.

Volatility and RTP                                                                

Thrill-seekers can crank Lucky Tanks’ volatility to the max for an adrenaline rush by riding out the multipliers. Chase that elusive 118x by holding out to wreck all four tanks. For a more chill ride, collect after hitting one or two tanks for smaller 2x or 5x multipliers. This low volatility means you can expect frequent small wins. Either way, you control the volatility intensity to suit your style. While similar games like Aviator boast 97% RTP, it’s unfortunate that the Lucky Tanks bet game offers a lower 93.65% return to player rate. Nonetheless, the gameplay is unique, and it is still a fun arcade-style game.

Progressive jackpot

Lucky Tanks has a sweet progressive jackpot up for grabs. This jackpot is exclusive to the game – it doesn’t connect to other titles. The current jackpot value shows on the screen as you play. To win, blow up all 4 tanks in 3 rounds in a row, giving you a total of 12 tanks. You must not cash out in between the rounds. The jackpot payout depends on your bet size. At max bet, you get 100% of the jackpot value. On lower bets, you get a percentage based on your bet vs max bet. For example, if you bet $20 and the max bet is $50, you’d get 40% of the jackpot bonus value.

These payouts are calculated using the jackpot value on the servers. If communication fails between the casino and servers where jackpot info is stored, the game becomes unavailable, and jackpot contributions/claims are halted until it resumes. The jackpot value doesn’t change during an outage. Lastly, jackpot wins are verified by the online casino and game supplier – their decision is final.

Mobile compatibility

The immersive Lucky Tanks bet game lets you in on the action from anywhere, thanks to its mobile compatibility. Built with HTML5 technology, the game works on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Wherever you’ve got free time, you can pull out your phone and get your Lucky Tanks fix.

Game fairness

Like any legit crash game, Lucky Tanks runs on a random number generator (RNG) to keep gameplay and payouts spontaneous. This ensures the outcome of every round is unpredictable, so gamblers have a fair shot at wrecking tanks and banking wins. On top of that, the game is powered by Onlyplay – an industry-leading game studio known for creating fair, certified games you can trust. Between the RNG tech and Onlyplay’s reputation, you can be confident Lucky Tanks pays out accurately based on random luck.

Demo mode

As you’ll see in our reviews, most crash games have a free-play mode. This one is no different. Test driving the Lucky Tanks bet game for free is a breeze, thanks to its feature-packed demo mode. This is the ultimate spot for newbies to build skills and for pros to cook up next-level strategies without money risk. Dive into the fast yet intuitive gameplay 100% free in demo mode.

Explore everything at your own pace, sharpen your hiding spot predictions, know when to take out your wins, and lock down advanced tactics to dominate before playing for real cash. Once you’ve mastered finding enemy tanks for peak performance in the free demo, you’ll be ready to confidently play Lucky Tanks for real money at the top online casinos.

Lucky Tanks game interface and betting options

Cruising through Lucky Tanks’ screens is a breeze, thanks to the slick, user-friendly setup. All the buttons and features are neatly labelled for easy navigation. 

  • Home screen: The home screen pops up first when you fire up Lucky Tanks. It holds the big ‘Start’ button to enter the battle, the multiplier details, and how to score that sweet jackpot.
  • Main game screen: Tap ‘Start’ and you roll onto the main battlefield – prime real estate to hunt enemy tanks hiding behind 9 bushes and boulders waiting to get bombed.
  • Bet buttons: Hit the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons in the Bet section to pick your wager amount. Alternatively, take the $1 minimum or $50 max bet with the one-click ‘MIN’ and ‘MAX’ options.
  • Play button: With your bet locked in, smash ‘Play’ to kick off the hunting round. Now, click bushes/boulders to uncover the hidden enemy tanks. The round continues until you bomb all the four tanks, cash out (collect) or hit a decoy.
  • Take button: Destroy an enemy tank, and the ‘Take’ button appears so you can snag your earnings based on that tank’s multiplier value. Tap it to end the round and stash that cash.
  • Settings icon: Click the three-line menu icon whenever you need to toggle sounds, peep rules, or familiarise yourself with every detail about the game before playing it for real money.

How to play Lucky Tanks online casino game

You got the rules and buttons down. Now learn how to play this game at Lucky Tanks online casinos. No worries, the gameplay is super easy and smooth. The first thing to do once you fire up Lucky Tanks is set your bet. Tap the ‘Min’ or ‘Max’ buttons to drop the $1 minimum or $50 max wager. Or pick $1, $2, $5, $20 or $50 using the + and – buttons.

To start a round, place your bet and click the ‘Play’ button. The round runs from the moment you hit the ‘Play’ button until you destroy all the four tanks, hit a decoy or take your winnings after bombing one, two or three tanks – whichever comes first. Destroy one hidden tank, and you score a 2x multiplier. Now comes the big decision – take your cash or keep hunting for another tank to bump up your multiplier. Your win shows after the first wrecked tank. But if your next shot is empty, the enemy tanks strike back and destroy your tank, bet amount, and any multipliers earned. It’s harsh but fair.

Blow up all four tanks for the rad 118x max multiplier in one round. And destroy 12 tanks over three straight rounds to score the progressive jackpot. Study the spots closely for clues about where tanks are hiding. Trust your gut, take intelligent risks, and cash out before getting greedy. The Lucky Tanks casino game delivers nonstop action and relatively huge payout potential.

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As seen in this Lucky Tanks review, the game brings a one-of-a-kind experience with its military theme and explosive tank battles. Even with the intense action, everything stays chill for newbies with simple betting and clear multipliers. Although the 93.65% RTP is lower than that of several other crash games, the 118x max multiplier and progressive jackpot make up for it.

Between the reasonable $1-$50 bet range, high-volatility chases and steady mini-wins, Lucky Tanks fits all players. This OnlyPlay title mixes strategy and chance into an addictive fight for massive real-money prizes. If you’re craving military-themed casino action, hop in a tank and roll into combat with Lucky Tanks. With only nine hiding spots and your cannon locked and loaded, guess where to point your bombs, and you could win.

Lucky Tanks game FAQ

Is the Lucky Tanks game fair?

Going by the reputation Onlyplay has in the industry, the Lucky Tanks crash game is fair. The company’s products are rigorously tested and verified for fairness by their in-house team before release. This confirms outcomes are random.

How to play Lucky Tanks?

Pick your stake, hit ‘Play’ and watch your tank roll onto the battlefield as the hunting starts. Click bushes/boulders to uncover enemy tanks and score multipliers. Tap ‘Collect’ to grab your winnings before the enemy wrecks your tank. But if you have a higher risk taste, go for all four tanks to win the max 118X multiplier.

How much can I win in Lucky Tanks?

With the significant 118x maximum multiplier, you could potentially win $5900 at max bet. Even a min bet can turn into fat stacks if you time that cash out just right. However, you must risk it big to win big when chasing that 5K+ top prize.

What are the bet sizes in Lucky Tanks?

Lucky Tanks accommodates all budgets. Minimum bets start at just $1 for casual players. High rollers can drop up to $50 per round. You can play with $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, or $50.

Does Lucky Tanks have an autoplay feature?

Unfortunately, no. Lucky Tanks doesn't have an autoplay option yet. You have to manually place each wager and take out wins yourself. But its straightforward gameplay makes that easy enough. Actually, the autoplay feature doesn't seem necessary here.

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