Slap It Crash game by KA Gaming for real money

If you think that you are tired of boring TV shows, then KA Gaming is going to surprise you even more since its Slap It crash game provides players with a weird TV that definitely requires some fixes. And no, you won’t have the option to repair it; just try to slap it a little bit stronger, trying to come across one of three channels or the Lucky Draw program. Of course, the provider prepared a good compensation for the inconvenience, so the channels can bring you up to 500x for a lucky slap. In this Slap It crash game review, you’ll find more information about its functions, some strategies, and the best online casinos to play this crash game for real money based on reviews from real players.

  • Slap It screenshot
  • Slap It screenshot

Best online casinos to play Slap It Crash game by KA Gaming

Slap It facts

✅ Name Slap It
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider KA Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player n/a
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.50 - $2000
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects TV set
🎯 Objective Hit a TV set to get a higher multiplier
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 100x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Crash games, also known as instant-win online casino titles, may have different forms. In most cases, you watch a certain item, such as a rocket, take off, and then it’s your turn to cash out before this item crashes. In the case of Slap It, you can’t regulate the volatility level, so it works a bit differently. Still, you don’t have standard slot reels or table game elements, so each round is simple and quick.

Slap It game rules

As Slap It is not a traditional crash game and not a regular online casino game either, it’s worth delving into its mechanics in detail. Of course, it’s not a complicated game where you have loads of features, but newbies facing such an interface may get confused. The following blocks will explain in detail how to play Slap It for real money, considering all its gameplay options and navigation widgets.


Don’t be surprised with the noisy screen of the virtual TV you’ll see when launching the game. This screen will be your main tool to get the highest multipliers out of this old device. The TV itself is in an old room, and its annoying sound effects prove that it’s time to do the repair. These are the other elements you’ll find in the game:

  • The menu widget is on the right; you can tap on it to see the paytable and read more about the bonus round
  • All calculations are displayed on the bottom of the screen. You will see your balance, winnings, and the total bet amount
  • You can tap on the icon with coins to see available betting amounts and pick your real money stake (the ‘New Bet’ widget on desktops)
  • The big round button under the TV starts the game. You can hold it to launch autoplay rounds (25 to infinite)
  • The widgets next to it are for Turbo mode activation (click the space bar on desktops) and for setting the maximum bet of $2000 within a single tap

If you are interested in more detailed statistics of each round, open the menu and tap on the hamburger button. Here, you can see the transaction ID of each round, your balance before and after this round, currency, and other essential aspects.

Basic rules

Slap It is not a regular crash game where you start from a 1x multiplier and watch it grow, cashing out whenever you want. Here, each round is a single slap on the TV. Some of your efforts can bring winnings if you manage to fix the TV and come across one of the shows. Furthermore, besides the standard shows, you can find yourself in the Lucky Draw bonus game bringing random multipliers of 5x to 100x. However, you may need a range of attempts since not all rounds are winning, so be prepared for at least several snaps to get the desired result.

Turbo & autoplay features 

Since the game may turn out to be boring after a few minutes of monotonous slapping, players interested in long sessions may want to speed up the game. The KA Gaming provider added Turbo (‘Turbo’ widget on mobile or space bar on desktops) and autoplay modes, and you can combine them to have super-fast rounds. Just tap on the corresponding buttons to select the number of auto-bets (25, 50, 100, 200, infinite) and make sure to control your bankroll, especially with high stakes.

Available TV programs & their values

The Snap It online casino crash game has several animated TV programs that feature certain values. The range of these values varies and is totally random, so it doesn’t work like in slots where you need to land more symbols to get a higher reward. These are the three possible channels you can manage to set up:

  • Charlie Chaplin: 0.40x to 6x the bet
  • Bugs Bunny: 2.40x to 20x
  • Gold coins: 8x to 500x

Our Slap It review is based on detailed examples, so let’s calculate a little bit. This means that you can get $4 and then $60 for the same Charlie Chaplin channel at a $10 bet within two different rounds; it’s all random.

Lucky Draw feature

Though the Slap It bet game has quite primitive mechanics, it features a small bonus round in addition to the main game. It’s the Lucky Draw feature, which is triggered randomly. The TV will show a random multiplier of 5x to 100x that will be applied to your total bet. Again, it’s all determined by a random slap, so it’s not a game where you get involved by making choices or choosing items.

How to play Slap It for real money

The Slap It casino online game is simple and accessible to all players, including newbies who aren’t familiar with complicated gambling mechanics yet. Follow this short guide to play Slap It for real money:

  1. Choose one of the top Slap It online casinos from this page
  2. Select your bet of $0.50 to $2000 via the button with coins or tap on the ‘Max Bet’ button if you are into a high-roller session
  3. By tapping on the big round button, you launch a single round that triggers one slap
  4. Optionally, you can activate the Turbo mode (the space bar on desktops) or auto-bets

The same navigation is offered for both desktops and mobile gadgets, so you can play Slap It on iOS and Android. Depending on your location and casino settings, the currency may also vary, including Bitcoin, at cryptocurrency casinos. Thus, it’s also worth checking current betting limits since they may vary sometimes

Slap It crash game strategies 

Online gambling can’t be predicted or controlled, so the strategies for the instant-win Slap It online casino game are just some examples of how you can manage your bankroll. Feel free to modify these tips according to your budget and needs, and always play responsibly and within your predetermined bankroll, even when you win big or, vice versa, lose more than expected. These are the most suitable strategies to play Slap It in online casinos since they are designed for different bankrolls and risk levels.

‘Silent Movies’ Slap It crash game strategy 

‘The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury,’ said Charlie Chaplin, so the strategy won’t be about huge stakes and high risks. It supposes a $1 bet per round. Your goal is to keep on playing until you hit Charlie’s medium (eg., 3.20x) or the highest 6x reward. Thus, you can turn your $1 stake into $3.2 to $6. Once done, you can switch to any other strategy or simply continue playing.

‘What’s up Doc?’ crash game casino strategy 

If you are into the Looney Tunes series and enjoy that cool rabbit known for the ‘What’s up Doc’ phrase, then this medium-risk strategy for the Slap It online casino game is a good option. Bugs Bunny pays 2.40x to 20x, and the strategy with this character implies keeping on playing at a $5 bet until you catch at least five bunny symbols of any value.

‘Rockefeller’s tip’ strategy for Slap It

If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success,’ said John Rockefeller, and he definitely knows something about making money. This strategy is built around the most valuable symbol of this game, the coins paying 8x to 500x. By setting a $10 bet and getting it even once, you can grab at least $80, but it has much more potential, so you can keep on playing until at least three symbols of coins appear.

‘Add more colours’ Slap It casino strategy 

This online gambling strategy for Slap It is pretty funny since your goal will be to come across the black-and-white channel with Charlie Chaplin and switch to the channel with Bugs Bunny then. If it’s too complicated to do it in a row, simply keep on playing until you reach the right consequence, even when you have a noisy screen between these sessions.

Betting systems for Slap It

You can apply well-known betting systems to playing the Slap It crash game as well. They will influence your betting amount, which will change according to current outcomes. For example, according to the Martingale strategy, you’ll have to double your bet each time you get a noisy screen as a result. Additionally, you can get familiar with the Fibonacci sequence and the D’Alembert system. Just be prepared to count a lot.

Slap It crash game safety

Information about the Provably Fair technology is absent here. However, you can still be sure that the Slap It casino game is safe since it was developed by KA Gaming. This reliable iGaming brand regularly participates in global gambling events like ICE London 2024 and has a good reputation. In addition, you can check information about each round, including its ID and the amount you’ve won or lost. Add a licensed online casino from our rating to this list, and you will get a safe gambling experience of real money stakes.


The Slap It game won’t impress you with innovative mechanics and unusual solutions since it’s a very simple instant-win game. You will like it if you are tired of complex gaming features or trivial plots that don’t differ from each other. Here, you can enjoy the simplicity and an unusual plot in the same game, hunting for multipliers of up to 500x for golden coins and the plain yet beneficial Lucky Draw bonus round promising up to 100x as a random reward. If you are happy with such settings, then choose the best online casino with the Slap It crash game and pick the channel you want to watch!

Slap It game FAQ

Is the Slap It game fair?

Yes, the Slap It instant-win online casino game is fair since it’s developed by a reputable KA Gaming provider.

How to play Slap It?

You must select your bet and launch a single round or a range of autoplay rounds. Each time you slap on a virtual TV, and if the noisy screen changes to a certain channel, you get paid accordingly.

How much can I win in Slap It?

This game has quite simple mechanics and moderate winning potential of up to 500x when you switch to the Coins channel and it pays its highest value.

What are the bet sizes in Slap It?

The betting range on Slap It is very flexible, so players can bet $0.50 to $2000. You’ll hardly ever meet instant-win games with such high upper limits for a real money stake.

Does Slap It have an auto-bet feature?

Yes, gamblers who plan to have a long gaming session can activate 25, 50, 100, 200, or infinite auto-bet rounds. Additionally, you can activate the Turbo mode (click the space bar on the desktop).