Crash Crash game by Pascal Gaming for real money

The online gambling industry has been constantly and rapidly evolving since its emergence in the 90s. Back then, the only games that existed were online versions of classic casino games like slot machines, roulette, and blackjack, among others. As of this review, a new category of online casino games has emerged and has been making waves across the industry, with popular titles such as the Crash instant game by Pascal Gaming. 

  • Crash screenshot
  • Crash screenshot

Best online casinos to play Crash Crash game by Pascal Gaming

Crash facts

✅ Name Crash
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Pascal Gaming
📅 Release date 2020
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Multiplier curve
🎯 Objective Cash out before the curve crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

The game offers a decent RTP percentage of 96% alongside visually striking graphics in a minimalistic user interface. Despite the simple UI, the Crash bet game has some intriguing and innovative gaming features that will leave you in awe. Generally, the game revolves around a multiplier scale presented in the form of a graph, and it keeps growing from 1.01x with every passing second. Keep reading this crash game review if this is your ideal game, as it’ll tackle a few key details about the Crash instant game. We’ll also provide you with a list of top Crash online casinos where you can play the game and win real money.

What is a crash game?

If you are an avid gambler, it’s hard to miss crash games as they have been recently introduced in the industry and have unique features different from slot machines and table games. For instance, crash games offer instant bets, and your objective is to collect your winnings before a round is over. One notable feature of this category of online casino games is that the payouts are usually multiplied by specific values, depending on when you choose to cash out.

Crash bet game: Overview

The Crash instant game is an exciting title by Pascal Gaming, a reputable casino software vendor dedicated to creating innovative products. Most crash games have a primary object like a plane, jet, ball, animal, etc., which soars up the sky, and you must collect your winnings before it crashes, leading to the loss of your bet. However, the Crash mini-game by Pascal is designed based on a unique and minimalistic approach, pretty different from what we are used to.

The game features a curve line that rises on a graph with numbers on the horizontal axis and odds on the vertical one. Once a round begins, the line starts to go up, during which the odds start increasing proportionally as per the graph, starting from 1.01x and can go indefinitely high or randomly stop at any odds. Therefore, the higher the line goes, the greater the odds and equally the risk.

Apart from the multiplied payouts, the Crash casino game offers various betting betting features and game settings to make your gambling sessions seamless. For instance, you can configure the background music and game sound volume or turn them off completely, add a betting panel, and use autoplay functions, among others. We’ll discuss all these features later in the article.

Crash instant game: Objective

Like most crash games, the primary objective of this casino game is pretty straightforward. As mentioned earlier, the game has a line that goes up a graph. As soon as it starts rising, different odds starting from 1.01x start displaying on the screen, during which players can cash out their current winnings before the line crashes, ending the round. This means you’ll lose your bet if the line crashes before you collect your winnings, forcing you to try your luck in the next round. Therefore, the Crash bet game is mainly based on luck and instincts, i.e., you must hit the Cash Out button once you feel like the line is about to crash. However, you should be careful as your intuition could be wrong and misleading, in which case you’ll lose your funds.

Crash mini-game betting limits

To accommodate players of all budgets, Pascal Gaming has used an approach similar to some live dealer games by introducing different variations of the Crash game based on bet sizes. To see the different variants, click the icon on the top left corner of the user interface (next to the Provably Fairness tab).

The game offers three variations, with the first one having the lowest bet sizes, which are pretty friendly to low-budget players. Like in most crash games, this variant allows you to place bets with as little as $0.1, but the maximum allowed bet is $100. For the second variant, the minimum bet size is $0.5, and the maximum accepted bet amount is $500. On the other hand, the last variant is mainly designed for high rollers since the lowest amount you can place a bet with is $2, and you can keep wagering up to a maximum of $2000. 

Notably, the game offers two betting panels, meaning you can double the bet sizes in each variant when playing for real money. In addition, depending on your online casino, you can also place bets with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, among others.

Crash instant game RTP, multipliers, payouts

Despite your playing variant, the Crash bet game offers an average RTP percentage of 96%, a figure we have seen on most crash games. This means for every $10 you spend during gameplay, you can expect a $9.6 return. However, this is not a guaranteed payout since the RTP represents the theoretical return of numerous plays over an extended gambling session.

As mentioned earlier, the Crash mini-game offers various multiplied payouts that go from as low as 1.01x but can go indefinitely high. When you check the stats for the highest multipliers in each round, you’ll be amazed by the figures, as some have gone up to over 670,000x. However, this doesn’t actually mean you’ll walk home with such huge payouts because the game has a maximum win limit. The maximum win cap is mainly implemented to protect online casinos since every round’s outcome is randomly generated, and the multiplier could hit millions, bleeding the operator dry.

Like with the bet sizes, Pascal Gaming has also applied a similar approach, with every variant having an individual maximum win limit, dependent on the bet limits. For instance, the first variant ($0.1-$100) has a maximum win limit of $5000, whereas you can win up to a maximum of $10,000 with the second one ($0.5-$500). Lastly, the third variant, meant for high rollers, awards up to a maximum of $20,000.

Crash instant game features

Whether you’re playing Crash for real money or just practising in demo mode, the game offers a pretty simple interface but with various innovative gaming features. Let’s take a look below at some of the features.

Betting interface

Whether you’re playing an online slot machine or a live table game, the betting panel is key during gambling because you can’t participate in the game without placing wagers. The same concept applies to the Crash instant game, and the betting interface is placed right below the main window with the graph. Depending on your gambling appetite, you can choose to play with one betting window or click the New Bet button to activate a second panel.

Despite your playing platform, the betting process is the same across all devices (desktop or mobile). Simply enter your preferred bet amount within your variant’s limits on the betting window, or use the (+) and (-) buttons to increase or reduce the bet size, respectively. The game developer also made your work easier by implementing a button that halves the input figure and a 2x button that doubles the amount. 

You can also use the Min and Max buttons, which fill the minimum and maximum bet sizes in your playing variant. Interestingly, the betting interface has an All-in button that inputs all the funds in your account balance upon clicking it. However, this is only useful if your account balance is within the maximum bet limit.


The Cancel button is only active after you have placed a bet for the next round but not during the betting phase. This means it’ll deactivate immediately after the betting period starts, during which your wager will have gone through.

Cash Out

Like the betting interface, the Cash Out button is essential in all crash games because it helps you achieve the game’s primary objective. Click this button once the line hits your favourite odds on the graph, and your winnings will be automatically added to your account balance. However, this will only be possible before the line crashes, during which the round will be over, and you’ll lose your bet.

Unlike most crash games, the Crash instant game has a 50% Cashout button, which allows you to collect half of your winnings and leave the rest in play. Please note that you can activate or turn off this button in the game settings.


The Autoplay feature allows the system to place bets and collect winnings on your behalf, eliminating the constant pressing of buttons in every round. All you need to do is set the autoplay conditions, sit back, and wait for your account balance to grow. However, you should note that using the Autoplay feature doesn’t guarantee wins, as the line could crash instantly after a round has started, while in other instances, it might not hit your set multiplier.

To activate it, you must click the Autoplay tab, leading you to a window with various settings. To begin with, you’ll have to set your base bet within your variant’s bet limits and also input your desired multiplier value. You can set it from as low as 1.01x, but the maximum multiplier value ranges between 10,000x and 50,000x, depending on your playing variation. The Crash instant game also offers advanced autoplay settings based on whether you’ll have a win or a loss. 

Generally, you can set whether to increase your base bet or maintain the exact figure after a win or loss and enter the number of rounds (1-100) you wish the Autoplay function to be active. One notable setting in this game is that you can set the Autoplay feature to stop if the loss reaches a specific amount or exceeds it.

Rules: Crash by Pascal Gaming

The Crash bet game features straightforward rules as stated in the game’s objective, i.e., cash out your winnings as soon as the line reaches your desired multiplier value. However, you should be careful since the line can randomly crash without warning, during which the round will end, and you’ll lose your funds. To begin playing, simply sign up for a player account in one of our well-vetted and top Crash online casinos, put funds into the account, launch the game, and you’ll be good to go. The good thing about the Crash instant game is that you can choose to play using your hard-earned cash or in demo mode (fun credits), which helps you familiarise yourself with the game before you begin to play for real money.

Live statistics in Crash instant game

Live statistics in crash casino games come in handy when you’re using the Autoplay feature, as it helps you analyse the outcomes of the previous rounds before deciding which multiplier value to set. The Crash instant game offers personal and general live statistics that you can easily access on the gaming interface.

To begin with, whether you’re playing Crash for real money or with virtual credits, the live stats panel is displayed on the left side of the gaming window. In this panel, you’ll find multiplier values for the previous rounds attached with each round’s ID and results. When you click the Highest tab, you’ll find a display of the highest coefficients the line has hit with key details such as the time of crash.

On the right side of the gaming interface is a personal live stats panel, which features three different tabs. The Live Bets tab displays information regarding the current round with details such as the player ID, bet size, cashout odd, and winning amount. On the other hand, the History tab features your personal betting history and the information is well-arranged for easy tracking. You can filter this information to see all wins, all losses, or your entire betting history.

Lastly, the Crash bet game provides a list of top winners on the same panel with essential details such as the player ID, bet amount, cashout multiplier, and the winning amount highlighted in orange.

Provably Fair Crash instant game

To ensure transparency in the Crash bet game, Pascal Gaming has integrated Provably Fair technology, a system used to check game fairness by verifying each round’s results based on a cryptographic algorithm.

Before the beginning of every round, the game randomly generates a Hash code, which represents the final outcome. This means that the crash multiplier value for the line in each round is predetermined (for five rounds in advance), and it cannot be manipulated. At the end of the game round, you’ll receive a Key and an additional parameter (Salt) to get a Hash code. Once a round is over, you can check its honesty by clicking the Provable Fairness icon, which will open a new window. 

Copy the Key and Salt texts, then hit the Check button. If the generated Hash code resembles the one produced before the beginning of a round, then the game is fair; otherwise, the outcome has been tampered with.

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The Crash bet game is an exciting title with simple gameplay and various innovative features. Created by Pascal Gaming, the game offers an average RTP percentage of 96% and massive multiplied payouts of up to tens of thousands of dollars per round. However, despite not having a maximum multiplier coefficient, there’s a maximum win cap for each round ($5000, $10,000, and $20,000), but this depends on your playing variant. The variants are categorised through the different bet sizes (from as low as $0.1 up to $2000), and you can choose which one to play depending on your gambling budget.

Crash game by Pascal Gaming FAQ

Is the Crash game fair?

Absolutely. An RNG software randomly generates each round’s outcome, and the result is also predetermined five rounds in advance. The game developer has also integrated the Provably Fair technology, which allows you to verify the results using the provided Key and Salt parameters.

How to play Crash (Pascal)?

Playing the Crash instant game is pretty straightforward. All you need is to pick a Crash online casino from our list, create a player account, and deposit into it. Afterwards, launch the game, enter your preferred bet amount and wait for the round to start. As soon as the line begins rising, wait for your desired multiplier and cash out your winnings before it crashes.

How much can I win in Crash?

The Crash instant game is a one-of-a-kind crash game because it offers three maximum win limits, all of which are dependent on your playing variant. The first variant has a maximum win limit of $5000, the second one $10,000 and the third one $20,000.

What are the bet sizes in Crash?

Pascal Gaming saw it wise to provide different variations of the Crash mini-game, which cater to players of all budgets. For low-budget and novice players, you can play the variant that accepts from as little as $0.1 to as high as $100. Medium-budget players can try their luck in the $0.5-$500 title, whereas high rollers can join the variant with a minimum bet limit of $2 and a maximum of $2000.

Does Crash have an autobet feature?

Yes, the Crash instant game has an autobet feature under the Autoplay tab in the betting panel. All you need to do is set your base bet, cashout multiplier, number of rounds to be played, and click the Start button.