Crazy Worm Crash game by Pascal Gaming for real money

Pascal Gaming developed the Crazy Worm crash game in 2023, so its graphics and gameplay meet the standards of the freshest titles in the iGaming market. Unlike the most common model of setting off planes or other mechanics where you watch the multiplier growing in real time, Crazy Worm works differently. At the beginning of each round, you choose the most suitable odds to bet on, estimate your chances thanks to a metre in the next field, and start the game. The funny worm shoots, and you immediately check what multiplier he catches, and when your bet is within this range, you get paid. Such mechanics are suitable for loads of strategies, so choose the best casinos from this Crazy Worm review to apply them.

  • Crazy Worm screenshot
  • Crazy Worm screenshot

Best online casinos to play Crazy Worm Crash game by Pascal Gaming

Crazy Worm facts

✅ Name Crazy Worm
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Pascal Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $20
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Worm, gun
🎯 Objective Enter the target odds number and wait for it to be reached to get the winning
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet no

What is a crash game?

You’ll definitely recognise a crash game due to the absence of slot reels or table game elements. It’s a completely different software type where you determine volatility yourself by cashing out at low multipliers with lower risks or at high multipliers when you decide to go all-in and stay in the game as long as possible. But be careful; the higher you try to reach, the more chances to crash and lose the bet.

Crazy Worm game rules

Since the Crazy Worm bet game has different rules, compared to most crash online casino games where you watch the multiplier increasing in real time, it’s worth learning more about its interface and features before you place your real money wager. You can even test some strategies in demo mode to understand the gameplay better.

Crazy Worm crash game interface

The funny worm with a rocket launcher is the main character who awaits gamblers on the main screen. Of course, the entire design is also dedicated to outer space. That’s what the Crazy Worm casino online game looks like:

  • The widgets to access information about the game or change music settings are above on the right
  • Recent multipliers from the previous rounds are displayed below
  • The total multiplier per round is displayed in the middle; it turns green when you win or red when you lose
  • Players can choose the odds to bet on via the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, and chances in percentage are displayed in the next widget
  • Widgets to place a bet, choose autoplay settings, or activate the Turbo mode are below
  • The gaming screen also displays your balance, the last win, and a table with statistics (user, bet, odd, win)

Unique chance metre

You can hardly ever find such a convenient option in other games, so Pascal Gaming created a real helping hand. When you choose the odds to bet on, the game automatically displays how high or low your chances are. For example, 0.009% for the highest 10,000x multiplier and 95.049% for 1.01x.

How to play Crazy Worm for real money

Crazy Worm is easy to play since it has only one bet per round and pretty simple widgets to place a real money stake. That’s how you can play Crazy Worm for real funds:

  1. Choose the odds to bet on in the range of 1.01x to 10,000x
  2. Pick your real money bet of $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, $1, $2, $10, or $20
  3. Push the big blue ‘Bet’ button and check the result
  4. Optionally, you can use the ‘1/2’ and ‘x2’ buttons to decrease or increase your stake, activate autoplay mode, and speed up your rounds with the Turbo mode

In some cases, Crazy Worm online casinos can bring players bonus funds, and sometimes, they are compatible with crash games, but it’s highly recommended to think twice before getting them since the wager for this software is usually very high. Nevertheless, if you’ve got the bonus, the gameplay won’t be different; just check the turnover process in your account.

Crazy Worm at cryptocurrency casinos

Crazy Worm supports 20+ languages and 140+ currencies, so the game is crypto-friendly, which is perfect for those fond of instant-win games for Bitcoin and other cryptos. The provider is mainly focused on crash games and does its best to make its software suitable for a cryptocurrency casino. It’s proved by the brand’s latest nominations. For example, Pascal Gaming was shortlisted at the Sigma Europe Awards in 3 categories, including Best Crash Game of The Year. Moreover, it was shortlisted for IGA 2024 as Crypto Company of the Year.

Autoplay mode

The Crazy Worm crash casino game supports 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 autoplay rounds. You need to choose the bet for your rounds and the odds to bet on. Then, simply click on the number of autoplay rounds, and the game will begin at once. We should warn you that this mode doesn’t require pushing the start button, so you may be surprised that the bet is placed once you’ve picked the number of autoplay rounds. Considering real reviews from players, this aspect is a bit inconvenient, but you can push the ‘Stop’ button to cancel the autoplay mode. Plus, choose the bet and odds first, and only then, switch to autoplay.

Turbo mode

The Crazy Worm casino game is a true instant-win title where you can activate the Turbo mode to check the results of multiple rounds within seconds. You still see how each new multiplier pops up, but it doesn’t take time to see how the worm shoots from his blaster, so you simply check the numbers and focus on multipliers rather than graphics.

Crazy Worm casino game strategies

We won’t give you working schemes to hack the game since they don’t exist, so all the strategies for the Crazy Worm crash game are just ways to see how the game acts in different conditions and what you can expect from certain bets. We’ll offer strategies for nearly all betting ranges and multipliers of 1.01x to 50x.

It’s up to you to add your own multipliers to these schemes, trying to reach 100x or even higher, but keep in mind that your chances of getting 50x are 1.92%, which is very risky, and when we are talking about larger odds, they are even lower (eg., 0.96% for 100x), so remember to check your chance metre and always play responsibly. For now, here are the top 5 strategies to play Crazy Worm for real money.

‘Water pistol’ Crazy Worm strategy

Baby worms aren’t allowed to play with real weapons, so ‘Water pistol’ is a super easy Crazy Worm crash game strategy for newbies who prefer low volatility. You need to set fifty autoplay rounds at 1.01x at a low bet of $0.5 or $1. Alternatively, you can activate Turbo mode to check the results quickly.

For example, you bet $1 at 1.01x for fifty rounds, and all of them are winning. Thus, you win $50.5, where your bet is $1, so the net profit is $0.5. Well, that’s really little, but you take very low risks, and when the Turbo mode is active, this gaming session takes up to a minute, so it can be just a small part of your entire gameplay. However, when you lose even one round here, your win will be 49.49, so you’ll lose $0.51 during this session.

These are the weak points to keep in mind:

  • Net winnings aren’t significant
  • Playing without the Turbo mode will take time
  • You need at least 50 rounds to use the strategy

‘Paintball’ Crazy Worm strategy

When you are a little bit more experienced, you can play paintball with other worms. You still get simulation weapons, so the numbers won’t be much higher. Recommended bets for this Crazy Worm online casino strategy are $0.5, $1, or $2, and the multiplier to bet on is 1.11x. Twenty rounds are optimal to see how this betting system works.

If you bet $1 at 1.11x for ten rounds and win all of them, your total winning is $11.1, where $10 is your bet and $1.1 is your profit. But when you lose at least one round here, you’ll lose more than you bet. For example, nine winning rounds will bring $9.99, and you’ll spend $10 to place the stakes.

Keep in mind the drawbacks of this method:

  • You deal with low bets and multipliers, so it’s hard to win much
  • Only 86.486% winning chances at 1.11x multipliers
  • At least one non-winning round makes the entire scheme non-winning

‘Shooting range’ Crazy Worm strategy

You can visit a shooting range to improve your skills, but you are still a newbie while the practice isn’t cheap, so you’ll play at high bets with low multipliers. The best bets for this online casino Crazy Worm strategy are $10 or $20, and it’s supposed to bet at 1.01x. Activate the autoplay mode for 25 rounds to check this strategy.

Let’s consider the example of 25 bets at 1.01x worth $10 each. If they are all winning, your reward will be $252.5 where $250 is the bet and $2.5 is what you earn. Though you deal with large bets, the net profit isn’t massive, but the risks are also low. But when at least one bet is lost, you will lose a significant amount during this session (eg., 24 winning rounds bring $242.4, and you spend $250, so you lose $7.6).

The weak sides of this strategy are as follows:

  • You need at least $250 on your balance
  • Though you play at high bets, winnings are low
  • You lose a lot when at least one round is non-winning

‘Apply for a firearms licence’ Crazy Worm strategy

If you’ve already learned how to shoot and feel more confident, opt for high volatility and focus on 2.11x and 2.51x multipliers (ten rounds each). Yes, you can have your gun, but safety comes first, so you’ll play at low bets of up to $2. We should warn you about quite low chances of 45.497% and 38.247% for these multipliers.

Let’s consider the example when you bet $2 at 2.11 (ten rounds) and then $1 at 2.51x (ten rounds). If the first betting limit brings you at least seven winning rounds, you get $29.54, and when the second bet brings at least five winning rounds, your reward is $12.55. This way, you get $42.09 in total, and when we subtract the $30 betting amount, $12.09 is your profit. Considering quite low stakes here, even when you have more non-winning rounds, you won’t end up in the red at once.

This crash game strategy for Crazy Worm looks good, but don’t forget the weak sides:

  • It takes time to switch betting limits and multipliers
  • 45.497% and 38.247% chances for these multipliers
  • You deal with small bets, so rewards are also moderate

‘Prepare your bazooka’ Crazy Worm strategy

This time, the worm really goes crazy since his weapon is now strong enough to play with a very high-risk strategy and try to hit bigger wins in the Crazy Worm game. You are supposed to play nine rounds at $10, betting on 1.51x, which will be some kind of a recharge before a big shot at the 10th round, where you’ll bet only $2 but at a high 50x multiplier.

Please note that autoplay won’t be available here since you can set only ten rounds at the same bet, and we need to change the 10th stake amount. As for calculations, if you place $10 at 1.51x, have nine rounds, and four of them are winning, you can get $60.4. This won’t compensate for your spending since you spend $90, but if your 10th bet of $2 will turn out to be winning at 50x, you’ll get $100 more.

From experience, this strategy has the following disadvantages:

  • If the tenth bet doesn’t work, you can lose quite a lot
  • The chance of getting the 50x multiplier is 1.92% only
  • You need at least $92 on your balance to test this strategy

Crazy Worm bet game payouts

Basic information regarding payouts in the Crazy Worm crash game is based on accepted bets, the RTP, and payout limits. Real money bets here are suitable for newbies rather than high rollers since you can place only $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, $1, $2, $10, or $20 per round. The RTP stands at 96%. Additionally, the chance metre calculates your chances of getting a certain multiplier in percentage, which is convenient for estimating potential outcomes. The maximum winning limits are $20,000 or 10,000x, whatever is reached first.

Play Crazy Worm for free


Crazy Worm is a cool online casino game suitable for desktops and mobile devices, including iOS and Android. It doesn’t feature the multiplier growing in real time; you simply wager on certain odds and see the results within seconds. Moreover, the Turbo mode is extremely convenient to make the gameplay even faster. Betting limits will suit low and moderate bankrolls, while the 10,000x max. win is awesome. Appealing graphics and the cool main character also make the Crazy Worm crash game stand out from the rest, especially when you are bored of same-type instant-win casino online games and want to give a shot to something more vibrant. 

Crazy Worm game FAQ

Is the Crazy Worm game fair?

Yes, as well as other crash games available at reliable casinos, Crazy Worm is developed according to the Provably Fair technology and doesn’t allow third parties to influence the results.

How to play Crazy Worm?

It’s not a multiplayer crash game, so you place the bet that suits you, choose the multiplier to bet on, and watch the worm shoot the winning multiplier. If the one you’ve wagered on is within the reached limit, you win.

How much can I win in Crazy Worm?

Pascal Gaming sets upper winning limits of 10,000x or $20,000, whatever is reached first. But keep in mind that your chance to grab 10,000x is as low as 0.009%.

What are the bet sizes in Crazy Worm?

High rollers may dislike betting limits here since the maxim to bet per round is $20. Players can choose from $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, $1, $2, $10, or $20.

Does Crazy Worm have an auto bet feature?

Yes, there is an auto bet feature activating 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 rounds at the bet you’ve selected. It’s worth mentioning that the round starts as soon as you choose the number of rounds (you don’t push the start button), so be careful with this.

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