Crashout Fireworks Crash game by 1x2gaming for real money

Developed by 1x2 Gaming in 2022, Crashout Fireworks game uses crash mechanics to entertain. As the name of the game suggests, fireworks are at the centre of the action, making it a rather unique theme. Beyond the theme, most of the other features in the game are standard. It has two betting areas, offers a bet limit of between $0.10 and $100 per round, and incorporates provably fair technology. It has an RTP of about 96% and a high maximum payout of $250,000. The Crashout Fireworks bet game also comes with auto-betting features, simplifying the betting process. 

  • Crashout Fireworks screenshot
  • Crashout Fireworks screenshot

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Crashout Fireworks facts

✅ Name Crashout Fireworks
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider 1x2gaming
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Fireworks
🎯 Objective Cash out before the fireworks explode
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 2500x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

This Crashout Fireworks review has been prepared to help you understand all these aspects in detail. It is also meant to help you make the most of the available features. If you have difficulties finding the best Crashout Fireworks online casinos, you’ll find a list of tried and tested brands on this page. 

What is a crash game?

Crash gambling is one of the latest forms of entertainment in the online casino industry. It incorporates games that use crash mechanics. These basically require you to place a bet and watch it increase in value as the multiplier coefficient increases. The higher this coefficient goes, the bigger the expected return. You must cash out before the multiplier ‘crashes’ from the screen to win money playing crash games.

Crashout Fireworks is not the only one that uses crash mechanics. Other popular titles in this genre include Aviator (Spribe), Spaceman (Pragmatic Play), Save the Hamster (EvoPlay), JetX (SmartSoft Gaming), and many more. Despite coming with different themes, they all follow the same principle during gameplay. 

About Crashout Fireworks

Crashout Fireworks game takes a different approach to crash gambling. While many other software providers focus more on emulating themes related to planes, mines, space exploration, and money markets, 1×2 Gaming has chosen a fireworks theme.

To play the Crashout Fireworks game, load it in your preferred online casino, pick your bet amount, and hit the ‘bet’ button. Immediately, a timer starts a countdown to zero. At the turn of 0:00, the skyrocket launches into the sky and will keep going until it crashes. Like any usual fireworks launch, it will burst into a dark sky, and the wording ‘1×2 Gaming’ will appear in the background. The background, the game layout, and the overall arrangement of the game make it easy to play and navigate – even on a mobile device.

Beyond this, you can expect the usual aspects seen in other crash games. There are two betting areas, which are accompanied by auto-play and auto-cashout. You can also see the history of the past game results at the centre of the screen and how players are wagering. In the menu, you’ll find important information such as the game rules, your bet history, how to check for provably fair, and game reactions.

Crashout Fireworks game rules

The rules of playing Crashout Fireworks are pretty straightforward: place your bet, watch it increase in value, and cash out to win real money. This makes it a very easy game to play, even for a first-timer. Having said that, this is how you pick your bets and cash out to win money playing Crash Fireworks game. 

Launch Crashout Fireworks

Of course, this is only after you’ve signed up with any of the recommended Crashout Fireworks online casinos on this page. Once it loads up, you can decide to play the Crashout Fireworks game for real money or try it in demo mode. Whichever way, rest assured of the same entertainment value.  

Customise your betting experience

The next step involves picking the bet amount and deciding whether to activate the auto-betting features. As you focus on this, you will appreciate the flexible bet limit that the Crashout Fireworks casino game offers. You can play it with $0.10 to $100 per round. This flexible range ensures both high rollers and casual casino players have fun playing the Crashout Fireworks game without needing a massive bankroll. 

To pick your bet, you must manually enter the amount in the betting field. You can also decide to double or quintuple your bet amount by clicking the x2 and x5 buttons. Once satisfied, you can also activate the auto cashout feature by toggling the respective button on the screen. Unfortunately, the game lacks the auto-play feature. 

Confirm and monitor the bet

Once satisfied with all the set parameters, proceed and click the ‘bet’ button. You have up to 7 seconds between each round to confirm your wager. If you miss out on one window, the bets you confirm will be valid for the next round. While many other crash games allow you to cancel your bet before the start of the next round, the Crashout Fireworks game locks in your money once the bets have been confirmed.  

After the fireworks are launched, you should monitor the increasing multiplier coefficient. Needless to say, the higher it goes, the bigger your returns. It can increase until the maximum multiplier of 2500x is achieved or the top payout of $250,000 is reached. While the skyrocket is flying, either of the following can happen:

  • You cash out once your desired multiplier coefficient is reached, or
  • The fireworks crash before you can cash out your expected wins

For the second option, the fireworks can crash anytime. It can be immediately after it has been launched, at the multiplier of 1.00x, right before the 2500x multiplier is achieved (at 2499x), or anywhere between the two figures. 

Cash out your bet

The process of cashing out is as simple as tapping the yellow ‘cashout’ button on the playing area. Whatever amount you have accumulated by the time you are cashing out will be credited to your account balance automatically. 

As a rule of thumb, it’s highly advisable you cash out at smaller multipliers as they offer a higher chance of success compared to bigger multipliers. You must also consider other aspects, such as the game’s volatility, which plays a huge role in determining how often big multipliers will be offered by the game. More about this shortly. 

Calculating wins in Cashout Fireworks

Your expected wins in the Cashout Fireworks game are automatically calculated by multiplying the amount wagered and the multiplier coefficient at the time of cashing out. This means the system does all the hard work while you focus on cashing out your wins, which will then be credited to your account instantly. 

Cashout Fireworks auto-cashout

A closer look at Cashout Fireworks, and you’ll realise there’s no auto-play. This was another limiting feature of playing the game, as it means you must manually place your bets at all times. However, it comes with an auto-cashout feature, which is way more important and plays a significant role compared to auto-play. You must activate this feature by toggling the ‘auto cashout’ button found under the bet section. After this, pick a multiplier of between 1.01x and 2500x. Once this figure you set in the autoplay is achieved, your winnings are automatically collected and credited to your account.

The auto-cashout feature plays a crucial role in that it can help you withdraw one of the bets. You can then focus on the remaining bet and thus improve your chance(s) of winning as you play the Crashout Fireworks game. This is especially true when the two bets are very close in terms of results, e.g., when you have to cash out one bet at 2.01x and the other at 2.03x. When you set the auto-cashout feature at 2.00x, you can easily cash out the other bet compared to a scenario where you must cash out both bets manually. 

Crashout Fireworks bet game features

In addition to the auto-cashout feature, the Crashout Fireworks casino game has a few other features that improve the overall playability of the game. These include the game reactions, bet history, and round multiplier history. Below is a quick overview of each of these features and their importance. 

Game reactions feature

This is the equivalent of the live chat feature seen in other crash games. Crashout Fireworks has a game reactions section that allows you to send emojis instead of writing messages in the chat. 

Crashout Fireworks bet history

The bet history section can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen. There are three categories here: ‘All Bets,’ ‘My Bets,’ and ‘Top.’ The first category shows all the bets placed by players in the current round. Clicking the ‘previous round’ icon reveals the results of the latest game. In the ‘My Bets’ section, you can see a brief history of how you’ve been wagering.

The ‘Top’ section highlights the biggest wins in different categories: payouts and multipliers. These have been categorised per day, week, and month. Any lucky player (including you) to score a huge win will be ranked here.  

Round multiplier history

This is one of the important statistics you must look at while playing the Crashout Fireworks game. It appears on the playing field, just above the betting area. Although it is less detailed than seen in other crash games, it gives you sufficient information on how the game has been paying out for the past 11 rounds. Using this information, you can try to establish a pattern and use this information to predict the next round. While this can be a good strategy to use during gameplay, there is no guarantee it will work every time because the game has the RNG software to ensure all outcomes are randomised. 

Crashout Fireworks RTP

Crashout Fireworks has a varying RTP figure. The official figure stands at 96%, although this can drop to 95.06%, depending on your playing strategy. If you intend to cash out at multipliers of 2.00x your bet, the RTP decreases to 95.06%.

The RTP of the Crashout Fireworks game is simply meant to show you how much money you can expect from a round. It is a theoretical figure arrived at after millions of simulations of real-life play using the RNG software. Therefore, with a 96% RTP, you can expect a return of about $0.96 for every $1 wagered. An RTP of 95.06% means you can look forward to a return of $0.9506 for every $1 wagered. During gameplay, there is a chance that you will land a 1.00x multiplier. 

Provably Fair tech in Crashout Fireworks 

The Crashout Fireworks bet game incorporates the provably fair technology. This means you can authenticate that the game’s outcome was fair and accurate. To activate the provably fair feature, you must place a bet and win or lose. After that, follow the steps below to cross-check whether the outcome was fair and random:

  • Open the ‘My Bets’ section
  • Open the ‘cog’ next to the win section. Your focus under this should be the server seed and combined SHA512 hash
  • Launch a third-party provably fair checker software. Copy the server seed and combined SHA512 hash and paste them into the provably fair software

For a provably fair result, the outcome from these two should match the game’s outcome. However, you shouldn’t have any doubts as 1×2 Gaming has RNG software that is audited and checked for fairness. This ensures every game’s round is 100% random and unpredictable, thus ensuring fairness. 

Crashout Fireworks play for fun


Overall, Crashout Fireworks game is a nice addition to the crash gambling niche. It uses a setup that is not widely used compared to the plane, space exploration, and mine themes. Although it comes with a rather standard bet limit of between $0.10 and $100 per round, its multiplier of 2500x ensures a massive win of $250,000 per round. Crashout Fireworks game also comes with a varying RTP figure, which ranges between 96% and 95.06%. This difference depends on how you cash out your bet. With a strategy of cashing out at 2.00x, the RTP is reduced to 95.06%. It’s also nice to see the game incorporate the provably fair feature. If you don’t trust the RNG software that is audited and tested for fairness, you can always use the provably fair technology to authenticate the outcome of each round.

Crashout Fireworks game FAQ

Is Crashout Fireworks game fair?

Yes, Crashout Fireworks is a fair and random game. To achieve fairness, it uses RNG software that has been tested, audited, and found to be functioning as it is supposed to. This is evidenced by the fact that 1x2gaming is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and other renowned bodies in the iGaming industry.

How to play Crashout Fireworks?

You can play Crashout Fireworks for real money or in demo mode. Whichever way, you must ensure you pick your bet amount, choose whether to pick the automatic cashout feature and select the ‘Bet’ button. The fireworks will then launch into the air, and it’s up to you to decide the perfect time to cash out to win.

How much can I win in Crashout Fireworks?

This depends on factors such as the amount wagered and the multiplier coefficient you cash out your bet. Whichever bet multiplier you decide to cash out with, there is a maximum cap of $250,000 per round. This is quite a massive figure in crash gambling, as most of the other games offer a maximum of $10,000 per round.

What are the bet sizes in Crashout Fireworks?

Crashout Fireworks bet sizes are pretty standard. You can spend a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $100 per round.

Does Crashout Fireworks have an autobet feature?

Unfortunately, the Crashout Fireworks game lacks an autobet feature. However, it offers you an auto-cashout feature that lets you collect your winnings automatically. You can set the auto-cashout figures between 1.01x and 2500x.

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