FlyX Crash game by Buck Stakes Entertainment for real money

Crash games are known around the world for their smooth, simple play style. So, if you’re looking for compelling games that don’t require too much learning time, crash games are there for you. Following the widespread adoption of these games, more software developers are coming up with feature-packed crash games to meet the growing needs of the market. One of such developers is Games Global, a renowned software provider that works with many studios to offer engrossing online casino games, like FlyX crash game.

  • FlyX screenshot
  • FlyX screenshot

Best online casinos to play FlyX Crash game by Buck Stakes Entertainment

FlyX facts

✅ Name FlyX
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Buck Stakes Entertainment
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 97%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $20
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Superhero, multiplier curve
🎯 Objective Cash out before the game crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

FlyX has gained substantial traction among players from different parts of the world. The game has two bet options, making it possible for you to cash out on both bets. In addition to interesting animations, the FlyX game has a solid maximum real money payout and multiplier limits. In this FlyX review, we cover all you need to know about the crash game. We also came up with a thoroughly vetted list of the best FlyX online casinos in your country.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are social multiplayer titles designed for play by numerous people at the same time. They are created with the instant-win concept and are purely based on chance. This means that new players can jump on any crash game and start playing after a little time learning the rules. All crash games have random number generators, making it possible for players to enjoy completely fair gameplay at online casinos. 

These games require players to obtain a multiplier before the round crashes. A successful cashout results in a win, while the reverse is the case if the round crashes without your cashing out. It’s not uncommon to find a concept known as the Provably Fair technology in some online crash games. This concept makes it possible for players to authenticate each round on the blockchain, resulting in improved fairness of the game.

About the FlyX crash game

FlyX is a crash casino game that was developed by Buck Stakes Entertainment for Games Global. It’s not certain when the game was released (allegedly in 2023), but it has become a favourite to many crash game fans. The title has a space theme, where a superman descends onto the game arena for each round and flies into the air. The graphic designs are easy on the eyes, while the soundtrack and animations are excellent. There are two bet sections, with each presenting the – and + buttons on the screen for easy handling of bets.

Whether you open the game on a desktop or mobile device, there are various multipliers for recent rounds at the top of the game board. Similarly, there’s a leaderboard with different rows, such as All Bets, My Bets, and Top. All Bets provides a rundown of the most recent stakes in the game, top multiplier, and cashout amounts. Meanwhile, My Bets keeps you updated on how much you have played and won (if any) in recent rounds. The Top row allows you to see the biggest wins recorded in the game recently. With these stats, you’ll know the average multiplier wins across different rounds and probably lower your expectations a bit. The maximum multiplier win in this game is 10,000x, and that’s good when compared with similar games.

FlyX game rules

To play FlyX for real money, you must acquaint yourself with the stipulated rules. Thankfully, the rules are not complicated, so you won’t have any difficulty grasping them. FlyX has a free game version designed to aid your understanding of the workings of the game. All our FlyX online casinos have this version; hence, you can play for free. Playing the game for real money will cost you between $0.1 and $20 per round. The maximum limit is low; however, the good part is that bet limits usually vary among casinos. 

The FyX bet game has a 97% return to player percentage (RTP), which is good. Meanwhile, the highest real money win on each round is $200,000, which is a massive potential reward for crash games. You can wager on each round by tapping the ‘Bet’ button or activating the Autoplay feature for wagers on many consecutive rounds. Typically, autoplay allows up to 100 rounds at a particular stake amount. Auto cashout is also available, enabling you to relax and let the system obtain multipliers for you. The auto cashout values are from 1.01x to 100x on each round.

The FlyX casino game can be played on mobile browsers installed on Android and iOS operating systems. Additionally, if any casino of your choice has an Android and/or iOS mobile app, you can download and play FlyX there.

How to play the FlyX bet game

Upon a successful deposit, visit the lobby and open the FlyX casino game. Enter your bet amount within the betting time or adjust the – and + buttons on the bet area to your wager. The limits per round are from $0.1 to $20. Afterwards, click/tap the ‘Bet’ icon, and your wager will be admitted. The astronaut begins his journey into space, with a multiplier that starts at 1x following him up into the atmosphere. Immediately after takeoff, the ‘Bet’ button changes to ‘Cash Out’.

Once the multiplier gets to your preferred point, you should collect it by clicking/tapping the ‘Cash Out’ button. If you’re not so fast or you like to place two bets, you may rely on the auto cash-out feature to collect a multiplier for you. This is because the multiplier is random and, as such, can crash at any point. After a successful cashout, the game calculates your wins and adds the funds to your balance. You may then place another bet if you want to.

Play FlyX game for free


FlyX is an interesting crash game where you can play fair bet limits. The game comes with fascinating animations and nice soundtracks that help to make your sessions worthwhile. There’s no information on the RTP, while the maximum multiplier limit is 10,000x. Similarly, the highest real money payout in this crash game is $200,000, and that’s big.

The FlyX bet game has two wager options, so you can collect two multipliers on the same round. Autoplay and auto cash out are both available. You may avail yourself of these features for a more exciting gaming experience. You can play the FlyX crash game at any of our top-reviewed online casinos and have a great time.

FlyX game FAQ

Is the FlyX game fair?

Yes. FlyX has a random number generator (RNG) that’s audited from time to time.

How to play FlyX?

Deposit real money into your online casino account, then select and open this game. Adjust your bet with the appropriate buttons or enter it yourself and press the ‘Bet’ button. Then wait for the astronaut to take off into space, at which time you can claim a multiplier on the screen before the game crashes.

How much can I win in FlyX?

According to the game rules, the maximum amount you can win in this FlyX bet game is $200,000. With regard to multiplier wins, the maximum limit is 10,000x.

What are the bet sizes in FlyX?

To play FlyX for real money, you must wager between $0.1 and $20 per round. The maximum bet limit seems small, but it could be different at some FlyX online casinos.

Does FlyX have an autobet feature?

Yes. The autoplay feature at FlyX allows you to play up to 100 consecutive rounds at a specific amount.