Fast Trade Crash game by Pascal Gaming for real money

If you love the stock market, crypto trading and online gambling in equal measure, it's time to get jazzed about the Fast Trade crash game. This slick and popular title from Pascal Gaming puts you in the hot seat, staring down a flickering crypto price chart. Your mission is to decide whether it's going up or down to double your winnings. Make the right call and rake in sweet crypto rewards. Mess up, and you'll crash harder than a lousy investment. With its simple trading concept and wild thrills, the game delivers a genuine rush. This Fast Trade review will equip you with the rules and features to play this game like a pro. It will also give you the inside scoop on the top online casinos to play Fast Trade for real money.

  • Fast Trade screenshot
  • Fast Trade screenshot

Best online casinos to play Fast Trade Crash game by Pascal Gaming

Fast Trade facts

✅ Name Fast Trade
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Pascal Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100, 0000
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Chart
🎯 Objective Predict the price which coincides with the winning multiplier
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet no

What is a crash game?

Crash games bring a wild new thrill ride to online gambling. The concept is simple but wild. You place bets, watch the multipliers climb upwards fast and cash out at your own time. Your winnings will be determined by the bet size and the multiplier value at the time of cashout. The longer you ride it out, the more your earnings can blast into space. But if you mess up, the whole thing crashes with your stake. Timing your cash out before the entire thing implodes takes skill and guts. Ride it too long – no payout for you. Bail too soon – leave big bucks on the table. It’s a rollercoaster of highs and sudden crashes.

About Fast Trade casino game

The fresh minds at Pascal Gaming created yet another thrilling gameplay with their Fast Trade crash game. You won’t find increasing multipliers here. The game has a vertical axis with numerical ranges. There’s also an arrow that starts moving once the round starts. This arrow will then randomly stop at any number, and winning or losing will be determined by that number. In the next round, the arrow starts moving from where it stopped previously, and the cycle repeats itself.

Hitting the gaming market in early 2023, this top-quality game lets you predict if a stock-like value will increase or decrease, doubling your cash if you guess right. But that’s not all. Fast Trade also lets you bet on specific price ranges and score significant multipliers based on where the value lands. The more on-point your prediction is, the more your payouts can skyrocket. Fast Trade brings that perfect balance of skill, suspense and fat rewards.

Pascal Gaming keeps pushing boundaries and bringing fresh innovations that merge analytics with gambling for a top-notch experience. With its web and mobile access, crypto payments, fairness calculators and a solid 96% RTP, Fast Trade checks all the boxes. Keep reading as this write-up breaks down the features, gameplay and hottest Fast Trade online casinos to play this cutting-edge creation.

Fast Trade game rules

As you brace to scour top online casinos for the Fast Trade game, you must get a loop of the rules and features of this title, especially if you plan to play it for real money. They are certainly different from what we’ve seen in other crash games, but we’ve broken everything down below.

Volatility and RTP

When playing the Fast Trade crash game, you can tweak the volatility level to match your style. Risk takers can predict the exact price action and crank it up. But for a chill ride, stick to guessing ranges with lower odds. Either way, you control gameplay, customising it to your taste. About returns, this crash game also brings a solid 96% RTP. Even without bonus packs, the odds aren’t that bad in the Fast Trade bet game.

Dark mode/ light mode

For visuals, Fast Trade has dark mode and light mode options. If you dig the sleek, modern vibe, tap into the dark mode with dull shades for a focused feel. This sets the mood for intense play in low light. But if you want a relaxed style, light mode brightens things with vivid colours. The chill landscape keeps creativity flowing for long sessions. Whichever visual fits your strategy, the Fast Trade game has it covered.

Bet limits and maximum multiplier

When you fire up the Fast Trade online casino game, you must choose one of three betting levels. This crash game has options for every budget. The first level allows the smallest bets and payouts starting at just $0.10 – perfect for casual players. For high rollers, the maximum bet is $100 per round. Level 2 limits range from $0.5 to $500, and Level 3 has the highest limits of between $2 and $2000. The highest wins for levels 1, 2 and 3 are $5000, $10,000 and $20,000, respectively.

Provably fairness calculator

For the integrity of results, Fast Trade has a provably fair calculator. Use it to confirm that outcomes are not rigged but set transparently in advance. Specifically, outcomes for each round are decided 5 rounds early, before you play. Players then receive those upcoming encrypted results (where the arrow will stop) before betting. They are in the form of encoded text combinations, alias ‘Hash Codes’.

Once a round ends, you get the key to decode the hash. By entering the key into the calculator, you can unlock the encoded game code to verify the legitimacy of the results. This rock-solid validation system proves Fast Trade odds can’t be altered. Players have the power to confirm entirely fair results.

Desktop and mobile versions

Fast Trade rolls out super accessible desktop and mobile versions so you can play at top online casinos with zero hassle. Whether chilling at home or bouncing around town, you can get your crash game fix anytime. There are negligible differences between the two versions as the game’s responsive design ensures a flawless experience across devices. On a desktop, enjoy crisp and colourful graphics on large monitors. On mobile, the gameplay translates smoothly to smaller screens without losing quality. Wherever you prefer to play, the Fast Trade bet game fits your lifestyle, letting you dive into the action on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


When it comes to financial accessibility and inclusivity, Fast Trade delivers the goods. This innovative crash game is available in over 18 languages, opening the door for players across the globe to enjoy it in their native tongue. Additionally, Fast Trade accepts an enormous lineup of all existing currencies for real money gameplay. Whether you’re banking in fiat like dollars, euros or pounds or want to use popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether, there are no limitations. By supporting a vast array of languages and currencies, the game is available to almost anyone, anywhere.

Live bet tracker

Fast Trade’s live bet tracker is invaluable for making informed betting decisions during play. Check the tracker at any time to see your previous wagers, with clear tags highlighting which bets won or lost alongside the stakes placed. Reference this intel to quickly view your successful bets in earlier rounds – valuable context for wisely strategising your next moves.

For even more robust historical data, the tracker supplies a live feed of other players’ current bets in real-time, plus a leaderboard spotlighting the biggest recent winners per round. It also displays stats from the last seven Fast Trade game rounds to take a long-term view. By consulting the tracker’s comprehensive vault of current and past player actions and number draws, you’re equipped with resourceful reviews and complete data to determine upcoming bets judiciously.

Demo mode

Before you dive into playing Fast Trade for real money, test it for free in the demo mode. You can build strategy and skill without any financial risk. Get fully immersed in this crash game without spending a dime. Explore the features, tighten your timing, and lock your tactics before playing for paper. Once you’ve mastered the demo, you’ll have the skills to crush it at the top online casinos offering Fast Trade.

Fast Trade game interface and betting options

Fast Trade’s slick interface hooks you up with everything you need to dive into the trading action. Here are the key options:

  • Home screen: Once Fast Trade loads, pick your preferred game level based on the bet sizes and payouts you’re comfortable with. It’s crucial to set the stage for your budget and risk tolerance.
  • Main game centre: This zone shows the graph with ranges of numbers that the arrow can land in. Once betting starts, the arrow bounces around, signalling shifts up or down.
  • Bet multiplier arrows: These arrows let you select your wager amount. Minimum and max bets vary depending on the level you pick.
  • Live bets: Peep this section for details of current bets placed by others, plus the biggest wins scored recently.
  • History: Check your previous bets, wins and losses in this spot.
  • Results: See current and past results and the codes to confirm everything is fair and square.
  • Info icon: Tap this to learn everything about playing Fast Trade.
  • Settings: Customise the sounds, music, and dark/light modes to match your vibe. Make Fast Trade your own.

With the critical info presented clearly in each zone, the Fast Trade casino game has everything laid out for newbies and pros for an optimal gaming experience.

How to play Fast Trade

Now that you’ve got the 411 on the rules, features and interface, it’s time to dive in and learn how to play Fast Trade for real money. Pascal Gaming keeps it simple and easy to understand, and you can enter or exit the game at any moment. First, choose your preferred game level based on your pocket size. Then, use the arrows to pick your multiplier amount. Peep the arrow on the graph and decide where to place your bets.

You have a few options on the table:

  • Bet on whether the arrow will bounce upwards or downwards from the start point.
  • Select one of the 5 suggested numerical ranges. Win if the arrow stops in your selected zone.
  • Choose from 9 ranges to predict the outcome of the next round.

The best part is you can place multiple bets at once on the same and different options. With straightforward rules, flexible betting, and significant payout potential, Fast Trade offers an accessible yet exciting crash game experience for all players.

Play Fast Trade crash game for free


With its fresh stock market-style gameplay, the Fast Trade casino game brings a new twist to crash gambling. This game lets you place multiple bets per round on whether values will rise or fall. You can also tailor the volatility and dive in at levels that match your budget and risk taste. Along with easy rules and a fly interface, the Fast Trade game impresses with a solid 96% RTP, provably fair results, and max wins of up to $20K. If you prefer crash games with great levels of innovation and creativity, try out Fast Trade in any online casino recommended here.

Fast Trade game FAQ

Is Fast Trade game fair?

Yes, Fast Trade is 100% fair. It’s based on the provably fair system where you can verify game outcomes yourself. Results are predetermined 5 rounds in advance, and you get a tool to confirm everything. The calculator lets you verify legit outcomes to ensure rounds are not rigged in an online casino's favour.

How to play Fast Trade?

First, pick your betting level, then select a multiplier. Watch the graph arrow and place wagers on whether it'll bounce up or dip down. You can bet on multiple options per round.

How much can I win in Fast Trade?

The maximum wins depend on the level you play at, ranging from $5K and $10K, all the way up to $20K for levels 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The higher the risk, the more your payouts can skyrocket when you time that cash out perfectly.

What are the bet sizes in Fast Trade?

Minimum bets start at just $0.10 for level 1 players and up to $100 per round. Level 2 limits range from $0.5 to $500, and Level 3 has the highest limits of between $2 and $2000.

Does Fast Trade have an autobet feature?

Unfortunately, the Fast Trade online casino game doesn't offer autobet. But with its simple, intuitive gameplay, placing wagers manually is part of the fun.