Mine Island Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming for real money

A mine island is far from being a welcoming spot. In this funny crash game by SmartSoft Gaming, your task is to help a kangaroo escape from the island and find habitat in a friendlier place. The Mine Island crash game is a very unusual title that stands out from other crash games out there. First, this is a non-multiplayer title. Second, there are no notorious planes, rockets or basic multiplier curves. There’s only a brave kangaroo who does his best to reach the ultimate x15 multiplier. This is one of a few crash games to accept bets as high as $500, which makes it an ideal pick for high rollers. The game is very easy and intuitive. If not for a big $7500 real-money win, you would have got it mixed up with some children’s game - so waggish and cute the game looks and feels. It’s like a slice of heaven. Read our Mine Island review to find out more. 

  • Mine Island screenshot
  • Mine Island screenshot

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Mine Island facts

✅ Name Mine Island
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider SmartSoft Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.05 - $500
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Kangaroo, stones
🎯 Objective Reach a higher multiplier and decide whether to cash out or go for the max win
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 15x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

If you see a multiplier that quickly increases and suddenly stops, this is a crash game in its classic sense. To make the gameplay more interesting, a provider adds an object to this multiplier – normally, this is something flying. A good example is Aviator and Spaceman. Since the emergence of the first crash game ten years ago, they have become more diverse and inclusive, but they are still about the same thing: the player must cash out before the multiplier stops.  

Mine Island design and graphics

Opening the game, you can see a tropical island with palm trees, flowers, a sandy shore and a surfboard stuck into the sand. The main character, the kangaroo, stands on the beach looking at stones hovering above the endless sea. He is ready to hop onto the first stone as soon as you command. 

Animations are not out of place: TNT barrels bobble slowly on the waves, leaves swing in the wind, and waves gently roll onto the sand. Graphic-wise, the Mine Island casino game looks cute and adorable.

Mine Island game rules

Mine Island differs from virtually all other crash games as it uses an offbeat mechanic. What you can see in other crash games is kind of a test of your reflexes and precision. You are holding your smartphone, staring hard at the growing multiplier and trying to suss out when to withdraw. This is a good old approach that many players like, but things are different in the Mine Island game.    

Placing a bet in Mine Island

Bets come in preset values. You cannot type your preferred amount manually. There are two ways of picking a bet size: By tapping 1. The ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons or 2. The ‘Up’ arrow between these buttons. When using the second option, you will see a dropdown with the fixed bet sizes:  $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $200 and $500.

A multiplier ladder in Mine Island

After placing a bet, you can start a round any time you want – there is no time limit here. The kangaroo is standing in front of ten stones hanging in the air and forming kind of a ladder. There is a multiplier attached to each stone; these are 1.2x, 1.5x, 1.8x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x and 15x.  

When you click ‘Play’, the kangaroo hops on the first stone that earns you 1.2x. However, even your first step can be unsuccessful if the kangaroo jumps but misses the stone completely. He falls into the ocean, which knocks him out instantly, at which point the round ends.    

After the first hop is made and the kangaroo lands on the stone, you will see that the ‘Play’ has been replaced by the other two buttons that enable you to choose whether to carry on your journey or stop where you are. 

If you click the green ‘Collect’ button, you will take the money earned in that round and finish the game. The current net win is displayed on the button, giving you a clear idea of how much is already yours if you cash out right now. For example, you will see $0.20 on the button if you have wagered $1 and reached the first boulder. 

Alternatively, you can tap ‘Jump’, making the kangaroo leap to the next stone. In case the jump is successful, you will increase your win to the multiplier depicted on that stone. Suppose this is the second stone bearing the 1.5x multiplier. If you’ve wagered $1, you can now cash out $0.5 as your net profit in this round. This journey continues until the kangaroo reaches the last x15 stone or falls into the water.     

Autobet feature

The crash game has a standard autobet feature that saves the player having to click Play at the beginning of each round. To set the automatic betting, a player must click on a round button with a triangle inside at the bottom left corner. In a new panel that appears, the player can pick the number of rounds to be played automatically: 10, 25, 50, 100 or 500. As you can see, the selection could be more extensive.

Besides, you can also set the Stop conditions, i.e. the event at which the game ends the automatic mode. These conditions are as follows:

  • If a single win is more than. . .
  • If the bankroll decreases more than. . .
  • If the bankroll increases more than. . .

When the feature is activated, the game begins wagering automatically. The kangaroo hops from one spot to the next with a 2-second pause between the hops. This time is enough for you to decide whether to tap ‘Collect’ or let the kangaroo go on. 

Autocollect feature

This tool works in conjunction with the above feature. If you enable the automatic bets, you can also dictate the game at which multiplier to withdraw your winnings. On the same screen as the Autobet, there are 10 radio buttons corresponding to each of the ten multiplier levels in the crash game. It goes without saying that Autocollect is an optional setting, and you can make do without it in the Mine Island crash game.

Turbo mode

A lightning bolt icon near the betting interface is tappable. When you turn it on, you will see the kangaroo change its beach T-shirt to a yellow superman cape. Normally, he stops on each step, waiting for your instructions (continue jumping or end the round). In a turbo mode, the kangaroo will try to get over the route quickly and without pauses.   

Game RTP and max payout

The provider states the optimal RTP for this crash game is 96%, but it depends on the player’s choices. The trend behind the RTP is as follows: If the player hunts for a higher multiplier, the RTP goes down. Similarly, cashing out at 1.2x maximises the potential odds to 96%. This is an average value when compared to other crash games in online casinos.

Playing Mine Island for real money, you can hit a maximum of $7500 per round if two conditions have been met: 1) You’ve wagered $500 for that winning game, and 2) The kangaroo’s made it to the finish line, at 15x. By the way, it’s not clear if online casinos are allowed to modify the maximum bet limit – many other providers have this policy in place. So, if you are playing on a gambling site with a limit higher than the default $500, your potential reward can be greater than specified above.

Mine Island game variance

Unlike RTP, variance has no numerical expression. Games are loosely defined as having a low, medium or high variance, which is based on the frequency of winnings. Smart guys would figure out that trying to end each game at low multipliers results in many repeated winnings – and this is true. 

However, the Mine Island’s variance is slightly tilted towards the upper end. In classic Aviator-like crash games, you can easily harvest 1.01x wins for many consecutive rounds. Betting the max acceptable $100 and cashing out at 1.01x for five rounds (using the Auto, sure), the odds are very good that you’ll end up with $5 net gains because instant flyaways (at 1x) occur rarely. This further means Aviator features an extremely low volatility at low multipliers.

As for the reviewed game, you’ll lose about every fifth or sixth round, even when aiming to cash out at the minimal 1.2x rate. Given all these, we can conclude that the Mine Island bet game has a relatively low to high variance, though not as low as in many other crash games.        

Game menu and settings

Tapping the hamburger button at the bottom, you will reveal the game menu that shows five tappable icons:

  • Full size: Tapping it will expand the game to the full screen, similar to the F11 button on the desktop
  • Help (‘?’): Game rules. They are not detailed, but the crash game is intuitive, so you will hardly face any issues in this regard
  • Sound: Turning game sounds on/off
  • Music: Turning the looped soundtrack on/off
  • Exit: Tapping the button, you close the game and enter the lobby of Smartsoft or the online casino.

Mine Island game statistics

The stats widget is hidden by default. It opens when you click a round orange button at the bottom right. It has two tabs inside. The ‘My Bets’ tab gives you insight into the following details: the result of each round, your bet, your win and the round time. If you want to check how other players perform, tap Top Wins. Broken into Daily, Weekly and Monthly tabs, this part shows the best results. As you might see, there are lots of $7500 wins in the Daily statistics.  

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Summary to Mine Island game

Mine Island is rated as a crash game. However, its gameplay breaks the mold. Compared to Aviator-like games with an ever-increasing multiplier, Mine Island takes a pause after every multiplier step, opening a possibility for the player to keep on running the round or collecting the wins. While the best win is only 15 times a bet, the $500 stake can turn into $7500 – the top possible loot in the crash game. Sleek, cartoonish and adorable, the game has a 96% return, autobet and autocollect settings for easy win streaks. You can find the Mine Island game in the SmartSoft collection.  

Mine Island game FAQ

Is Mine Island game fair?

The crash game is produced by SmartSoft Gaming, licensed by MGA and certified by eCOGRA and iTechLabs. This gives promise that Mine Island is a fair game.

How to play Mine Island?

You should pick a bet size and click ‘Play’, making the kangaroo start hopping. Tap ‘Collect’ when you are satisfied with the multiplier earned in the round. The game has brief rules that you are encouraged to read.

How much can I win in Mine Island?

The highest multiplier is 15x, which translates into a potential $7500 if betting a maximum of $500. The minimum cash prize is 1.2x bet.

What are the bet sizes in Mine Island?

The min-max values are $0.2 - $500 on the provider’s website, where you can play a demo version. However, some online casinos might have other limits.

Does Mine Island have an autobet feature?

Yes. You can pick 10 to 500 automatic plays and also customise the automatic collection to your preferred multiplier.