Hypersonic X Crash game by KA Gaming for real money

Don’t let the retro graphics and soundtrack fool you into thinking this is an old release. Hypersonic X is a KA Gaming title launched in 2023. The game falls under the crash genre, with an aviation theme. However, the gameplay comes with a few tweaks to what you may be used to in other crash games. For instance, one big difference is the game doesn’t allow you to collect winnings when you want to. Instead, the game auto-collects when the jet crashes. The game features a 96% RTP, with a maximum win of $20,000 per round based on the maximum bet of $100 per round. Well, this is just a sneak peek of what this game offers. Let’s dig into this Hypersonic X review for an in-depth look.

  • Hypersonic X screenshot
  • Hypersonic X screenshot

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Hypersonic X facts

✅ Name Hypersonic X
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider KA Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $100
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Jet fighter
🎯 Objective Get the highest multiplier value as the jet explodes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 200x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

If you’ve played slots, you understand how luck and volatility affect your winnings. Crash games are similar, but there’s more tension because everything unfolds right before your eyes. This is how it works. 

Typically, there’s a multiplier in the game represented by an object based on the game’s theme. In the Hypersonic X casino game, it’s a jet, similar to Aviator. Cricket X has a cricket ball. The multiplier value grows as the game progresses. But there’s a catch. It can crash at any point, and that’s where your decision-making skills come in handy. 

You must choose when to cash out to collect your winnings. Wait too long, and the multiplier can crash, taking away your winnings plus your original bet. 

About Hypersonic X

It doesn’t get any simpler than the Hypersonic X bet game. This KA Gaming release takes you back to classic video games courtesy of its sounds and graphics. We’ll discuss these aspects shortly. This thrilling game draws its inspiration from fighter jets to fuse aviation with amazing rewards. The game mechanics remain similar to what titles such as Jet X and Helicopter X offer. 

Basically, you have a jet flying, and along it is a growing multiplier value. You’ll see this value growing just above the jet in a small blue display. But this game features a distinct difference. Unlike other crash games where you can choose when to collect your winnings, Hypersonic X doesn’t have such freedom. 

Instead, the game will auto-collect your winnings once the jet crashes. It’s more of what happens in slot games. When you automatically match symbols, you win. While the auto-collect is not based on your setting, there’s an autoplay function that allows you to set the number of rounds you’d like to play. However, it’s not as advanced as you’d like. 

Sounds and graphics

The Hypersonic X interface screams nothing but old-school video gaming. Starting with the graphics, the game shows a jet in a stationary position at the far left of the screen. This is a diversion from the usual games where, upon loading the game, you will find the multiplier already in motion. 

In this case, you must first click the play button to start the game. Once it starts, the game comes alive, with the jet travelling in the sky. In the background is the countryside, featuring hills, greenery, and clouds dotting the sky. 

As the jet cruises in the sky, missiles from behind fly in to blow the jet. Speaking of explosions, the crashes are simple, almost looking like a drawing. Accompanying you during gameplay is an old-school soundtrack, although it still generates plenty of tension. 

Hypersonic X game rules

The Hypersonic X bet game might be laid back in its gameplay and old-school in its graphics, but there are rules to follow for a smooth experience. This section takes you through the rules in the game, including bet amounts, autoplay, and game statistics. 

Minimum and maximum bet amount

The betting range in the Hypersonic X casino game is fairly vast. However, the minimum bet amount could be lower, as is the case with other crash games, such as Aviator. All in all, the $1 minimum is not very comfortable for casual players. 

You can also opt for the maximum bet amount, which is $100 per round. To set the bet amount, click the ‘New Bet’ button, and a new window will pop up. The window has preset bet values you can choose from. You can also set a specific bet amount using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. 

There’s a ‘Max Bet’ button too, which you can use to set the maximum bet amount with one click. 


The Hypersonic X crash game may be somewhat old-school in terms of its graphics and overall gameplay. However, the game has an autoplay function, although not as advanced as many other crash games offer. 

To activate the autoplay function, long-press the play button. The minimum number of automatic rounds is 25, while the maximum is infinite. Unfortunately, there are no advanced settings beyond setting the number of automatic rounds. You can click the red Stop button to end the autoplay function. 

The game doesn’t have an auto-collect function, which can be handy when it comes to collecting your wins. But this all comes down to the gameplay in this KA Gaming release, as the player cannot collect the money. 

Before activating the autoplay function, remember to set the bet amount to use for the entire period. 

Game statistics

If you’ve played crash games before, you must have noticed the inclusion of statistics. This section displays previous wins, including the multipliers. The Hypersonic X bet game has such a section, but it’s not as detailed as what you’ll find in other crash games. On the right side of the game’s interface, you’ll see previous multipliers. 

You can also get more details about a specific round by clicking the statistics button. This will open a window displaying details about every game round. That includes the transaction ID, the balance before and after the bet, the bet amount, and even the date, just to mention a few. 

Hypersonic X demo version

Like many other online casino games, KA Gaming’s Hypersonic X crash game also has a demo version. Of course, the availability of this free-play option depends on the online casino you choose. Some operators require you to sign up first before accessing the free version. 

With the demo version, you have an opportunity to learn the rules of the game and how to play. The best part is the free version gameplay is the same as what you’ll experience when you play Hypersonic X for real money. But, of course, you won’t win real money when playing the demo version. 

How to play the Hypersonic X crash game

The Hypersonic X bet game uses the same crash game mechanics as games such as Aviator and Jet X. Your main goal is to fly as far as possible to get the highest multiplier value possible. 

Your first stop is our list of Hypersonic X online casinos. We have scoured the internet to find legitimate online casino sites offering this KA Gaming release. Choose one from this list, sign up by submitting your details, and deposit funds to play for real money. 

Set your bet amount using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. Finally, click the play button to start the game. Note that you won’t need to collect your winnings manually, as is the case in many other crash games. Instead, the game auto-collects what you’ve accumulated at the time of the crash. 

Multipliers and payouts

As mentioned earlier, there’s a growing multiplier in the game. The higher the multiplier value, the more you win. However, this game has a cap on how high the multiplier can go. That is 200x, which is quite low compared to other crash games. 

When it comes to payouts, the game will automatically reward you without the need to click on a collect button. Regarding the numbers, the maximum payout is $20,000 based on a maximum of $100 per round. 

RTP and volatility

The return to player (RTP) is a percentage of the wagered money a casino game will pay back to a player. In short, it’s simply how much money you can look forward to getting back from a game. However, the figure is based on gameplay over a long period. 

In Hypersonic X, the RTP is 96%, which is more or less the same as other crash games. That means if you play with $100, you will receive $96 back on average. But remember, this is not a guarantee on every round, as the payouts will vary greatly on every round. 

Play Hypersonic X for fun


Hypersonic X is a standout from the usual crash games in several aspects. The biggest of them all is the permanent auto collection. Instead of you choosing when to collect your winnings, the game will collect the amount won for you once the jet crashes. Speaking of winnings, $20,000 per round is quite impressive compared to other titles, such as Aviator, that award $10,000 per round. A notable absence in Hypersonic X is the social aspect, such as a live chat or even live game statistics that show other players’ bets. For a beginner in the crash genre, the Hypersonic Crash game offers a great launchpad.  

Hypersonic X game FAQ

Is Hypersonic X game fair?

Yes. You can rest easy knowing the Hypersonic X game is fair and the results are independent of any outside influence. The game uses a random number generator (RNG) tested and certified by GLI, a third-party software audit company that tests the fairness of online casino games.

How to play Hypersonic X?

It all starts with choosing a preferred site from the list of Hypersonic X online casinos provided on this page. Launch the game after depositing funds and set your bet amount using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. Next, click the play button to start the game. A unique aspect of this game is there’s no collect button. Instead, the game will auto-collect your winnings once the jet crashes.

How much can I win in Hypersonic X?

The maximum win amount in the Hypersonic X crash game is based on the maximum multiplier and maximum bet amount. In this case, the maximum multiplier is 200x, while the maximum bet amount is $100 per round. Therefore, the maximum amount you can win in any round is $20,000.

What are the bet sizes in Hypersonic X?

The least amount you can bet on any round in the Hypersonic X bet game is $1. On the other hand, the maximum is capped at $100 per round. This wide bet range covers both players on a budget and high rollers.

Does Hypersonic X have an autobet feature?

Yes. There’s an autobet feature available, although it’s not as advanced as what other crash games offer. To activate this feature, click and hold the play button. You’ll see the available options, with the minimum number of autobet rounds set at 25 while the maximum is infinity. A stop button is available if you wish to cancel the autoplay function.

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