Paper Lanterns Crash game by Mascot Gaming for real money

The online gambling world is filled with numerous players with individual tastes and preferences. Some players like strategy-based games, while others prefer testing their luck in return for massive payouts. Thanks to the latter, crash games have recently gained enormous popularity and have now become the talk of town worldwide. The software vendors have also caught wind of the trend and started to design various exciting titles such as Paper Lanterns crash game.

  • Paper Lanterns screenshot
  • Paper Lanterns screenshot

Best online casinos to play Paper Lanterns Crash game by Mascot Gaming

Paper Lanterns facts

✅ Name Paper Lanterns
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Mascot Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95.32%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.02 - $5
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Garden, lanterns
🎯 Objective Guess how much the win rate will increase and pick it up on time
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 5000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

The Paper Lanterns bet game is designed based on a popular Asian festival, and the creator has followed an entirely different approach from other crash games. For starters, it’s a single-player game that allows you to decide when a round should start since there’s no set betting period. Additionally, the game offers five betting panels, meaning you can place up to five simultaneous bets in a round and collect winnings from all wagers if you’re lucky. This Paper Lanterns review will cover key details about the game, alongside providing a list of top online casinos where you can play Paper Lanterns for real money.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are mainly based on luck and prey on your intuition, i.e., the longer you stay in a round, the higher the payout. However, you might exit too soon and miss out on a good payout or wait for too long and lose your hard-earned funds. But you can’t really know when the round will be over since each ending is random. Aside from the objective, crash games feature simple rules that are easy to understand, have instant bets, and offer multiplied payouts, making them quite popular among novices and experienced players.

Paper Lanterns game: Overview

Released recently in September 2023, the Paper Lanterns casino game is an exciting title by Mascot Gaming that applies a slightly different design approach from most crash games. As mentioned earlier, the game is designed based on a popular Asian event known as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Just like in the festival, the game features a subtly purple-coloured theme and a zen garden with a temple on its background, delivering a calm and soothing environment during gameplay. On top of that, you’ll see cherry blossom (sakura) petals and flowers falling from the trees, the same way they shed during the autumn season. To complete the festival’s theme, the game features well-illuminated 3D paper lanterns that are released into the sky at the beginning of every round, creating a serene atmosphere that’s ironically filled with tension. With such a captivating game design and high-quality graphics, you can be sure to have a thrilling and unforgettable gambling experience.

Aside from the catchy theme, the Paper Lanterns bet game offers multiplied payouts that start from as low as 1.01x and can go up to 5000x, but this will be discussed in detail later in the article. Moreover, you can play around with different control settings, including eliminating the intro screen from appearing at the launch of the game and turning on/off the game sounds and background music. When you click the sound icon, it’ll turn off the game sounds and background music simultaneously, saving you the hassle of unchecking each box.

Paper Lanterns game: Objective

The Paper Lanterns bet game is designed based on a similar gaming concept to most crash games, i.e., the crash curve mechanic. Whether you’re playing in demo mode or using your hard-earned funds, you must first place your bet before the beginning of a round. As previously stated, this game has no set betting period, meaning a round will only start whenever you’re ready (once you hit the Bet button). 

At the beginning of every round, 3D paper lanterns are released into the sky, during which random multiplier values starting from 1.0x are attached to each. Like in most crash games, the higher the lanterns go, the higher the payout odds and, similarly, the risk. Therefore, your primary objective is to cash out your winnings as soon as you can, but before the lantern crashes, ending the round. If that happens, you’ll lose your bet and be forced to try your luck in another round.  

Paper Lanterns game RTP and betting limits

Whether you’re playing using virtual credits or in real-money mode, the Paper Lanterns crash game offers a 95.32% RTP, a figure that’s below the average RTP percentage (96%-97%) of most crash games. But this doesn’t mean you have a lower chance of winning, as it is a theoretical figure determined by considering multiple plays over an extended period. 

When it comes to betting limits, the Paper Lanterns casino game is pretty accommodating to low-budget players since the minimum accepted betting amount is $0.02 and the maximum is $5. In our experience, these are quite low limits as most crash games allow you to bet with a minimum of $0.1, and the maximum can go up to $2000. However, with five betting panels, the betting limits can go higher, with the maximum limit hitting $25, but this is only possible if you place five simultaneous bets in a round. If you’re playing in a crypto online casino, the bet limits will be shown in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, USDT, Binance Coin, etc.

Paper Lanterns multipliers and payouts

The Paper Lanterns bet game offers standard multipliers for both real-money and demo versions. You can receive as low as 1.01x your bet amount during a round, but if it’s your lucky day, you’ll walk away with a higher payout, which can go up to a maximum of 5000x your wager. Therefore, with a maximum bet of $5 and a maximum multiplier of x5000, we can safely conclude that the maximum amount you can win in a round is $25,000.

As for payouts, all winnings are calculated based on the displayed multiplier value during the cashout action. For instance, if you place a $2 bet and click the Cash Out button once the paper lantern hits a 100x multiplier value, your payout will be $200, calculated as USD 2×100.

Paper Lanterns game features

Whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile device, the Paper Lantern crash game provides various gaming features, allowing you to have a seamless gambling session. With such an intriguing theme and a catchy storyline, you can expect nothing short of innovation when it comes to the game features. Let’s take a look at some of the features you will use when playing the game.

Betting interface

Like any other online casino game, the Paper Lanterns game provides a betting interface at the bottom of the screen. It comprises five panels, increasing your win potential in every round. Therefore, you can choose to play with one betting window, two, or even with all five panels simultaneously, depending on your gambling appetite.

Regardless of your playing platform (desktop or mobile casino), betting is standard across all devices. When you place your cursor on a betting panel, a lantern will pop up along with (-) and (+) buttons. Unlike most crash games, you cannot manually enter your preferred bet amount when playing Paper Lanterns. Instead, the game features pre-set values, which you can choose by clicking the (-) and (+) widgets. 

One notable feature of the game is that there are different colours representing the various betting values. The minimum bet amount ($0.02) is displayed in a light blue colour, blue lantern for $0.05, rust orange for $0.08, royal blue for $0.1, green for $0.2, olive green for $0.5, orange for $0.8, red for $1, purple for $2, and yellow for the maximum bet limit ($5).

Cash Out

As mentioned earlier, the primary objective of the Paper Lanterns casino game is to collect your winnings once the scale reaches your desired multiplier value, but before the lantern is lost. The Bet button will turn into Cash Out after a round begins, and you can tap it once you’re satisfied with the displayed win amount, during which it’ll end the round.

Bet All and Collect All

Right below the menu icon is a drop-down widget with various paper lanterns, which, upon clicking, will display the Bet All and Collect All buttons. The Bet All feature helps you place all five bets simultaneously, saving you the hassle of hitting every bet button. However, you should ensure that the betting amount in each panel is within your budget before using this button.

On the other hand, the Collect All button comes in handy if you have placed more than one bet since it might be tricky to cash out on all of them at a go. Therefore, hitting this button will cash out all available winnings in the round.


Like in most crash games, switching to Autoplay mode will allow the system to place bets and cash out winnings on your behalf, doing away with the hassle of pressing buttons in each round. All you need to do is set your bet amount and preferred multiplier value, and the system will do the rest. However, using the Autoplay feature does not guarantee wins, as the multiplier scale might not reach your set value, leading to the loss of your funds in that round.

To activate this feature, check ‘Autoplay’ in the betting window, set your preferred bet amount within the game’s betting limits and choose your desired multiplier from the pre-set values (x1.5, x2, x5, x10, x100) in the Collect widget. Afterwards, click the Bet button, and the game will switch to Autoplay mode for as many rounds as you wish.

You can also use the Auto Cash Out feature alone by unchecking the Autoplay radio button. This means your only task will be setting the bet amount, and the system will collect your winnings if the lantern hits the set multiplier.

Paper Lanterns bonus program

Paper Lanterns has an in-game bonus program where you can receive between 1 and 5 free bets from each of your bets. This means you’ll be placing bets without touching your real-money account balance until the bonus funds are used up. Free bets usually appear randomly as the multiplier increases during a game round, and they’re only awarded if you cash out your winnings before the round ends. Therefore, if you see the gift box during your gaming session and want a free round, it’s wise to collect your winnings before the lantern is lost. 

One intriguing fact about the Paper Lanterns bonus program is that you can receive up to 5 Free bets in one bet, meaning there’s a possibility of receiving 25 Free bets at once if you’re lucky. Moreover, additional Free bets can also be awarded when playing with the bonus funds, making the game more exciting. Please note that the bonus funds equal the bet value during which they were awarded.

Paper Lanterns game rules

Whether you want to play Paper Lanterns for real money or in demo mode, you must first sign up for a casino account. To save you the hassle of finding gambling platforms online, we have provided a well-vetted list of reputable Paper Lanterns online casinos where you can create casino login details. Afterwards, proceed to the cashier page to fund your account, or you can head straight to the game lobby if you wish to first familiarise yourself with the game using virtual funds.

The gameplay rules are pretty straightforward once you launch the Paper Lanterns crash game. Your first step is to select your preferred bet amount and then hit the Bet button to start the round. As previously stated, this button will change to Cash Out, during which your main task will be to press it once the displayed win amount reaches your desired value. However, you should not wait too long to collect your winnings since the round can end at any time without warning, and in some instances, it could be immediately after the round starts.

Live statistics in Paper Lanterns game

Live statistics in crash games are pretty helpful to players who believe they can predict the next outcome by analysing the previous results. However, you can’t rely on past rounds’ results since each outcome is randomly generated. As a single-player crash game, the Paper Lanterns bet game only provides personal statistics from the last ten rounds. Simply click the My Bets tab at the top right section of the gaming window, and you’ll see a display of your previous ten bets with various details, including the bet amount for each round, cashout/crash multiplier, and winning amount (if any). Lost bets are shown as blanks under the Win column.

Play Paper Lanterns game for free


With tons of crash games being released quite often in the online gambling market, Mascot Gaming has indeed given players an exciting and one-of-a-kind title based on the Asian Mid-Autumn festival. True to its name, Paper Lanterns features five multi-coloured paper lanterns, which are fired up and released into the sky at the beginning of every round, setting the sky ablaze. The game offers novice-friendly bet limits, which are pretty low compared to other crash games, with the minimum allowed bet amount being set at $0.02 and the maximum at $5. However, with five betting panels, these figures can significantly increase to $0.1 and $25. On the bright side, the Paper Lanterns crash game offers massive multiplied payouts that can go up to 5000x your bet amount in a round if you’re lucky and a unique Free bets bonus program.

Paper Lanterns game FAQ

Is Paper Lanterns game fair?

Yes. Despite not having the Provably Fair technology integrated into it, the outcome of each round is randomly generated by Mascot’s RNG software, which independent third-party audit firms thoroughly test to ensure outside manipulation is close to impossible.

How to play Paper Lanterns

Whether you’re playing for real money or using fun credits, the Paper Lanterns gameplay is pretty straightforward. Simply select your bet size from the pre-set figures and hit the Bet button to begin the round. Once the multiplier scale reaches your desired value, press the Cash Out button to collect your winnings. However, you should collect your winnings before the round ends, during which you’ll lose your funds.

How much can I win in Paper Lanterns?

The Paper Lanterns crash game offers various multiplied payouts. You can win from as little as 1.01x your bet amount, and if it’s your lucky day, you’ll walk away with higher payouts of up to 5000x your stake.

What are the bet sizes in Paper Lanterns?

The Paper Lanterns casino game has odd betting limits, with the minimum bet size set at $0.02 and the maximum at $5. These are pretty low figures, especially for high rollers, making the game ideal for low-budget and medium-budget players.

Does Paper Lanterns have an autobet feature?

Yes, the Paper Lanterns crash game has an autobet feature, which you can activate by clicking the Autoplay radio button on the betting panel. All you need to do is set your preferred bet amount, and the system will place bets once a round ends.