1000x Busta Crash game by 4ThePlayer for real money

The 1000x Busta crash game is popular in the gambling community. It keeps the gameplay simple yet unique due to its features, where you must set a target multiplier before placing your bet. The game has other interesting features, including autoplay and comes with a high RTP of 97%. This 1000x Busta review will capture more details of this famous crash game, including how to play, maximum win and multiplier, bet limits, rules, and game features. Additionally, we'll direct players to a list of the top 1000x Busta online casinos they can trust.

  • 1000x Busta screenshot
  • 1000x Busta screenshot

Best online casinos to play 1000x Busta Crash game by 4ThePlayer

1000x Busta facts

✅ Name 1000x Busta
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider 4ThePlayer
📅 Release date 2020
💹 Return to Player 97%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $1000
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Multiplier curve
🎯 Objective Cash out before the curve stops growing
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

1000x Busta crash game overview

This is a crash game, and like other titles employing the crash game mechanic, players will find a rising multiplier graph line in the 1000x Busta bet game. Nevertheless, this rising multiplier line can crash at any moment, leading to losses.

The multipliers in 1000x Busta start from a 1.01x coefficient and increase until a point where it stops. As mentioned earlier, players must select a target multiplier before placing their bets. Therefore, if a player’s chosen target multiplier is reached, the game will collect your winnings automatically.

Of course, you’ll lose your bet if the multiplier line crashes before your target multiplier is achieved. However, during real money gameplay, you’ll see a ‘Cash Out At’ button that allows you to collect your winnings at a lower multiplier than your selected target coefficient.

If you change your mind mid-way, this button will enable you to collect your winnings before your multiplier is reached and possibly before the crash event occurs. The 1000x Busta game has other game features that make gameplay smooth on your desktop or mobile device.

The 1000x Busta crash game was launched in 2020 by 4ThePlayer, an iGaming software developer founded in 2018. This developer has a licence from the UKGC, among other regulatory bodies. Its catalogue features other game verticals, such as online slots and table games.

1000x Busta game rules

Before playing 1000x Busta for real money, we recommend familiarising yourself with the rules first. The game’s rules are straightforward, even to a beginner. As a crash game, there’s an increasing multiplier that randomly stops increasing. When this happens, you’ll see ‘Busta’ displayed on the screen.

As mentioned, players must select their target multiplier via the scroll list (more on this later) and then place their bet. If the multiplier line stops (crashes) at a multiplier coefficient equal to or higher than your target, you’ll win the round.

However, you’ll lose your bet if the multiplier line crashes before reaching your target multiplier. Fortunately, you can use the ‘Cash Out At’ option to try and collect their winnings before the crash event.

During real money or free play, you can access the game’s rules and other game elements, such as RTP, UI button functions, how to play, etc., by clicking the hamburger icon below the main game and selecting the ‘Game Rules’ option.

1000x Busta game interface

This online casino crash game has a simple interface design with a dominant green background. The interface is primarily divided into two sides. On the left of the screen is the main game, with the multiplier graph and the term’ 1000x Busta’ inscribed above it. Below this graph is the betting panel, which features three scrolling lists: Bet size, target, and payout.

Other features like autoplay, win chance, etc., are located beneath this list. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a section dedicated to results history. You can view your session statistics and results of up to the last 500 rounds. Your balance is indicated at the bottom of the interface alongside the volume icon, enabling you to turn the in-game sounds on or off.

1000x Busta game features

Unlike other casino crash titles, the 1000x Busta game features only one betting panel, meaning you cannot have two simultaneous bets running like in Aviator. This allows you to focus on the main action. Below are some other unique 1000x Busta game features.

Three-scroll list

On the three-scroll list, you can use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons or the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the bet size, payout, and target multiplier values. You can also hit the pencil icon on these three options to input your desired value manually. Please note that changing one value in one parameter may affect the other parameters.

The bet sizes in the 1000x Busta casino game range from a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $150 per round. However, different 1000x Busta online casinos may offer varying bet size limits. Crypto users who play 1000x Busta for real money may view balances and limits in their respective tokens, such as Bitcoin, Tether, etc.

You can set the target multiplier values from a minimum of 1.01x to a maximum of 1000x. The payout list will change according to the values of other parameters, but setting a specific payout amount will also affect the target multiplier.

Winning Chance

This is an incredible feature in the 1000x Busta casino game that shows players the probability of winning based on their target multiplier. You’ll find this feature just beneath the three-scroll list. The lower the multipliers, the higher your winning chances are. The opposite is also true.

For instance, when you choose the least target multiplier (1.01x), which is available when you place bets of at least $1 or higher, you’ll see the ‘Win Chance’ metre displaying a 96.04% success chance. Suppose you increase the target multiplier to, say, 1.60x. In that case, your success chance will reduce to 60.63%.

At the maximum multiplier, your winning probability reduces to a tiny 0.10%. Interestingly, you can click the pencil icon on the ‘Win Chance’ option and enter your ideal winning probability. This will automatically change the values on the three-scroll list parameters.


The crash game features a unique autoplay option that comes with three default presets: Double up on win, Double up on loss, and Slow grow. When you click one of these options, the respective values on the autoplay settings will change. Still, you can decide to customise your settings, changing the target multiplier, bet size, max bet size during autoplay, etc. The feature offers up to 100 automatic rounds.

How to play 1000x Busta for real money

Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to play 1000x Busta for real money:

  1. Join any of our best 1000x Busta online casinos on this page. After registering, fund your account using any of the options available, which may include cryptos like Bitcoin and others.
  2. Launch the 1000x Busta casino game by 4ThePlayer.
  3. After the game opens, choose your ideal bet size ($0.10 to $150) and your target multiplier (1.01x to 1000x) on the scroll list. You can use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons or touch and slide on your mobile device.
  4. Finally, click the ‘Bet’ button to start the game. The line on the graph will begin rising while awarding multipliers. The longer it rises, the higher the multipliers you’ll get.

Please note that your winnings will be automatically collected once your target multiplier is achieved. The ‘Bet’ button will change to ‘Cash Out At,’ enabling you to take your winnings before your chosen multiplier is reached.

1000x Busta payouts, maximum win, RTP

Payouts in the 1000x Busta crash game are worked out based on your bet size and the winning multiplier. For instance, suppose you have a $50 wager, and the multiplier line rises to 200x (which, let’s say, is your target multiplier) or more. In that case, these two values will be multiplied (50×200) to give you your payout ($10,000).

The maximum payout in the 1000x Busta game can be found under the game rules in your selected online casino. Based on the maximum multiplier in the game (1000x) and the maximum bet size ($150 but can vary), players can expect maximum cash payouts of $150,000 or more. 1000x Busta has a published RTP of 97%, which is high. In theory, this RTP means you can expect returns of $97 after spending $100 in the long run.

Play 1000x Busta crash game for free in demo mode


Don’t let the simplistic 1000x Busta design deceive you into thinking it’s an average crash game – it’s everything but. The auto-collect option when your target multiplier is reached is a nice feature. Furthermore, players can use the ‘Cash Out At’ option to take winnings at any time before their multiplier is reached or before the crash event. The Win Chance feature is also pleasant. These elements, coupled with the 97% RTP, ideal bet limits, and an acceptable maximum 1000x Busta crash game multiplier, make it a worthy title.

1000x Busta game FAQ

Is 1000x Busta game fair?

Yes. The 4ThePlayer game developer is licenced by the UKGC, which means its games undergo rigorous fairness tests.

How to play 1000x Busta?

You play 1000x Busta for real money by choosing your bet size, selecting your target multiplier, and then hitting the 'Bet' button. Your winnings will be collected automatically if your m=target multiplier is reached.

How much can I win in 1000x Busta?

The maximum payout in the 1000x Busta bet game can be viewed from the title's game rules in your online casino. Based on the max multiplier and bet, you can expect maximum payouts of $150,000 or more.

What are bet sizes in 1000x Busta?

You can wager with a $0.10 minimum and a $150 maximum. However, these bet sizes may vary across 1000x Busta online casinos.

Does 1000x Busta have autobet?

Yes. The autoplay feature in the 1000x Busta casino game offers up to 100 auto spins and other advanced settings to stop the feature or adjust bet sizes and multipliers during the feature.

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