Kick Pumpkin Crash game by KA Gaming for real money

Launched in 2023, Kick Pumpkin is a KA Gaming crash game release. The game fuses the football spirit shared among millions worldwide with the excitement of Halloween in a thrilling burst mechanic. The gameplay is simple. You click the play button, and the football player will kick the pumpkin, which will move forward in the air. As it moves, the multiplier will grow until it crashes. But note that the maximum value for the multiplier is 200x. With bets maxing out at $100 per round, you have a chance to bag $20,000. There’s more to look into in this KA Gaming release, including gameplay, RTP, and overall game rules. Let’s get into it in this in-depth Kick Pumpkin review. 

  • Kick Pumpkin screenshot
  • Kick Pumpkin screenshot

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Kick Pumpkin facts

✅ Name Kick Pumpkin
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider KA Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $100
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Pumpkin, man
🎯 Objective Kick the pumpkin and get the highest possible multiplier as it bursts
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 200x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Typically, a crash game is a form of online gambling game featuring a growing multiplier value. The multiplier is often represented by an icon, depending on the theme. In Kick Pumpkin, the icon is a Halloween pumpkin, which, when kicked, triggers the increasing multiplier value. Games like Aviator and JetX use a jet. 

Speaking of the multiplier, the value usually starts at 1x and grows at a variable rate. However, the multiplier can crash at any point. That means you must cash out your winnings before the crash. Failing to do this will cause you to lose your winnings plus the bet amount. 

About Kick Pumpkin

KA Gaming is bringing Halloween to life with a mix of classic gaming and crash game mechanics. Classic gaming is well epitomised by the graphics and sound, which we’ll get into in the next section. Back to the mechanics, the game is slightly different from other crash games. 

There’s a growing multiplier attached to a pumpkin. Then there’s a zombie-like guy who kicks it, and as it travels in the air, the multiplier grows. The difference in this game is that it will automatically collect your winnings. In many other crash games, you have the freedom to choose when to collect your winnings. 

Keep in mind: this is not a multiplayer game. Therefore, don’t expect to find a chat section or statistics section showing what other players have won. Still, you can look forward to an exciting session. 

Sounds and graphics

Halloween gets even more enjoyable with Kick Pumpkin, even though the graphics and soundtrack are old-school. However, if you’ve played other crash games from KA Gaming, you won’t be surprised. 

The game is set up in what seems to be a forest with trees in the background and a mountain range further back. The game has two characters: a soccer player and a Halloween pumpkin. Everything is rather retro-styled, so nothing too fancy. Even the animation gives you Contra vibes in the way the player moves and kicks the pumpkin. 

There’s an upbeat soundtrack that plays when the game starts, but it’s quite basic. You’ll also hear other game sounds, such as chimes when you win and an explosion when the pumpkin crashes. 

Kick Pumpkin game rules

It’s not a tough game to understand. Still, it’s always good to learn the basic rules of any game before playing. Of course, there’s a demo version you can opt for when you register at one of our recommended online casinos. But we have a breakdown of the rules, including the autoplay function, game statistics, and bet amounts, along with how to play the game. 

Minimum and maximum bet amount

If you wish to play Kick Pumpkin for real money, you have a wide range of bets to choose from. The minimum wager per round is $1. On the other end, the maximum bet amount is capped at $100, which is suitable for high-rollers. You can use the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons to set the bet amount. To access the bet section, click the ‘New Bet’ button. 

Alternatively, you can skip the hustle of multiple clicks when setting your max bet amount by using the Max Bet button. 


If you’ve played KA Gaming crash games before, you already know the autoplay function is as basic as they come. You see, in many crash games, you have the opportunity to set when to stop the autoplay feature. It could be when you lose or win by a certain amount or when your balance reaches a specific amount. 

However, the autoplay feature in Kick Pumpkin is basic and only allows you to set the number of games you wish to play automatically. To activate this feature, long-press the play button. A small window will pop up, and you’ll see five options: 25, 50, 100, 200, and infinity. If you wish to stop the feature, click the stop button. 

Game statistics

As is the case with the rest of the game, the Kick Pumpkin bet game is not out to impress with the latest features when displaying statistics. Besides, this is not a multiplayer social game, contrary to what you’ll find when playing many other crash games. 

The top right of the interface is where you’ll see the most recent multipliers. This section displays a maximum of five most recent multiplier values, with no extra details such as the time of the win or the accompanying bet amount. But if you wish to view these details, click the statistics button at the top right of the interface. You’ll see multiple pages, with each page dedicated to a particular round. On this page, you will see the bet amount, the time, the transaction ID, the win amount, and the multiplier responsible for the win, among other details. 

Kick Pumpkin demo version

The Kick Pumpkin casino game may be simple to play compared to other crash games. However, you may be a novice in the crash game genre. As such, getting up to speed with how to play this exciting game is the most logical route to take. Playing the demo version of the game allows you to learn the rules. 

Thankfully, most of the Kick Pumpkin online casinos listed on this page allow playing for free. Once you’re ready, you can graduate to playing for real money. 

How to play the Kick Pumpkin crash game

You will not find a simpler game to play than Kick Pumpkin. But because we want you to have a seamless experience, we have played the game so that we can guide you on how to do the same. 

The first step is to choose a preferred site from our list of Kick Pumpkin online casinos. Afterwards, sign up by providing your details and deposit funds to play Kick Pumpkin for real money. 

Launch the game from the lobby and set your bet amount using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. You can set the game to autoplay if you wish to sit back and enjoy the action. Once everything is set, click the play button to start the game. You’ll see the multiplier value increasing at the top. But you cannot collect your winnings in this game. Instead, the game will autocollect the winnings. 

The Kick Pumpkin crash game offers a healthy reward for players who wish to kick around the pumpkin. Kick it long enough, and you can win a maximum of 200x. Compared to other crash games, the maximum multiplier is quite low. For instance, Aviator’s maximum value can go to infinity, although there’s a cap to how much you can win ($10,000 per round).

RTP and volatility

You’d think that the old-school vibes translate to a lower RTP. But you’ll be surprised to know the game’s return to player (RTP) is 96%, which is on the same level as many other top crash games. With this figure, you can look forward to a healthy return on your investment. 

To put it in numbers, playing with $100 will see you get $96 back. However, this is theoretical, and the numbers are averages calculated for a player who’s played for a long time. 

When it comes to volatility, expect low to medium. That means there are instances when you will have a significant run of sizeable multipliers. On the other hand, you may encounter long periods of smaller multiplier values, resulting in small wins. 

Play Kick Pumpkin game for free


After getting under the hood, it’s evident Kick Pumpkin is for novices in the crash game genre. The graphics and sounds give old-school vibes. And the gameplay? Well, it’s all about one click of the play button, and the game is underway. There’s no need to set other parameters in the autoplay function, such as when to stop playing. The game will autocollect your winnings, which is a slight deviation from the usual crash game gameplay. Still, you have a chance to win up to $20,000 per round. Not bad for a simple game, right? Well, the ball is now at your court, time to take the Kick Pumpkin crash game for a spin.

Kick Pumpkin game FAQ

Is Kick Pumpkin game fair?

Yes. Kick Pumpkin is fair, thanks to the RNG used by KA Gaming. The RNG has been tested and certified by GLI, an independent software testing facility. As such, you can play at ease, knowing the game’s results are independent of outside forces.

How to play Kick Pumpkin?

Set your preferred bet amount and later click the play button to start the game. You’ll see the multiplier value growing at the centre of the screen. Note that the game will collect your winnings automatically when the multiplier crashes.

How much can I win in Kick Pumpkin?

The maximum win amount in Kick Pumpkin is $20,000. The maximum win is based on a 200x multiplier, which is the cap, and the maximum bet amount of $100.

What are the bet sizes in Kick Pumpkin?

Kick Pumpkin provides a vast range of bets catering to all players. If you’re a player on budget testing the waters, $1 is just about enough to get you off the ground. On the other hand, high rollers have a maximum of $100 to play with.

Does Kick Pumpkin have an autobet feature?

Yes. Kick Pumpkin allows you to use the auto bet feature. But it’s not as advanced as other crash games. To activate the feature, click and hold the play button until a pop-up appears. The minimum number of autorounds is 25, while the maximum is infinity.