Zeppelin Crash game by BetSolutions for real money

The Zeppelin game is one of the popular crash games you can play for real money, as it comes with a simple design and interface alongside unique features like in-game progressive jackpots, free bets, and more. Of course, these are elements to elevate your gameplay. However, you'll still find the crash gameplay mechanic where you wager on a flying airship, which awards multipliers as it soars.

  • Zeppelin screenshot
  • Zeppelin screenshot

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Zeppelin facts

✅ Name Zeppelin
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider BetSolutions
📅 Release date 2021
💹 Return to Player 96.4%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $500
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Zeppelin
🎯 Objective Cash out before a zeppelin explodes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

Your target is to collect your winnings before the Zeppelin explodes mid-air. Notably, the Zeppelin game offers multipliers that go up to infinity, but there’s a limit to how much you can win per round. Therefore, this Zeppelin review will explore the crash game’s rules, limits, playing procedures, features, and more to help you decide if it’s worth your time. Also, a top list of Zeppelin online casinos is embedded on this page to nudge you in the right direction.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are typically titles that employ the theory of crash gambling, where an object (aeroplane, ball, rocket, airship, etc.) takes off and starts awarding multipliers. Then, players who wager on these objects must cash out their winnings before the objects explode (crash). If the object crashes before you collect your payout, you lose your bet. Crash games are usually social due to the available chat features, allowing players to converse, banter, and share strategies in real time. Depending on the crash game, you can have limited maximum multipliers, say 1000x, or multipliers that ascend to infinity. 

Overview of Zeppelin crash game

Currently, there are many renditions of crash casino games online, and today, we take you back in time to the era of Zeppelins. BetSolutions’ interpretation of Zeppelin is unique, as it expertly implements a quite vintage Zeppelin theme into the modern gambling era. The Zeppelin game was released in 2021 and has since made rounds among crash gambling enthusiasts. The title features a simple design with exceptional audio and visual quality. The game animations make for a more authentic atmosphere and provide an impeccable gaming experience. For example, during the Zeppelin take-off, you’ll hear a thematically designed sound effect up to the precise minute it explodes.

The crashing animation is also beautiful as you’ll see the airship evaporating in the air, leaving behind a red smoke-like hue. Although you cannot turn off the animation effects, you have the option to play without the in-game sounds under the Settings menu (the gear icon on the top right corner of the game interface). Notably, the Zeppelin crash game is available in over 10 languages, including English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, etc. This allows players from around the globe to enjoy the title in their preferred language.

Gameplay mechanics

During gameplay, the Zeppelin will lift off from the base of a graph-like structure, leaving a yellow curve behind. Immediately after take-off, the multipliers will start progressing from a coefficient of 1.00x. The higher the airship soars into the sky, the more incredible the multipliers you’ll receive. However, being a casino crash game, the airship can crash (explode) randomly during gameplay. So, to be victorious in a round, you must click the ‘Cash Out’ function to earn your payout. Failure to do this in time will result in the loss of your wager. Interestingly, the multiplier in the Zeppelin bet game can progress to infinity. That’s something to look forward to.

Nevertheless, the longer you hunt for more substantial multipliers, the higher the risk of losing the game round since the airship explodes without notice. Still, patience can be highly rewarding if you’re audacious enough. The Zeppelin game features Autoplay and Auto Cashout options that may allow for a more seamless gaming experience. In addition to that, you can choose your Avatar from the interface’s top left corner from a list of 20 options to make gameplay more fun. Moreover, you can earn additional rewards from the two progressive jackpots offered in the Zeppelin casino game and further enjoy bonus rounds from the offered free bets.

Zeppelin betting limits and payouts

The precise bet size limits may vary across online casino sites with the Zeppelin game. Even so, you’ll likely find gambling sites allowing you to make minimum bets between $0.1 and $1. The same applies to the maximum bet amount. Some Zeppelin online casinos may set maximum limits of $100, but others may offer maximum bets of about $250 or more. Therefore, we advise players to check the specific limits in their preferred fiat or crypto online casinos. Although the Zeppelin game doesn’t offer a Limits menu section, you can find the maximum in your ideal casino online by clicking the Max button on the betting panel.

Since the game offers two betting booths, you can play with the maximum limit on each to boost your maximum bet per round. Regarding payouts, it’s important to note your winnings are added automatically to your balance after each round. The amount you win will rely on your bet size and the multiplier coefficient when you press ‘Cash Out.’ For instance, if you bet $50 in a round and hit the Cash Out button when the multiplier is 33.65x, your payout will be calculated by multiplying these two values. So, in this case, you’ll receive a $1682.50 payout (50×33.65). Please note that successful payouts are only made if you click the Cash Out button before the Zeppelin explodes.

RTP and maximum win in Zeppelin

The Zeppelin casino game features a 96.4% RTP (return to player). This means that, on average, you’ll earn back $96.40 from every USD 100 you put in the game. Note that this is a theoretical value derived from playing millions of rounds over an extended playing session. As such, you may experience higher winnings or losses from shorter gambling sessions.

Despite the infinity multiplier potential when you play Zeppelin for real money, the game features a maximum payout of $30,000 per round. So, regardless of how high the multiplier progresses, once the maximum win limit is reached, the system automatically pays out and nullifies any winnings exceeding this limit. Notably, the Zeppelin game online offers a high max payout limit compared to other famous crash games like Aviator ($10,000).

Zeppelin game interface

Once you launch the Zeppelin bet game online, you’ll notice that the title is partitioned into three main parts. The centre portion is where the Zeppelin game revolves. Therefore, you’ll see a graph-like structure with a golden Zeppelin that soars, leaving a yellow curve on a black background filled with depictions of mountains and clouds. At the base of this section, you’ll find live results on the previous rounds and the betting booths. On the left of the main playing field, you’ll see an information table displaying data for All Bets, My Bets, and Statistics. This is where you can view what other online players have bet and their payouts, your bet history, and other stats.

On the right side is the live chat window that allows you to converse with other online players. This feature has a Chatbot that usually picks out the most successful player, also known as Hero of the Day in Zeppelin. Above the main playing field, you can view the prizes of the two progressive jackpots, and on the top right, you’ll find more game details by clicking the (?) icon.

Zeppelin game features

The Zeppelin casino game comes with features that elevate your general game experience. One of these features is the Live Statistics tab just below the main playing area. This tab shows the results of the past few rounds and is updated in real time as the game progresses. If you want a more exhaustive record of the game’s results, simply click the history icon at the end of this Live Statistics tab, and you can view outcomes of the last about 96 multipliers. Suppose you’re a statistician, or you like looking for patterns during gameplay. In that case, you can use this section to almost accurately predict how far the multipliers will rise in the following round (s). The multipliers in this tab are represented in red and green. The former shows multipliers that are below 1.99x, and the latter represents coefficients above 2.00x.

Betting booths

When you launch the game, you’ll see one betting panel at the base. To add the other, simply click the plus sign (+) next to the large ‘Place your Bet’ button. On each betting booth, you’ll find a field where you can enter your desired bet size manually. Alternatively, you can use the X2, X4, and X8 toggles to increase your initial bet size. To play with the maximum bet size, simply click the ‘Max’ button, and the maximum bet size in the game will be added to the bet field. During gameplay, you must click the ‘Place your Bet’ option. This button switches to ‘Cancel’ and ‘Cash Out’ during the game, enabling you to remove any bets before the game starts and take your winnings, respectively.

Auto Bet and Auto Cashout

You’ll also find the Auto Bet and Auto Cashout options in each betting booth. Auto Bet enables you to play many rounds without placing your bets manually. To activate Auto Bet, click the Auto Bet toggle on your respective betting panel and choose your ideal bet amount. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t come with advanced settings that allow you to select the number of autoplay rounds or when to stop it automatically.

The Auto Cashout feature is located next to the bet size field on each betting panel. To turn it on, click the toggle labelled ‘Activation’ directly below it, and you can then set your ideal Auto Cashout multiplier. This option is particularly helpful when playing with two simultaneous panels since you may not be quick enough to cash out your winnings on each booth manually. Therefore, this option will allow the system to collect your winnings automatically when your set multiplier comes up.

Progressive jackpots

The Zeppelin bet game has two progressive jackpots: O2 and He. These are elements on the periodic table: Oxygen and Helium. Historically, Helium was used to power lift off on Zeppelins, and it makes sense that BetSolutions would name one of their jackpots after it. However, we can’t quite tell the inspiration behind the O2 (Oxygen) jackpot. Regardless of that, they both offer players an additional way to increase their payouts. So, the O2 progressive jackpot is awarded when the multiplier in the Zeppelin casino game reaches between 500x and 900x. Conversely, the He jackpot is only awarded to players if the multiplier exceeds 900x.

The jackpot prizes are usually distributed proportionally to players based on the placed bets, and only players who cashed out at multipliers exceeding 2x during these rounds (when multipliers reach 500x or exceed 900x) get their corresponding share of the prize pool. Since they’re progressive jackpots, their prizes will keep rising from a few bucks to even thousands of dollars. You can see the current respective jackpot prizes at the top of the primary game area. You can view the Jackpot History after you click the history icon on the Live Statistics tab. You’ll find details of the date it was awarded, the amount awarded, and the multiplier that triggered the jackpot.

Free Bets

BetSolutions included a free bet bonus program in the Zeppelin game. You can check if you have any free bets by clicking the tickets icon at the top right corner of the game interface. If you’re a lucky free bet recipient, you can play Zeppelin for free without touching your account balance up until you exhaust the free bet. However, the free bet bonus comes with various conditions you must consider. For example, it comes with a minimum cashout multiplier and a specific bet amount.

Notably, you cannot cash out your winnings unless the minimum payout multiplier is reached in that bonus feature. Even if you tried, your efforts would be fruitless since the Cash Out button activates when the said minimum multiplier is achieved. Also, you cannot place two simultaneous free bets or have two running bets, one with a free bet and the other with a cash bet. Lastly, once you place a free bet, you cannot cancel it as you would when betting with real money.


If you’re feeling generous after, say, a hot winning streak, you can use the Drop function to gift other online players some funds, which will be added to their respective accounts. To use this feature, you must choose your desired Drop amount and the number of players you wish to gift. If there are fewer players online than the number you selected, the system will adjust the Drop amount automatically and award it to online players only.

Zeppelin game rules

The Zeppelin game online has uncomplicated rules, and as such, you can start playing the title for real money after reviewing our how-to-play guide. Still, there are a few things we’d like to reiterate. First, the only way to win in the game is by cashing out your winnings before the airship explodes. You’ll lose your bet if you fail to do so. Secondly, pay attention to the free bet terms and conditions if you’re lucky to receive this bonus. Finally, the Zeppelin casino game has a maximum payout threshold of $30,000. So, if you reach this limit during gameplay, any additional proceeds will be nullified.

The basic gameplay concept of the Zeppelin game revolved around placing a wager and collecting your winnings at your ideal multiplier level before the game crashes. This concept allows players to somewhat choose their risk levels, as the longer you wait for higher multipliers, the higher the risk of losing your bet. Alternatively, you can opt for a less risky strategy and collect winnings earlier at lower multipliers. You can always use the Auto Bet and Auto Cashout bet features for a more rewarding gambling experience. If you’re not familiar with these bet features, we recommend playing in demo mode to learn how you can use them efficiently during real money play.

Provably Fair technology in Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a provably fair online casino crash game. This means that the game allows players to verify the fairness of multiplier outcomes during real money gameplay. As such, you can prove that the round result multiplier isn’t pre-determined by factors like your betting behaviour, betting history, or the online casino. So, with the Zeppelin online game, the reliability code and round key will allow you to check for fairness. The round key comprises a combination of three variables: The round coefficient, the round unique serial number, and the round number.

On the other hand, the reliability code is an encrypted version of the round key. Therefore, to verify the honesty of outcomes in the Zeppelin game, go to the history section and select a particular or any finished round that you’d like to verify. You’ll then see the reliability code and round key. Afterwards, please copy and paste the round key on an online verifier tool and hash (encrypt) it with the SHA-256 algorithm. After encryption, if the generated key is identical to the results’ reliability code, then the round is unmanipulated.

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If you’re a beginner, this Zeppelin review will acquaint you with the game since we’ve covered all the nitty gritty details. We’ve digested the intricate aspects of the game into simple-to-understand texts to enable you to learn the game quickly. In summary, the Zeppelin game is suitable for all types of players. It features incredible mobile compatibility, allowing smooth mobile gameplay and has multipliers that can progress indefinitely. The Zeppelin game has a $30,000 max win limit, which is great since some top games in this genre offer lower limits. To join the Zeppelin fun, sign up on any platform recommended on this page and start real money gambling with our how-to-play guide.

Zeppelin game FAQ

Is the Zeppelin game fair?

Absolutely. The title uses provably fair technology that enables players to verify the honesty of outcomes, leading to transparency.

How to play Zeppelin?

After joining a suitable online casino, launch the Zeppelin game, choose your ideal bet amount and place your bet. Ensure that you cash out your winnings before the airship crashes.

How much can I win in Zeppelin?

The crash game has a set maximum win limit of $30,000 per round.

What are the bet sizes in Zeppelin?

The bet sizes can vary from one Zeppelin casino online to another. Still, they typically range between $0.10 and $250 or more per round.

Does Zeppelin have an autobet feature?

Yes. This feature is located in each betting panel and can be used to play many rounds continuously without placing bets manually.