Aviatrix Crash game by Aviatrix for real money

Crash games have gained immense popularity recently, and Aviatrix is one of the titles riding this wave with its unique features and functionality. The crash game lets online casino players grab the controls of slick, personalised aeroplane NFTs. They take it to the skies, chasing rewards before going boom. With its retro flight simulator vibe and crypto gambling mechanics, the game delivers top-notch entertainment. Expect white-knuckle turbulence and thrill-a-minute excitement planning the perfect cash-out time before engines flame out. This intense ride has players flying high in one second and spiralling down in flames the next. But the rewards make it all worthwhile for risk-takers. For more details, this Aviatrix review provides everything about the game and the top Aviatrix casinos worldwide for real money play. Buckle up and prepare for takeoff on this wild crash game ride.

  • Aviatrix screenshot
  • Aviatrix screenshot

Best online casinos to play Aviatrix Crash game by Aviatrix

Aviatrix facts

βœ… Name Aviatrix
πŸ” Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Aviatrix
πŸ“… Release date 2022
πŸ’Ή Return to Player 97%
πŸ’° Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Aviation
πŸ‘€ Objects Plane
🎯 Objective Cash out before the plane crashes
πŸ“ˆ Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
βœ… Provable fair yes
πŸ”„ Autobet yes

About Aviatrix crash game

At its core, Aviatrix fuses gambling, gaming, and NFTs like no other title. It transforms you into a pilot, strategist, and asset manager, all while taking risky gambles with your own customised ride. This NFT-based game burst onto the gambling scene in 2022, delivering a riveting blend of aviation and excitement. In the game, you battle in heart-pounding aerial fights, controlling your personalised plane. With a 97% RTP and a whopping 10,000x multiplier, high-rollers and casual gamblers are covered. And your aircraft isn’t just skins; it boasts unique NFTs you own. You can customise, upgrade, and leverage your plane in Aviatrix’s incredible reward system.

The game Aviatrix amps up the competition through attainable bet limits of $0.1 and $100, leaderboards, and rainy-day jackpots for top flyers. The stakes soar as high as the planes, but you’ll need a strategy to nail the perfect bailout time. Check out more about this Aviatrix bet game below and try to blend skill, strategy, and chance as you control special NFT planes. The rewards are bountiful as the skies for those ready to embrace aviation at its most extreme.

What is a crash game?

In crash games, players pilot slick vehicles or characters in white-knuckle contests. The goal is to maximise multiplier payouts before inevitably careening toward a fiery crash landing. It’s a thrill-a-minute rollercoaster balancing risk-taking and skill. You’ve got to squeeze every last coin out of your ride in these titles. Stakes rise ever higher as you chase multipliers and rare bonuses. 

With their innovative themes and gambling mechanics, crash games get hearts pounding. It’s all about that perfect timing – when to pull the plug before your engines flame out. For thrill-seekers and strategists alike, crash games like Aviatrix deliver top-class entertainment and decent payouts.

Aviatrix game rules

Like in any other crash game, there are rules in this one. You need to familiarise yourself with the rules before you play Aviatrix for real money. Below is the nitty-gritty of everything:

Theme and game mechanics

In the game Aviatrix, you grab the controls of a vintage prop plane as it takes to the skies. Your goal is to cash out before your aircraft explodes. The rules are simple: place your wager, then close it out before disaster strikes. If you crash early, no worries. Keep wagering since the later rounds boost your odds. And if you don’t want to manually place each bet, use auto-play to secure earnings without constantly watching.

With its mix of skill and chance, Aviatrix brings the same adrenaline rush as the top crash games. The classic aviation look and feel will immerse you in unrivalled action. As your retro plane speeds down the runway, you’ll chase huge multipliers that will reset if you don’t cash out in time. For reward-chasing thrill-seekers, Aviatrix is the real deal. Be ready for turbocharged excitement- part skill, luck, and 100% adventure.

Bet limits and payouts

When it comes to bets and payouts, Aviatrix offers something for everyone. With minimum bets starting at just $0.10, even casual players can enjoy the action in Aviatrix online casinos. And for high rollers, the maximum bet is $100. The game Aviatrix rocks a wild 10,000x multiplier. Even though hitting that is rare, a tiny $1 bet could score you an unbelievable $10k payout. You can take home some serious cash from small stakes, even at this game. Lower multipliers pay out nicely, too.

Volatility and RTP

Aviatrix also lets you customise your volatility level, which is mega cool. If you crave non-stop fun, crank it up high for heart-pounding risk. For those who prefer a smooth flight, cash out at lower multipliers for stable consistency. However you roll, Aviatrix puts you in control. Another great feature is the 97% RTP to keep your bankroll happy long-term. It means over time, you’ll get back $97 for every $100 bet. So even with those elusive huge jackpots, the odds work in your favour. Pretty amazing. This is similar to other crash games like Aviator.

Demo version

Intelligent players will want to test-drive the game in demo mode before they play for real money. The Aviatrix demo is perfect for earning your wings without financial risk. In the free version, you can dive into strategy building, skill honing, and experiencing those adrenaline rush flights. It’s the ideal place to learn the ropes if you’re a newbie or just looking for zero-cost entertainment. Immerse yourself fully in the Aviatrix world without spending a dime. Explore all the customisations, practise your skills, and get your tactics locked for when you decide to wager real money, either in Bitcoin or fiat money. Once you’ve mastered the demo, you’ll have the skills to wager on the Aviatrix game like a pro.

Customise your aircraft and unlock new models

One of the best parts of the Aviatrix crash game is personalising your planes. From level one, you can name your aircraft and trick out the colours the way you want. As you progress, you’ll unlock new models to choose from. You can opt for slick jets, prop planes, and helicopters – the skies are yours to rule. You’ve got total freedom to pimp your ride to match your style.

Earn experience points (XP) and join tournaments to unlock new levels and planes faster. For every $1 you bet, you get 1 XP. Online casino tournaments award cash prizes and custom parts to make your aircraft truly one-of-a-kind. While the core game sticks to a classic formula, personalising your planes adds a super engaging layer. Earning new aircraft and parts will keep you flying mission after mission. So, start designing your dream plane, earning comp points, and unlocking new models on mobile or desktop.

Aviatrix game features

Playing Aviatrix in an online casino serves up super entertainment that can deliver an unforgettable gaming high. With its lightning-fast gameplay and heart-thumping action, you’re in for a wild ride. But the extra features layered into this title take the amusement to the next level. They also help Aviatrix stand apart from other crash games already featured in online casinos. So, before you throw down any real money, check out the killer extra features setting this aviation title above the clouds:

  • Double your bets, double your fun: Get set to amp up those earnings potential with the chance to drop two separate wagers per round. Whether you play conservatively or go aggressively with a max $200 total at risk, putting two bets aloft gives you extra skin in the game.
  • Check previous winning multipliers: Make use of that handy multiplier history that reviews stats from earlier games to get savvy on timing your bailouts. Study those peaks and valleys across past payouts to align your strategy correctly.
  • Scope the leaderboards anytime: You can check the leaderboard anytime during your gaming session. There, you’ll see which flyers scored the biggest wins for the day, week, month, or all-time. You can even inspect the front runners in this title based on their level and experience points.
  • Engage auto play, sit back: Activating Aviatrix’s Autoplay lets you kick back while the game automatically lays down bets for you. When set right, it will also snag the cash out for you, adhering to limits you predetermined. You can tweak Auto Play to wager on 5, 10, 15, or 20 rounds or let it ride indefinitely.
  • Set up Auto-Cashout: To reduce losses and avoid getting carried away over winning wagers, use the Auto Cash-Out to pick your preferred bet multiplier beforehand. Once your plane hits that target value, it instantly transfers your earnings into your account balance. To start auto-cashing out, tap in your desired odds next to the auto-play option. The range available is 1.01x to 100x.
  • Join special tournaments: The game developer keeps cooking up speciality online casino tournaments with sweet cash prizes up for grabs. Jump into any tourney available and snag your share of the prize pool.
  • Score experience points: For every dollar you plunk down in Aviatrix scores, you get one experience point. These points feed into a loyalty scheme for entering those speciality tournaments. Rack up more points to hit new levels, with the loyalty program also delivering daily cashback bonuses.
  • Take advantage of provable fairness: One stellar facet of the Aviatrix bet game is its Provably Fair nature, enabling players to verify outcomes freely. Running previous round results through that validator ensures the integrity of payouts.

Aviatrix crash game interface and bet options

To fire up your thrill ride in Aviatrix online casinos, it pays to get familiar with the game layout and functions first. Here’s an inside look at what you’ll find:

  • Central screen: In the middle sits the spotlight – the aeroplane tearing through blue skies, with the multiplier coefficient displayed right below the plane. This is ground zero for the main action.
  • Betting dashboard: Right underneath holds the control centre. Here is the betting dashboard where you can drop up to 2 wagers per round. Engage Auto Play here for smooth sailing.
  • Participants: With this option, you can observe outcomes from fellow pilots to inform your own strategy accordingly.
  • Rewards centre: Next up is the rewards button that serves up tasty bonus chances to spike those profit potentials. Open it to see what contests are currently running.
  • Betting record: Next to the rewards button is ‘My Bets,’ which holds personalised betting records to dissect previous rounds. Study your history here to polish your strategy and learn from the past.
  • Main menu: Tapping the main menu opens up additional functions like Build your Plane, Marketplace, Leaderboards, and Provably Fair. Below them sits Help on playing, Sound on/off, Settings to customise audio, visuals, and more.

With an intuitive layout and buttery smooth performance, Aviatrix makes the crash game adventure nice and easy. Spend time scoping the landscape first to get your bearings before diving in on mobile or desktop. That way, you can pull back on the stick and climb into rewarding skies with the knowledge to score big. No Aviatrix game download is required to have this fun.

Aviatrix bet game bonuses and promos

Aviatrix brings a bonus scheme to the table that helps set it apart from other crash games. It treats flyers to extra opportunities for fattening up profits outside of just the plane crash mechanics. The innovative bonus setup bakes NFTs into the mix, empowering players to customise and personalise aircraft for throwing down in tournaments and chasing bonus treasures. These signature flyers can sport unique traits and capabilities, serving up key advantages.

First up, they score you access to tournaments, letting you stand out from generic planes as you battle for the game’s mouthwatering payouts. But remember, tourneys adhere to firm rules in the skies:

  • Only players who’ve placed at least one wager can play in the tournament.
  • Contributions in the last 24 hours count towards standings.
  • Your odds of winning align with total NFT deposit amounts.
  • Bonuses are distributed based on the XP each gambler has achieved.

Also, these exclusive NFT flyers help you blast off experience points (XP), sending your tournament ranking skyward. Planting yourself in a top 3 spot can connect you with the biggest payouts. Lastly, Aviatrix throws down cashback rewards, with the percentage depending on your loyalty status. This adds an extra layer of benefits to fatten your online casino bankroll.

By clicking ‘Rewards,’ you get the inside scoop on tournament placements and your current rank. Use this intel to gauge your progress and fine-tune strategies for smoking the competition when the next tourney takes off.

About Aviatrix provider

After delving deep into the Aviatrix review, you might wonder who created this game. The company behind this NFT-powered crash title is called Aviatrix. It was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus. While details on licensing are scarce, their goal has been clear: transform crash gaming for the future.

And with a slick original title like Aviatrix flight game under their belt, this ambitious creator is soaring to new heights. The provider has bagged impressive awards, including Rising Star in Casino from SBC Awards. Aviatrix has partnered with big shots like Binance and Pari Match to drive innovation further. Not bad for a company launched in 2021. It’ll be exciting to see what innovative features and titles they cook up next.

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The Aviatrix crash game is simply exhilarating. You grab the controls of a tricked-out personalised NFT aircraft chasing epic multiplier payouts before inevitably crashing in flames. With its 97% RTP, 10,000x max multiplier, and a blend of skill and chance, you’re in for a thrill ride.

Β To win big, make sure you use those handy features and study your records to inform strategy. And you can customise your plane the way you want. Deck yours out as you unlock new models, then show off your style in tournaments. The bottom line is that with its incredible mix of gambling, gaming, and NFTs, the Aviatrix crash game lets you take risky bets that can seriously pay off if you’ve got the patience.

Aviatrix game FAQ

Is Aviatrix game Provably Fair?

Yes. Aviatrix rocks Provable Fairness. This nifty feature lets you double-check game results whenever you want. Just copy over that encryption key they provide and pop it into the online validator with some past-round details.

Can I place two bets in Aviatrix?

Yes, you can double down with two bets per round in Aviatrix. This unique rule amps up the fun and cranks your profit chances into overdrive. Put $10 on each slot for a $20 total stake and chase that 10,000x max win.

How to play Aviatrix?

Strap in and enjoy the ride. All you have to do is place your wager(s) before the plane kicks off, then cash out before your plane bursts into flames. Use the auto features to make betting and cashing out easy.

How much can I win in Aviatrix?

This game offers up to 10,000x in payouts. While incredibly rare, you can turn the maximum bet of $100 into a $10,000 payout. Even at lower multipliers, frequent smaller wins keep your bankroll happy.

What are the bet sizes in Aviatrix?

Aviatrix welcomes all budgets. You can start with tiny $0.10 minimum bets or go high-roller with $100 per wager. Put down up to two bets per round for double the action. Aviatrix fits your style with flexible sizing, whether you bet conservatively or max it out.