Maverick X Crash game by 1x2gaming for real money

Our quest for top instant-win online casino games is ongoing, and this time, we came across Maverick X. This aviation-style crash game from 1x2gaming is sending online casinos into a tailspin. It straps you into a rocketing plane as multipliers shoot for the stars up to x250,000x. Place $0.1 to $50 bets during the countdown, then watch winnings soar and tempt you to stay on board. Yet bursting profits could instantly explode unless you eject at the perfect moment.

  • Maverick X screenshot
  • Maverick X screenshot

Best online casinos to play Maverick X Crash game by 1x2gaming

Maverick X facts

✅ Name Maverick X
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider 1x2gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Plane
🎯 Objective Cash out before the plane flies away
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet no

Maverick X crash game brings unmatched risk and reward for devotees of max entertainment. Both new and veteran gamblers will learn the ropes once they read this Maverick X review. It covers the game’s rules and features so you can bank big money at leading online casinos hosting it. Read it to the end and unlock the full thrill-ride potential of this volatile plane crash game.

What is a crash game?

Crash games have exploded in popularity among online casino enthusiasts. In these fast-paced titles, players bet on a graph or object rapidly rising alongside a multiplier. This graph or object can randomly crash at any moment, eliminating all bets and winnings. Before that happens, players can cash out to lock in their profits.

Part of what makes these games thrilling is that split-second decision to risk more profits or quit while you’re ahead. Add in the ability to bet cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and it’s easy to see why crash games have surged into the mainstream. Jump into the next section and learn about Maverick X, a fascinating crash game making inroads into top online casinos.

About Maverick X online casino game

The Maverick X crash game dates back to the first quarter of 2023. It is powered by combined efforts between Ad Lunam and 1x2gaming studios. Ad Lunam has an unmatched focus on Gen Z and young millennials, evident in its iGaming products. 

Back to the topic, Maverick X keeps the basics in typical aviation-style crash games. A player places their wager before the plane ascends into space and watches as the multiplier rises. The tricky part is deciding when to eject. Stay too long and watch your stake fly away with the plane. Conversely, cash out too early and leave money on the table. It’s a tricky dilemma but a pulse-racing adventure.

Despite coming up against fierce competition from games like Aviator, Maverick X game stacks up some pretty decent features. The game has a whooping 250,000x max multiplier, provably fair technology, and an impressive modern interface. Add bet limits from $0.1 to $50, an in-game chat emoji feature, and a 97% maximum RTP. 

Maverick X game rules

Before you delve into the Maverick X real money action, scour through the various rules and features. Surprisingly, the game has no autobet feature, compared to many other crash games out there. Here’s a quick rundown of the features and functions incorporated in this crypto-friendly game.

Bet limits and maximum multiplier

The Maverick X game offers bet limits of $0.1 to $50. Play casually or learn the ropes with bets smaller than $1. And once you feel confident or if you’re targeting larger payouts, the $50 maximum limit will yield significant payouts even at low multipliers.

Away from the limits, this game also comes with a 250,000x maximum multiplier. This means that low stakes can reap significant payouts even if the game doesn’t offer any bonus. For example, if you wager $1 and hold until 20,000x, you can walk away with $20,000. However, this is easier said than done, so play cautiously. Also, the maximum win per round is capped at $25,000.

Live bet statistics

Use the live bet stats to make informed decisions when playing this online casino game. In the ‘All bets’ panel, you’ll see all the bets locked in for that round. In the ‘My bets’ section, you’ll see all the bets you have placed and the multiplier value at the time of cashout (if you managed to eject). You can also visualise game stats over various time frames of day, week, and month by clicking the ‘Top’ section on the game interface. In-depth data reviews on individual live stats will equip you with context to plan upcoming rounds wisely.

In-game emoji chat

One feature that has made crash games a darling for many is the social aspects. Maverick X casino game takes the social aspect a notch higher with its Emoji chat feature. You can interact with other players through emojis while placing your wagers on the high-flying plane.

The game offers a series of captivating emojis that you can use to describe and react to unfolding events. Instead of the usual text feature available in most games, the Maverick X bet game allows you to convey your thoughts. To access the feature, click ‘Game reactions’ under the settings menu.

Provable fairness

This 1x2gaming title leverages cryptographic technology to deliver provably fair results. This means that game rounds in the Maverick X casino game are 100% random and free from interference. Rather than being generated on the developer’s servers, round results are based on 3 players (client seeds) and the operator (server seed) in a given round. When a round starts, the game combines the client and server seeds to generate SHA512, which determines the round results. Regardless of where you play Maverick X for real money, you can always be certain that the game is 100% fair and tamperproof.  

Mobile gaming

In the smartphone era, it would be a disservice if Maverick X was not accessible via portable devices. Luckily, the game is platform-independent, which makes it accessible on desktop and mobile gadgets. Its features, functions, and interface resize smoothly on mobile devices, allowing players to effortlessly play it from wherever they are. All the icons and functions on the desktop will appear on mobile, though in a different layout. Nonetheless, the gameplay is smooth.

Volatility and RTP

If you’re an avid crash games player, you understand how volatile these games can be. The Maverick X game is no different. One moment, you may celebrate over a 1000x multiplier, and the next, the plane crashes at 1x. So, be cautious when playing this game for real money. As for the return to player rate (RTP), it varies depending on the online casino you choose. Current variants are 85%, 93%, 95% and 97%.

Demo mode

Like most online casino games, the Maverick X crash game allows players to test drive for free. As a savvy player, you should leverage the free mode to learn the basics before wagering your hard-earned cash. Once you visit a Maverick X online casino, you can dive in, wager real money, or play the test demo. The free mode allows you to test strategies and hone your skills. Once you gain the courage and trust your skills, you can switch and play Maverick X for real money.

Maverick X game interface and betting options

Aside from the rules, below are the layout and betting options you’ll see when you fire up Maverick X. This section reviews the game’s overall outlook and betting options:

  • Start window: A small help window opens automatically when you load the game. It features some information to guide you on how to play Maverick X.
  • Main gaming area: The central gaming area shows a plane that blasts off from the bottom against a starry purple sky backdrop. Beneath it sits the betting area, and on each side are the game statistics (on desktop). The mobile version may be a little different.
  • Place your bet: Under the game centre are two betting slots where you can place your wagers. Unfortunately, this game lacks the ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons, so you’ll have to input your wager manually.
  • Bet button: Once you lock in your stake, click the ‘Bet’ button before the plane blasts off or during an ongoing round.
  • Auto cashout: Pick your desired ‘Auto Cash Out’ multiplier for automatic payout when the set threshold is reached. The minimum is 1.01x, while the maximum is 250,000x.
  • Results: Above the betting area are results for a few previous rounds. Multiplier sizes are denoted in different colours – blue under 2x, green 2-10x, and purple over 10x.
  • Live bet statistics: On the right side of the main gaming area are bet icons showing bet stats. They include All Bets, My Bets, and Top Bets by day/week/month.
  • Bet history: Review your bet history by date, bet size, multiplier, and win by accessing the Maverick X game settings on the top right.
  • Game rules: Familiarise yourself with Maverick X game rules and functions with this option. The game rules icon is under the game settings.
  • Game reactions: Still under the settings menu is a section for emoji chats. Show your reaction to how the game is on your side using these emojis.
  • Game limits: Understand the bet and maximum payout limits.
  • Provably fair: Learn to check every Maverick X game round fairness here.
  • Sound/background music: Switch on/off the game sounds and background music.

Once familiar with all these buttons and functions, you can sign up at Maverick X online casinos and enjoy the action for real money.

How to play Maverick X online casino game

Once you launch the game, a small window guiding you on how to play will pop up. Close it by clicking the ‘X’ button at the top and head to the main game centre. Navigate to the betting area and pick your preferred bet between $0.10 and $50. There will be a 12-second countdown until the plane launches. Click the Bet button before the countdown is over. Mind that you may place two bets at a time. The plane will start to soar, along with the multipliers. If the plane flies away before you cash out, so will the multipliers earned and your stake. Therefore, you must figure out the best moment to eject before the inevitable crash.

You can also set the auto cash-out option, automatically collecting when the win multiplier reaches your chosen point. This means less stress and concentration, although it could also mean you miss some good opportunities if the multiplier goes even higher. The gameplay is straightforward. However, remember that budgeting and knowing when to walk away are vital. Have fun, play responsibly at the best Maverick X online casino, and always bet with cash you can afford to lose.


As detailed in this Maverick X review, this game offers a thrilling crash experience with incredible features. The $0.10 to $50 and a maximum multiplier of 250,000x promise potentially huge payouts. Maverick X’s sleek graphics, captivating aviation-style action, emoji chat, and mobile access bring next-level entertainment. Although highly volatile, the game’s rewards can be astronomical if you cash out at the optimal moment before the plane flies away. For thrill-seekers looking to push their skills to the limit while chasing epic payouts, try out the Maverick X crash game.

Maverick X game FAQ

Is Maverick X game fair?

Yes, Maverick X utilises provably fair technology. It allows players to verify the legitimacy of the random game results. Besides, the game is developed by a reputable company, one with licences in some strict, highly regulated markets like the UK.

How to play Maverick X?

Place a bet from $0.10 to $50 by inputting the figure manually. Hit the bet button before the plane launches, and watch as the multiplier increases. Time the perfect cash out before the aircraft flies away.

How much can I win in Maverick X?

The maximum multiplier value is 250,000x. Going by the max $50 bet, you could win up to $12.5 million. However, the max win is capped at $25,000. Winning such an amount requires a combination of luck, strategy, and nerves of steel.

What are the bet sizes in Maverick X?

Minimum bets start at $0.10 for the comfort of newbies and casual players. On the other hand, the maximum stake is $50 ($100 if placing two bets at a time). So, the game accommodates both casual and high-stakes players.

Does Maverick X have an autobet feature?

Regrettably, Maverick X doesn't have an auto-bet feature. However, it allows players to set an automatic cash-out. Your earnings are collected without needing to monitor the multiplier constantly until the plane reaches the selected value.

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