Rocketon Crash game by Galaxsys for real money

Though the release took place in 2020, the Rocketon game from Galaxsys has innovative mechanics which can compete even with fresh releases. This crash online casino game has a quite traditional plot of a rocket flying up, but we should admit that its graphics are quite advanced. Betting limits of $0.01 to $500 per rocket are amazing since this makes Rocketon suitable for everyone. Moreover, you’ll enjoy its Half Cash-Out feature and an exciting 700,000x maximum potential multiplier. Professional mobile optimisation and the provider’s licences and awards also add to the game’s strong sides. Explore the full Rocketon review to understand how to play the game, what bets are suitable for different strategies, and how to avoid common risks.

  • Rocketon screenshot
  • Rocketon screenshot

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Rocketon facts

✅ Name Rocketon
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Galaxsys
📅 Release date 2020
💹 Return to Player 96.72%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $500
🎨 Theme Space
👀 Objects Rocket
🎯 Objective Cash out before the rocket flies away
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 700,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

The word ‘crash’ suggests that the game is over once an item you bet on, be it a rocket or whatever else, crashes. That’s why your goal is to cash out before this happens, but the main aspect keeping gamblers engaged is that the multiplier keeps on growing while the rocket is flying, so you need to decide whether you want to take higher risks and continue playing or cash out a lower amount at safer conditions.

Rocketon game rules

Rocketon casino game has quite standard rules where gamblers place bets manually or in autoplay mode and try to cash out on time. Its additional option, which isn’t available in many other crash games, includes the 50% cashout feature, so you can apply it for more complex strategies. Before you get started, get familiar with navigation widgets and basic Rocketon gameplay rules.

Rocketon’s navigation

Rocketon’s interface is quite standard as for a crash game, so it won’t be difficult to figure out how to play this online casino crash game. Moreover, you can use its tools and statistics for a deeper analysis and more advanced strategies we’ll explain below.

The leftmost section is dedicated to statistics, including information about other players’ wins, your own betting history, and leaders who managed to grab the largest winnings. Statistical details on the right display the top multipliers of other players and information about the fairness of each round. You can access its ID, key, salt, and hash to make sure that the game is fair.

Your balance is displayed above on the right, and all the buttons you need to start playing are all below the main screen. When you play Rocketon for real money, it has a chat section on the right. Players can access real-time messaging and even use personalised stickers.

How to play Rocketon for real money

If you aren’t sure how this crash game works, place a few bets in demo mode beforehand. Alternatively, you can use this guide to play the Rocketon bet game:

  1. The two betting sections below have ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons so that players can regulate the bet amount per rocket. You can activate both of them or play only with a single bet per round. The limits are $0.01 to $500 per rocket, and you can set them via the mentioned buttons or simply type in the necessary amount.
  2. Once the rocket has crashed, there are 5 seconds before the next round. It starts automatically and for all participating players at the same time. If you are ready to place your bet, push the green ‘Bet’ button below. If the previous round hasn’t finished yet, you’ll see the ‘Bet for the next round’ green button. Place it, and the following bet will be applied for the upcoming round. 
  3. Once it’s done, the button will turn red, and you’ll see a ‘Cancel’ sign on it. This means that you can cancel the bet and get this money back, but the option is available only until the round’s beginning.
  4. When the rocket starts playing, the buttons turn blue, and you can see the amount you can cash out. It’s calculated according to your bet and current multiplier, so this amount changes in real time. Push the blue ‘Cashout’ button when you want to stop at this multiplier.
  5. Alternatively, you can choose the 50% cashout option (the next blue button) and cash out only half of your bet. This way, you continue playing with another half of this bet and can cash out in a standard way then.

If you aren’t lucky enough to cash out before the crash, your bet is lost, and you are simply prompted to place another bet.

Rocketon autoplay mode

As a rule, crash games are pretty quick, so players may want to have at least 10 rounds during a gaming session or even more. Considering that there are two betting options and additional mechanics like 50% cashout, it may be quite challenging to regulate all these parameters quickly and continuously. That’s why autoplay features can be very convenient.

Each betting section has both ‘Auto Cashout’ and ‘Auto Bet’ sliders. The limits are $1 to $100 for bets and 1.01x to 69.999.99x for cashout multipliers. If you try to enter amounts below or upper these limits, they will automatically change or you’ll see a red notification showing that you need to meet the set limits. Optionally, you can cash out earlier than you’ve specified in the autoplay settings.

Rocketon casino game payouts

Basically, you get paid when you cash out before the rocket crashes, and the amount you earn depends on the reached multiplier and your stake. Parameters which influence the results are betting limits, a potential multiplier, and an RTP. Considering this, high rollers will like the Rocketon game for both its massive upper betting limits coming up to $1000 per round (betting $500 twice in each round) and an extremely high potential maximum multiplier of 700,000x. The 96.72% RTP is also quite good. 

If you have a small bankroll, Rocketon is still great since its minimum bet is as low as $0.01. Let’s take a look at an example with this bet to understand how to get real money on the Rocketon crash game. If you bet $2, activate only one rocket, and cash out at 1.83x, the amount that will be added to your balance is $3.66, so your net winning is $1.66 since you’ve wagered $2 at the beginning of this round.

Rocketon crash game bonuses

Galaxsys can also add FreeBet and FreeAmount promotions, but you should check bonus conditions at your online casino. If it’s a FreeBet, this means that you are allowed to have a certain number of real money rounds at a predetermined price. For example, when you get 10 FreeBets worth $1 each, this means that you make 10 rounds at a $1 stake, but the money isn’t deducted from your real-money balance. When the FreeBets are over, you wager the winnings according to the bonus terms. If you claim a FreeAmount bonus, this means that your balance displays bonus cash you spend at your own discretion (though T&Cs may specify betting limits and the maximum bonus exposure).

Rocketon bet game strategies & calculations

Of course, it’s impossible to beat the house edge in the long run, and it sits at 3.28% here. Nevertheless, you can try to avoid common risks and choose a betting system according to your bankroll and goals. Here are the top online casino strategies to play Rocketon for real money. Please note that they don’t guarantee wins and simply serve as a helping hand to manage your bankroll.

‘Rich and careful’ Rocketon strategy

Let’s suppose that your bankroll is large and you are into high stakes. Well, when you bet over $100 per round, it’s pretty risky, so the ‘Rich and careful’ casino strategy for Rocketon suggests large bets yet quick cashouts:

  • Set two maximum bets, reaching the total $1000 stake in total
  • Focus on low multipliers and don’t go over 1.5x

For example, you bet $500 per rocket and cash out at 1.2x. This leaves you with $1200, where $200 is your net profit, and the risks are minimised. However, if the rocket crashes earlier, it’s really disappointing to lose $1000 at once. You’ll need at least five winning rounds with 1.2x to compensate for that, so keep in mind the risks.

‘Rags to riches’ Rocketon strategy

This crash game strategy is suitable for players with a small bankroll yet a huge desire to reach the highest multipliers. You also have to bet on both rockers, but this time, your bet will be lower, while potential multipliers should be as high as possible:

  • Set two minimum bets, $0.01 to $1 each
  • Keep on playing, trying to reach at least 20x and 50x with the two rockets 

The amount you can lose here is much lower compared to the previous strategy. However, you won’t win much this way, and multipliers of even 20x are quite difficult to reach, not to mention higher limits. For example, when you bet $0.01 on both rockets, cash out the first bet at 20x, and the second rocket crashes, you get $0.2, and you’ve spent $0.02 to get this, so $0.18 is your net profit. Not a lot, but may look good in the long run.

‘Very opposite’ Rocketon strategy

If you can’t choose between the previous two strategies, this one is the top option. You can apply both methods since the Rocketon online casino game accepts two bets per round, and they can be very different. You can spread your wagers this way:

  • The first rocket should be launched according to the first scenario with the maximum bet and a low multiplier of up to 1.5x to cash out
  • The bet on the second rocket shouldn’t exceed $1, and you need to keep on playing, taking higher risks and trying to reach as much as possible

Obviously, this strategy is convenient for covering different betting risks and potential but be prepared that this method requires lots of attention since you need to place corresponding bets and cash out on time. Autoplay mode can be helpful here.

‘Insure your vehicle’ Rocketon strategy

What about insurance for your rocket? This idea may sound weird for an insurance agent since they hardly ever come across rockets in real life, but the Galaxsys provider added the Half Cash-Out feature right for this case, so here’s one more online casino crash strategy:

  • Bet on one or both rockets. The stake is also up to you, so choose an amount according to your bankroll
  • Select the 50% cashout option at 5x, and continue playing according to your preferences then

This way, you can win something at a lower multiplier and continue playing, trying to get something larger. For example, you bet $1 per rocket, play with a single stake, and cash out 50% at 5x. This means that 50% of your bet, which is $0.5, is multiplied by 5x, and you withdraw $2.5, while the other part of this bet ($0.5) is still in the game. You can cash out at 7x, getting $3.5. This way, your total win is $6, and the net profit is $5, considering the $1 initial bet. Of course, the rocket may crash before you manage to use the 50% cashout feature, so risks take place at any rate.

How to use Rocketon crash game statistics

You can’t predict when the rocket will crash since it’s all random, and while one round can end up at a multiplier of over 50x, another rocket can crash at, for example, 1.3x. That’s why you shouldn’t have high hopes for strategies. Nevertheless, the Rocketon crash online game has advanced statistical details, so you can use this information this way:

  • Learn what other players win
    You can see the results of each session in real time, exploring when other players cashed out and what their rewards were. 
  • Check the best results
    The section with leaders is for inspiration; you can learn about large winning amounts and take a look at the conditions, such as an initial bet and a multiplier.
  • Track recent results
    You can notice previous maximum multipliers below the screen. Estimate how many yellow, blue, red, and green ones are there to find out the most frequent ranges.

Rocketon: fair or not?

Rocketon casino online game is built on the Provably Fair technology, and you can check the fairness of each round in the right ‘Results’ column. Push the shield button next to the round ID you want to check, and you’ll see a window with Key, Salt, and Hash details. It’s worth mentioning that winnings at such games are determined not at the moment but previously for the 10 upcoming rounds, yet they are still unknown to anyone before the results are announced, and no one can influence the gameplay. The codes you find in this section are the encrypted combination proving that the results weren’t changed, so you can be sure that the gameplay is safe, especially when you play at licensed online casinos and use secure banking options like cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or others).

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By choosing reliable Rocketon online casinos and learning how this crash game works, you can understand what betting options are the best for each particular gaming session and avoid common mistakes. Rocketon has some common mechanics, including the concept of a flying object and two bets per round, but it features nearly the best potential winning multipliers of up to 700,000x and a very convenient 50% cashout option. Reviews from real players and our tests prove that the game is suitable for iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops. If you like high-quality crash games with attractive mechanics, the Rocketon game is for you. 

Rocketon FAQ

Is the Rocketon game fair?

Yes, Rocketon is built on a provably fair cryptographic system, and you can check information about each round (Key, Salt, and Hash) to make sure that the outcomes aren’t rigged.

How to play Rocketon?

Once you’ve placed a bet or two, wait for the rocket to set off and cash out the entire amount or 50% when you think that it’s the right time. You have to do it before the rocket crashes.

How much can I win in Rocketon?

The game doesn’t specify the max win in USD, but you can calculate it yourself since the maximum multiplier is 700,000x, and the maximum bet is $1000 per round.

What are the bet sizes in Rocketon?

You can bet $0.01 to $500 per rocket, so the total betting amount starts from $0.01 and comes up to $1000 per round when two rockets are active.

Does Rocketon have an auto-bet feature?

Yes, each betting section has an ‘Auto Bet’ slider that allows players to set $1 to $100 as an automatic bet. Plus, you can set auto cashout of 1.01x to 69.999.99x per rocket.