Cricket X Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming for real money

Are you a cricket fan? If not, you’ll want to be one, especially with the possibility of great rewards. Cricket X crash game allows you to become a cricket fan and win from the game while at it. Cricket X features a cricket theme where a batter will launch the ball into the air, and as it rises, so does a multiplier value. The ball will then burst, and the multiplier will reset for another round. SmartSoft Gaming is the provider behind this release, and you can play it on your mobile device while on the move. This in-depth guide takes you through everything you need to know about the Cricket X game. Additionally, we’ve gone the extra mile to list the top casinos with the Cricket X crash game on this page. 

  • Cricket X screenshot
  • Cricket X screenshot

Best online casinos to play Cricket X Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming

Cricket X facts

✅ Name Cricket X
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider SmartSoft Gaming
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 96.7% - 98.8%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Sport
👀 Objects Cricketer, bet, ball
🎯 Objective Cash out before the ball explodes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 25,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

If you’re an avid gambler, you’ve already played table games and slots. However, you may not have come across crash games, and if that’s the case, you may be wondering what’s under the hood in one of these games. Well, they are surely powered by RNGs. But there is more than that. It’s about the adrenaline you’ll feel mixed with excitement and the possibility of massive rewards. 

In these games, you have a growing multiplier value. You place a bet and wait for the multiplier to get to a preferred value and cash out. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. The multiplier can crash at any point, leaving you at the mercy of your instinct. 

About Cricket X

Suppose you’ve played other crash games, such as JetX or Aviator. In that case, you can expect nothing short of entertainment and rewards when playing Cricket X. This crash game by SmartSoft Gaming was launched in 2021, and it boasts impressive features for a more rewarding and engaging experience. 

Like many other crash games with a theme, Cricket X draws from the bat-and-ball game. And it gets even more interesting once you start the game. In basic crash games, you’ll spot a simple graph representing a growing multiplier. However, in CricketX, the growing multiplier is represented by a cricket ball. 

The batter will then bat the ball into the sky, and there, the multiplier value starts gathering pace, increasing in value. But you must cash out before the ball bursts, which is what makes this game even more enthralling. Add other players worldwide competing in the same bet round, and you have a game testing your nerves to the core. 

The Cricket X crash bet game offers you an opportunity to bag a 25,000x multiplier. Regarding fairness, you can rest easy because the game is produced by a reliable igaming company. As such, the outcomes of every round are not controlled by the operator or developer. Furthermore, SmartSoft Gaming has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Sounds and graphics 

The provider did well by incorporating a cricket theme in the game. You have realistic HD graphics, such as the pitcher who sprints to propel the ball and the batter who strikes it to send it flying into the sky. Of course, you can’t miss the ball spinning in the air as it passes through the clouds and into space. And as it flies into the sky, gold coins drop from it. 

You’ll also spot cheerleaders cheering you on during the game. Speaking of cheers, the crowd in the stadium roars into celebration as the multiplier soars between the 1.00x and 1.50x values. Ultimately, the ball bursts and the sound from this action is quite interesting. 

Cricket X crash game rules

Using a cricket theme brings something different to crash gaming. Pair that with a growing multiplier, and you have a game with the potential for amazing rewards. 

However, like any other online casino game, there are rules to follow. To maximise the winning potential, learning the rules governing the Cricket X game is essential. While you can access these rules from the settings menu, this section brings them closer to you. 

Double bets

After loading the game, you’ll notice two betting areas at the bottom of the interface. These betting sections allow you to place two different types of bets for the same round. 

For instance, you can choose two betting strategies. A conservative approach is where you place a small bet amount, aiming for a big multiplier. On the other hand, you can place a big bet targeting the smaller multipliers. You can also eliminate the second bet option if you wish to play with a single bet. 

Auto bet

Setting your preferred bet amounts for every round can be tiresome, especially if you have a strategy in place. Thankfully, the Cricket X game has an auto-bet function. 

Simply set the bet amount and enable the function. The auto bet will then set your bet amount based on the previous round. You can also set a new bet amount for the next rounds. With the auto bet feature taking care of this tiny but recurring action, you can now focus on the game.

Auto collect

Another handy feature you can incorporate into your gameplay is the auto-collect function. Clicking the collect button can be a handful, and with such high stakes in the game and your heart racing from the adrenaline, you could end up forgetting to cash out at your preferred point. 

As the name suggests, instead of manually hitting the collect button, this feature allows you to cash out your winnings once the multiplier hits a certain value. This is an amazing feature to help you manage your bankroll and maximise your wins. 

Maximum and minimum bet amounts

Cricket X crash casino game is an inclusive release. Players on a budget can opt for $0.1, which is the lowest bet amount. On the other hand, the maximum wager is $100 per round, which can be suitable for high-rollers looking to go all out for big wins. 

Remember, you can place two bets for one game round. The minimum and maximum limits remain the same. That means you can place a maximum of $200 per game round.

Game statistics

The right side of the game’s interface allows you to follow the game’s statistics in real time. You can view the Top Wins either monthly, weekly, or daily. These statistics also show your previous betting streak. While Cricket X is a crash game, these statistics can provide some insight into the game to help you make informed betting decisions. 

Built-in chat

Cricket X is not just any other crash game you might have come across. This exciting release allows you to interact with other players worldwide thanks to the built-in chat service. With this chat service, Cricket X introduces a social gambling aspect to the game. You can connect with other players, share tips and reactions, or simply talk about different topics.  

Cricket X demo version

Before placing real money bets on Cricket X, we recommend playing the demo version to get familiar with the gameplay. The demo version can also help you implement your strategies. Besides, the demo game is similar to real money play, only you won’t win. Once you’re satisfied you understand the game’s flow, you can start by placing small wagers and grow from there. 

How to play the Cricket X crash game

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the features of the Cricket X crash game, it’s time to learn how to play it. Of course, before you can start playing, you must sign up for an account at an online casino that offers this exciting game. 

And you don’t need to do the heavy lifting. Our team has compiled a list of the best online casinos offering Cricket X, and you can choose your preferred site from the list. Once you have your account and launch the game, you need to place your bets using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. Remember, the game offers two betting options, but you can opt for one. 

Next, click the “Place Your Bet” button and wait for the next game round to kick off for the bet to be in effect. Alternatively, you can bet within the set period. 

Multipliers and payouts

The Cricket X crash game allows you to bag a maximum of 25,000x, which is decent compared to other crash games. However, the maximum amount you can win per round is capped at $10,000, which is similar to Aviator and some other games of this kind.

Multiplier history

Besides checking your recent bets or top wins by other players, Cricket X also allows you to check previous payouts. It‘s even easier to find different multipliers, with the game highlighting those above 1.5x in green and those below 1.5x in blue on the left panel. 

You can analyse these previous multiplier payouts to try and predict what the next few rounds will look like. Of course, it’s worth reminding you that Cricket X is a game of chance, and no strategy or tip will guarantee you wins. 

RTP and volatility

Remember, Cricket X is a crash game. That means there’s no strategy or skill that can guarantee you wins. The game is based on luck, and this makes it quite volatile since you have no clue when the multiplier will “burst.” On the other hand, the game’s RTP is between 94.08% and 98.90%, which means solid returns over time. 

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Cricket X is an interesting and exciting game offered in many reputable online casinos. But if you don’t know where to start, you can choose from a list of top casinos with Cricket X Crash on this page. About the game, Cricket X adds a sporty theme (cricket). Furthermore, you have a ton of adrenaline pumping through your veins. But above all is the possibility of winning fantastic rewards on every round, with a maximum of $10,000 per round. Thanks to this comprehensive guide, you now know everything about the Cricket X crash game. All that’s left is to get a feel of the game. Bat away!

Cricket X game FAQ

Is Cricket X crash game fair?

The game is released by a reputable provider. SmartSoft Gaming is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and is also behind other crash games, such as JetX. So the game’s algorithms and RNG are sure to work properly.

How to play Cricket X?

Playing Cricket X is simple since you don’t need to master any deep strategies. All you need to do is place your preferred bet at the bottom of the interface. Once satisfied, click the ‘Place Your Bet’ button to lock it in. You can also use the auto-bet button to place the same bet over time. Now, you rely on your instinct to know when to cash out using the ‘collect’ button.

How much can I win in Cricket X?

The maximum win multiplier in the game is 25,000x. Calculating using the maximum bet amount per round at $100 means the maximum win would come to $2,500,000. But no. The maximum win per round is capped at $10,000, similar to many other crash games, such as Mines and Space Taxi.

What are the bet sizes in Cricket X?

Cricket X has an accommodative bet range to cater to players on budget and high-rollers. The minimum bet amount is $0.1, while the maximum is $100 per round. But you have the double bet option, which means you can wager up to $200 per round.

Does Cricket X have an autobet feature?

Cricket X has an autobet feature that allows you to set the same bet amount on every round. With the autobet feature, you save time for a smooth gaming session. You can always exit the autobet function if you wish to set a different amount.

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