Puffer Swimming Crash game by KA Gaming for real money

Puffer Swimming is an underwater-themed crash game released by KA Gaming. Here, you will find yourself underwater, helping a poor puffer to escape the shark’s sharp teeth. The crash game has an affordable bet of 10 cents per round, and high rollers are also welcome with the $100 ceiling. The game’s RTP has not been revealed by the provider, but judging by other releases, it is somewhere between 95% and 97%. Fun and simple, The Puffer Swimming casino game looks like an offbeat solution due to the way-out ambience and shift away from classic crash game airplanes and rockets. Read the Puffer Swimming review below to find out more about this game, payouts and other facts.

  • Puffer Swimming screenshot
  • Puffer Swimming screenshot

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Puffer Swimming facts

✅ Name Puffer Swimming
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider KA Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96.00%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $100
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Underwater shark, fugu
🎯 Objective Get the highest possible multiplier as the shark swallows the fugu
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 200x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Crash games are not limited to the likes of Aviator, where you see a rising multiplier and a flying object that suddenly explodes or flies away from view. In addition to airplane-inspired crash games, there are some out-of-the-box titles that stand out with many aspects: graphics, bet sizes, and so on. But whatever crash game you pick, an increasing multiplier is a cornerstone of all of them. It can grow permanently until it crashes (the most common engine) or step by step (a rare type), but all of these are crash games in their core concept.  

Puffer Swimming game: First impressions

On loading the game, you will get transported underwater, which looks and feels like the Red Sea or a scene from the Aquaman film. There is an orange puffer to the left-hand side, looking at you and waiting to dart off at any moment. 

When you tap the start button, a shark-like creature appears from the left edge and starts chasing the puffer. Your multiplier will be increasing for as long as the chase continues. At a random moment, the puffer will seem to inflate so much that it will quickly float up, at which point the multiplier stops. The Puffer Swimming bet game looks cute and childish. Its animations resemble an adorable cartoon, with the puffer and shark playing the roles of Tom and Jerry. 

Puffer Swimming game rules

A crash game suggests the player can decide when to cash out as long as the multiplier is in progress, and this principle is what makes crash games so unique. KA Gaming guys think laterally in this respect. They have rolled out a bunch of crash games where the multiplier starts at x0. 

Let’s take Aviator. You bet, the round starts in a few seconds, and you try to cash out prior to the multiplier’s collapse – this is what 95% of all crash games are about. So, here, you have only two possible outcomes: a complete loss of your bet or a win. Some games allow cashing out half the accumulated win, but this is rare. 

In Puffer Swimming, you’ll see a brand-new mechanic: you place a bet within the envisaged limit. There’s no waiting time since there’s no one to wait for – the game is not multiplayer. The coefficient on the screen begins growing from zero, and you cannot cash it out. Consider yourself a winner if the multiplier reaches 1x and continues climbing up. But should it stop at lower than x1, you will receive less than you’ve bet for this round.

Let’s explore the example: Your bet is $1. The multiplier stops at 0.40x. If this occurs, you will get a cash prize of $0.40, implying that you lose $0.60 on that bet. Conversely, your bet is $1 again, but the puffer runs away at 1.5x this time, making you win $1.5. In this latter case, your net win will be $0.5. To summarise, you get a reward in all situations where the multiplier is 1.01x and higher.   

Bet sizes

To set a bet size, you need to tap the ‘New Bet’ button. In a popup that appears, you can select your preferred bet from 15 options, starting at $1. The maximum stake is $100. At the top of the popup, there are ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons; alternatively, you can tap on a fixed amount. On the downside though, the player cannot insert their bet amount. There are only 15 presets and nothing more.

For high rollers, the provider has designed the ‘Max Bet’ button. The moment you tap it, a message asks you to confirm that you want to start a Max Bet spin.  

Autoplay feature

Like many other crash games, Puffer Swimming has an autoplay feature. However, its scope and associated settings are pretty poor compared to other games. To activate your automatic rounds, you must tap and hold the round Play button at the bottom. Holding it for a second will show a small popup with five auto options: 25, 50, 100, 200 and an Infinity sign. This means you can have only a pre-determined number of automatic games. 

As for the auto-cashout, the game has none, but as you can see, it is not needed here because the game’s engine does not suggest its availability at all. 

Puffer Swimming stats

There are two types of statistical info used in the game. One of them is a dynamic carousel-type line showing the five latest outcomes. The winning multipliers in the Puffer Swimming crash game are coloured differently based on the range they fall into. While some players rely heavily on stats, trying to mastermind a proper strategy, you’d better not do it because these stats are just for entertainment. They should not be the basis for your winning strategy since all RNG games, including Puffer Swimming, are unpredictable.

Anyway, the second statistical block is uniform for all KA Gaming titles. You can access it by tapping the hamburger button at the top right. The Game Result window gives you all your betting activity for the current game session. It includes lots of relevant details such as the game name, a unique transaction ID, your currency, Balance Before Bet, Balance After Bet, Total Win, etc.  

Puffer Swimming payouts 

As is said above, the multiplier is increased to the duration of the puffer’s swimming. So, your final cash award is calculated according to the formula: Screen multiplier x your bet. You can find the top reachable multiplier in the game rules, which say it is equal to 200x. So if you are going to place the highest bet of $100, your top loot can soar to $20,000.  

It is not clear whether online casinos are entitled to make alterations in the bet range for Puffer Swimming. If they are, you will see a different maximum payout for this game.

Game volatility considerations

A hundred rounds we have played in this game have made us think that it has an express medium-to-high volatility. We’ve identified an interesting recurring trend that can help you build your betting patterns. About 4-5 rounds in a row ended at 0.15x to 0.40x, which brought about a loss of about $0.85 to $0.60 in each round, considering we wagered $1 every time. 

After a sequence of unfavourable rounds, there is a winning one, which comes at 1.5x to 2x. However, it cannot overlap the previous losses. Once in a while, we had a massive win of about 10x. Given all that, we’ve made a conclusion the game has a medium-high variance, so you should be ready for an array of nonwinning games when you play Puffer Swimming for real money.

Tips and tricks to Puffer Swimming

We are not going to give you advice to start with free play to learn the game better or play responsibly. These are evident enough for you! Instead, we try to inform you of some unusual aspects we’ve come across when playing this crash game:

  • Automatic play begins the moment you pick the number of auto rounds – no OK or Confirm tapping. So be careful about it.
  • Just our observation, not documented in the rules: In rare instances, the shark can snap her jaws, making the prey stop for a while. But then, the puffer continues swimming as if nothing’s happened. Along with that, the multiplier will get a boost by a random value.  

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The Puffer Swimming casino game breaks the mold. Unlike classic crash games where the player must cash out to receive a prize, Puffer Swimming does everything itself. You just place a bet of $1 to $100 and see a shark giving chase to a puffer. Your resulting multiplier can be anywhere between 0.01x and 200x. Though the ceiling is not that immense by contrast to other crash games, high rollers who pick the max bet can hit $20,000. The game has a basic autobet feature. You will not find in-depth statistical data here, except for KA Gaming’s universal stats module, which is available in every game, including Puffer Swimming. In other words, this is by far not the best crash game we’ve seen, but there’s no reason why you should not give it a try.  

Puffer Swimming game FAQ

Is Puffer Swimming game fair?

The game was developed by KA Gaming which has a proven track record in the gambling industry. Though Puffer Swimming is not provably fair, the provider’s compliance certs and licenses give us ground to believe the crash game is fair.

How to play Puffer Swimming?

Place a bet and wait for the multiplier to stop. The ultimate multiplier you can see on the screen will determine your award for that round.

How much can I win in Puffer Swimming?

As the multiplier is capped at x200 and there’s no max win rule, you can win up to $20,000 per round.

What are the bet sizes in Puffer Swimming?

Launching the game on the provider’s official website, you will see the $1-$100 range. Chances are, some online casinos have a slightly different range.

Does Puffer Swimming have an autobet feature?

Yes, the crash game has a basic-type feature for automatic bets (25-200, infinity).

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