Cappadocia Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming for real money

Planes and rockets are the most common objects available in most casino crash games. However, for something different, SmartSoft Gaming developed the highly popular Cappadocia game based on hot air balloons. The gameplay mechanic is still the same as it is with other crash games: Click the cashout button at your desired multiplier to secure your winnings and win the round before the hot air balloon bursts. You'll lose your stake if you fail to do that. The Cappadocia game features an excellent RTP of 97% and offers auto cashout and autoplay options during demo and real money gameplay. This detailed Cappadocia review will guide you on how to play the game and further explore bet limits, payouts, rules, and more. We've also included a list of the best Cappadocia online casinos on this page.

  • Cappadocia screenshot
  • Cappadocia screenshot

Best online casinos to play Cappadocia Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming

Cappadocia facts

✅ Name Cappadocia
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider SmartSoft Gaming
📅 Release date 2021
💹 Return to Player 97%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Rocks, balloons
🎯 Objective Cash out before the balloon flies away
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

The disparity between crash games and other game genres like online slots is pretty clear if you’re a seasoned gambler. Crash casino games don’t feature reels and special symbols like slots. Instead, you’ll have an object with a rising multiplier, and your only focus is on this multiplier. This is because the multiplier can crash randomly, and you must secure your winnings by hitting the cashout button. You can decide to collect your winnings on lower multipliers (low-risk strategy) or be bold and wait longer in the game for higher multipliers. However, the latter is a high-risk strategy, as the longer you wait, the higher your chances of losing the bet, but the payouts could be very lucrative.

Overview of Cappadocia game

SmartSoft Gaming launched the Cappadocia casino game in 2021, which features a unique theme, simple graphics and animations and draws inspiration from a real-life destination. The game was adapted from the Cappadocia destination in Turkey, where people usually fly on hot air balloons. Cappadocia is generally hot and dry in the summer, and this is vividly depicted in the crash game by the landscape in the background with dry land, huge rocks, mountains, and more. So, if you’d like to take a hot-air balloon adventure from your desktop or mobile, the Cappadocia game is the top title. Besides, you stand a chance of earning superb payouts. That’s more reason for you to take on this adventure.

The Cappadocia crash game has fantastic sound effects, which you can turn off or on by clicking the hamburger icon on the top right corner of the game screen. The sound effects and animations of the hot air balloons bursting create an authentic gambling experience. Moreover, in the background, you can see the hot air balloons of other online players. However, it’s important to note that the Cappadocia casino game is a single-player title, unlike other multiplayer crash games. In Cappadocia, you don’t rely on a single multiplier curve that’s available to other players in real time. Rather, your gameplay and results are independent, and as such, you start the game when you’re ready. There’s no elapsing betting period within which you must place your bet (s).

Cappadocia gameplay mechanics

The Cappadocia bet game follows the crash gameplay mechanic as mentioned above. So, if you want to play Cappadocia for real money, you must first place your bet by choosing your ideal balloon(s). More on this later. Afterwards, you must click the ‘Go’ button to start playing. The hot air balloon will then begin to soar into the sky. 

Now, this is where the Cappadocia game varies from other instant-win titles: you’ll not see a rising multiplier as the balloon ascends. Instead, you’ll see your bet amount multiplying from a coefficient of 1.00x. Although the developer doesn’t mention the maximum multiplier in the game, in our expertise, we reckon it could reach 1000x.

Therefore, the amount next to your selected hot air balloon will increase simultaneously with the value displayed on the cashout button. The longer you wait, the more substantial the amount you can win. However, it’s important to note that the hot air balloon can burst (crash) at any time, and you must click the ‘Cash Out’ button to secure your ideal winnings before this happens; otherwise, you’ll lose your stake. 

Although the precise multiplier isn’t displayed, it’s easy to deduce the approximate multiplier value depending on your currently displayed payout, allowing you to decide the ideal moment to collect your winnings. The Cappadocia game also offers autoplay and auto cashout options that may provide a superb gambling experience.

Cappadocia bet sizes and payouts

Cappadocia online casinos may offer varying minimum and maximum bet limit ranges. Still, most platforms will allow betting with at least $0.10 per round and maximum limits between $100 and $250 or more. This means that the Cappadocia game is ideal for both low and high rollers. In crypto casinos that offer the Cappadocia betting game, you can wager with various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Winnings will also be paid out in your selected cryptocurrency. Although the title doesn’t provide a Limits section you can access in the game, you can navigate to the last balloon (purple) in the betting area to see the maximum bet that your selected casino online offers.

Payouts in the Cappadocia game will only be made if you cash out your winnings before the crash event occurs. The amount you win will depend on your bet amount and the current multiplier coefficient at the time of hitting the ‘Cash Out’ button. These two values will be multiplied to give you your winnings. As mentioned, you won’t see the precise multiplier, but if you wagered $50 and cashed out $210, it means that the active multiplier when you clicked ‘Cash Out’ was 4.20x. Successful payouts will be added to your balance instantly.

Cappadocia maximum win and RTP

Sadly, the game provider doesn’t state the maximum limit a player can win per round in the Cappadocia casino game. Nevertheless, in our experience, players can expect multipliers of about 1000x or more. So, working with this figure and the maximum bet limit in various online casinos with the Cappadocia betting game, the maximum potential payout could be about $100,000 or more. This could be exciting for most gamblers. In addition to that, the instant-win title has a 97% RTP, which is outstanding and theoretically means players can expect regular payouts.

Cappadocia game interface

When you launch the title, you’ll see that the background of the entire game displays an arid landscape with mountains, rocks and sand, and above in the sky, you can see the animations of clouds moving. That sets up an outstanding hot-air balloon adventure. Other game blocks on the interface are translucently displayed over this background. Therefore, the middle of the interface is where the hot air balloons will launch when you hit the ‘Go’ button to start the game.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll find two panels. One showcases the 24-hour statistics in the game (best payouts and winners in the last 24 hours), and the other panel directly below displays information such as username, win/bet amount, and time of the top winners in the Cappadocia casino crash game. The bottom centre section is the betting area, where you’ll see different-coloured balloons with varying bet amounts. 

To the right side of the game screen, you’ll find your bet history and the betting information of the current online players. The hamburger icon on the top right gives access to sound and music settings and more details about the title when you click the ‘?’ icon.

Cappadocia game features

You won’t find a real-time multiplier statistics panel in the Cappadocia game since it’s a single-player crash game where results are independent. That means that if you see other players’ balloons crashing, it doesn’t mean that yours will crash immediately. Their results don’t affect yours. Therefore, it somewhat makes sense that this feature is unavailable. Still, the game has some outstanding elements that we’d like to point out below.

Hot air balloons

Most crash games offer two betting panels, allowing you to play two simultaneous rounds. However, SmartSoft Gaming switched things a bit with the Cappadocia casino game by offering up to 10 different-coloured hot air balloons. Each of these colours represents a particular bet amount that enables you to launch a specific-coloured balloon at a pre-set bet size.

For example, yellow represents the lowest bet in the game ($0.10), while purple represents the maximum bet ($100 or more, depending on the casino). So, the standout feature is that you can launch up to five hot air balloons in one round. This basically means that you’ll be playing five bets simultaneously. For those who fancy taking risks, this could be a great feature from the now-conventional two simultaneous bets popular among casino crash games.

Adjusting your bet amount

Although these coloured balloons represent various pre-set bet amounts, you can easily increase or decrease these values to your desired amount. Simply hover around your preferred balloon and use the (-, +) buttons to change the bet sizes. When you change these values, you’ll notice that the colours of the balloons also change along. This is because these addition and subtraction buttons only switch between the pre-set bet amounts ($0.10, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, etc.) in the game. That means you cannot select other bet-size options.

Go and Cash Out buttons

These buttons are located on every coloured hot air balloon at the base of the interface. The ‘Go’ button starts the game by launching the specific colour of the balloon you selected. Remember, this is basically your bet amount. Once the game begins, this ‘Go’ button transforms to ‘Cash Out,’ allowing you to collect your ideal winnings before the balloon bursts.


You’ll find these options on each coloured bet amount block. The Autoplay feature doesn’t have advanced settings like when to stop autoplay automatically, the number of rounds, etc. The feature is pretty rudimentary, and once you turn it on, it’ll play unlimited rounds until your bankroll is depleted. After switching this feature on, you must click the ‘Go’ button to activate it.

Auto Cashout

The Auto Cashout option is located next to the Autoplay feature on each betting block. This feature is also different as it doesn’t allow you to select your desired cashout multiplier. Instead, you’ll choose a specific cashout amount from a list of four options. For instance, when playing with a max bet of $100 (purple balloon), you can only choose the following auto cashout values: $150, $200, $500, and $1000.

So, suppose you select your ideal auto cashout value as $1000. In that case, you’ll receive your payout when this amount is reached in the game. This somewhat restricts players from selecting their ideal auto cashout multiplier, but it’s in line with the game’s unique design, where no multipliers are indicated during real money gameplay. Notably, on each bet level, these pre-set auto cashout multipliers are 1.5x, 2x, 5x, and 10x.

Cappadocia game rules

There are a few elements of the Cappadocia online game that may be different from what you’re used to in other crash casino games. For example, you’ll not see a rising multiplier meter. Rather, you’ll see an increasing payout value calculated by multiplying your bet amount and the multiplier coefficient that the hot air balloon is achieving the higher it ascends. 

Also, the auto cashout option is rather queer since you can only select auto cashout amounts based on pre-set multipliers rather than selecting your ideal multiplier. Still, the gameplay remains consistent with other titles of this genre, where you must secure your winnings by hitting the cashout button before the balloon bursts. 

For that reason, we recommend playing the Cappadocia casino game in demo mode to familiarise yourself with these few changes before getting into real money action.

Cappadocia game on mobile

The Cappadocia game online features impeccable cross-platform compatibility, enabling gamblers to enjoy this famous crash game on desktop as well as mobile devices. SmartSoft Gaming crafted this title with HTML5 technology, which allows the game to seamlessly adapt to smaller-sized screens and resolutions to offer superb game graphics, sound, and playability. This means you can easily take your iOS or Android smartphone and launch the Cappadocia game from any of our top casinos on this page and enjoy real money gambling, even on the fly.

Play Cappadocia game for free


Did you think two simultaneous bets in crash games were the pinnacle of online gambling? Well, think again because you can enjoy even more thrill and excitement with up to five wagers per round in our top Cappadocia online casinos. Although the game has a few oddities regarding multiplier and auto cashout features, as mentioned in this Cappadocia review, some players would appreciate something eccentric to break the monotony. Indeed, the Cappadocia game offers that and then some. The betting ranges will definitely appeal to all player types, and the high RTP and substantial potential payouts are the icing. The best part is that these elements are incorporated into the crash mechanic you’re used to already. As such, it’ll be easier to kick off your hot air balloon adventure.

Cappadocia game FAQ

Is Cappadocia game fair?

Absolutely! Like other games developed by SmartSoft Gaming, Cappadocia undergoes rigorous testing and monitoring procedures from independent testing companies like iTech Labs and eCOGRA to ensure game fairness and transparency.

How to play Cappadocia?

It's not a multiplier game, so you can start each round when you're ready by selecting a bet amount (which usually is represented by a different coloured balloon) and then hitting the 'Go' button to start the game. Lastly, click 'Cash Out' when your ideal payout comes up to collect your winnings before the balloon bursts.

How much can I win in Cappadocia?

Unfortunately, SmartSoft Gaming doesn't state the maximum payout threshold in the Cappadocia casino game. Still, experience indicates that you can get multipliers of at least 1000x or even more. So, considering this and the maximum bet per round, you can get incredibly substantial payout limits.

What are the bet sizes in Cappadocia?

Although the bet sizes may vary from one Cappadocia casino online to another, most operators allow minimum wagers of $0.10 and maximum bets of about $100 or more.

Does Cappadocia have an autobet feature?

Yes, the autoplay feature can be found on every bet size block, and you can play unlimited rounds as long as your bankroll allows it. Still, the autoplay option doesn't come with advanced settings like selecting your ideal number of autoplay rounds.