Comet Crash game by JetGames for real money

Crash games have been gaining more traction from different types of players around the world. This has resulted in more software providers delving into the crash game space, with many titles released for players with varied preferences. As such, players who usually play other games like online slots and table games have picked up an interest in crash games. The Comet Crash game is one of the most engaging social multiplayer titles online. It comes with great designs and a rhythmic soundtrack complemented by simple gameplay.

  • Comet screenshot
  • Comet screenshot

Best online casinos to play Comet Crash game by JetGames

Comet facts

✅ Name Comet
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider JetGames
📅 Release date 2021
💹 Return to Player n/a
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - unlim
🎨 Theme Space
👀 Objects Comet, space
🎯 Objective Cash out before the comet crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a, 1,000,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

You just have to cash out your preferred multiplier just before the comet explodes. In this Comet Crash review, we explore all you need to know, including bet limits, how to play the game, as well as features. If you want to play Comet Crash for real money or for free, our experts have found some top casinos. The Comet Crash online casinos on this page are regulated, so you should check them out.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are instant-win social multiplayer titles that many players worldwide play simultaneously. It has a fast style that doesn’t require many days of learning the applicable rules before one can start playing. All crash games usually have a multiplier that rises in each round and can crash at any point. You must collect any multiplier of your choice before the crash happens. The games work with random number generators (RNG), which are the sole determinants of the result in every round. So, the top Comet Crash online casinos on this page have no control over your game rounds.   

About the Comet Crash casino game

JetGames is an online casino game developer that has been around since 2021. The company has released chiefly fast-paced, instant-win games for the online crypto gaming space, also available in regular online casinos. Comet Crash, released in 2022, is one of the social multiplayer games from JetGames. This title comes with appealing graphics, a wonderful soundtrack, and interesting animation, making the gameplay captivating.

The Comet Crash bet game has a space theme with a comet flying across the sky. The goal is to get some multiplier from the comet before it crashes. You’ll find two bet options in this crash casino game. The big ‘+’ button below the first bet panel gives you access to the second panel. So, click/tap it if you want two stakes on the same round. You can use the – and + buttons on each panel to set up the amount you wish to play with. Once you open the game, you’ll find multipliers won in recent rounds. Similarly, the Trend button gives you access to big payouts, cashout points, and daily/weekly multiplier wins. The History and My Bets tabs show your recent bets, amount won, multiplier, and crash points.         

The Comet Crash game incorporates the Provably Fair mechanic, which means increased efficiency as you can easily check each round’s authenticity on the blockchain. Also, the available multiplier win per round ranges from 1x to 1000x. The max multiplier win is a bit below average when compared to other popular crash games.

Note that there’s a Comet Crash version by another provider, Split The Pot. However, that version is not as popular as the one rolled out by JetGames, so this review is going to focus mainly on the latter’s game.    

JetGames Comet Crash rules

One of the most proven ways to approach all online casino games is by reading and understanding their rules. Without a doubt, crash games come with straightforward rules you can learn without spending too much time. And Comet Crash isn’t different in this regard. You can acquaint yourself with the rules by playing the demo version of the game at any of our Comet Crash online casinos. The game accepts stakes of $0.1 to $70 on each round, which is fair for a crash game. Meanwhile, the RTP is 96%, while the maximum real money win per round is $2000 (this amount can differ across online casinos).

You can place single or double bets either manually or automatically. If you go for the auto bet option, you’re required to enter win/loss limits, number of rounds, and amount per round. That means you’ll have to play with a specific amount for subsequent rounds. Similarly, the auto cashout feature lets you choose the multiplier you’d like the game system to collect for you. If that multiplier drops, the game claims it for you. Also, you can play the Comet Crash casino game on your Android or iOS mobile device.

How to play the Comet Crash bet game

If you wish to play Comet Crash for real money, you should find a good casino site that offers the game. Thankfully, all our recommended Comet Crash online casinos are regulated and licensed to provide casino gaming entertainment. Once you decide on where to play, create an account there and deposit real money into your account. In addition to regular banking methods, those casinos have cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Dogecoin, etc. Hence, you can still play with cryptos.

After funding your account, search for Comet Crash in the casino and open the game. You can manually enter your stake amount or adjust it between $0.1 and $70 on the bet tab. If you wish to have two stakes at a time, you’re free to add a second bet and input the bet per round. If you stake within the betting time (up to 10 seconds), you can play in the current round. If not, you’ll join the next round.    

To get into the action, click/tap the ‘Bet’ button, and the system will receive your wager. The comet zooms off into the sky, and with it is a multiplier that starts at 1x. As the comet starts ascending the sky, the bet button immediately turns into ‘Cashout’. You can click/tap the cashout button to receive the exact multiplier displayed on the screen. The multiplier can crash at any point, even before it exceeds the minimum limit of 1x. So, you have to be fast when cashing out. The round ends for you after a crash or cashout. If you manage to cash out, your balance automatically reflects the new cashed-out multiplier.

Comet Crash by Split the Pot

Software provider Split the Pot also has the Comet Crash game with a similar comet theme. The game features a night sky view, with tiny stars awaiting the comet’s arrival. The comet can rise to any level across it before crashing. For this to happen, you must wager between $1 and $10,000, one of the biggest max bet limits among crash games. There’s no information on the game’s RTP or maximum real money payout. However, the maximum multiplier in the Comet Crash game by Split the Pot is 1,000,000x. And that’s one of the top multiplier limits you can find around.

There are two bet panels – you can go for one or both, depending on your strategy. Both panels have autobet and auto cashout, allowing you to get double wins if you’re lucky to cash out early. Like most crash games, this title has the Session Stats feature, which provides information on how much you’ve wagered and the number of rounds you’ve played recently. There’s also the chat feature designed to make the atmosphere as social as possible through uninterrupted communication by players.


Comet Crash is an exciting game that can be played at any time on iOS and Android mobile devices. The game has average bet limits, which makes it easy for all players to delve in and have fun. Also, this social multiplayer title has the double bet functionality in most other crash games. So, you can stake even the maximum amount in two places and receive cashouts on both. In this regard, the autobet and auto cashout features can greatly assist you.

However, if you want to cash out manually, you’ll have to be fast enough to tap/click the cashout button. The comet can crash even at 1x, which makes the game highly unpredictable. The maximum cashout is 1000x, while the top payout per round is $2000. These are not the best rewards we’ve seen in crash games, as there are other titles with much higher rewards. Nonetheless, you’ll still have a good time playing Comet Crash. You can also play other titles at any of our top-rated Comet Crash online casinos.

Comet Crash game FAQ

Is the Comet Crash game fair?

Yes. Every outcome in the Comet Crash bet game is controlled by RNG. JetGames’ RNG is tested and audited occasionally by independent testing agencies. Also, the game comes with the Provably Fair concept, allowing you to double-check whether a game round is fair.

How to play Comet Crash?

You should choose one of the Comet Crash online casinos on this page and sign up there. Then, fund your account, open the Comet Crash game, and enter the bet amount you like. Tap the ‘Bet’ button and collect any multiplier of your choice before the comet crashes. You can use autobet, auto cashout or double bets to make your sessions more exciting.

How much can I win in Comet Crash?

You can win up to $2000 per round in real money payouts at JetGames’ Comet Crash. The max win in Split the Pot’s version is not known.

What are the bet sizes in Comet Crash?

You can wager $0.1 – $70 / $1 – $10,000 in Comet Crash by JetGames and Split the Pot, accordingly.

Does Comet Crash have an autobet feature?

Yes. Both Comet Crash games have the autobet feature, which allows you to enter the amount, number of rounds, and win/loss limits. If the game reaches the win/loss limit, you’ll be informed so you can take proper action.