Stormy Witch Crash game by Gaming Corps for real money

Harry Potter fans will revel in the Stormy Witch crash game developed by Gaming Corps. This online casino game follows a similar theme: Witches and magic. In Stormy Witch, gamblers will help the witch, Ophelia, navigate the stormy night safely on her flying broomstick, of course, while ghosts and ghouls are chasing her. What's your reward for helping a witch? The Stormy Witch game offers you multipliers of up to 10,000x, meaning there's an enchanting payout potential during real-money gameplay.

  • Stormy Witch screenshot
  • Stormy Witch screenshot

Best online casinos to play Stormy Witch Crash game by Gaming Corps

Stormy Witch facts

✅ Name Stormy Witch
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Gaming Corps
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 97.37%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Witch, lightning
🎯 Objective Cash out before the lightning strikes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

However, you should look out for the lightning in the stormy light as it can kill Ophelia and end the game. If you’re intrigued, this Stormy Witch review will guide you on how to play, the rules to consider in the magical realm, and other game features that make the adventure worthwhile. In addition, players will find a list of top casinos online with the Stormy Witch casino game.

What is a crash game?

Progressive multipliers that can crash spontaneously during gameplay are the main mechanics in casino crash games. Usually, you’ll have an object that glides into the sky while leaving a multiplier curve behind that starts at 1.00x and can even exceed 1,000,000x, depending on the crash game. The goal in this category of casino games online is to cash out your winnings before the crash event occurs to emerge victorious in the game. In Stormy Witch, the witch on the flying broomstick is the object.

Overview of the Stormy Witch game

Gaming Corps released the Stormy Witch crash game in 2022, and it quickly became a popular sensation among gamblers. The Head of Games at Gaming Corps even referred to Stormy Witch as one of their strongest multiplier titles. Indeed, the crash game is spellbinding, especially with the Halloween theme incorporated in the title. In addition to this title, Gaming Corps has other multiplier games in its library, alongside other verticals like online slots, table games, etc.

With Stormy Witch, players get treated to eye-catching artwork and exquisite graphics, visuals, and animations. The game’s background is expertly detailed to bring the spooky Halloween theme to fruition. This better combines with the appealing sounds and music in the online casino game. You’ll hear a ghostly moan, a witch’s cackle, and distant thunder-crackling sounds in the night storm to make gameplay more exciting. The multiplayer function also adds to the appeal of the game, as you can see what other active players are betting and winning.

The live chat feature also enables gamblers to communicate, banter with each other, and even share winning strategies. Moreover, gameplay becomes more immersive as players can choose their favourite avatars from a list of about 20 options in their profile sections during gameplay. The Stormy Witch bet game offers multipliers of up to 10,000x, but your gambling strategy will determine how much you win. You can adopt a low-risk strategy and cash out your winnings at low multipliers, somewhat increasing your chances of avoiding the crash event.

Alternatively, if you’re audacious enough, you can wait for the witch to fly for extended periods on her broomstick while hunting for higher multipliers. This option is precarious, especially with the randomness of the Stormy Witch game, where it can crash and end at any time. Generally, the online casino crash game offers dual betting panels, autoplay and auto cashout features, and live statistics that will make your gambling adventure more captivating and enjoyable.

Stormy Witch game rules

This title features the standard crash gameplay rules where you must collect your winnings at your ideal multiplier level before the game crashes. In Stormy Witch, the game ends when Ophelia is struck by lightning and falls to the ground. Players lose their bet(s) if they fail to secure their winnings before this happens.

The game also offers auto-bet and auto-collect features, which you can use when playing Stormy Witch for real money. With the latter, the least multiplier that can be set to collect winnings automatically is 1.35x. We’ll review this game’s features and more later in this Stormy Witch review.

Stormy Witch game interface

This is a Halloween-themed crash game, and as mentioned earlier, it features stunning artwork that relates to this theme. As such, when you launch the game, on the main screen section, you’ll see a witch, Ophelia, sitting on a broomstick that not only carries her but also holds a gold loot. Behind Ophelia is a giant ghoul that’s chasing her.

The game’s background is canvassed by a spooky stormy night sky depiction, where you can see old houses, abandoned castles, and huts and in the sky, dark clouds where more ghouls and ghosts loom and lurk trying to claim the witch’s loot. The game begins with the witch slowly gathering momentum on her broom and reaching her inevitable end when she’s struck by lightning. Above the witch’s head, you’ll see the multiplier count that starts at 1.00x.

Your casino balance is on the left of the screen, and in the top right corner, you can turn the in-game sound/music on or off by clicking the speaker icon. Also, you can access the game’s info by hitting the (i) icon at the top right, where you can see instructions on how to play, the game’s RTP, and how to use the auto bet and auto collect features.

At the base of the main screen are the two betting panels, and at the top, you’ll find the completed results of the previous rounds. You can change your avatar from the Profile tab on the right side of the screen and access your bet history and live bet statistics from other online players from the same section.

Stormy Witch game features

Below, we’ll highlight the available UI buttons that will help you make bets swiftly, cash out quickly, and adjust bet sizes with minimum fuss for an exemplary Stormy Witch gambling experience.

Double betting option

The Stormy Witch crash game comes with two betting panels. This means that you can place two simultaneous bets in one round. These two betting panels can be used to your advantage when you place two bets: One with a small bet size and the other with a larger bet size. Of course, you’ll collect your winnings at a lower multiplier with the latter and let the former ride on while hunting for higher multipliers.

Each betting panel has a red ‘Place Bet’ button on the left side. This button switches to ‘Cancel’ before the next round starts and finally to ‘Collect’ after the round starts. Clicking the ‘Collect’ option will secure your winnings, while the ‘Cancel’ button removes your bet from the system. The Cancel button will only work if the following round hasn’t started. Notably, when playing the Stormy Witch bet game on mobile, you’ll only see one bet panel at the beginning, but you can add the second betting grid by clicking the ‘+’ symbol below the first betting booth.

Betting limits

Although you won’t find the betting thresholds in the in-game rules section of the title, each betting booth allows you to set and view the minimum and maximum bet sizes in the Stormy Witch casino game. The top sections of the betting panels are dedicated to placing bets with the auto bet option on the far-right end. Therefore, you’ll find ‘-‘ and ‘+’ symbols on either side of the bet section labelled ‘Bet ($).’ The currency usually depends on the currency option you select at your Stormy Witch online casino.

You can use the above toggles to decrease or increase your preferred bet size. Just below the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ symbols, you’ll get the ‘MIN’ and ‘MAX’ buttons that enable you to immediately switch to the minimum and maximum bet sizes in the Stormy Witch game. In that regard, the minimum bet allowed is $0.10, while $100 is the maximum per round. The other option for adjusting your bet amount in the game is using the blue slide bar at the base of the ‘Bet’ section.

Auto bet option

You can access this feature on each betting panel by selecting the option labelled ‘Auto’ on the bet section. The auto-bet option enables you to play countless rounds without the need to hit the ‘Place Bet’ button each time you want to bet. To activate auto bet, click the ‘Auto’ section and choose one of these options from the one provided: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and infinity. These numbers represent the number of rounds the autoplay feature will run for before stopping automatically.

If you click the infinity sign, the game will play countless rounds until your account balance is depleted. When using auto bet, you must manually click the Collect button each time at your ideal multiplier level to secure your winnings. However, if you’d like to make it a lot easier, you can use this feature in conjunction with the auto-collect option. If you wish to deactivate the auto bet option, click the ‘Auto’ section and select the ‘Off’ option.

Auto collect

This feature is found in the bottom section of each betting panel. It’s labelled ‘Collect’ and features options that allow you to set your minimum and maximum auto-collect multipliers and activate or deactivate the function. Auto-collect is turned off by default when you launch the Stormy Witch betting game, and you can activate it by clicking the ‘Auto’ option in the ‘Collect’ section.

The least multiplier at which this feature can automatically start collecting payouts is 1.35x. You can use the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons on the Collect section to increase or decrease the multipliers or click the ‘MAX’ toggle to set the maximum multiplier, 10,000x, as your preferred option.

Additionally, this auto-collect function comes with the option of choosing how many rounds the feature will run for. The available options are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and infinity. For example, if you select 20 rounds, the feature will collect your winnings at the same multiplier level for the next 20 rounds, but it stops after the chosen number of auto cashouts is reached. Still, you can disable this feature before the selected number of auto cashouts is reached.

Live chat and live statistics

As a multiplayer crash game, Stormy Witch offers a live chat option that enables players from all over the globe to converse with each other while sharing betting techniques and strategies that may help them come out on top. You can open the live chat panel by clicking the red message bubble icon on the bottom right of the game screen.

If you’re one to rely on the statistics to help you make more educative bets, the Stormy Witch game offers a live stats tab at the top end of the game screen, labelled ‘Last Results.’ This tab contains the results of the previous rounds (over 50 outcomes) that are updated in real time. If you’re playing the Stormy Witch crash game on your mobile, you’ll find these stats below the betting panels, but you can expect fewer live results stats due to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets.

How to play Stormy Witch for real money

Whether you’re using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, etc., or fiat to play the crash game, the gameplay procedure is the same. Simply ensure that you’ve registered at any of the best Stormy Witch casinos on this page, and then fund your new account. Afterwards, you can follow the straightforward process below to play Stormy Witch for real money.

  1. Open the Stormy Witch bet game from your operator’s game lobby.
  2. Set your ideal bet size in the game using the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ symbols provided in the Bet section of each betting panel. Ideally, you can play with these limits: $0.10 minimum and a maximum of $100 per round.
  3. Afterwards, click the ‘Place Bet’ button so that the system can accept your wager before the next round starts. You’ll have about five seconds to choose your bet amount and place your wager (s).
  4. The Stormy Witch game will then start with the witch on her broomstick slowly accelerating into the night sky while the multiplier meter above is progressing. So, you must click the ‘Collect’ button at your ideal multiplier before the witch is struck by lightning to win the round.

In case the witch is struck by lightning before you collect your payouts, you lose the round. You’ll then be prompted to place another bet.

Stormy Witch game payouts and maximum win

Ideally, players will receive payouts if they cash out their winnings before the witch is struck by lightning. The amount you earn will depend on your stake and the multiplier reached during real-money gameplay. The $100 maximum bet limit is great, but high rollers can experience more joy placing the maximum bet over the two panels, boosting their bet limit per round to $200.

Also, with a $0.10 minimum bet limit, low rollers and beginners can join in on the magic-filled adventure of the game. With a maximum multiplier potential of 10,000x and an RTP of 97.37%, Stormy Witch is an excellent title to play. Notably, the crash game has a cap on how much you can win per round: $10,000. When this maximum win cap is reached during real-money gameplay, the system automatically collects your bet.

Stormy Witch game on mobile

Our Stormy Witch review and tests revealed that mobile gameplay is also possible on handheld devices (tablets and smartphones) since Gaming Corps designed the game with cross-platform compatibility. The game uses HTML5 technology, allowing players to enjoy the game’s graphics, sound, visuals, and animations without any glitches. The Stormy Witch crash game is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Therefore, as long as your selected online operator provides a mobile casino version or a mobile app, you can smoothly play Stormy Witch for real money on the go.

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Players will naturally fall in love with the Halloween and magic theme in the Stormy Witch title. The attention to detail in the game’s design, graphics, sound, and animations all work effortlessly for one common goal: Offering players the best possible gambling experience. This is further heightened by the game’s intuitive interface, the auto bet, and auto-collect features that make gameplay easy.

Players will revel in the fact that the Stormy Witch crash game offers multipliers of up to 10,000x, a 97.37% RTP, and a $10,000 maximum win per round. Also, the two betting panels increase the maximum bet to $200, a feature that will attract high rollers. This Stormy Witch crash game review will provide you with all the ammunition you need to start playing for real money.

Stormy Witch game FAQ

Is the Stormy Witch game fair?

Yes, Gaming Corps' games use the RNG system, which produces random and honest results each time. With the provider having multiple licences like MGA, players can be sure Stormy Witch is tested and audited for fairness.

How to play Stormy Witch?

Place your bet (s) and wait for the witch to gather momentum into the night sky. The multipliers will start counting, and you must click the 'Collect' button to secure your proceeds before the witch is struck by lightning (crashes).

How much can I win in Stormy Witch?

The software provider has indicated that the maximum payout per round is $10,000.

What are the bet sizes in Stormy Witch?

You can bet $0.10 to $100 per round. If you're playing with the two betting panels, the maximum comes up to $200. Please note that some Stormy Witch online casinos may offer varying betting limits.

Does Stormy Witch have an autobet feature?

Yes. Each betting booth offers this feature, and you can access it by clicking the 'Auto' button on the 'Bet' section. You can set it to play an infinite number of rounds or less.

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