Electric Crash game by PopOK Gaming for real money

In the Electric Crash game, you can feel like an avid scientist experimenting with electricity since all you need to do is decide when to cash out before the light bulb explodes. The game was launched by PopOK Gaming in 2022. Its graphics are pretty unusual compared to most crash games where you bet on a rocket. The game isn’t multiplayer, so you are the only one who chooses when to start each round. Being an instant-win online casino game, Electric Crash is fast-paced and has autoplay settings to simplify navigation for long gaming sessions. Off we go to explore the game in detail in this Electric Crash review and help you choose the best online casinos to play it for real money.

  • Electric screenshot
  • Electric screenshot

Best online casinos to play Electric Crash game by PopOK Gaming

Electric facts

✅ Name Electric
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider PopOK Gaming
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $10 - $10,000
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Light bulb
🎯 Objective Make a bet and select a multiplier that you think will be achieved before the crash
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 15,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Crash games won’t be confused with other gambling software since their mechanics and gameplay navigation are completely different. Be it a plane that takes off or any other item, such as a light bulb, sooner or later, this item crashes, meaning the game is over and the bet is lost. Nevertheless, lucky punters who managed to cash out before this crash receive a reward according to the multiplier they managed to reach.

Electric Crash game rules

Electric Crash is a single-player crash game with a 1.01x minimum cashout multiplier, a convenient calculator to estimate winning chances for betting odds, a 96% RTP, and a 5000x maximum potential multiplier. Moreover, the provider has a progressive jackpot network, and the Electric Crash game also displays these prize pools.

The game’s concept is built around the light bulb that can explode at any moment, so players need to grab their money before this happens. You bet on a particular multiplier and see the total winning multiplier within a few seconds. If your stake was on a multiplier that is lower than the winning amount, you win, but when the bet was on a higher number (eg., you bet on 1.5x, but the light bulb crashes at 1.04x), you lose the bet.

Please note that the bulb can explode even at 1x, so you should consider all risks associated with real money gambling and play responsibly.

Electric Crash game navigation

The game’s navigation is not only intuitive but also optimised for varied mobile gadgets. The lamp, which is the main object of this crash casino game, is in the middle of the screen. The ultimate multiplier is displayed next to it after each round. If your bet wins, the multiplier is green, and when you lose, it’s red.

All the buttons you need for placing a real money bet and regulating other settings are on the right for the desktops. The mobile version is displayed a bit differently, so you’ll find the navigation section below the gaming field with the light bulb. The section has manual and auto gameplay tools, including the betting amount, the potential winnings you could get when placing a certain bet, and your winning chances the system automatically calculates for each stake.

The gems above the gaming field display progressive prize pools according to PopOK Gaming’s jackpot network. All the rules are available through the ‘i’ widget. You can optionally turn off the sound with the button next to it. When you have several rounds in a row, winning multipliers are displayed below the gaming field, so you can use these details for your strategy.

How to play Electric Crash for real money

Though the game may seem quite complex at first glance, the gaming round takes up to a few seconds, so the rules are straightforward. After looking through the best Electric Crash online casinos and signing up for the one you like, make a real money deposit and follow these steps:

  1. Adjust the betting amount in the range of $0.1 to $100
  2. If you want to double your bet or, vice versa, divide it by two, there are additional buttons for this
  3. The next parameter you should regulate is the multiplier to bet on. The range is 1.01x to 5000x
  4. When you are ready, click on the green ‘Bet’ button and check your result in a few seconds

When you place your bet, ‘Profit On Win’ and ‘Win Chance’ are helpful tools to let you estimate how much you can win when your bet works and what your chances are. For example, at a $0.2 bet and the potential 2x multiplier, you can win $0.4, and the chances for this outcome are 48%.


Being as fast-paced as most other instant-win online casino games, Electric Crash requires at least several rounds to test different strategies and see how the game works. That’s where the autoplay mode comes into play. You need to switch to the ‘Auto’ section and specify the number of auto-bets in addition to the standard betting information (your bet and the multiplier you bet on). The Electric Crash bet game accepts 10 to 100,000 autoplay rounds, but this range will also adjust to your current real money balance. The green ‘Start’ button activates the gaming session at the selected parameters, and when you want to cancel the autoplay mode earlier, simply click on ‘Stop’.

Win Chance indicator

The ‘Win Chance’ metre is located in the section with gameplay settings, and the tool is extremely convenient when you want to estimate your chances and understand what bets are the most suitable for your strategy. For example, the lowest 1.01x multiplier displays 95.0495%, and when you choose a higher 6x multiplier, the chances decrease to 16% only. The ‘Profit On Win’ field is a good match to this tool since you can also see the potential winning amount and better understand the Electric Crash game’s payouts.

Statistical details

The table displaying information about previous rounds is located below. You can track information about the last 15 rounds. The table specifies your bet, the multiplier that brought you the winning, and the amount you’ve won (green colour). If the game crashes, you see the 0x multiplier and zero winning (red colour) in the ‘Fairness’ column.

PopOK Gaming progressive jackpot

The PopOK Gaming provider has a progressive jackpot network, and the Electric Crash casino game is its part, so it’s a good bonus in addition to the base game. The pool increases from each real money bet, and you can see potential jackpot prizes in real time according to these four levels, represented as diamonds:

  • Green diamond: Mini jackpot
  • Yellow diamond: Minor
  • Blue diamond: Major
  • Red diamond: Mega

Players can hit progressive jackpots in Electric Crash randomly and only when placing real money bets. If you are lucky to hit the jackpot, you receive the amount you win in the base game first. Conveniently, each diamond features additional information so that you can learn more about the last win, the big win, and the total amount won by other players.

Electric Crash game strategies

Coming ahead, we should warn you about potential risks associated with real money wagers. In addition, you should remember that strategies from these blocks have nothing in common with guides to beat the house edge in the long run. You can use them to manage your bankroll, add your own bets and odds to the following schemes, switch from one strategy to another, and modify them according to your needs. Here are the top 5 strategies to play Electric Crash for real money.

‘Turn off the light at night’ strategy

Since most people sleep at night, they don’t need electricity at that time, but they also don’t play a lot because it’s late. That’s why this Electric Crash online casino strategy implies placing low real money bets and bet on small multipliers. For example, a $1 stake and a 1.01x multiplier that features 95.0495% winning chances.

Let’s check how this strategy works if we have 30 rounds where only one round is non-winning. This means that your total bet is $30, but the total winning amount is $29.29, so you lose in the long run. However, if all the 30 rounds were winning, you could get $30.3, where $0.3 is your net profit.

Thus, you take really low risks and hardly ever face non-winning rounds, but your wins are also very small, and if you lose at least one bet, it takes really long to compensate for it.

‘Energy-saving light bulb’ strategy

When your light bulb is not regular but energy-saving, you save a lot, so you can place a large real money wager and play at a low multiplier to keep saving your money. For example, a $50 bet and a 1.01x multiplier (95.0495% chances) within 15 rounds.

If you manage to win all the 15 rounds, your winning will be $757.5, where $750 is your stake and $7.5 is the net winning. As you can see, you can reach a larger net profit and do it faster compared to the previous strategy.

Of course, at least one non-winning round will negatively affect the entire strategy since you’ll lose a large amount at once. Plus, you need quite a large bankroll for this strategy. But it’s nice that the risks here are super low.

‘High energy bills’ Electric Crash strategy

When you get a high energy bill, this means that you use electricity a lot and have enough money to afford it. That’s why this online casino strategy for Electric Crash suggests playing at a moderate $5 stake and betting on 1.35x (71.1111% chances).

Let’s calculate the outcomes for 20 rounds. If five of them are non-winning, this means that you win $101.25, while your total bet is $100, so the net winning is $1.25. Again, it’s not a lot, but the risks are also moderate.

Remember that at least one more lost round will make you end up in the red. The risks aren’t the lowest, while the potential net winning isn’t so impressive, but if you win more rounds, it will look much better.

‘Festive illumination’ crash game strategy

If you enjoy festive illumination, remember that it may be costly, so this Electric Crash game strategy is for both large stakes and high multipliers. You take the highest risks in this case, but potential awards are also much larger.

Let’s take a look at a high-roller example of a $100 bet at 2.5x (38.4% chances) within 10 rounds. You bet $1000 in total, and if you lose six out of ten rounds, you win $1000, so you stay even.

As you can guess, at least one more winning round (if you lose five out of ten rounds) will let you get $250 as a net winning, and if you lose more rounds (when seven out of ten rounds are lost), your losses will be $250. It’s up to you to decide whether such risks are worth taking.

‘Day-night tariff’ Electric Crash strategy

When your electric metre has a day-night tariff, this allows you to experiment with bets on the Electric Crash casino online game, so you will place low bets on low multipliers in the day (the first five rounds) and switch to high bets and low multipliers at night (the next five rounds).

For instance, your first five bets are $1 at 1.6x (60% chances), and the next five bets are $50 at 1.02x (94.1176% chances). If you lose only once during the first five rounds and don’t lose in the remaining five, your winning will be $261.4 ($6.4 + $255). The initial amount you spend in this case is $255, so $6.4 is the net winning.

Considering real players’ reviews, it may be a bit inconvenient to change settings so often, but if you don’t like boring gaming sessions, this approach will suit you.

Electric Crash casino game RTP and payouts

Electric Crash is a real money online casino game, so you should consider both its betting range and parameters that influence potential payouts. These details are available in the game’s menu and over here:

  • 96% RTP
  • 5000x maximum winning multiplier
  • $0.1 to $100 betting range
  • 1.01x minimum cashout multiplier

PopOK Gaming added very convenient features to estimate not only the amount you can win but also your chances.

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Electric Crash has very simple gameplay rules. It doesn’t feature lots of gameplay elements or advanced graphics, but the vibrant light bulb, the potential winning multipliers of up to 5000x, and the helpful metre to estimate your winning chances make this crash casino game so good. You can do this on iOS and Android since PopOK Gaming has been shortlisted for the ‘Mobile Game Provider of the Year’ category in the Sigma Americas Awards in 2023, which means that the company delivers cross-platform online casino games. If you are into experiments with electricity and different multipliers to bet on, the Electric Crash game is a good choice.

Electric Crash game FAQ

Is Electric Crash fair?

Yes, PopOK Gaming is a reliable provider, so you can relax, trust both the game and licensed casinos from our list, and rely on your intuition.

How to play Electric Crash?

You need to determine a bet per round and a multiplier that, you guess, will win. Once you’ve placed the bet, the game will calculate a winning multiplier, and you’ll see whether you win.

How much can I win in Electric Crash?

The PopOK Gaming provider specifies 5000x as the maximum winning potential. As for other cases, it all depends on your luck, betting amount, and the odds you bet on.

What are the bet sizes in Electric Crash?

Punters can wager $0.1 to $100 per round. If you play at a cryptocurrency casino, these bets are available in Bitcoin or alternative cryptos.

Does Electric Crash have an auto-bet feature?

Yes, players can switch from Manual to Auto gaming modes to set 10 to 100,000 auto-bets per round. You can stop the mode at any time and continue playing manually.