Helicopter X Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming for real money

Get to the choppa! (in Schwarzenneger’s voice). That’s exactly what you need to do in the Helicopter X crash game. Launched in 2023 by SmartSoft Gaming, this aviation-themed game incorporates some aspects of luxury, with the inclusion of a massive jewel attached to the helicopter. Once the game starts, the helicopter will hover over a helipad, attempting to fly away with a massive diamond. This gives you an opportunity to wager on a multiplier represented by the chopper and the other represented by the diamond. We’ll explore how both multipliers work in this in-depth Helicopter X review. Meanwhile, you can choose from our list of top casinos offering this game if you prefer skipping right into the action. 

  • Helicopter X screenshot
  • Helicopter X screenshot

Best online casinos to play Helicopter X Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming

Helicopter X facts

✅ Name Helicopter X
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider SmartSoft Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.05 - $200
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Helicopter
🎯 Objective Cash out before the helicopter flies away
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 100,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Thrills. Suspense. Rewards. This is what you can expect when you play crash games. This exciting online casino genre has quickly gained popularity among iGaming faithful thanks to its fast-paced nature and the potential for high returns. 

But what makes these games even more appealing is the gameplay. You see, there are no reels. Instead, you have a growing multiplier value represented by different symbols depending on the theme. For instance, you can find a plane, ball, or boat, just to mention a few.

The multiplier usually starts at 1x and can grow to infinity. Your job is to cash out at a preferred moment. Sounds simple, right? It is. However, there’s a catch. The multiplier can crash at any point, and with it, all your wins accumulated to that point. Therefore, it’s a battle between your nerves, tension, and the potential to bag big wins. 

About Helicopter X

Helicopter X is a SmartSoft Gaming release using exciting crash mechanics for amazing rewards. The game also dwells on the aviation theme similar to JetX and Aviator. But of course, the gameplay is slightly different. 

The game starts with the helicopter attached to a massive diamond with chains. It attempts to fly away but before breaking free, there’s an interesting aspect added to the game. The diamond has an X value, which acts as a boost to the game’s multiplier. We’ll explore how this diamond affects your overall payout later in this Helicopter X review. 

Keep in mind that the helicopter can fly away with the diamond or without it. This is a social game, although not as advanced as JetX or Aviator where you have a live chat service. However, you can use the history option to check how other users fared in previous rounds. 

The Helicopter X crash bet game allows you to win a maximum of $10,000 per round or 100,000x, whichever comes first. 

Sounds and graphics

From the game’s title, you expect the whirring of helicopter blades and its roaring engine. Well, that’s what you expect when you launch the game. 

For starters, the game features neon colours, with blue dominating the scene. Speaking of the scene, the background is a city with a helicopter perched on one of the building’s rooftop. 

After placing the bet and the round starts, the helicopter seems to struggle to fly away with the massive diamond. And when it does, it flies into the sky filled with stars. 

Accompanying you during gameplay is a tense soundtrack to add to the suspense of the growing multiplier. 

Helicopter X game rules

If you’ve been playing crash games, the Helicopter X casino game will be a breeze. Everything from the settings to the gameplay is well laid out for easy navigation. However, we understand you could be a new player trying out crash games and Helicopter X is your first option. In that case, we have done the heavy lifting by playing the game and now we can guide you on how to go about it by breaking down every function in the game. Let’s explore the rules of the game. 

Minimum and maximum bets

To play Helicopter X for real money, you must first place your bets. Thankfully, the game provider has a vast range to encompass players on a budget and high-rollers. The minimum bet is $0.05, while the maximum is $200 per round. However, there’s a double bet feature, which means you can have a maximum of $400 riding on one round. 

Double bets

Speaking of double bets, the Helicopter X crash game allows you to place two bets for one round. Both betting options are next to each other and they offer the same bet range. 

This option allows you to implement different strategies in the game. One strategy is to place a high bet amount targeting low multiplier values. The other bet can hold a low amount but targeting a high multiplier value. Remember, you can cash out at different instances during the game. 

Diamond feature

An interesting addition to the Helicopter X casino game is the diamond feature. Think of it as a bonus boost, similar to the Refuel Bonus Boost feature in the Fighter 777 Crash game. 

The diamond adds an X value to the helicopter’s X value if triggered during a round. You’ll see the X value indicated just above the bet area. With this feature, you increase your winning potential by reaching higher multiplier values. This feature is randomly activated. 


If you find it too monotonous to manually set your bet amount on every round, consider the autoplay function. This feature in Helicopter X comes with several settings to make your gameplay even smoother. 

First, you can set the autoplay with the single or double bet options. The only difference is that you’ll have another section to set the bet amount for the second bet. 

You can set the number of autoplay rounds, which starts at 5. The maximum is 100 rounds. You can also set the auto-collect option, which allows you to cash out your winnings when the multiplier hits a specific value. The range is between 1.01x and 1000x, and you can set this value for different bets. 

Another setting in autoplay is stopping the function. You can do this in three ways:

  • If a single win is more than a set amount
  • If your balance decreases more than a specific amount
  • If your balance increases more than your set figure

Game statistics

The left side of the game’s interface is a vertical panel displaying the last 16 multiplier results, including the current one. However, there’s another section with detailed statistics. 

Click the clock button at the bottom right of the interface to access this section. You’ll see a ‘Current Bets’ tab with bets from all online players. The section has the username, the bet amount, the multiplier value at which they cashed out, and the overall win amount. 

You can also switch to the ‘My Bets’ section, which displays the multiplier value, the bet amount, the overall win, and the time you placed each bet. Finally, there’s a ‘Top Wins’ section where you can view the top wins by day, week, and month. 

Helicopter X demo version

Flying a helicopter doesn’t have to be difficult. Many Helicopter X online casinos listed on this page offer a demo version. With this option, you can enjoy the game without spending your money. As a result, you can test your strategies if you already know how crash games work. But if you’re new to this genre, it would be a good opportunity to learn how to play this crash game. Once you’re sure of the rules, you can play Helicopter X for real money. 

How to play Helicopter X crash game

It’s easy to play the Helicopter X casino game, since it doesn’t deviate from the basic crash game mechanics. Your first task will be to find Helicopter X online casinos. But that shouldn’t be a problem because we have a list of top casinos on this page that offer this exciting game. 

Choose an operator from our list and sign up by providing the necessary details. Next, deposit funds into your account and find the Helicopter X game. Once the game launches, set your bet amount using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. Remember, you can set one or two bets for a single round. 

Confirm your bet and it will take effect once the next game round starts. Once the helicopter starts moving, the multiplier will grow and you can cash out when you feel it’s time using the collect button. 

Multipliers and payouts

Like in many other crash games, the Helicopter X multiplier starts at 1.01x. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll hit the maximum value, which is 100,000x. 

Theoretically, you could win $20,000,000 if you place $200, which is the maximum bet amount. However, the game provider has a maximum win amount capped at $10,000 per round. 

It’s worth noting that the game will automatically collect your winnings if you reach either the maximum multiplier or the maximum win amount. 

RTP and volatility

The Helicopter X crash game return to player (RTP) is more or less similar to its compatriots. At 96%, it theoretically means you’ll get $96 back for every $100 spent on the game. But note that this is calculated over a long period. 

The volatility is between medium to high. That means you’ll have periods offering moderate to low multipliers for a while, while other periods will have high multiplier values but for a short period.

Play Helicopter X game for free


Crash games are now a popular genre among online gamblers. SmartSoft Gaming is taking no chances and investing in it, with games such as JetX, Aviator, and now Helicopter X. This aviation-themed release offers players a slightly different twist to the usual gameplay. That is the diamond feature, which is an independent X value that is later added to the main multiplier. This X value acts as a bonus and it can reach 100x. Perhaps a downside players will notice is the absence of a live chat feature or even an area where players can share their emotions with others. The $10,000 maximum win per round is satisfactory as is with the autoplay function that makes work easier. Overall, the Helicopter X crash is a good start for a player looking to dip their feet in the crash game genre.  

Helicopter X game FAQ

Is Helicopter X game fair?

Yes. The Helicopter X game is fair and you don’t have to worry about the integrity of the results. The game uses a random number generator (RNG), which ensures every round is fair. SmartSoft Gaming is the provider, and it boasts a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Plus, it’s certified by iTech Labs.

How to play Helicopter X?

The first step is to find a site offering this game and this page offers a list of Helicopter X casinos. Next, deposit funds into your account and launch the game. Use the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons to set the bet amount. Note you can choose whether to set single or double bets. Once the multiplier hits your preferred value, click the “Collect” button to cash out your winnings.

How much can I win in Helicopter X?

The game rules state that the maximum amount you can win is $10,000 per round or 100,000x, whichever comes first.

What are the bet sizes in Helicopter X?

Whether you’re a player on a budget or a high-roller, the Helicopter X crash game offers an inclusive bet range. The minimum bet starts at $0.05, while the maximum amount is $200. But remember, the game offers a double bet option with the same bet range. That means you could have a maximum of $400 in play during one round.

Does Helicopter X have an autobet feature?

Indeed, this game has an autobet feature to make your work easier and gameplay more enjoyable. The autoplay feature allows you to set a specific bet and you can play with this amount for between 5 and 100 rounds. You can also engage the autocollect function to cashout when the multiplier reaches a specific value.

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