Save the Princess Crash game by Turbo Games for real money

Crash games are revolutionising the online gambling industry by offering unique and fast-paced gameplay. One title propelling this instant-play craze is the Save the Princess crash game from Turbo Games. Unlike typical crash games with vehicles and planes ascending, this pix-art arcade title has players rescuing a princess and scoring bigger multipliers while at it. Now to similarities: like in other games of its class, players decide whether to continue or risk it all and cash out wins. Armed with protection items, you battle dangerous creatures like vampires and goblins in the quest to rescue the princess and earn some bounty. This Save the Princess review will dive deep into the gameplay rules, unique features, and top global online casinos to play Save the Princess for real money.

  • Save the Princess screenshot
  • Save the Princess screenshot

Best online casinos to play Save the Princess Crash game by Turbo Games

Save the Princess facts

βœ… Name Save the Princess
πŸ” Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Turbo Games
πŸ“… Release date 2022
πŸ’Ή Return to Player 95%
πŸ’° Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Adventure
πŸ‘€ Objects Princess, dangerous creatures, protection tools
🎯 Objective Get multiplier coefficients as high as possible before the game ends and cash out before meeting an enemy
πŸ“ˆ Maximum payout multiplier 81x
βœ… Provable fair yes
πŸ”„ Autobet no

What is a crash game?

Crash games are modern, instant-win titles enabling players to control game volatility and cash out at a multiplier value of their liking before crashing. Unlike typical online casino games governed by pure chance, crash games let you dictate risk-reward ratios. This exciting format resonates with crypto gamblers who play with Bitcoin or other coins. While most feature vehicles and planes, some, like the Save the Princess game, have unique themes. But all provide an adrenaline rush by letting players make critical decisions during fast-paced, unpredictable gameplay. You cash out when your chosen multiplier is hit for an immersive gambling thrill.

About Save the Princes Game

Save the Princess is a 2022 release from Turbo Games. It throws players into an exhilarating crash game quest to rescue a kidnapped princess across 7 stages of escalating risk and reward. In this pixel-art arcade game, you aim to secure bigger payout multipliers by braving hazards like vampires, goblins, fiery dragons, and death. Before each new door, players have an important decision to make: cash out current winnings or continue the dangerous rescue mission, not knowing what menace lurks behind the next door.

With bets from $0.10 to $100, players can equip themselves with armour for protection from foes. But more equipment lowers multipliers and payouts. So, you must weigh risks and rewards carefully in this princess rescue. Forget vehicles, planes or jets flying high before exploding. Save the Princess’s 7-stage, old-school arcade format stands out. Yet it delivers addictive tension, not knowing if the next door leads to riches or demise. With a 95% RTP, this online casino game promises victory for those brave enough to confront the unpredictable dangers ahead.

Save the Princess Game Rules

Like any online casino game, the Save the Princess bet game has rules guiding real money gameplay. But this princess rescue adventure simplifies guidelines for an easy grasp. Here’s everything you need to know:

Bet limits and payouts

First things first, know your betting options and payout limits before confronting those castle dangers. This instantly rewarding quest welcomes all. Casual players can start with just $0.10 minimum bets, while warriors with a higher risk taste can ante up to $100 in pursuit of the maximum bounty. 

You’ll venture through 7 mysterious doors, cashing out before vampires, dragons, or death crash your adventure. Rocking more armour before the game means lower multipliers – a tradeoff. So, weigh those risks vs rewards wisely. The max multiplier is 81x. However, payouts top out at $10,000, no matter how big your wager is. Whether you’re here to pass the time or score royal riches, this game fits all play styles.

Game levels

This online casino crash game has 7 levels, each with different doors – 17 on the first level, down to just 5 on the last. When you start, pick a door and keep going through levels till the end. But it won’t be a walk in the park, as dragons, goblins, vampires, and even death lurk behind those doors. If they catch you unarmed, quest over, and bet lost. Each door raises the stakes, with no clue what’s next. Choose your risks carefully in this crash adventure, where danger and fortune go hand in hand. Confront the threats, and you may rescue the princess.

Dangerous creatures

To reach the final level and save the princess, some dangerous foes will try to stop you. This game has 4: goblins, dragons, vampires, and death. They can end your quest quickly if you’re unprepared. But protection items can defend against all but death. No one escapes it. Check out the next part for the weapons to battle supernatural threats and maybe beat the odds.

Protection items

Beyond basic cash-out, you can pick protection items to adjust the game’s volatility. The armour is used against goblins, an extinguisher for dragons, and garlic to deter vampires. Each one lowers your multiplier range. Think of it as the price for a safer quest.

Volatility is maxed out for players with no protection, and multipliers range from 1.24x to 81x. With one item, you’ll get 1.15x to 16.92x range. Picking two protection items drops the range to 1.08x – 5.4x. All three together further reduce your multipliers to 1.01x – 2.12x. There are no built-in bonus features here, but these protection items let you strategise for higher winning chances. So, equip yourself wisely and confront these dangers like a brave warrior.

Demo mode

Savvy adventurers usually try new online casino games risk-free in demo mode first. Save the Princess has such a version to help players get the hang of gameplay, features and volatility before real money bets. Practice makes perfect when rescuing royalty. Experiment with the demo mode’s cashout points, protection items, and difficulty levels. Soon, you’ll know when to bail out or when to face vampires and dragons head-on. Gain that experience before you play Save the Princess for real money to gain confidence. Master the rescue first, then victory and riches will be yours.

Volatility and RTP

One cool feature in this game is custom volatility settings. In Save the Princess, more protection means lower volatility with smaller but steadier wins. If you decide to go without protection, the higher the multiplier and the easier it is to lose your fortune. Either way, the 95% RTP ensures good odds over time. The danger makes rescuing the Princess more rewarding. Stay brave, bring garlic, and cash out smartly.

Save the Princess interface and navigational elements

This princess rescue has some unusual gameplay, but getting around is easy once you learn the ropes. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know for smooth sailing in a Save the Princess casino:

  • + and – buttons: Use these to increase or reduce your bet sizes between the $0.10 minimum and $100 maximum. Just click + or – until you get to your desired amount. If that’s a lot of work, just type in the amount you wish to stake.
  • Min and Max buttons: When you feel decisive, use these to jump right to the minimum $0.10 or max $100 bet with one click.
  • Start button: This important button starts the round. Bets are in, and it’s time to make your moves.
  • Cancel button: Exit the game entirely. This button is only active if no door has been opened.
  • Cash Out button: This one cashes out your winnings before death gets you. Lose a life if you don’t cash out before a monster appears. But if you clear all doors, your winnings automatically cash out.
  • Game essentials: Below the Cash Out button, you’ll see essential info like recent multipliers, current level, and your protection items. Tap any bet to see the details.
  • Sound button: Use this to toggle the in-game music on and off.
  • Settings Icon: Access the menu here for advanced options like entering your nickname, how-to guide, bet limits, complete rules, and sound settings.
  • History: This section below the game centre has your history categorised as All Bets, Top Bets, and My Bets. Use this section to strategise and regulate your game time.

Get familiar with these key features for smooth sailing when rescuing the princess. The mobile version may differ slightly, but this game is optimised for all devices, so desktop and mobile players are in for a treat. There’s one bummer, though: the game has no autoplay or auto cash-out options where players have control. Auto cashout only happens when you clear all doors.

How to play Save the Princess

Now that you’ve mastered the tools, features, and rules, it’s time to dive into the game. As mentioned, Save the Princess is unique – no planes or flying here. Plus, you start rounds solo as there are no competitors. It’s a single-player game. When you hit ‘Start Game,’ your knight appears at level 1. You can’t cash out at this level since the game just started. On the right is the console. Pick a door for your character. Open it, and if you find bones, death has caught up with you, and it’s game over. Goblins, dragons, and vampires can also kill your knight, but your protection items prevent that.

If the space is clear after opening the door, or your protection items clear any dangers, you move to level 2. Location and visuals change, but the concept remains: open a new door to advance. Now, you can cash out, though multipliers start extremely low. At higher levels, multipliers get bigger, but dangers increase too. The creatures become deadly and unpredictable, while the doors become fewer. After each opened door, decide whether to cash out and collect current winnings or keep risking for greater rewards.

You control volatility. Having more protection means smaller, steadier wins. No protection means less frequent but epic monster payouts if you survive. Clear all doors on all 7 levels, and your final winnings will automatically cash out. But if death gets you before rescuing the princess, it’s game over, and your bet is lost. Now you know it all, you can jump into a Save the Princess online casino and see how far your bravery and skill take you.

Play Save the Princess for free


In your online gambling adventure, make sure to give Save the Princess a try. The game’s got 7 levels of ever-growing risk and reward as you try to rescue royalty. Bet limits from $0.10 to $100 work for all thrill seekers. It has a 95% RTP, so the odds are still good. You can gear up with weapons like armour, fire extinguishers, and garlic to adjust the volatility. Having an autoplay feature would be nice when you’ve got danger behind every door. But not knowing what’s next adds crazy suspense to every cash-out call. If you’re looking for some edge-of-your-seat crash action with fortunes and danger hand-in-hand, Save the Princess game is the title to try.

Save the Princess game FAQ

Is Save the Princess game fair?

Yes, the game runs on a provably fair system where outcomes cannot be predetermined. You can also verify them yourself. And with its 95% RTP, you'll get fair odds, even with all those wacky creatures running wild. So, your best chances stay solid overall.

How to play Save the Princess?

First, place a bet, anything from $0.10 to $100. Then, on each of the 7 levels, crack open doors to save the princess, wielding weapons as needed, like garlic to squash vampires. Cash-out before death or monsters attack to score wins. Make it through all doors for the highest payouts.

How much can I win in Save the Princess?

The maximum multiplier value is 81x. No matter your bet, payouts in this game top out at $10,000. That’s the royal bounty for braving danger to rescue the princess. But don't expect that prize without risking high stakes and volatility.

What are the bet sizes in Save the Princess?

Take your pick: low rolling with a minimum of $0.10 or high rolling bets up to $100 maximum per round. However you want to play, Save the Princess fits all bankrolls and gut levels.

Does Save the Princess have an autobet feature?

Unfortunately, there's no autoplay in this game. Players decide whether to cash out or keep confronting those deadly doors to rescue the princess and make a move manually. However, this adds nail-biting excitement and edge-of-your-seat suspense.