Cash It Crash game by Playtech for real money

Get ready to take flight into Cash It, an intense plane crash game putting thrillseekers in the pilot seat. This adrenaline-fueled online casino game from Playtech fuses strategy, timing, and chance into action-packed gambling excitement. In Cash It, players launch their aircraft into the wild skies, watching multipliers climb higher before bailing out at the perfect moment. This will secure wins before the big crash.

  • Cash It screenshot
  • Cash It screenshot

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Cash It facts

✅ Name Cash It
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Playtech
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95.99%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.50 - $500
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Plane
🎯 Objective Cash out before the plane explodes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 5000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

In this Cash It review, you’ll get the full lowdown on this game. You’ll learn everything about the one-of-a-kind gameplay, rules, and top real-money Cash It online casinos worldwide. Keep reading for the inside scoop that’ll help you have more fun and bag significant wins by playing the crash game.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are modern, fast-paced online casino games that involve an increasing multiplier value which resets abruptly after a crash. Each adrenaline-filled round sees players anteing up before a multiplier zooms upwards rapidly. The goal is to cash out your wager strategically before that multiplier comes screeching back down out of nowhere. Now, that’s a real online casino excitement rush.

The games are usually associated with cryptos like Bitcoin, cranking up the high-tech thrills. Nonetheless, you can still play them for real money in fiat currencies. And titles like the Cash It game add innovative themes to the mix, using planes and characters that soar skyward as the multipliers climb. It all combines into a truly heart-pounding thrill ride.

About the Cash It game

The reviewed crash game was launched in 2023 courtesy of Playtech. This ambitious software provider is making a name for itself through innovation and high-quality products. With killer titles like Cash It, the company has cemented itself as a top-notch, forward-thinking studio offering games available on mobile and desktop. In the Cash It online casino game, you grab the controls of a plane blazing through the atmosphere. The goal is to cash out at precisely the right moment to score massive payouts before inevitably crashing back to Earth. The game keeps the stakes in orbit with a 95.99% RTP and 5000x max multiplier.

As your slick spacecraft ascends, multipliers rise steadily. You must leverage skill and strategy to pinpoint the perfect time to bail. Wait too long, and you’ll auger in empty-handed. Punch out too early, and you’ll abandon potentially huge winnings. It’s a heart-pounding balancing act fusing gambling excitement with fast decision-making. With buttery smooth performance, crisp visuals, and simple gameplay, Cash It welcomes newbies and veterans to strap in for some real money action. If you’re craving an adrenaline hit, this game delivers big time.

Cash It game rules

Before climbing into the pilot’s seat, learn the key rules guiding gameplay. You need to learn everything, from tweaking volatility to timing that collect button perfectly. The game has various features and rules. To make things easier for you, here’s a summary of the key rules in the game.

Golden chip bonus

In case you have golden chips (GC), you can use them on Cash It. These are like free bets issued through Playtech’s permanent bonus program in some games (mainly live dealer titles). You can get them randomly or as part of an ongoing event. Interestingly, you can win golden chips in a game from Playtech and spend it in another. Your GC progress is stored.

When you have golden chips, a message that says ‘Golden Chips available’ (or something along these lines) will appear when you open an applicable game. In Cash It, the golden chip button is on the left. Click it to open the bet menu. You can then place wagers using your valuable golden chips. Remember, these chips can’t combine with real money bets. You can only use one chip per bet, adjusting the denomination with the +/- buttons.

Also, the minimum auto-collect value when using golden chips is 2.5x. Collect half and collect are inactive until the multiplier reaches 2.5x. We’ll talk more about these features in subsequent sections. When you win with a golden chip, its bet value is deducted from your total win amount. So bet smartly with those chips to maximise payouts when playing Cash It in online casinos.

Volatility and RTP

Like most crash games, Cash It lets you customise volatility. If you crave a non-stop adrenaline rush, crank it up high. For smoother flights, cash out at lower multipliers for steady consistency. However you play, the Cash It online casino game puts you fully in control. Another notable feature is the 95.99% RTP. It means over time, you’ll recoup around $96 for every $100 wagered. Even with those rare huge payouts, the odds are still good.

Turbo mode

If the core Cash It bet game action doesn’t get your blood pumping fast enough, strap in for Turbo mode. This electrifying feature injects pure adrenaline into the game, making an already volatile experience even more chaotic. Activating this feature radically accelerates the rate multipliers climb during flight. Instead of a steady ascent, your plane rockets upward at insane speed while you frantically click the Turbo button. With multipliers exploding faster, you must act decisively in a split second to cash out at the perfect peak.

Bet limits and payouts

For bets and payouts, the Cash It casino game accommodates all players. Even casual gamblers can enjoy the ride with minimum wagers of just $0.50. And for high rollers, the maximum bet is $500 per round. That aside, the game has a 5000x max multiplier. Though uncommon, a tiny $1 bet could potentially return an unbelievable $5000 payout in your favourite online casino. So, you can still win serious cash from small stakes.

Collect half

Playtech introduces the Collect Half feature to maximise reward potential. Tap it anytime during your heart-pounding multiplier climbs to lock in half your current win. Your plane keeps rising, letting you click Collect for the total amount later.

Time it flawlessly at the absolute highest value to claim everything. If not, that half-win is still safely banked when your plane explodes. Collect Half revolutionises the Cash It casino game with brilliant ambition by minimising risk yet amplifying possible payouts. Steel-nerved players can lock in gains but shoot for the stars in one wild round.

Demo version

Savvy players will want to test drive Cash It risk-free in demo mode before playing for real stakes. The Cash It demo is great for honing skills and strategy without financial risk. In the free version, you can experience those adrenaline-filled flights and explore customisations at zero cost.

It’s the perfect place to learn the ropes if you’re new or want zero-cost fun. Immerse yourself fully in the gameplay without spending a dime. Practise your skills and sharpen your tactics until you can play Cash It for real money. Once you’ve mastered the demo, you’ll have the skills to play like a pro.

Cash It game interface and betting options

With the rules clearly explained, it’s time to get familiar with the controls and customisations so you can play Cash It for real money. First up, enter the game by hitting that play button on the home screen. Eager pilots can tick ‘Don’t show next time’ to jump straight into the action on their next flight. Now check out the Bet Menu, your control centre during gameplay:

  • Bet Limit: Use the + and – buttons to pick a wager between $0.50 and $500.
  • Auto Collect: Preset a multiplier threshold to snag your earnings automatically. Just set your bet and desired multiplier. The minimum multiplier is x1.25 and the maximum is x4000.
  • Autoplay: Choose the number of rounds where the game bets for you using the same wager and multiplier. The minimum number of rounds is 10 and the maximum is 100.
  • Launch: Initiate lift-off when your settings are dialled in. Or hit “Rebet & Launch” to reuse your last bet.

Here are the essential controls for optimising your flight and cashing out:

  • Collect Half: Lock in half your winnings while still climbing. You can grab the rest later.
  • Collect: Seize your total earnings before the crash landing. If used after Collect Half, it only takes the remaining winnings.
  • Cancel Auto Collect: Ditch the auto collect before the target multiplier hits.
  • Stop Autoplay: Deactivate Autoplay to cancel the remaining rounds.
  • Skip: Fast forward to the crashing point in an instant.
  • Turbo Mode: Activate ludicrous speed with the Turbo button.
  • Golden Chip Bonus: Unlock special rewards if you have bonus Golden Chips.

Lastly, use these options to review your sessions and customise the experience:

  • Current Bets: Check your last 8 rounds at the top of the screen. Green is a win.
  • Options: Access sound settings, skip intros, and more through the settings icon.
  • Help: Get the full game guide under settings.
  • Info Page: Learn gameplay basics through the Tutorial icon.

With full control over your flight path, take to the skies and play Cash It on your desktop or mobile.

How to play the Cash It bet game

Playing the Cash It casino game is an adrenaline-filled thrill ride, but the gameplay is easy to grasp. First, select your bet amount for each flight. You can also set the game to automatically collect your winnings once they hit a multiplier you pre-choose. Then, get set for takeoff. Note that, unlike crash games like Aviator, Cash It accommodates only one bet per round and is a single-player game.

Once your spacecraft launches, it starts rocketing upwards fast into the atmosphere. As it climbs higher, your potential winnings rise, too, shown on screen as a multiplier. So if you bet $1 and the multiplier hits 5x, your possible win right then is $5. This number keeps increasing until the plane explodes.

The trick is clicking ‘Collect’ or ‘Collect Half’ to snag your earnings before that happens. ‘Collect Half’ locks in 50% of your current win. You can try riding the rest out longer to score an even bigger total payout. It helps balance playing it safer while still chasing huge payouts. The timing here is everything. Wait too long, you get nothing when your plane blows up. But collect too early, and you leave money on the table as the multiplier would have climbed higher. Use your judgment to cash out at the perfect moment.


As shown in this in-depth Cash It review, this game delivers the thrills. With modern graphics and smooth gameplay that’s easy to grasp yet wild fun, Playtech’s innovative title packs pure adrenaline. You can make each flight your own by tweaking settings for bet limits, volatility, and ‘Turbo Mode.’ The ‘Collect Half’ feature is a game-changer, allowing you to bank half your wins while gunning for even bigger payouts. And with a generous 95.99% RTP, the rewards will keep raining down. Throw in the ‘Golden Chip Bonus’ for extra excitement. With these innovative features, Cash It has cemented itself as a top-tier online casino game for players across the globe.

Cash It game FAQ

Is Cash It game fair?

Yes. The game uses random number generators (RNG) for all outcomes. Plus, it's powered by Playtech, a licensed and reputable game developer.

How to play Cash It?

Simply set your bet, smash launch, and hang on tight as your plane rockets upwards. When that multiplier starts climbing, slam "Collect" to grab your earnings before nose-diving back down. Timing is everything when playing Cash It for real money.

How much can I win in Cash It?

With luck on your side, you can win up to 5000 times your bet. Time the game perfectly to turn a tiny $1 bet into a massive $5000. Scoring 1000x+ wins is totally doable with flawless timing.

What are the bet sizes in Cash It?

Minimum bets start at just $0.50 for casual players looking to take it easy. High rollers can drop a maximum of $500 bets per round.

Does Cash It have an autobet feature?

Yes. Cash It has autoplay and auto-collect features. You set your bet amount and the ideal multiplier for auto-collecting your earnings. Sit back and let Autobet work its magic while you enjoy the thrilling climb into the wild blue skies.

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