JetX Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming for real money

SmartSoft Gaming launched JetX crash game in 2018. Since it’s not new, lots of players have already tested its features, so we can rely on real feedback and our own tests, providing you with a full review, tips, and several strategies you can apply depending on your goals and balance. The JetX crash online casino game accepts up to two bets per round, displays betting history and helpful statistics, and has convenient autoplay configurations. As for numbers, JetX accepts bets of $0.1 to $100 per plane, has winning multipliers of 1.01x to 25,000x, and features an RTP of 96.7% to 98.8%. Read the full JetX review for more details.

  • JetX screenshot
  • JetX screenshot

Best online casinos to play JetX Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming

JetX facts

✅ Name JetX
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider SmartSoft Gaming
📅 Release date 2019
💹 Return to Player 97.3%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $300
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Jet
🎯 Objective Cash out before the jet explodes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 25,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

In a nutshell, a crash game is an instant-win online casino game where players bet on a plane or a similar item and decide when to cash out, regulating volatility this way. The longer you are in the game, the higher your winning multiplier, but the risks also increase. This balance between a nice reward and a safe cashout without crashing is the beauty of crash casino online games. Interestingly, there are no reels like in slots or traditional elements like cards in table games.

JetX game rules

The JetX casino game has quite easy gameplay mechanics, so it will take you up to a few minutes to learn the rules. Navigation is also straightforward, but thanks to some of these tools, you can both track statistics in the long run and modify your bets or auto cashout settings.

JetX game navigation

Once you’ve launched the game, you can see the jet on the main screen in the middle. It continuously sets off and crashes since it’s a multiplayer game, so you can watch current results while modifying your own settings. These are the main sections you may need before you get started:

  • Leftmost multiplier statistics
    You can see the maximum multipliers the jet reached during the previous rounds. They are red (up to 1.5x) and green (over 1.5x), so you use this information for your strategy.
  • Detailed statistics on the right
    The rightmost menu has more details. Its first section displays current stakes, including the user’s name, their bet, the multiplier applied at the collect option, and the winning amount. By switching to ‘My bets’, you can see details only about your games, including time and the ‘Boom’ multiplier (when the jet crashed).
  • Statistics
    You can sort information according to the best prizes, top X, and round X, picking daily, weekly, or monthly results.
  • Gameplay tools
    The main widgets you need to start playing are below the screen. You can select betting amounts, set autoplay options, and cash out via these buttons. The chat section is on the right.
  • Menu settings
    Information about your balance and some gameplay settings are above on the right. With the help of the three buttons there, you can change sound effects, open the information tab to see the rules, and close the game.

How to play JetX for real money

Actually, this guide is also working with free games if you just want to practise in demo mode. Nevertheless, when you are ready to place real money bets, top up your online casino account and follow these steps:

  1. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons below the screen to choose your bet per jet. You can do this with both betting sections, and the amounts per jet can be different. Alternatively, you can choose from prompted amounts or type in the preferred betting amount within the available limits ($0.1 to $100 per jet).
  2. When you’ve picked a betting amount, push the yellow ‘Place your bet’ button. When the round is active, you’ll see a sign that this bet is valid for the next round. Moreover, you can remove this bet if the round hasn’t started. The big button turns red, and you can see the ‘Cancel’ sign on it.
  3. Once the round has started, this button displays your potential winning according to your current bet and a multiplier reached by the jet. When you click on it, this amount is collected as your winning. If you’ve placed two bets, you can cash out each of them or try to earn more by collecting the second winning a bit later.

Interestingly, you don’t need to place anything to start the round. Moreover, even when you are ready, you still need to wait for the end of the previous round, and that’s the beauty of multiplayer games. In addition, you can use the live chat to communicate with players.

Autoplay settings

When you want to play JetX for real money for a long time, autoplay may be a good option. Each of the two betting widgets has an ‘Auto’ slider. The slider is green when it’s active. This way, you can determine a betting amount and activate the autoplay mode so that each new round starts with this bet being placed. The same is true with auto cashout.

You can determine a multiplier for each of the two betting options, so this winning will be automatically added to your balance if the jet doesn’t crash before. If you need to cash out earlier, simply push the ‘Collect’ button at the multiplier you want to. Please note that the auto cashout mode has limits that range from 1.01x to 1000x per round. If you type in a larger amount, it will still change to the maximum available limit of 1000x.

JetX3: upgrade & more features

SmartSoft Gaming, also known as just SmartSoft, has been around since 2015, so the company’s experience allows the brand to use existing solutions and translate them into something more innovative. The provider states that JetX ‘was the first breakthrough of the non-traditional game category,’ so these mechanics were used to create JetX3 with even more features. Compared to the previous version, JetX 3 has three betting options and allows players to bet up to $100 per jet, so the total bet per round can come up to $300.

JetX crash game winning potential

The betting range of the JetX game is suitable for all bankrolls, which is very convenient. The ‘Collect’ button is available only when the multiplier reaches 1.01x, and if the plane explodes before, you lose this bet. The winning potential is capped at 25,000x, but when you play at higher bets, this limit will be $10,000, whichever is reached first. The RTP stands at 96.7% to 98.8%. Please note that the maximum RTP is applied when you bet on the lowest possible crash multiplier.

JetX crash game strategies

You may have heard about basic gambling tips like choosing licensed JetX online casinos and playing responsibly. Well, these aspects are essential, and our rating will help you avoid suspicious gambling sites. However, when it comes to strategies, our team goes further, providing non-trivial methods to help you properly manage your bet.

JetX strategy by volatility

Unlike slot machines where, in most cases, volatility is determined by default, crash games allow gamblers to regulate this level themselves. The earlier you cash out, the lower the risks, and vice versa. Plus, the JetX casino game online has a very wide betting range and an option to play with either one or two jets per round. All these options provide enough space for different volatility strategies for JetX:

  • Drunken pilot
    We don’t think that a drunken pilot is capable of a long journey, especially when all his money is left in the bar. That’s why this strategy is about only one active jet at a bet of $0.1 to $5 per round and multipliers of no higher than 2.5x.
  • Two rookies
    When two young pilots get together, they still lack experience and funds, so it’s not enough to fly a lot. In this case, you can bet on two jets, dividing your bet of up to $5 equally between them. Try to cash out your two bets at 1.5x and 2.5x respectively.
  • First salary
    If the pilot hasn’t lost his job the first month, he can fly a little bit higher, spending his salary on higher bets. You can place a bet of $5 to $20 on a single jet and focus on multipliers of 2.5x to 10x. 
  • Office party
    Several pilots getting a salary on the same day are certain to celebrate it, which translates into two bets per round. These can be 70% on the first jet and 30% on the second. Cash out at 2.5x to 5x and 5x to 10x then.
  • Private jet
    If the pilot is experienced enough to fly a private plane, the bets can also go higher. Wager $20 to $80 on one jet and try to reach at least 15x during this journey.
  • Luxury airlines
    High rollers can afford luxury airlines with two pilots getting the highest salary, so you can bet $30 to $100 per jet and keep on flying to 15x and 20x accordingly.

Of course, you can still modify these strategies to suit your needs. You can combine the highest bets yet low multipliers. For example, when you bet $100 on each jet and cash out at 1.5x and 1.7x, the risks are low, while the amount you win is $150 and $170, so you spend $200 and get $320 ($120 net profit). Or you can place a small bet of $1 and try to reach a multiplier of over 30x. This way, you can turn $1 into $30.

How to wisely use JetX statistics

If you want your JetX casino strategy to be based not only on volatility parameters but also on some calculations, pay attention to statistical details. Even the leftmost section displays winning multipliers within the previous sessions can be helpful, and that’s how you can use this data:

  • Take a look at the last five winning multipliers, combine them, and divide this amount by 5. For example, (3.32x + 1.38x + 1.69x + 1.98x + 4.67x) : 5 = 13.04x : 5 = 2.60x. That’s the average multiplier, so you can stick to this amount trying to cash out on time.
  • You can go further and calculate all the green and red multipliers. Determine which colour is in the majority and place your next bet within this betting range (red up to 1.5x, green over 1.5x).

Still, we should warn you that patterns don’t work in gambling, so the next round can be unpredictable and very different from what you’ve experienced before.

Common mistakes to avoid

From experience, we can say that some players face common mistakes when playing the JetX bet game at online casinos. Take a look at these examples so as not to make the same mistakes:

  • Immediate crash
    If you are scared of big losses, cashing out at the very beginning of the round seems to be an ideal approach. However, keep in mind that the jet can crash at once, so you won’t have time to cash out if you do not use the auto cashout tool. Consider utilising the Auto option for very low multipliers.
  • Sky-high bonus wagering
    You may want to use a JetX online casino bonus, especially when it’s compatible with crash games, but keep in mind that in most cases, the wager is much higher than the multiplier you can win, especially due to game contribution restrictions.
  • Large auto cashout multipliers
    The online casino JetX game has limits of up to 1000x for auto cashout. However, it’s super hard to reach this limit, and if you keep on playing only with these settings, you can run out of balance pretty soon, so pay attention to low multipliers too.
  • Doubled risks with two bets
    It’s convenient to place two bets per round, especially when you cash out one bet quickly and continue with another stake to combine low and high volatility. Yet, remember that you pay for each of them, so the balance may be quickly exhausted.

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SmartSoft is a reliable online casino provider holding MGA, ONJN, and other licences, so its products are both cool and trustworthy. JetX crash game has been around for several years, so it’s become one of the industry faves. Considering gamblers’ reviews, players like its high winning potential, up to two bets per round, convenient autoplay tools, and mobile compatibility. If you are a newbie, place a single bet of $0.1 and cash out quickly. High rollers are welcome to bet up to $200 per round and hunt for high multipliers. Thus, the JetX crash game is suitable for all players and deserves to be at the top.


Where can I find the JetX game?

This page is both a guide to playing JetX and a place where you can access an objective rating displaying the best JetX online casinos with licences and decent payout limits.

How to play JetX?

Basically, you need to place a bet on one or two jets and try to cash out before the plane crashes. You don’t start the game yourself since it’s automatic, but you can cash out according to your strategy.

How much can I win in JetX?

The JetX gambling game caps maximum winnings at 25,000x or $10,000, whatever is reached first. In general, your winnings will depend on the time when you manage to cash out and your bet.

What are the bet sizes in JetX?

You can bet $0.1 to $100 per jet, so the total limit varies from $0.1 to $200 per round. This range may look different when you use another currency, including Bitcoin.

Is the JetX game fair?

Yes, JetX is based on a provably fair solution. You can rely on SmartSoft’s reputation, multiple licences like MGA, and RNG certificates like iTechLabs and Gaming Associates Europe.