Crash X Crash game by Turbo Games for real money

Crash casino games based on space-oriented themes are prevalent in the iGaming market, but each software developer always comes with its nifty interpretation. One of these popular instant-win titles is the Crash X game from Turbo Games. The online casino game features delightful graphics, sounds, and animations that are visually appealing to players, regardless of their gaming devices (desktop or mobile). Add to that innovative game features like the military-style player ranking system, the Ping feature, and the 999,999.99x maximum multiplier, and you have a winner with the Crash X casino game. However, during gameplay, you must use the Auto Cashout feature or click 'Cash Out' before the game crashes to take your winnings. This Crash X review will forensically examine the game's gameplay mechanics, features, rules, and other aspects to give you a meticulous analysis of what makes this instant-win title stand out. Additionally, you'll find a top list of Crash X online casinos on this page.

  • Crash X screenshot
  • Crash X screenshot

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Crash X facts

✅ Name Crash X
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Turbo Games
📅 Release date 2021
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Space
👀 Objects Spaceship
🎯 Objective Jump out of the spaceship (cash out) before it bursts
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 999,999x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

This is an online casino title that utilises the concept of a progressive (rising) multiplier. Usually, players will bet on a moving object represented on a graph-like interface, which begins to rise, leaving a curve that awards multipliers. The higher this object ascends, the more significant the multipliers and, consequently, the greater the winning potential. Nevertheless, the object can crash at any time, leading to losses. As such, you ought to cash out your winnings at your desired multiplier coefficient before the crash event. The crash gameplay mechanic is straightforward yet builds excitement and suspense in each round.

Crash X game overview

The brain behind this intriguing casino crash game is Turbo Games, a relatively new software provider founded in 2020. One year later, in March 2021, the software developer released its debut game, Crash X, which went on to become the smashing success players enjoy today in the best Crash X online casinos. The instant-win title impresses across the board in regards to design, user interface, graphics, sounds, and animations. The Crash X bet game is an interstellar-themed title set up in outer space where the rocket is the primary object, which takes off, leaving a curve of multipliers behind.

In the background, you can see a representation of star constellations forming diverse patterns. The game’s animations will definitely catch the eye of sci-fi fanatics. For example, as the rocket ascends further into space, you’ll see depictions of astronauts in spacesuits jumping off the spaceship. The astronauts start jumping off the rocket as other online players cash out their winnings. You can check this on the live bet panel on the left of the primary game section.

Gameplay mechanics

To put it simply, it’s like the Crash X game is taking players on a space exploration journey filled with superb multipliers and great winning potential. So, will you jump ship (cash out) at the right moment before the rocket explodes? That depends on your instincts and your target multiplier coefficients. Turbo Games further went on to make the game more immersive by awarding players flight badges through what seems like a military ranking system. Of course, the more flights you take, the more experience you get and the higher your rank. Impressively, the Crash X betting game features a maximum multiplier of 999,999.99x, which can deliver monstrous payouts.

Still, the crash casino game features a maximum payout limit per bet. If you play Crash X for real money, you’ll access other features that smoothen your gameplay and make it more captivating. We’ll look more into that later in this Crash X game review. 

Please keep in mind that you must click the ‘Cash Out’ button when you reach your target multiplier to collect your payout. The longer you wait for the multipliers to rise, the greater the payouts you’ll receive if you cash out in time. Still, you run the risk of losing the round the longer you wait since the crash can happen randomly, even at 1.00x. Turbo Games has over 20 other fast games you can check out, including Javelin X, Bayraktar, Turbo Plinko, Limbo Rider, Mines, Crash X Football Edition, etc.

Crash X game payouts and betting limits

Crash X online casinos can have different minimum and maximum bet limits since each platform operates under its specific terms and conditions. Mainly, in our expert opinion, these limits differ regarding the maximum payout they can offer players. That aside, you should be able to bet with at least $0.1 per round and a maximum of $100. For most casinos online with Crash X, the minimum will rarely vary, but the same cannot be said about the maximum threshold. Therefore, we recommend that you check these limits in your chosen Crash X online casino site via the game menu under the Limits tab. Still, since the game offers two betting panels, you can play with the maximum bet on each panel, increasing your maximum bet to $200 per round.

Regarding payouts, the amount you win will depend on your bet amount and the multiplier. Suppose you place a wager of $20 and click ‘Cash Out’ when the progressive has reached 25x. In that case, you’ll receive a payout of $500 (20×25). This payout is made automatically by the system and added to your bankroll balance. You can then decide to take more flights with Crash X or withdraw your winnings. You can also use the Auto Cashout option in the Crash X game to instantly take your payouts when your ideal multiplier coefficient is reached. More on this later.

Crash X maximum win and game RTP

Turbo Games’ Crash X title features a maximum multiplier coefficient of 999,999.99x, as mentioned above. At the top of your head, you may be thinking that if you place a $20 wager and, by luck, the rocket multiplier scale reaches 10,000x, you’ll win $200,000. However, that’s not the case since the Crash X game features a maximum win payout of $10,000. Still, from the software developer’s in-game rules, it’s stated that the maximum win limit is dictated by online casino operators. Therefore, just like betting limits, you may find Crash X online casinos with varying limits on the maximum they can pay out.

This instant-win game has an RTP (return to player) of 96%. RTP is the statistical average of payouts tested over billions of rounds. With the Crash X game having a 96% RTP, it means that on an average of $100 wagered, players can win back $96. Nevertheless, this is a theoretical value that may have little impact on what can happen over shorter gambling sessions. That means it’s possible to enjoy higher winnings over a short gambling period.

Crash X game interface

The crash game is aesthetically pleasing when you launch it, with a stunning space-themed backdrop and clearly marked UI buttons that make navigation and gameplay effortless. Almost 90% of the main game interface is covered by the main screen featuring a flying rocket with impeccable animations that track the spaceship as it soars into space until it explodes (crashes). 

As mentioned, you’ll see astronauts jumping off the rocket as the game progresses alongside other animations that make gameplay more exciting. However, if you find these animations distracting and want to enjoy the Crash X game in its basic form, you can turn off the animation effects under the Settings panel.

On the left side of the interface, you’ll find the live bet panel, displaying all the active players, their winnings, and the multiplier they cashed out at. You can also collapse or expand this panel, depending on your gambling preferences. 

At the base of the interface, you’ll see two betting panels, allowing you to place simultaneous bets. At the top, you’ll find the live game statistics, and below these stats, you’ll see the player rank icon, which will reveal personal statistics when clicked. You’ll find more data about the game, such as rules, how to play, limits, bet history, etc. after you click the Settings menu on the top right corner of the interface.

Crash X game features

To begin with, you’ll have access to two betting panels like most crash casino games offer. On each panel, you can use the (+, -) buttons to increase or decrease your bet amount. Alternatively, you can click the Min and Max buttons to play with the minimum and maximum thresholds, respectively. At the end of each panel is a ‘Place bet’ button, which you’ll use to place your wagers within the set timeframe. This button changes to ‘Cancel’ before the game starts, allowing you to revoke your bets if you have a change of mind. Also, the same button changes to ‘Cash Out’ after the game starts. It’s this button that you’ll click to take your winnings during real money gameplay. In online crypto casinos, you’ll be paid in currencies like Bitcoin, Tether, etc., depending on your selected option. You’ll also access the Autoplay and Auto Cashout features from these betting panels.

Autoplay settings

This feature is available to desktop and mobile users and is located on the top right corner of the ‘Place bet’ button. The Autoplay feature enables gamblers to play their desired number of rounds without requiring them to click ‘Place bet’ after each round. So, when you click the refresh icon on the top right corner, you’ll open the Autoplay window, where you can adjust your ideal bet size, which will be used on every round. 

Autoplay can be activated for at least five rounds during real money gameplay, but you’ll have other options like 10, 25, 50, and infinity. When you’re okay with these settings, you can click the ‘Start Autoplay’ button to activate it in the following rounds. In addition, you can open Pro Settings to customise this feature further as follows:

  • Win/Lose actions: You can set instructions via these options to either increase your initial bet amount by a certain percentage or reset it to the original bet size, depending on whether you win or lose. When using these options, ensure you select the percentage (between 0.1% and 100%) by which the bet amount should increase.
  • Stop on any win: This toggle will stop Autoplay even if there are remaining rounds in the feature. Of course, you can still cancel the Autoplay feature by clicking Stop Autoplay.

Auto cashout

This feature is located at the bottom of each betting panel. Turbo Games twisted things a bit from the conventional auto cashout function, where you enter your desired multiplier. Instead, in the Crash X game, you’ll use a slide bar to choose your ideal auto cashout multiplier. This feature is available during manual betting and Autoplay modes. Auto Cashout will always collect your winnings automatically once the set multiplier is reached during gameplay.

Live statistics and history

The Crash X casino game provides a live statistics panel at the top of the game interface. The live statistics show the outcomes of the last rounds, enabling players to study them and identify any patterns that may give them a winning edge. Multipliers in the live stats panel are displayed in varying colours as follows:

  • Blue: Indicates multipliers that are below 1.99x.
  • Green: This colour represents coefficients that are between 2,00x and 9.99x.
  • Yellow: Lastly, this colour shows multipliers that are over 10.00x.

If you want a record of your entire betting session, you can go to the Settings menu and click ‘My Bets.’ Here, you’ll find details of your previous rounds, including time, bet amount, multiplier at which you cashed out, and your payout. At the end of each outcome, there’s an information icon (i) you can click to display the game round details like player ID, Hash, and other information. Sadly, although the provider itself claims the Crash X bet game is provably fair, there are not enough details that allow players to check for fairness in round results personally.

Personal statistics

Crash X also offers a player’s personal stats. These statistics can be accessed by clicking the hexagonal-shaped badge below the live stats panel. Here, you’ll find information about your current military-style rank. Ranks start from Rookie up to Transcendent Trailblazer (the highest honours). This ranking system is based on the number of bets you’ve placed. In addition, you’ll find your flying hours, number of flights, average multiplier, and the max multiplier, which indicates the highest multiplier at which you’ve successfully cashed out.


Turbo Games added a nifty feature to the Crash X game known as Ping. This feature shows the latency (delay) between the game servers and your gaming devices (mobile or desktop). The Ping data is located at the bottom right of the interface, just above the second betting panel, denoted with a Wi-Fi icon. The software developer recommends that players should only rely on the Auto Cashout value if the Ping figure is over 2000ms. Nevertheless, the provider doesn’t recommend playing if the Ping value is more than 5000ms, as this means the game is behind by five seconds from the real-time.

Crash X game rules

Crash X casino game is ideal for beginners since the rules are overly straightforward. This is not to say that seasoned players are deterred from playing. On the contrary, experienced gamblers will revel in the game’s substantial maximum multiplier potential and the possibility of betting up to $200 in a round. The only essential factor players should consider when playing Crash X for real money is that to win, you must hit the ‘Cash Out’ button before the rocket explodes (crashes). 

If you’re using the Auto Cashout option, your set multiplier must be reached before you can receive your payout. Other things to remember are the $0.1 minimum and $100 maximum bet limits and the $10,000 maximum cap on winnings. Still, we advise new players to practice Crash X in demo mode to study how the game works if they’re unfamiliar with it. Please note there are only 5 seconds between the last and the next round for you to place your bet(s).

Crash X game on mobile

Players can also experience the suspense and thrill of Crash X gambling adventure through their handheld devices (smartphones and tablets). This is because the crash game is optimised for mobile use. All you need is a compatible mobile browser and a Crash X online casino offering a mobile app or an instant-play mobile casino version. With either, you can expect a fluid gaming experience since the casino crash game is designed with HTML5 technology. This enables it to scale down to any compatible mobile device’s graphic resolutions and other specifications to offer the same features you’d find in its desktop counterpart.

Crash X Football Edition

Turbo Games also built upon the success of Crash X with another version of the title aimed at football/soccer enthusiasts. Most features in both games are the same, including minimum and maximum bets, maximum multiplier (999,999.99x), and maximum payout ($10,000). However, being a football-themed title, Crash X Football Edition displays a football stadium in the background. So, instead of a rocket, it’s a ball that rises across the stadium while awarding multipliers.

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Our Crash X review reveals the instant-win title as a spellbinding fusion of strategy, suspense, and risk, making it a popular game among gamblers. Swift decision-making can prove helpful when playing Crash X, but strategy comes out on top. For instance, you can avoid chasing huge multipliers and cash out at lower multipliers while immensely making profits in the process. With reasonable bet limits in the Crash X game, you can try various betting systems. The colossal maximum multiplier limit can be exciting, but remember the $10,000 maximum cap on winnings. From graphics, sound, and animations to gameplay and UI, the Crash X game promises an engaging thrill.

Crash X game FAQ

Is Crash X game fair?

Yes. Crash X is an RNG-certified game. It also uses provably fair technology to help players verify the fairness of outcomes.

How to play Crash X?

Simply choose your bet amount and place it. When the rocket starts rising, click 'Cash Out' to collect your payout.

How much can I win in Crash X?

That depends on your multiplier and bet amount, but the maximum you can win is $10,000.

What are the bet sizes in Crash X?

The bet sizes range between $0.10 and $100, but they may vary depending on the Crash X online casino.

Does Crash X have an autobet feature?

Yes. The feature allows betting infinity rounds and can further be customised under the Pro Settings.