JavelinX Crash game by Turbo Games for real money

If you’re developing an interest in online casino games, crash games might just be a great way to start. They are fun and entertaining, which is why they continue to gain popularity in the global online gaming landscape. The JavelinX crash game by Turbo Games is one of the most popular social multiplayer games around the world. With a unique theme, exciting gameplay, an acceptable RTP, and solid animations, the JavelinX game is an enthralling title. This online casino game offers a maximum real money payout of $10,000 per round. It comes with four bet options, so you can go all out for those big wins. The game has real-time updates for new players’ bets on each military vehicle, as well as a visual guide on how to play. Our experts have done exhaustive research and come up with some of the best JavelinX online casinos. Read our JavelinX review to learn everything about this game and the top online casinos offering it.  

  • JavelinX screenshot
  • JavelinX screenshot

Best online casinos to play JavelinX Crash game by Turbo Games

JavelinX facts

✅ Name JavelinX
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Turbo Games
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 95%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Military
👀 Objects Javelin, military equipment
🎯 Objective Bet on the type of equipment that will be destroyed at the end of the round
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 90x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet no

What is a crash game?

A crash game is an instant-win, fast-paced game where a multiplier can be won by lucky players. The games are designed with straightforward rules so anyone can open and play them without mastering strict rules. They work with random number generators (RNGs), which determine the result of each round. Another point about crash games is that their gameplay is hinged on chance, so anybody can get lucky or unlucky on any round. 

These games have the crash concept, meaning the round can end anytime. Also, each crash casino game has a return to player percentage (RTP), which ranges from 96% to 97% on average.

About the JavelinX casino game

JavelinX is a crash game from Turbo Games, an innovative software provider with many scintillating social multiplayer titles in its catalogue. The JavelinX crash game was released in July 2022 and has become well-followed since then. This game has a war theme, with military vehicles handed to you for fighting off attackers and providing peace. Different ranks are available in the game, from Private to General. Thus, the more successful you are, the more you may be promoted to higher ranks.

The vehicles include armoured cars, tanks, helicopters, and a warship. In terms of graphic designs and animations, this JavelinX bet game has a typical shooter video game design. As such, you’ll find such animations as vehicle movements, shootings, and explosions, all of which are greatly complemented by a great soundtrack.

There are four bet options in this game representing all the military vehicles in this game. Although you can place four wagers per round on all the vehicles, only one can be destroyed for a possible win. The multiplier ranges from 2x to 50x, which is good for this particular game. You have the statistics feature, beginning with the results of recent rounds, placed on the right corner of your game screen. The ‘My bets’ section gives you access to the multipliers you have won across different rounds (if any) and the accompanying payouts. Similarly, the game also displays your nickname, military rank and targets (vehicles) destroyed in your recent rounds.

JavelinX game rules

JavelinX comes with straightforward and uncomplicated rules for all players. You can wager between $0.1 and $100 per round, which is the average bet limit for crash games. The game’s RTP is 95%, and that’s a little below the average RTP in similar games. Additionally, the maximum multiplier is 50x, while the maximum real money payout on each round is $10,000. The highest reward is good, but it’s just the same as many other social multiplayer titles.     

We found only the manual bet feature during this JavelinX review, as there was no autobet button on the screen. However, it has the rebet feature, allowing you to bet in another round with the same stake amount. Unlike many other crash games, we have found that JavelinX doesn’t have the cashout feature. In fact, it’s stated in the game rules that JavelinX has a similar play style as roulette. So, instead of claiming a multiplier by pressing the cashout button, JavelinX requires you to place a wager on the military vehicle (target) that will be destroyed. Therefore, a loss only occurs if your predicted target isn’t destroyed in any round. 

JavelinX has a demo version that allows you to play the game extensively for free and thereby grasp the applicable rules. In this regard, you’ll find the ‘How to Play?’ section when you click/tap the game setting button. This section provides a detailed visual explanation of how you can navigate the game easily. Meanwhile, you can play JavelinX for real money on mobile and desktop devices.

How to play the JavelinX crash game

After depositing real money into your account, visit the lobby and open this game. JavelinX has a ring comprising various segments of different vehicles or targets: armoured cars, tanks, helicopters, and a warship. The exact number of vehicles varies between 53 and 54, as the game description and in-game rules state both figures. The vehicles appear in the ring in the following numbers:

  • 23 (according to the description on the Turbo Games website) or 25 (as per in-game rules) armoured cars: 2x multiplier on the screen. Odds of winning: 48.14%
  • 17 tanks: 3x multiplier. Odds of winning: 31.48%
  • 10 helicopters: 5x. Odds of hitting: 18.52%
  • Warship: 50x. Odds of winning: 1.85%

A small block appears beside each bet option (vehicle), showing the number of players who staked money on it. Each block has real-time updates on new bets, including each player’s rank, bet amount, nickname, etc. Once the round crashes, the small block resets and the same functionality occurs on the next round. It continues across all rounds.

The goal is to predict and wager on the vehicle (target) that will be destroyed in each round. The game has a betting time of 15 seconds, during which you should place your bet. Thus, adjust your bet according to the limits per round: $0.1 to $100 and click/tap on any of the vehicles (targets) on the screen. There are Min & Max buttons, which you can conveniently use if you’re going to bet the least or highest acceptable amounts. Once your bet is accepted, a red target symbol is placed on the vehicle. By the way, you can place wagers on all the vehicles at different amounts.

At the expiration of the betting time, the ring spins and a vehicle is eventually targeted and shattered. If the vehicle you wagered on is destroyed, you win its multiplier, as presented above. However, if another vehicle is shattered, you lose your bet. You can use the rebet button to wager on the next round or enter/adjust your bet accordingly.

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The gameplay in JavelinX is a little different from what we know in most crash games. First, it has no collect or cashout feature, making it as thrilling as your regular table games like roulette. As such, you depend completely on the game to make a win. The game’s RTP is a bit below the average figure in most crash games. However, the maximum payout of $10,000 is a good point to focus on. The maximum 50x multiplier is available for super-lucky players who wager on the warship.

The fact that you can wager on all four vehicles makes the game interesting, as you can get pretty lucky with any vehicle. There’s no autobet feature, but the rebet feature may be useful. Overall, the JavelinX crash game is an engaging title you can play on your mobile or desktop device. And it’s available at our well-vetted online casinos on this page. 

JavelinX game FAQ

Is the JavelinX game fair?

Yes. Just like all non-live casino games, the gameplay in JavelinX is propelled by RNGs. Therefore, only the system controls the outcome of each round, as neither the casinos nor Turbo Games can influence such outcomes.

How to play JavelinX?

You should fund your account, open the game and enter your bet amount in line with the acceptable limits. Then tap/click any or all of the vehicles on the screen if your bet strategy allows that. Once the betting time elapses, a spin will occur, and one of the vehicles will be blown up. If the vehicle you wagered on is blasted, you win; if not, you lose.

How much can I win in JavelinX?

The highest amount you can win at the JavelinX casino game is $10,000, and that’s solid. In terms of multiplier wins, the highest per round is 50x.

What are the bet sizes in JavelinX?

You can play JavelinX for real money with $0.1 up to $100 per round.

Does JavelinX have an autobet feature?

No. The game doesn’t have an autobet feature. But it has a rebet feature that allows you to play the next round with the same amount as the previous round.