Goblin Run Crash game by Evoplay Entertainment for real money

The Goblin Run crash game is a true masterpiece launched by Evoplay in 2022. It’s a new word in the iGaming industry since you not only decide when to cash out, regulating volatility, but also enjoy the adventurous running style in the 3D world where funny goblins are running away from a dragon. You’ll play for goblins, trying to escape with as many coins as possible. The gameplay is dynamic due to lots of visual effects, including the five different levels the characters can reach and skin customisation to choose funny costumes for goblins. This Goblin Run review is certain to highlight all these aspects, explain betting and winning limits, and highlight top online casinos to play this 3D runner crash game for real funds.

  • Goblin Run screenshot
  • Goblin Run screenshot

Best online casinos to play Goblin Run Crash game by Evoplay Entertainment

Goblin Run facts

✅ Name Goblin Run
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Evoplay Entertainment
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $30,000
🎨 Theme Adventure
👀 Objects Dragon, goblins
🎯 Objective Cash out before the dragon kills goblins
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, Russian

What is a crash game?

Though crash casino games aren’t always similar to each other, and Goblin Run is a good example of how such titles can stand out from the rest, the main concept is the same. The tension escalates with each passing second in the game since the longer you play, the higher your potential winnings, but you can crash at any moment, and only the luckiest gamblers reach top multipliers since chances are lower when rewards are higher.

Goblin Run game rules

Goblin Run is a crash game where you experience standard mechanics of cashing out on certain multipliers, trying not to crash, and enjoying unusual pseudo-RPG mechanics at the same time. Of course, you can’t play Goblin Run like a regular arcade game since you can’t control your character or use boosts of any kind, but the ‘start’ button is all you need to make your character, or both of them, run. 

While they know how to jump over traps or dodge dangerous weapons, your task is to help the goblins cash out in time so that the dragon can’t catch them. Since the game crashes sooner or later, you can do your best to help your character stay in the game for a longer period, but keep in mind that the crash can happen even at 0x.

Design & plot

When players are tired of video slots, online casino providers add instant-win games, and when their standard concept of flying rockets also gets monotonous, innovative suppliers walk the extra mile to develop something more creative. That’s what the Evoplay team did. If you like fantasy vibes and have a thirst for adventure, this action-packed story is for you.

The Goblin Run crash game is very different from what you usually see when somebody mentions instant-win games. Goblin Run creates the illusion that you are progressing through the five different levels, playing for your characters, the goblins running from the dragon. The 3D graphics are amazing; you can see the characters jumping over the obstacles and reaching new levels, such as a snow setting, a dungeon, and an island.

Betting & payout limits in Goblin Run

Standardly, the Goblin Run game has betting limits of $1 to $750 per round, but these settings may change depending on your casino, so check this aspect before you deposit and determine your strategy. Plus, the limits can change for your currency, especially when you play at cryptocurrency casinos for Bitcoin or other cryptos.

The maximum winning is 1000x or $750,000, whatever is reached first. The Goblin Run online casino game has a 96% RTP, while the risks are determined by your decision to cash out; the earlier you do it, the lower the risks. Conveniently, you can bet on two goblins per round, which is a great option to separate your bankroll and try out more strategies per round.

Goblin Run game navigation

Though the gameplay model of the Goblin Run casino game is pretty unusual, its navigation widgets are all standard. The game adjusts to both mobile gadgets of all types, be it iOS or Android, and desktops. Evoplay was recognised as the Best Mobile Gaming Provider in 2023 at the EiGE Awards. These are the basic things you may need while playing Goblin Run:

  • The betting field is below the screen. You can open both of them if you want to bet on two goblins per round
  • By tapping on the goblin’s image, you can open the skin shop and choose a funny costume for your character
  • The betting size is adjusted via the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, or you can simply enter an amount you want
  • The menu icons on the left open the rules, display the betting history and allow gamblers to modify sound effects
  • Players can also find a leaderboard and a live chat to contact other users in real time.
  • Conveniently, the menu has responsible gambling rules to help players avoid gambling addiction

How to play Goblin Run for real money

After exploring Goblin Run online casinos, sign up for the best one and deposit. Optionally, you can get a bonus if it’s compatible with crash games, but in most cases, you should better avoid promotions due to very high wagering. When you are ready to join this fantasy running challenge and place your real money bet, follow the guide over here:

  1. Determine your bet (or two bets) for the upcoming round and tap on the green button to continue with this stake
  2. If you bet for the next round, you can tap on ‘Cancel’ to remove your bet, but when the 10-second timer is on the screen, you can’t cancel the wager
  3. When the round begins, you need to tap on the blue button displaying your potential win to cash out
  4. Optionally, you can change the skins of your character or activate the autoplay mode

Please note that the game has an inconvenient feature to be careful with. When you want to cash out and the game crashes at this moment, it turns out that you tap on the betting button instead and place the next bet. Moreover, you can’t cancel it because the timer starts counting down, and bets can’t be closed in this period.

Goblin Run skin shop

The betting field has a goblin icon to change skins. By tapping on it, you’ll find yourself in the skin shop with 25 various costumes for your characters. You are welcome to turn your goblin into a mummy, a unicorn, a jester, a cowboy, or even a sausage. Reviews from real players show that this option is extremely popular among those who want to make the gameplay even more diversified and interesting. Please note that the skins have a purely visual effect and don’t affect the gameplay.

Goblin Run bet game strategies

Though we can’t influence the outcomes of the Goblin Run online casino game or provide you with winning schemes, we can warn you that gambling is always based on your luck and can even be addictive, so be careful and always play responsibly. When it’s clear, you can use our strategies over here to play Goblin Run for real money and have a certain system while placing your bets. This can help you calculate your winnings and losses to understand the gameplay better and simply have fun.

‘Old greedy goblin’ crash game strategy

When a goblin is greedy, your real money bet can’t be high. Moreover, if this goblin is old, don’t expect him to run a lot. That’s why this strategy for the Goblin Run crash game recommends punters playing at low bets and cash out at low multipliers.

For example, you can bet $1 on one goblin, have 30 autoplay rounds, and cash out at 1.1x. If you win all the time, you get $33, where $3 is your net winning. If you lose only one round, you still get a net profit of $1.9 ($31.9 winning, $30 bet), and even when you lose two rounds, you’ll grab $0.8.

Thus, this strategy is good for low-rollers and allows players to lose at least two times during 30 rounds not to end up in the red.

‘Easy to carry’ Goblin Run strategy

If the goblins are smart enough to steal small amounts, they can do it more frequently and be very rich. That’s why they can afford high stakes but will cash out at low multipliers. Let’s place a bet worth $50 on a single goblin and play 10 rounds with 1.1x cashout multipliers.

If you win all the time, you get $550, where $50 is your net profit. However, when you lose one time, the total winning will be $495, while the amount you spend is $500. And when even more rounds are non-winning, you’ll lose much more. Plus, this strategy requires at least $500 on your balance to have ten rounds at a $50 stake.

‘Poor and fast goblin’ online casino strategy

This Goblin Run bet game strategy is about a goblin who isn’t rich enough to place high bets but is really fast to reach high multipliers. The best bet for this Goblin Run online casino strategy is $1 with a cashout at 3.5x.

If you have 10 rounds with this bet and at least four of them win, you can get $14, while your total bet is $10. Thus, $4 is the net profit. Even when you lose one more game, the winning of $10.5 still compensates for your $10 bet. But when you have fewer winning games (two or fewer), the strategy will be non-winning.

‘Professional robbers’ Goblin Run strategy

This time, you’ll deal with professional goblins who know how to escape from the dragon. Of course, they may be too confident, which is very risky, so you’ll place two bets of $100 and try to grab multipliers of at least 3x. This approach is very risky, so try to have no more than ten rounds with this strategy.

Let’s suppose that your goblins will manage to escape four times out of ten rounds. This means that your winning will be $2400, whereas your bets are $2000. Thus, $400 is the net profit. But 3x is quite a high multiplier compared to 1.1x, where the risks are lower, so you can face more non-winning rounds here as well.

‘Fast and slow goblins’ casino game strategy

This time, you can remember that these goblins don’t mind dealing with each other, so you can place two bets per round. However, don’t forget that they may have very different skills, so one goblin can be poor and slot, while the other one can be rich and fast. That’s why their bets will also vary.

For example, you can bet $1 on the first goblin and cash out at 2.5x, and the bet for another character can be $50 at a 1.1x multiplier. Let’s have ten rounds at these settings. If the first goblin crashes two times, while the second goblin wins all the time, you can win $570 ($20 + $550) where your bet is $510 ($10 + $500), so $60 will be the total win.

However, keep in mind that the strategy won’t work that well when the goblins crash more often, especially the second character with a higher bet.

Provably Fair in Goblin Run

Goblin Run is a real money online casino game, so players deserve to get transparent information about its security tools and fairness. The Evoplay provider states that they continuously generate a chain of 3 million SHA-256 hashes, making the outcomes properly encrypted. You can use any SHA-256 generator to check whether your particular round is fair. It’s necessary to open the provably check window in the gaming history and add the hash generator crash multiplier and Salt. Once you activate the ‘Generate’ process, you can see that the hashcode coincides with the hash of your round. In other words, the Goblin Run casino online game is fair, and you can always check it if necessary.

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Goblin Run by Evolpay is a crash online casino game that doesn’t look like most other titles in this genre. It’s a crash game and a 3D runner at the same time, so you’ll enjoy lots of action, as well as the 1000x winning potential and amazing visual effects, including different skins for your character and different locations which change when your goblin runs fast and reaches new levels. If you want to find out what a gambling arcade is like and place some real money bets in the best online casinos, the Goblin Run crash game is a game not to miss. 

Goblin Run game FAQ

Is the Goblin Run game fair?

Sure, Evoplay built Goblin Run on the Provably Fair technology, which means that the game’s outcomes are predetermined by the system, and no one can influence them.

How to play Goblin Run?

You need to place one or two bets per round and wait for the goblins to start running from the dragon. If you cash out before the dragon catches them, you win according to the multiplier that was active during the cashout.

How much can I win in Goblin Run?

The Evoplay provider determines the maximum winning for this game as 1000x or $750,000, whatever is reached first.

What are the bet sizes in Goblin Run?

According to the game’s rules, the betting range is $1 to $750, but the limit can vary depending on your casino’s conditions and currency, so check this before you start playing.

Does Goblin Run have an auto-bet feature?

Yes, you can switch to the autoplay mode and set 10, 30, 50, 80, or 100 rounds with the bet you like and auto cashout at 1.1x to 999x.