Limbo Rider Crash game by Turbo Games for real money

For such a new player in the online gambling industry, Turbo Games has truly made a name for itself, especially in the realm of instant win games, with exciting titles such as the Limbo Rider crash game complementing the company’s catalogue. Most crash games allow different players from across the world to place bets simultaneously, but the Limbo Rider bet game is a single-player title, meaning the game will start whenever you’re ready. The game offers a decent RTP of 95% and a maximum multiplier of 1000x. However, the Limbo Rider game has a maximum win limit of $10,000 per round.

  • Limbo Rider screenshot
  • Limbo Rider screenshot

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Limbo Rider facts

✅ Name Limbo Rider
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Turbo Games
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 95%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Race
👀 Objects Car
🎯 Objective Set the target multiplier and make sure it is lower than the final multiplier value
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet no

Generally, the game features a virtual high-powered supercar that takes off at the beginning of a round and drives into oblivion, ending the round. Unlike most crash games, Limbo Rider has a slightly different gameplay (to be discussed later). If this is your cup of tea, keep reading this Limbo Rider review to find out more information about the game. We’ll also provide you with a list of top online casinos where you can play Limbo Rider for real money or practice using virtual credits.

What is a crash game?

Like online slots, there are different types of crash games, with the Limbo Rider casino game being a perfect example of how each title stands out from the rest. Still, the concept remains the same, i.e., the longer you stay in a round, the higher your potential winnings. However, there’s usually a downside if you wait for too long since the round can end at any moment without warning, leading you to lose your funds. Generally, crash games feature straightforward gameplay and multiplied payouts, which start from as low as 1.01x and can go indefinitely, depending on the title you’re playing.

Limbo Rider game: Overview

As mentioned earlier, the Limbo Rider casino game is among the many thrilling crash games created by Turbo Games. The game was released to the online gambling market recently in 2022. Since its introduction, it has gained massive popularity, with numerous players worldwide trying their luck to see if they can walk away with good rewards. But what is it about?

From its name, you can deduce that the Limbo Rider bet game is designed based on a driver who takes off at the beginning of each round and rides into oblivion, translating to the end of the round. With such a catchy theme, you expect nothing short of great video graphics, and Turbo Games has truly delivered on this. To begin with, the game features a purple background and a constantly moving surface with 3D symmetrical objects, an outlook that’s quite appealing to the eye. In addition, on the moving surface is a virtual luxury sports car equipped with the turbo feature as the centrepiece of the title, and it starts moving immediately after a game round begins.

Aside from the captivating theme and high-quality graphics, the Limbo Rider crash game offers game control settings, which you can access through the gear icon on the top right side of the gaming window. Generally, these settings allow you to change your nickname, increase/decrease the sound’s volume, and turn the background music on/off. You can also mute the background music and sound all at once by clicking the sound icon.

Limbo Rider game: Objective

For starters, the Limbo Rider casino game is designed based on the crash curve gaming mechanic, i.e., at the beginning of each round, the high-powered virtual sports car takes off and keeps going until it disappears (crashes) into limbo, ending the round. Like most crash games, Limbo Rider has a multiplier value that starts growing from 1.01x as soon as the car speeds up. Notably, the more the car stays in sight, the higher the multiplier, and it can go up to 1000x, at which point the round will automatically end.

However, the Limbo Rider bet game has slightly different gameplay from other crash games. In most instant games, your objective is to collect your winnings as soon as the multiplier coefficient reaches your desired value, but Limbo Rider has a slight twist. Instead of waiting for your preferred multiplier value, the Limbo Rider casino game requires you to set your desired cashout multiplier before the beginning of a round and hope the virtual ride will not crash before hitting your set value. This means you’ll only win if the displayed value is higher than your target multiplier; otherwise, you’ll lose your bet, i.e., if the multiplier is lower.

Limbo Rider RTP and betting limits

Whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile, the Limbo Rider casino game offers an average RTP percentage of 95%. This is a below-average RTP since most crash games provide a 96%-97% RTP. But what does it really mean? First of all, this is the return to player percentage of a game, a figure that’s determined by considering numerous plays over a long period. Therefore, with a 95% RTP, it means that for every $100 you spend on Limbo Rider, you can expect a $95 return. However, you should note that this is not a guaranteed payout.

As for betting limits, the Limbo Rider crash game is quite accommodating to low rollers and players with medium-gambling budgets, but this doesn’t mean that high rollers are locked out of participating in the game. During gameplay, you can place bets from as low as $0.1 and a maximum of USD 100 per round. If you’re playing in an online casino that supports crypto, the bet sizes will be displayed in cryptocurrencies. This means you can place your bets using popular coins such as Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Binance Coin, etc.

Limbo Rider multipliers and payouts

The Limbo Rider game offers numerous multiplied payouts whether you’re playing using your hard-earned cash or in demo mode with virtual credits. During a round, you can walk away with as little as 1.01x your bet amount, but if luck is on your side, you can receive higher multiplied payouts, which can go up to a maximum of 1000x. You might be thinking that with a maximum bet limit of $100, you might cash out $100,000, but that’s not the case, as the game features a maximum win limit of $10,000 per round. This means that once your winnings hit USD 10,000, the system will automatically credit the funds to your casino account and end the round.

If you’re wondering how the payouts are calculated after a win, it’s the same way as in other crash games, i.e., your initial bet amount is multiplied by your target coefficient. Please note that you won’t receive a higher payout if the scale surpasses your desired multiplier. Therefore, if you place a $10 bet, set your target multiplier as 5.3x, and the outcome for the round is 20x, your final payout will be $53 (10×5.3) and not $200.

Limbo Rider game features

Despite the catchy storyline and top-tier graphics, the Limbo Rider crash game has pretty simple gaming features. Nevertheless, the game offers the most essential functions in any online casino game. Let’s dig in on some of these features below.

Betting interface

Whether you’re playing on your desktop at home or on your mobile device while on the move, the betting interface is the same and hard to miss since it’s placed right below the main gaming window. It follows the game’s colour theme (purple) and features various fill-in boxes and buttons.

The first box is where you’re required to input your desired bet amount (within the game’s betting limits). You can enter the amount manually or use the (+) and (-) buttons to increase or reduce the filled figure, respectively. You can also use the Min and Max buttons if you wish to place the game’s minimum and maximum limits directly, i.e., $0.1 and $100.

Multiplier window

This is the second box on the interface where you must enter your target multiplier before starting a game round. You can fill in from as low as 1.01x and up to the maximum win multiplier of 1000x. Like the betting interface, the multiplier window also has increase (+) and decrease (-) buttons.

Win chance

For desktop players, the Win Chance is displayed in percentage form below the multiplier window. This percentage usually indicates the probability of your target multiplier being hit, and you’ll notice that the higher the multiplier value, the less the Win Chance. Therefore, we recommend not to be too ambitious as a higher coefficient will put your funds at a much greater risk.

‘Place bet’ button

A brightly coloured green button represents this function. As previously stated, the Limbo Rider casino game has an unusual gameplay. Unlike most crash games, where each round has a set betting period before it starts, Limbo Rider puts that task in your hands. This means that as soon as you’re done entering your preferred bet amount and target multiplier, press the ‘Place bet’ button, and the round will begin.

Limbo Rider game rules

To play Limbo Rider for real money or just for fun, you must first sign up for a player account. You can either find a gambling platform online or pick one from our top list of well-vetted and reputable Limbo Rider online casinos. For real money players, your next step will be to fund your account, which is a pretty straightforward process whether you’re depositing using fiat or crypto banking methods. Afterwards, you can now proceed to the game lobby, launch the Limbo Rider game, enter your preferred bet amount and target multiplier, and click the Place bet button.

The Limbo Rider game rules are quite simple since your only task is to set your desired bet size, enter the multiplier value you think the turbo-charged sports car will hit or surpass before disappearing, start the round, and wait for the outcome. As mentioned earlier, if the round’s final multiplier is equal to or higher than your target multiplier, it’s a win for you; otherwise, you’ll lose your bet and have to try your luck in the next round.

Live statistics in Limbo Rider

The Limbo Rider crash game has a dedicated and detailed live statistics panel on the bottom section of the gaming interface. You’ll find three different tabs, each representing different stats. For instance, the All Bets page features the recently placed wagers in different Turbo Games’ titles with various details, including the player’s name, time of betting, bet amount, target multiplier, payout amount, and the specific title’s name. Under the Top Bets tab, you’ll find various stats of the recent winning bets in different titles with multiplier values above 10x. Lastly, when you click the My bets tab, you’ll find a detailed list of your last ten rounds.

Furthermore, the game displays results for the last five rounds in different colours on the right side of the gaming window. For multiplier values below 2.0x, the stats are displayed in pink, whereas coefficients above 2.0x are shown in green. These previous results can be helpful when you’re setting your target multiplier, but nothing is guaranteed since they could be misleading.

Provably Fair technology in Limbo Rider

The first crash game was designed on a cryptographic algorithm. This feature allowed players to verify if each round’s result was fair and untampered with before or during gameplay. To maintain the same standards and transparency, Turbo Games has integrated the same technology (Provably Fair) into the Limbo Rider casino game. This means you can check if each round’s final multiplier was pre-determined and the outcome was not manipulated. Simply click the specific round’s outcome under the ‘My bets’ tab, copy the provided key at the top-right corner, and use a third-party hash code generator to verify the results.

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Most crash games follow similar gameplay rules where you must cash out your winnings once the multiplier scale hits your desired value, but that’s not the case with Limbo Rider. Released in 2022, the game applies a different approach where you must predict how high you think the multiplier will go (starting from 1.01x), and in return, you’ll be awarded if the coefficient is equal to or exceeds your set value. If the outcome is lower than your target multiplier, then you’ll lose your bet. The Limbo Rider crash game offers a 95% RTP alongside friendly betting limits, which range between $0.1 and $100, making it an ideal option for low-budget players. On top of that, you can receive up to 1000x your bet amount, but there’s a maximum win limit of $10,000 per round.

Limbo Rider game FAQ

Is Limbo Rider game fair?

Yes, each round’s outcome is pre-determined and randomly generated by RNG, which is occasionally audited by independent firms, ensuring there’s no manipulation involved. On top of that, the Limbo Rider game features the Provably Fair technology, which allows you to verify each round’s outcome.

How to play Limbo Rider

The Limbo Rider gameplay is pretty simple. Your first step is to enter your preferred bet amount within the game’s betting limits, set your target multiplier, and hit the Place bet button. Afterwards, the round will begin, and if the multiplier scale reaches or surpasses your set value, it’ll be a win. If it’s lower, you’ll lose your bet.

How much can I win in Limbo Rider?

The Limbo Rider crash game offers different multiplied payouts starting from as low as 1.01x your bet amount and can go up to a maximum of 1000x. However, to avoid paying massive amounts to numerous players at a go, Turbo Games has set a maximum win limit of $10,000 per round in Limbo Rider.

What are the bet sizes in Limbo Rider?

The Limbo Rider casino game has friendly betting limits, which are standard to most crash games. You can bet with as little as $0.1, but the maximum amount allowed for betting when playing Limbo Rider for real money is $100.

Does Limbo Rider have an autobet feature?

No. Unlike most crash games, the Limbo Rider game doesn’t have an autobet feature since there’s no set betting period, a function that comes in handy if you don’t feel like you can beat the betting phase. In Limbo Rider, the beginning of a round is in your hands.

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