Mriya Crash game by NetGame Entertainment for real money

Mriya is a multiplayer crash game released by Netgame Entertainment in April 2022. This game has the same mechanics as Aviator and many other titles with a growing multiplier and a flying object (airplane, rocket, etc.). Mriya has all the classic features pertinent to a crash game: automatic betting, automatic cashouts, the history panel, and other essential things that will make your flying outstanding and a little easier. What’s exciting about the crash game is that it suits high rollers, as the bet can run up to $300 a bet, totalling $600 if you double-bet. And until you proceed to read the review, just know that the maximum win turns out to be $300,000 per bet. Sure thing, this probability is exceedingly low. Read our review below to find out more.  

  • Mriya screenshot
  • Mriya screenshot

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Mriya facts

✅ Name Mriya
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider NetGame Entertainment
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $300
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Plane
🎯 Objective Cash out before the plane flies away
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet no

What is a crash game?

In the classic sense, a ‘crash game’ involves an increasing multiplier, usually linked to a rocket or plane. At the core of any crash game is the player’s decision to snag the currently accumulated multiplier or wait and try to win bigger. Therefore, crash games have varying volatility and open up prospects for different betting patterns. Additionally, there are some games with a single-player approach – they have no time restrictions between rounds, enabling one to play at their own rate.

How to play Mriya crash game

The reviewed title looks and feels like any other classic crash game (Aviator, JetX, Aero, etc.). At the centre of the action is an airplane that ascends and pulls up the multiplier. Generally, the game involves the following easy steps:

  1. Place a bet in the offered range (can differ across casinos)
  2. Set an auto-cashout feature, if desired
  3. Focus on the launch of the airplane
  4. Tap ‘Collect’ when your intuition calls you to do so
  5. If you failed, repeat this iteration or leave the game

Considerations on Mriya game fairness

Sadly, the game is not backed by the provably fair tech widely used in other crash games, so a player cannot verify the fairness of any round. So, all we can hope for is that the game provider really delivers on its promises with respect to the 96.1% RTP built into the game engine. Netgame Entertainment is a small company founded in 2012 and released around 30 brand-new games. 

The studio does not have a strong footprint in the gambling industry, but it often takes part in gaming shows and conferences like SiGMA, ICE Africa, and IGB Live. We are not sure their games are fair; however, no lousy feedback about their games regarding scammy RTPs has been found on the internet.   

Mriya crash game rules

The game’s theme and design are inspired by Mriya, the world’s largest cargo airplane by weight, designed to transport the Soviet space shuttle. Graphics and animations are modern and eye-catching, with a pixel art style. The player’s objective in this game is identical to other crash games: Try to withdraw money before the multiplier stops gaining, and do this as close to the crash point as possible.

Once the preceding round ends, players have around 10 seconds to make their bets. During this waiting time, you will see yellow cars being shipped into the haul. Once the betting period is over, the plane carrying the space shuttle on top of its roof lifts off and begins a climb.  

At about 3x, the shuttle leaves the atmosphere, undocks from the airplane and continues flight independently while Mriya disappears from the screen. When you first see this happen, you might think of it as a kind of bonus feature. But this has no effect on your gameplay. Generally, graphic-wise, the game makes a statement, especially the detailed drawn airplane.

Bet sizes in Mriya game   

If you want to play Mriya for real money, you must place a bet not lower than $1. Experience shows that it’s high enough, especially for casual players. There are many crash games out there, убпб the well-known Aviator, where the min bet is merely a dime. The highest stake here is $300 – ideal for high rollers. You have a few ways of inputting your desired bet size:  

  • Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons and set a $1, $5, or $10 step. So, every time you tap a ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ button, your bet will go up or down by your selected value.
  • Tap ‘All In’. This will put all your money at stake, considering the $300 ceiling.
  • Tap the amount shown between the ‘+’ and ‘-’. You will see a popup that looks like a standard calculator. By hitting numbers, you can enter your desired bet of any value with an accuracy to 1 cent.

Double betting

Below the main screen, there are two identical bet panes. Unlike many other crash games, you cannot hide any pane in Mriya – they are always in view. Using the left or right pane, you can place one or two bets simultaneously. 

Autobet feature

This functionality is triggered by tapping a small slider in the Bet section. It will shift to the right, and the area beneath will become green. There are no special Stop conditions for this feature, meaning it will be working until you tap the switch button again, making the feature deactivate. Mind that you can use this tool for both bets in one round. 

Autocollect feature

Similarly, you must touch another switch button – one inside the Collect section – to trigger the automatic collection of your winnings. Before you do this, make sure to set the multiplier at which you want the game to withdraw. 

A significant advantage is that you are allowed to set the 1.01x multiplier as the minimal point – something that many crash games are lacking. Moreover, you may set the top cashout level at x1000, another benefit compared to many other crash games. 

Recent Rounds stats

All crash games are driven by a random number generator, so you can never know what the next round will bring you. However, every game gravitates to some pattern in the distribution of multipliers. For example, Football X tends to yield low multipliers very often, rarely exceeding 1.5x. Looking at the stats, you will never predict the outcome exactly; however, the history of the past rounds can give you insight into the trends.

Let’s illustrate the point. The History block shows 44 past results. As of writing the review, the game ended

  • 4 times at 1x 
  • 13 times at 1.01x to 1.5x
  • 15 times at 1.51x to 10x
  • 12 times at 10.01x and higher  

So if we wagered $1 and set the auto-collect at 10.01x, we would win 12 out of 44 rounds and have the best of the bargain. Similarly, if we commanded the auto-collect to cash out at 1.01x, we would reap a cash prize in about 90% of rounds.

Bet History stats

The left part of the game is devoted to two types of statistics. The left column shows the current stakes of all players, giving you the details on the bet sizes and winnings collected by other players. The right column, ‘My Bets’, displays your bets in the current session of the Mriya online casino. Here, you’ll see 5 parameters: Time, Crash, Bet, Collect and Win. This part of the game can help you tweak your betting system, making it more streamlined to the current trends and your remaining bankroll.  

Maximum winning in Mriya game

Playing dozens of crash games, we have noticed that almost all cut the highest potential win at a specific monetary amount, most often at $10,000. For example, this limit is used in Aviator, JetX, and Aero. Some games, like F777 Fighter, do not specify multiplier and cash limits, so it’s not clear whether the game has it or its rules are incomplete.

Unlike other crash games that cut the player’s possible wins to $10,000, the Mriya casino game has no restraints. The only boundary condition is the 1000x multiplier. Upon reaching it, the player gets the winnings automatically. So, playing at the top permitted bet ($300), you can snag $300,000.

Tips to Mriya crash game

Skipping over regular tips, typical for all crash games, we can give you a few game-specific pieces of advice and things to consider when you play Mriya for real money: 

  • If a bet size is $1 on the meter, but you want to make it $200, tap ‘-’ instead of ‘+’. This counter-intuitive thing can save you some time
  • Contrary to Aviator, where multipliers of 1.05x – to 2x occur very often, Mriya has a higher volatility, with about 75% of results being greater than 1.5x
  • It bears remembering that automatic features can only be disabled manually. You cannot set their duration before triggering them 

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Mriya is a classic multiplayer crash game in which a heavy-duty airplane takes off, ascends, and flies up to the maximum multiplier of 1000x unless it crashes earlier. The bet options ($1 to $300) are perfect for high rollers but can be a bit tight for casual players. The Autobet / autocollect features are available but lack flexibility regarding the Stop conditions – a player just picks the number of automatic rounds needed. Double betting is also available, which expands the leeway for strategies. Graphic-wise, the game looks modern and well-designed. You can win up to $300,000 if you play Mriya for real money.

Mriya game FAQ

Is Mriya game fair?

Mriya’s developer, Netgame Entertainment, holds Curacao and Gaming Labs licenses. This lets us conclude that the crash game is fair and unbiased.

How to play Mriya?

In terms of mechanics, Mriya is a typical crash game. You must first place one or two bets per round. After the round begins, your task is to cash out before the airplane or shuttle bursts. If you are successful, you’ll get a payout.

How much can I win in Mriya?

The lowest win is 1.01x your bet, while the maximum win is 1000x bet. With regard to $300 as the highest accepted bet, you can snag up to $300,000 and twice as high with a dual-bet option enabled.

What are the bet sizes in Mriya?

The bet range is $1-$300. There’s no information on whether online casinos are permitted to modify these limits.

Does Mriya have an autobet feature?

Yes, you may use the autobet tool on both bets in one round.