High Striker Crash game by Evoplay Entertainment for real money

Evoplay's High Striker crash game is one of the most preferred instant-win titles in online fiat and cryptocurrency casinos. Its fair bet range that accommodates new players and seasoned ones alike and its high RTP are amongst the top reasons for its popularity. The High Striker game also appeals to players who fancy simplicity in their gambling adventure since the crash game features undemanding rules. To play the High Striker for real money, you only need to choose a bet amount and wait for the multiplier scale (line) to rise and take your winnings before it crashes. Notably, this multiplier scale has a maximum of 1000x. Before taking on the High Striker casino game, read our comprehensive review, where we detail its game features, bet limits, how to play, and more. Additionally, gamblers will find a list of top High Striker online casinos on this page.

  • High Striker screenshot
  • High Striker screenshot

Best online casinos to play High Striker Crash game by Evoplay Entertainment

High Striker facts

✅ Name High Striker
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Evoplay Entertainment
📅 Release date 2019
💹 Return to Player 98%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1-$90
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Mutiplier curve
🎯 Objective Cash out before the curve crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

What is a crash game?

This is a multiplayer social gambling game where players from diverse parts of the world wager on the same event before the game crashes. In the case of High Striker, players wager on the line, which rises while awarding multipliers. Notably, players must cash out their winnings before the game crashes. This genre of online casino games is popular in crypto casinos since most use the provably fair technology. Still, they’re also available in online casinos accepting fiat currencies.

High Striker crash game: Overview

This famous casino crash game was released in 2019 by Evoplay Entertainment, an iGaming software publisher with a massive reputation for developing this genre of casino games. In its instant-win game collection, you’ll find other titles like Mine Field, Courier Sweeper, Heads & Tails, Christmas Crash, etc. Still, the provider develops other verticals like table games, jackpot titles, and online slots. Away from that, the High Striker crash game comes with a rudimentary design that’s easy on the eye, which is ideal for some players, but others could do with some more oomph.

The game’s graphics are commendable, but there’s nothing spectacular about the in-game animations and sound. In fact, High Striker doesn’t feature background music or sounds. Recent crash game releases usually depict a particular theme, like space, aviation, etc. With the High Striker crash game, the theme isn’t clearly defined, but from its banner, we can speculate it’s a sports theme due to the target silhouette images that you’d find in a shooting range. The crash casino game features multipliers of 1x, which extend up to a maximum of 1000x.

However, you should be quick to collect your winnings since the multiplier scale can crash randomly and without an alert. Here, timing is critical: Mere milliseconds could determine whether you win or lose the round. Remember, if the multiplier line crashes, it means you’ve lost your wager. So, click the ‘Cash Out’ button in time to take your payout. With the 1000x maximum multiplier, the most daring of players can get some good wins from the High Striker game by waiting for the multiplier scale to rise for a more extended period. The crash game also features an Auto bet and Auto Cashout feature that will streamline your gaming adventure.

High Striker payouts and betting limits

When playing the High Striker bet game for real money, you can place bets with as little as $0.10 per round. On the other hand, the maximum bet per round is about $90. In truth, these limits are acceptable since they harbour all types of players. Still, we recommend that you confirm the betting range from your operator’s site. This is because these minimum and maximum thresholds can change from one online casino to another. Payouts in the High Striker crash game are automatically made once you click ‘Cash Out’ or if the pre-set Auto Cashout multiplier is reached during gameplay.

Afterwards, you can opt to withdraw your winnings to your bank or wallet account or continue with the adventure. So, how are winnings calculated in the game? It’s pretty straightforward. Your payout is determined by your bet size and the active multiplier coefficient at the point where the cashout event was initiated. For instance, if you wagered $100 and used the Auto Cashout feature or clicked ‘Cash Out’ when the multiplier scale is at 80.53x, you’ll receive a payout of $8053 (100×80.53).

High Striker game RTP and maximum win

Evoplay’s High Striker crash game has a published RTP (return to player) of 98%. This is amongst the highest return-to-player percentages you’ll encounter in online crash casino games. A game’s RTP usually indicates the amount of money it pays out over a set timeframe (usually an extended period). Therefore, in the long haul, players can expect the High Striker betting game to return $98 from a $100 wager. However, this theory doesn’t factor in what happens over short gambling sessions, and since outcomes are unpredictable, short gaming sessions could earn you more.

Notably, this crash game comes with a maximum win threshold of $90,000 per round. This limit is calculated from the game’s maximum bet limit and the highest multiplier coefficient achievable. Although this is the information displayed on Evoplay’s website, the provider continues to state that this maximum win cap is variable and can change depending on a casino operator’s terms and conditions. As such, you may find lower or higher maximum win limits. High Striker offers a high maximum win potential compared to other casino crash games like Aviator.

High Striker game interface

As mentioned earlier, the High Striker game features a simplistic design, as you’ll see after launching the title. There are no spectacular animations – just the rising yellow multiplier scale (line), and it has zero sound effects. This can be a minor setback, but to some players, it enables them to focus on the main game. The background of the primary game is black, with the Hash details of each round being displayed at the top left corner. On the opposite side, you’ll find the home icon and the more info symbol (?), which showcases details about the game, including game features, provably fair technology, how to play, and more.

Below the main multiplier curve is the history block, which displays data from the results of the previous round. This data includes the crash multiplier, your bet amount and profit (if you had active bets in those rounds), and the Hash code. To the right of the primary game area, you find your betting section, where you can switch between manual and auto betting. Below this section, you’ll find a list of the top 100 active players, with their names, bet amounts, and profit details.

High Striker game features

This crash game doesn’t offer a lot of features, unlike others in this genre, such as Rocketon with its half cashout or Aviator with the two betting panels. In the High Striker game, you’ll only have one betting panel. You can use the (+, -) buttons to adjust your bet size, but you cannot manually enter your desired figure. Below the bet size field, you can check the Auto Cashout box to turn this feature on or off. Clicking the ‘Bet Now’ button will allow the system to accept your bet. This button turns to ‘Cash Out’ after the game commences. If you switch from the manual tab to auto, you’ll access the Auto Bet and Auto Cashout options.

Auto Bet settings

If you wish to play High Striker continuously without manually placing bets, this is a helpful feature. However, you should be cautious of your bankroll when using the Auto Bet system, as it can exhaust your account balance. To use this feature efficiently, you can consider using the advanced settings it offers. They include

  • Stop if bet >/=: This option allows you to set a total bet amount figure, which, when reached, the Auto Bet feature stops automatically. It will help you avoid exhausting your balance completely.
  • Win/loss actions: Furthermore, you can customise the next course of action if the previous round was a win or loss. You can choose to return to your initial base bet or go to your next bet range. You must adjust the bet values in each case to suit your preferences.

To activate this feature, click the ‘Run’ button after optimising the Auto Bet. Also, you can manually cancel this autoplay system by clicking the ‘Stop’ button under the auto betting tab.

Auto Cashout

If you find the manual cashout option too tedious when playing the High Striker game, feel free to use the Auto Cashout feature. Simply set your preferred multiplier coefficient at which, when reached on the multiplier scale, your bet and winnings will be cashed out automatically. The Auto Cashout option works best with the Auto Bet feature, but you can still manually place bets and use Auto Cashout.

Note that in the High Striker casino game, funds are cashed out automatically within a second after a lost connection or other technical issue. This only applies if you’re using the Auto Cashout feature.

High Striker game rules

The most exciting aspect of crash game gambling is that there are no demanding rules that can keep you from starting real money gaming immediately. Still, we’d like to point out a few crucial elements of the High Striker game. First, you must click the ‘Cash Out’ button or use Auto Cashout to take your winning when your desired multiplier is achieved during gameplay. Secondly, an Auto Cashout is only considered successful if your precise multiplier is reached (you can’t round off multipliers). Also, you’ll lose your wager if you don’t cash out your winnings before the multiplier line crashes. Remember that the High Striker casino game has a maximum payout cap of $90,000.

How to play High Striker for real money

We’ve provided a list of some of the best High Striker online casinos on this page. So, if you don’t know where to play, this is where to start. Simply sign up for an account by providing your name, address, password, mobile number, email address, DOB, etc. You should be done within two minutes. However, depending on the High Striker casino online, you may be required to verify your account before commencing real money gameplay. When you’re all set, this is the gameplay procedure you should follow:

  1. Top up your gambling account balance by making a deposit. Our top High Striker online casino recommendations support a myriad of payment methods and currencies (fiat and crypto like Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, etc.). Therefore, you can effortlessly deposit your desired amount, which should reflect your player account almost immediately. If your chosen High Striker crash game casino offers a signup bonus, you can use it as long as its terms and conditions suit you.
  2. Go to the casino operator’s game library and look for High Striker. The game should be under the crash game, instant, or fast category in the lobby. If these options aren’t available, you can use the search function to locate the game and launch it.
  3. You should see all the features of the game that we’ve covered herein. Therefore, navigate to the betting panel and select your desired bet amount between $0.10 and $90. You can also employ the Auto Bet feature. If you find an ongoing round, click the ‘Bet on Next Round’ button; otherwise, click the ‘Bet Now’ option to place your bet. Remember, you’ll have about four seconds to place your bets. After this period expires, you’ll need to bet on the next game round.
  4. The High Striker game will begin with a multiplier scale counting from 1.00x. This scale will rise to a maximum of 1000x, but it can crash any time before it reaches the multiplier threshold. As such, you must click the ‘Cash Out’ button to take your winnings before the crash event occurs.

If you’re not yet confident about starting to gamble with actual cash, you can launch the demo version of High Striker from your Bitcoin online casino and play using virtual funds. This will help you familiarise yourself with the game and practice your cashout timing.

High Striker mobile compatibility

Evoplay Entertainment has engineered all their gambling products with HTML5 technology, including the High Striker game. As such, you can launch and play this crash game on your mobile device (iOS and Android). This HTML5 technology allows the casino crash game to scale down and match your tablet or smartphone’s graphics and resolution, thus offering a smooth gaming adventure. That means you can play this game from anywhere, even on the move, given your High Striker online casino provides a compatible instant-play mobile casino or mobile app. If you spend most of your time on your mobile device, this is a fantastic way to enjoy your gambling experience and collect some winnings while doing so.

Provably Fair technology in High Striker

Evoplay Entertainment was among the first game publishers to install this blockchain-based outcome verification technology into online casino games. The provably fair algorithm enables players to confirm if game outcomes are honest or rigged. This is done through an exchange of Hashes during gameplay, and with the High Striker crash game, 3 million SHA-256 hashes are played to determine a multiplier line crash point in a transparent manner.

If you feel like a particular result is manipulated, you can manually verify if the result was accurate. How would you do that? Go to the History section of High Striker and click the green shield icon on the far end of the particular result. From the resulting window, you’ll see the Hash, Salt, and Result data. Now, go online and open any SHA-256 hash generator. Afterwards, copy the Hash code from the game and paste it on the generator and then copy the Salt data and add it to the pasted Hash without spaces. If you click ‘Generate’ and the resulting hash code matches the Hash of your round, then the outcome is fair.

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In summary, this High Striker review showcases the crash game as a suitable title for players who want to focus on gameplay and make some profits. This is because the title doesn’t really impress across the board regarding sound, graphics, and animations. Still, it has some points that make its case, including a high RTP of 98%, reasonable betting limits that accommodate gamblers of varying budgets, impeccable mobile compatibility, and unsophisticated gameplay rules. The 1000x maximum multiplier is also appealing to most gamblers. With our recommended High Striker crash game casinos, you can enjoy a fine gaming adventure, claiming bonuses and enjoying lightning-fast withdrawals via many payment systems. Remember, you must click ‘Cash Out’ to take your winnings. Still, for a better experience, you can use the Auto Bet and Auto Cashout features.

High Striker FAQ

How to play High Striker?

Login to your High Striker casino, launch the game, choose your desired bet size, and click the 'Bet Now' button. Wait for the multiplier scale to start rising and click 'Cash Out' at your ideal multiplier coefficient to take your winnings instantly.

How much can I win in High Striker?

Your payout amount will depend on your bet size and the multiplier coefficient at which you cashed out. Still, the game has a maximum payout limit of $90,000.

What is the maximum multiplier in High Striker?

1000x is the maximum multiplier in the High Striker crash game. It's a good multiplier, but other crash games can offer higher multipliers.

What are the bet sizes in High Striker?

The minimum and maximum bet size ranges between $0.10 and $90 per round. Still, you may find casino operators offering higher or lower limits.

Is the High Striker game fair?

Absolutely! The game uses a complex, provably fair algorithm to determine game outcomes. This technology is not susceptible to manipulation and offers transparency by allowing players to verify game outcomes individually.