JetX3 Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming for real money

The JetX 3 crash game released by SmartSoft Gaming in 2021 is a sequel to the well-known JetX crash game. This time, players have even more opportunities to build an advanced strategy since there are three jets setting off at the beginning of each round. Their destinations can be different, so you can try out low-risk and high-risk strategies within the same gaming round. The betting limits sit at $0.1 to $100 per jet, so the maximum wager per round can come up to $300, which makes JetX3 great for all budgets. You can learn more about the game’s potential, features, interface, and appropriate strategies in this JetX 3 review with facts, calculations, and loads of examples.

  • JetX3 screenshot
  • JetX3 screenshot

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JetX3 facts

✅ Name JetX3
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider SmartSoft Gaming
📅 Release date 2021
💹 Return to Player 95.5% - 98.9%
💰 Min./Max. bet Undefined
🎨 Theme Space
👀 Objects Three jet ships
🎯 Objective Cash out before the jets explode
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 2000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Jump off before the game crashes, but do it wisely so as not to leave empty-handed, that’s what crash games are about. Online casinos usually add them to the instant-win or BTC categories since the games are really fast and popular among cryptocurrency casino gamblers playing for Bitcoin and other cryptos. When the round begins, the item you bet on can crash at any moment, but the longer you are in the game, the higher your winning, so it’s about both risks and intuition.

JetX 3 game rules

Basically, the JetX 3 bet game has a standard concept where you wager on a flying object and multiply your bet by an amount it reached if you were able to cash out before the crash. Still, there are some more specific things to discuss about the game, including three jets that start flying simultaneously, navigation to start playing, and autoplay tools.

JetX 3 navigation

Considering reviews from real players, some users find the game’s interface a bit complicated. Plus, the graphics are quite old-fashioned, though it doesn’t stop JetX3 from being cross-platform to play it on iOS and Android mobile devices. Learn more about basic navigation widgets to have a smooth experience then:

  • The main gaming field is in the middle of the screen. When the jets set off, you can track their flight right there. The timer informing about the next round is also here.
  • All the main navigation items are on the right. You can see your balance and buttons to regulate sound effects and open the menu to see more specific rules.
  • Below these buttons, there is a betting section. You need to switch between three jets to set bets per each.
  • Basically, you’ll use ‘+’ and ‘-’ to change the bet within accepted limits. Alternatively, type in the amount you want to place or choose one of the prompted options.
  • When you are ready to wager, push the yellow ‘Bet’ button. When a current round is active, the game specifies that it’s the bet for the next round. By pushing ‘Cancel’, you can remove this bet, but do it before the round begins.

There are also autoplay tools we’ll describe below. Plus, the section has statistical details, including information about other players’ results, the game history, more details about your bets, and a live chat.

How to play JetX3 for real money

After you’ve picked one of the JetX 3 online casinos where all parameters suit your needs, deposit and follow this guide to place your wager and get started:

  1. Determine the number of jets you want to bet on and choose betting amounts for them
  2. Place the bets and wait for the beginning of the next round
  3. When the game begins, you can see the ‘Collect’ button under each jet you bet on and a yellow active multiplier for each, so you need to push this ‘Collect’ widget when you are ready to cash out
  4. You can withdraw from one jet but continue playing with another one

Optionally, you can activate autoplay settings. There are no bonus features, so you simply focus on basic rules and get started. If your jet crashes, the bet is lost, and the multiplier on the screen turns red.

Autoplay mode

The JetX 3 game has convenient autoplay settings since it may be not that easy to regulate all the three aircraft quickly, especially when you have a long gaming session. These settings cover both auto bets and auto cashouts. The bets have standard limits of $0.1 to $100, so it won’t be different from the mode where you place bets yourself. However, auto cashout requires a minimum limit of at least 1.35x, so this may not be suitable if you try out low-risk strategies with almost immediate cashouts. Additionally, keep in mind that autoplay wagers for three jets per round can quickly exhaust your balance, so be careful and remember to track how much you win and lose.

JetX 3 crash game strategies

First and foremost, we should warn you that online casino games are never predicted and can’t be influenced, even when you find the best strategy ever. The following top 4 strategies for JetX 3 crash game are a helping hand when you want to place bets according to a certain system, analyse statistics, and get involved to the maximum. Always remember that each new round is unpredictable, and play responsibly. So, let’s take a look at JetX 3 online casino strategies you can apply.

A losing jet is a winning jet

Sounds controversial, right? In fact, this strategy will be based on statistical details showing what jet has been continuously crashing before a desired multiplier. For example, if you want to bet on a 4x multiplier, this strategy suggests that you need to find a jet that hasn’t reached this multiplier at least 12 times. If so, place a bet on this jet and cash out at 4x if the rocket reaches this amount this time.

Let’s consider the weak points of this JetX 3 crash strategy. Of course, this approach doesn’t guarantee that the plane won’t crash again, but observations show that cases when the same amounts are reached several times in a row, are less frequent, so you can suppose that when there is no certain multiplier for a long time, you can expect it soon. Another disadvantage is that it’s pretty hard to quickly check the last 12 multipliers of all the three planes, considering that the game is fast-paced.

‘All and at once’ JetX 3 strategy

Frankly speaking, it’s pretty difficult to quickly switch between betting sections of each aircraft and react just as quickly to cash out from each of them on time. That’s why JetX 3 casino game strategies, where you deal with three jets at once, are quite complicated and suit experienced players rather than newbies.

According to this strategy, you need to bet on all three aircraft. The betting amount is up to your bankroll, but it will be perfect when all the three bets are equal to each other. When the round begins, your goal is to cash out at 1.5x, 3x, and 6x.

This strategy combines low, moderate, and high risks, so even when the last plane doesn’t reach the 6x multiplier, you still compensate for it with the first two bets. For example, you bet $5 on each aircraft and manage to cash out only at 1.5x and 3x, while the third plane crashes at 4x, and you lose that bet. In this case, your winning is $22.5 ($7.5 + $15), while the amount you spent in the beginning was $15, so the net profit is $7.5.

Nevertheless, don’t forget that this scenario looks good only when at least two bets are winning, and if not, you lose more than the first winning bet brings.

The slower you go, the further you get

If you’ve heard this proverb, you can imagine what this approach is about. Pretty often, jets crash at the very beginning, so you’ll try to get ahead of this and cash out as soon as possible. This time, your JetX 3 crash online casino strategy will imply low or moderate bets on one or two aircraft, and when the round begins, you have to quickly withdraw, not coming over the 1.5x limit.

This strategy won’t win you lots of money since low multipliers mean small rewards. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that the jet can still crash at once, so you can lose the bet, and it’s super hard to compensate for it when your winning multipliers are so low.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. If you bet $50 on a single jet and cash out at 1.3x, your win is $65, and the net profit is $15. However, if your stake is lost, you need at least four winning rounds according to this strategy to get net profit again.

‘Reaching the heavens’ JetX 3 strategy

If you are one of those players who appreciate the opportunity to take the highest risks and reach the largest online casino rewards, this strategy is for you. Choose two aircraft again, but this time, place moderate or high bets. Your goal is to cash out at 15x and 30x when two jets are active or just at 15x for one.

At a bet of $100, the 15x multiplier brings $1500, so you get a $1400 net profit, and it’s perfect. But keep in mind that even 15x, which isn’t super infrequent, is still pretty hard to reach. If you want to experiment a bit and check how far your jet can fly, try to focus on lower bets instead. For instance, $10 and a range of rounds where you try to hunt for 50x or even 100x.

Moreover, you can switch between all these mentioned strategies and systems depending on your latest winnings or losses. This way, you can regulate what amount is the most suitable for further real money stakes and how much risk you can take.

JetX 3 game RTP & payouts

When you play JetX 3 for real money, each bet can bring winnings you can withdraw from your online casino then. That’s why it’s essential to understand the game’s payout parameters:

  • The RTP varies from 95.48% to 98.93%, depending on current gameplay settings
  • The betting range is $0.1 to $300 per round (up to $100 per jet)
  • SmartSoft doesn’t specify the maximum multiplier for this game, so you can just rely on your luck and intuition

JetX 3 free game


JetX 3 casino game is built on the basic mechanics of JetX, an extremely popular crash game from the same provider. Nevertheless, SmartSoft developers managed to surpass themselves, adding not standard options of several bets per round but several different aircraft that fly independently from each other. This allows players to try very different strategies and volatility levels within a single round, but this requires three times more attention, so be prepared. Considering betting limits of $0.1 to $300 per round and a variety of strategies players can apply, JetX 3 crash game is a good way to get closer to instant-win software and have a long and exciting gaming session. 

JetX 3 game FAQ

Where can I find the JetX 3 game?

This site not only describes all the ins and outs of this crash game but also lists the best JetX3 online casinos where players can count on a suitable interface, varied payment options, and total security.

How to play JetX 3?

This crash game requires little to no skills from players. Simply choose the number of jets to bet on, place bets, and try to cash out on time when the round begins.

How much can I win in JetX 3?

SmartSoft doesn’t specify maximum winning limits for JetX3. Considering that you can bet up to $300 per round, maximum winning amounts can be very decent.

What are the bet sizes in JetX 3?

Each jet accepts bets of $0.1 to $100 per round. This means that you can bet as little as $0.1 per the entire session or wager $300 per round, activating max. bet for all jets.

Is the JetX 3 game fair?

Yes, as well as other crash games, JetX3 is built on Provably Fair technology. Plus, you can rely on SmartSoft’s reputation, considering their experience since 2015 and gambling certificates like iTechLabs and eCOGRA.