Cricket Crash game by Onlyplay for real money

Crash games have become some of the most followed online casino games across the world. Thanks to their instant-play style and easy rules, crash games continue to thrill players. These social multiplayer games are designed for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or just a new curious player on the block. The Cricket Crash game by Onlyplay is one of the most engaging social multiplayer titles for so many players.

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  • Cricket screenshot

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Cricket facts

✅ Name Cricket
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Onlyplay
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $50
🎨 Theme Sport
👀 Objects Cricketer, bat, ball
🎯 Objective Cash out before the ball's explosion
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

Cricket Crash comes with an exciting bonus game that rewards you with 10%, 30% or 50% of the current multiplier point. What’s more, the game has a progressive jackpot that can drop in any round and provide active players with some wins. These awesome features are bolstered by two bet panels, cashout and auto cashout – so you’ll have a good time playing this title. Our Cricket Crash review contains a list of the top online casinos where you can enjoy this crash game. 

What is a crash game?

When discussing crash games, you refer to a simple, easy-to-understand, and uncomplicated play style. Crash games also have a social multiplayer pattern. This means that so many players from any gambling-friendly country worldwide can explore the game simultaneously. It’s also important to note that these games are entirely anchored on chance or luck. 

Like other non-live casino games, casino crash games are based on random number generators (RNG). So, the element of luck/chance cannot be sidelined, as game providers or casino operators can’t determine the outcome of any round. The crash concept is central to these games. Therefore, you should collect a multiplier as fast as possible or risk losing your bet to a random crash.

About the Cricket Crash game

Onlyplay is an iGaming software provider that started business in 2020. This provider released the Cricket Crash casino game in June 2023, and it has become a favourite crash game to many players. This game has a cricket theme, as the action takes place on a cricket pitch with spectators cheering the players on. The graphics are very colourful, while the soundtrack and animations are both top-notch. The gameplay draws from a typical cricket match, but you have to collect a multiplier on each round; otherwise, you lose the round.     

Apart from the English version, the game is available in 13 other languages. As you open the game, you’ll find recent multiplier points at which the ball crashed in different rounds. Additionally, the All Bets icon presents information on various players’ wagers, including bet amount, take (cashout), and real money win. You can access your gameplay stats via the My Bets button, which includes date, stake, take amount, and multiplier win. These stats can help you monitor your game time and overall bet amounts at any session. Like many similar games, the Cricket Crash bet game has two bet options. For each bet section, you can type in your preferred stake or adjust accordingly with the – and + tabs on the screen. Interestingly, there’s no maximum multiplier in this game, so it can rise to any level before crashing. 

Cricket Crash game rules

If you want to play Cricket Crash for real money or for free, you should learn the applicable rules. The rules are quite direct and devoid of ambiguity. The demo version is available at all our recommended Cricket Crash online casinos, so you can learn the rules by playing it extensively. Should you go for the real money action, you must wager from $1 to $50 on each round. The game’s return to player percentage (RTP) is 95%. Both the bet limits and RTP are below what you’ll find in many other crash games, but they don’t make the game any less engaging. Sadly, Onlyplay hasn’t provided details of the maximum real money amount that can be won.       

You can play the game on desktop and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. Similarly, some of the Cricket Crash online casinos on this page have mobile apps you can download and play this game. It allows you to place manual or automatic wagers on the two bet options. Additionally, you can press the ‘take’ button to collect a multiplier on each round or go for the auto take option. Auto take has no max multiplier limit at all.

Special features in Cricket Crash game

Lucky players are going to have a wonderful time with the game’s Bonus and Progressive Jackpot features. Both features are random, but fortune might smile on you during any round. We have explained these features below. 

Bonus game

As the ball goes up in the air during any round, a tiny round portal or gateway can show up on your screen. Once the ball enters and passes through the portal, a random bonus percentage is displayed: 10%, 30% or 50%. The game system then multiplies the available multiplier on the screen by the bonus portal percentage. For example, a 2.5x multiplier is shown during regular play and a portal shows up with a 10% bonus. This will reward you with 0.25x, which is a 10% boost of that 2.5x multiplier. So, your total multiplier win will be 2.75x.         

Progressive Jackpot (Maharaja Reward)

The jackpot is activated if the game goes beyond a 3x multiplier and the ball passes through a jackpot portal. Only the game’s random number generator can determine a win, so no one knows when the jackpot portal will appear. Once the jackpot drops, only players with an active bet are eligible for it. The jackpot prize is then shared among all such active players. However, the jackpot win must be verified and confirmed by the online casino and game provider. It’s only after such verifications that rewards are paid out. 

The jackpot payout is calculated according to each winning player’s wager in relation to all other winning players’ wagers. For example, you have a $1 wager on the game at the jackpot drop time. Yours and all other wagers amount to a total sum of $100. In this instance, you’ll receive 1% of the jackpot prize. If only one player has an active bet during the jackpot drop time, they win the entire jackpot prize. After payouts, the jackpot restarts from its base value. 

How to play Cricket Crash

The Cricket Crash game has a betting time of 6 seconds. You should input your bet amount within that time or use the – and + tabs on the bet panel to adjust it to your preferred amount. Once your wager (from $1 to $50 per round) is sorted, press the ‘Place a Bet’ button, and the system will accept it. 

The round starts with a cricket player at one end of the pitch throwing a ball in the direction of another player. The other player then hits the ball with his bat, and the ball goes up in the air. A multiplier that starts at 1x accompanies the ball. Once the ball is hit, the ‘Place a Bet’ button is replaced with ‘Take’, which is the cashout function. You should press the ‘Take’ button to receive a multiplier on your game screen. 

The multiplier keeps increasing until it crashes along with the ball at any point. This crash can even occur at 1x. The autobet function is on the bet panel if you’d like to play many successive rounds automatically. Similarly, there’s the auto-take option, which requires you to input the amount you want the game to collect for you in each round.

Play Cricket Crash game for free


If you’re interested in crash games or instant-win online casino games, Cricket Crash is a good option. This title from Onlyplay presents a cricket-style action that entertains you with every second of play. You can play with fair bet limits and a fair RTP of 95%. The Bonus game and Progressive Jackpot both take Cricket Crash to a whole new height of fun and thrilling rewards. The game rules are straightforward and easy to understand, so you won’t spend too long before you start enjoying yourself. The autobet and auto-take options can come in handy in this regard and make your sessions memorable.

This casino game has no multiplier limits; thus, you can cash out those massive multipliers if you’re very, very lucky. We’d, however, advise you to be very quick in taking any multiplier, as the ball can crash without notice. The game rules don’t provide information on the maximum real money win. You can have fun playing the game on Android or iOS mobile devices at our recommended Cricket Crash game casinos.

Cricket Crash game FAQ

Is Cricket Crash fair?

The game’s fairness is tested and audited occasionally, making the game fair and transparent.

How to play Cricket Crash?

Choose your wager amount per round on one or two bet panels. If you want to enable the auto-take feature, select it and press the ‘Place a Bet’ button. Press the ‘take’ button as the multiplier you want is displayed on the screen. If you opt for the auto-take, the game will collect the multiplier for you.

How much can I win in Cricket Crash?

There’s no stated maximum real money win or maximum multiplier in this Cricket Crash game.

What are the bet sizes in Cricket Crash?

You can play a round with bets of $1 to $50. Keep in mind that this bet amount may vary from one online casino to another.

Does Cricket Crash have an autobet feature?

Yes. The autobet feature allows you to select/provide the amount you want to play across successive rounds. However, unlike in many other crash games, the autobet in Cricket Crash doesn’t allow you to select the number of applicable autobet rounds. To stop this feature, just toggle off the autobet button.

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