Air Boss Crash game by Platipus Gaming for real money

Virtual aircraft are common in the crash games scene, and Air Boss from Platipus Gaming is no different. The game hit the tarmac in May 2024, and it's been tearing up the skies ever since. It features a 10,000x max multiplier and a 97% RTP. The drill is simple. Place your bet, watch the plane soar, and eject from the pilot’s seat before it vanishes in the space portal. As you’ll see in Air Boss, Platipus aren't rookies in online casino game development. These aces have been releasing titles since 2014, boasting over 110 games in their portfolio. Back to the game, strap in and dive into this comprehensive Air Boss review to learn more and familiarize yourself with the top Air Boss casinos.

  • Air Boss screenshot
  • Air Boss screenshot

Best online casinos to play Air Boss Crash game by Platipus Gaming

Air Boss facts

✅ Name Air Boss
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Platipus Gaming
📅 Release date 2024
💹 Return to Player 97%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Aircraft
🎯 Objective Cash out before the aircraft crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

Air Boss game rules

Air Boss casino game has a clean interface, simple rules, and a relatively huge payout potential. As you would expect, it has fancy and modern graphics that crash games are known for. The light green and golden yellow visuals pop off the screen, while the background music makes the multiplayer game more lively. For every cashout made, creative gunshot effects are applied, adding some spice to the gaming experience. One thing unique about this title is that before any round starts, it shows the number of bets placed and the value reduces as players cash out.

The gameplay revolves around a virtual plane that soars the skies alongside increasing multipliers. At some point, a celestial portal appears randomly, and the plane dives in. Your goal as a player is to cash out before this happens so that you won’t lose any potential payouts and your initial bets. Air Boss comes with Autoplay and Auto Cashout options that let you automate your strategy without breaking a sweat. Set your number of rounds (25 to 100), single win limit and loss limit. The latter two depend on your bet. For auto cash out, the range is 1.01x to 10,000x. Enjoy the game while keeping it smooth and effortless.

Payout rates and RTP

When it comes to getting paid, Air Boss is like Aviator and a few similar crash games. Its theoretical RTP is 97%, meaning you’re looking to get back 97 cents for every dollar you spend over time. The game has low volatility, so it won’t eat up your bankroll that fast. No, this game keeps you in the action with frequent small wins to keep things interesting. But don’t get it twisted. Larger payouts are still lurking, ready to make it rain when you least expect it.

Bet limits and max wins

The Air Boss crash game has room for everyone regarding bet limits. It accepts bets from $0.1 to $100. But you can’t just place any amount. Accepted values are $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. There are two bet panes to facilitate double betting. But if you prefer working with one, hide the other and roll as you prefer. As for the multipliers, they start from 1.01x up to 10,000x. If you place the maximum bet, the potential wins can go up to $1,000,000. That’s the kind of payout that could have you living large. However, Air Boss online casinos may change the max win.

Provably Fair technology

Air Boss uses Provably Fair tech to generate game outcomes. This not only guarantees fair results but also gives you a chance to verify them yourself. Each round starts with a unique hash – peep the ‘HASH’ button up top next to previous rounds’ multipliers. It encrypts all information related to that round: start time, round number, multiplier and salt. The hash stays the same before and after the round, so you know nobody’s messing with your chances. To check the fairness, Air Boss has an easy-to-follow guide in the game rules section. Check and put your mind at ease while grinding for the wins.

We encourage you to play the Air Boss demo version before you start throwing down real cash. Our reviews will give you an overview of what to expect, but the demo is your free chance to get a feel for the controls and see how the Provably Fair tech works. Take advantage of this opportunity before you play Air Boss for real money. The game is ready to roll on whatever device. Desktop, phone, tablet; it doesn’t matter. You won’t even need to download anything.

How to play Air Boss crash game

To play Air Boss for real money, pick your stake (from $0.10 to $100 or Bitcoin equivalent) and click the ‘Place Bet’ button. You can place two bets simultaneously, just like you would in Aviator. Before a round starts, you have around 5 seconds to bet. Once the plane starts flying, your betting window is shut tight. If there’s a round already in play, you’re betting for the next round. As the aircraft shoots up, so do the multipliers. You must decide when to bail before it all goes south. When you’re ready to lock in the gains, slam the ‘Cashout’ button and watch your bankroll stack up. It’s all about timing and nerves of steel. Alternatively, you can set the autoplay and auto cashout values and let the game do the rest.

Play Air Boss crash game for free in demo mode


Air Boss may lack bonus features like Aero’s free bet, but this crash game from Platipus has a lot to like. It has a 97% RTP, a $0.10 – $100 bet range and a 10,000x max multiplier. That’s up to a million in dollar value. Use the Autoplay and Auto Cashout functions to effortlessly play, whether you’re enjoying Air Boss on mobile or desktop. The Provably Fair tech used keeps everything 100, so you know the game hasn’t been rigged. Graphically, this title has nothing to fault. Try Air Boss crash game in any recommended online casino on this page and have a shot at the million-dollar top prize.

Air Boss game FAQ

Is Air Boss game fair?

Yes, the Air Boss crash game fair. It uses Provably Fair systems to generate results, so you know every round's on the level. Each game kicks off with a unique hash you can peep yourself and after every round, you can verify the fairness following the guide provided.

How to play Air Boss?

You start by picking your stake and pressing the 'Place Bet' button. When the round starts, the plane takes off. Your job is to decide when to bail before it enters the celestial portal. Hit 'Cashout' when you're ready to bag the gains.

How much can I win in Air Boss?

With multipliers ranging from 1.01x to 10,000x, you have a wide range on how much you can stack. Players can place anywhere between $0.01 and $100. So, you can take home up to $1,000,000 if you place the maximum bet.

What are the bet sizes in Air Boss?

In the Air Boss bet game, only $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bets are accepted and it’s unclear whether online casino operators can change them.

Does Air Boss have autobet?

Yes. Autoplay is available in Air Boss, even for double betting. Set your preferred number of plays (from 25 to 100), single-win limit and loss limit.