Bank Run Crash game by Spinmatic Entertainment for real money

Spinmatic launched the Bank Run game in 2022. It stands out from the rest of the crash games with planes and rockets since here, you’ll immerse yourself in the Wild West theme and help a cowboy to grab as much money as he possibly can. Though the Bank Run online casino crash game accepts only one bet per round, its 50% cashout feature and an immersive plot keep players engaged. The comprehensive Bank Run review on this page is bound to explain gameplay mechanics, the best ways to manage your bankroll, some tips, and strategies for different volatility levels, so here you go to harness the horses and lead these gangsters with a giant pile of money to the best multipliers.

  • Bank Run screenshot
  • Bank Run screenshot

Best online casinos to play Bank Run Crash game by Spinmatic Entertainment

Bank Run facts

✅ Name Bank Run
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Spinmatic Entertainment
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 97.06%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $20
🎨 Theme Adventure
👀 Objects Bandit, horse, gun
🎯 Objective Cash out before the horse runs away
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Be it a taking-off plane or an old cart full of cash, when it’s a crash game, you focus only on your potential multiplier and the best time to cash out before it all crashes. The longer you are in the game, the larger your winning, but it’s not that easy to reach the highest rewards since the risk increases with each new second in the game. It’s up to you to pick the right strategy and rely on luck and intuition.

Bank Run game rules

Bank Run by Spinmatic is a crash game with catchy design and quite standard rules. If you are new to such games or simply want to find out the differences between Bank Run and other online casino games of this type, pay attention to navigation, a standard guide to start playing, and autoplay options to save you time.

Bank Run bet game navigation

The cool cartoonish video of two armed burglars trying to escape with a cart full of money is in the middle of the screen. That’s where you’ll watch the multiplier’s growth or its crash when the bridle is torn and the horses run away. Navigation widgets are located above and below this field.

  • The upper rightmost menu bar has widgets to regulate sound effects, change the screen size, and open the menu.
  • The latest multipliers are below the gaming field. They are coloured red, white, and orange, but expert players hardly use this information for strategies or analysis.
  • All buttons you will need to place a real money bet on the Bank Run crash game are located below. There are ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to regulate the bet, widgets offering certain betting amounts, and the huge ‘Bet now’ button to place a wager.
  • You can find auto cashout and 50% auto cashout buttons below. Additionally, you can switch to the autoplay mode, where all the settings are for this betting type only.

The position of certain widgets may slightly change when you switch from the desktop version to mobile. Nevertheless, Spinmatic managed, as they say, to ‘captivate Millennials and Gen Z players,’ combining the ‘mobile first’ motto and cryptocurrency algorithms, so Bank Run is an iOS- and Android-friendly crash game.

How to play Bank Run for real money

Once you’ve picked the best online casino for the Bank Run bet game and deposited, follow this guide to place a real money stake and regulate your gameplay:

  1. Determine your wager amount of $0.10 to $20 and click the ‘Bet now’ button (if the previous round hasn’t finished, it has a ‘Bet next round’ sign).
  2. When the round begins, do your best to cash out before the horses run away and the game is over, but take into account your current winning multiplier.
  3. Your bet is automatically multiplied, and you can see your potential winning on the ‘Cash out’ button in real time, so click this green button when you are ready.
  4. Optionally, you can activate autoplay settings or use the 50% cashout feature.

Please note that you can cancel the bet you’ve placed by clicking the red ‘Cancel’ button only during the previous round (when you press the ‘Bet next round’ button). Once you’ve seen the 5-second timer on the screen, the option isn’t available any more, so your bet is in the game. It’s quite inconvenient since other providers usually allow players to cancel bets until the very beginning of the round.

Autoplay settings

If you want to quickly set an auto cashout option, scroll down a little bit and activate the ‘Auto Cashout’ slider, choosing a value of 1.01x to 1000x. Additionally, you can set the 50% auto cashout option featuring the same multiplier limits. In addition, you can see a slider to switch between manual and autoplay modes below the screen. It can bring you to more advanced autoplay settings. You need to fill in the following fields:

  • The base bet per spin (standard limits of $0.1 to $20)
  • The auto cashout multiplier (0.01x to 1000x)
  • The total betting limit for the autoplay mode (an amount within your balance)
  • Optionally, you can get the 50% auto cashout option

When the round begins, you can see a table displaying the number of played rounds, the base bet, your auto cashout limit, the stop betting limit, and the amount you’ve already spent. For example, when your base bet is $0.10, and you set the stop bet limit at $1, you’ll have ten rounds played automatically according to your settings. You can click the red ‘Stop’ round to deactivate the autoplay mode earlier. 

Bank Run casino game strategies

Are you ready to play Bank Run for real money? If so, don’t miss the top 5 strategies for Bank Run that can help you manage the bankroll and understand gaming mechanics a bit deeper. Before we continue, let’s clarify that these strategies are just the ways to place real money stakes according to a certain system and use statistical details, but they don’t guarantee anything and may be just as risky, so always play responsibly. For now, let’s learn more about the best strategies for Bank Run.

‘Quick shoplifting’ Bank Run strategy

Well, stealing something from a shop doesn’t seem to be as serious as a bank robbery, but it’s still a crime, just for less experienced gangsters. That’s why this Bank Run crash game strategy suggests that the bets should be $5 to $15, while multipliers to cash out should be about 1.02x to 1.15x. Thus, you take quite low risks and have more chances to escape with your reward.  

For example, you have ten rounds according to this strategy at a $5 stake. Let’s suppose that seven out of ten games are winning, and you cash out three times at 1.02x, two times at 1.07x, and two times at 1.15x. As a result, you win $94.1 ($5.1 * 3 + $5.35 * 2 + $5.75 * 2). You spend $50 for this (10 rounds * $5), so the total profit will be $44.1, which is excellent, considering quite low risks and not a long gaming session.

However, nothing is perfect, so here are the weak points of this strategy:

  • It’s pretty hard to grab a huge winning, considering low multipliers
  • When you bet less than $5, the winnings are not significant
  • In cases of more non-winning rounds, you may leave without net profit

‘Real robbery’ Bank Run strategy

If you realise that banks have more valuables than regular shops can offer, this online casino Bank Run strategy is for you. This crime is more serious, so risks are higher, but you’ll get the money not from people but from your casino. The bets are still supposed to be $5 to $15, but the multipliers you’ll focus on will be 1.15x to 3x. The risks are higher, as well as potential real money winnings.

Let’s take into account the case when you bet $7 per round according to this strategy. If you have six winning rounds and cash out three times at 1.16x, two times at 1.25x, and one time at 2.8x, your total winning will be $85.82 ($8.12 * 3 + $8.75 * 2 + $19.6) where $15.82 is the net profit, considering $70 bets. Well, the net profit isn’t large, but it’s in the case of almost half of your rounds to be non-winning.

Make sure to consider the cons before you apply this strategy:

  • Higher risks mean that you will lose more bets
  • Net winnings may be not so impressive
  • The strategy requires a long gaming session to estimate the results

‘Theft of the century’ Bank Run strategy

This strategy for the Bank Run crash casino game will suit avid gangsters who have no money yet want to take risks, committing the theft of the century. As you can guess, your goal will be to catch large multipliers of at least 20x. As the main reason for criminals to commit such crimes is the absence of money, your bets will be $0.1 to $5, not higher.

This example will highlight 20 rounds played at $0.4 where the cart crashed 18 times, but the two rounds reached 20x and 23x. This means that the winning is $17.2 ($8 + $9.2), and the amount spent for these rounds is $8. Thus, the net profit is $9.2, and this looks good, considering that the risks are high and the bets you place are pretty low.

Still, don’t forget about the risks and weak sides of this Bank Run betting system:

  • The risks are very high, so you may leave empty-handed
  • This strategy is best for long gaming sessions only
  • Be prepared to count a lot

‘Trust your partner in crime’ strategy

As you can see, the Bank Run game displays two gangsters in the cart. Perhaps, they commit this crime together to lend a hand to each other if something goes wrong. The same is true for the 50% cashout feature that will help you keep at least half of your bet safe when something goes wrong. This strategy is perfect for $10 to $20 bets and multipliers of 2x to 4x, but you can try it out with larger multipliers when it suits your bankroll.

For instance, you bet $20 and use the 50% cashout option at 2x. This means that half of your bet ($10) is multiplied by 2x, and you continue playing with another part of this stake ($10). If you manage to reach 4x and cash out the other part, your winning will be $60 ($20 + $40), where only $20 is your bet. However, when the second part of the bet is lost, you’ll win only $20, which is equal to the bet, so you won’t lose anything but won’t get profit either.

Of course, the strategy won’t be full without all its disadvantages highlighted:

  • Your winning potential decreases when the bet you play with becomes lower
  • If the second part of the bet is lost, you just compensate for your wager and don’t win
  • The strategy is suitable for higher multipliers of at least 2x

‘The crossfire’ Bank Run strategy

We’ll mention two gangsters from the game again, but this strategy will have a different meaning now. Let’s suppose that one of them is a take-a-risk person, while the other guy is very careful. That’s why this crash game strategy for Bank Run will recommend switching between high-risk and low-risk betting systems. You can have five rounds at low bets and with cashouts at over 7x, and then place five high bets and cash out at 1.02x to 1.15x.

For example, your first five bets at $0.8 will bring you only one winning round at 7.1x, and the next five bets at $10 will bring five winning rounds at 1.02x (2x times), 1.03x, 1.09x, and 1.15x. As a result, you win $64.46 ($5.68 + $10.2 * 2 + $10.3 + $10.9 + $11.5). Your spendings for this strategy are $54 ($4 + $50), so the net profit is $10.46, but be careful since at least one non-winning round at a high stake will leave you in the red.

These are the disadvantages to consider:

  • You need to calculate a lot before getting started
  • At least one non-winning round at a high stake brings total losses
  • The total winnings won’t be huge, considering the upper multiplier limits of this strategy

Provably Fair Bank Run game

The Bank Run casino game is built on the Provably Fair technology, so you can trust each round and enjoy safe gameplay, especially when you play at a casino with transparent terms and secure banking options like Bitcoin. You can check Provably Fair yourself via the SHA-256 hash generator. Open the game history, copy the code from the ‘Salt’ field, and add it to the generator. Then, push the ‘Generate’ button and compare the code you’ve got to the Hash provided in the game. If the details coincide, you can be sure that the round is fair, and you can check not only for you but also for all rounds, so it’s a good way to make sure that the game is fair before you place your own real money wagers.

Bank Run crash game RTP & payouts

You’ll definitely like Bank Run’s RTP sitting at 97.06%. As for its winning potential, the provider doesn’t provide information about the maximum limits, but our experience shows that players can count on multipliers of at least 1000x, and if to multiply it by the $20 maximum bet, the potential winning of $20,000 is more than just stunning. Just keep in mind that Bank Run isn’t a high-roller crash game where you can bet up to $500 per round and place several bets at once; it’s a quite simple and fast-paced online casino game with no extra bonus features yet moderate payout potential in the base game.

Play Bank Run crash game for free


If you are into westerns and sharp plots where things get heated by the minute, Bank Run online casinos have an awesome game for you. Spinmatic managed to use standard mechanics and create a thrilling crash game where players, according to real reviews, can’t get bored, even when there is only one bet per round. High rollers may find upper betting limits of $20 a bit inconvenient, but newbies will definitely appreciate both low betting limits of $0.1 and the 50% cashout feature. If you don’t mind joining two avid criminals and sharing their reward, then the Bank Run game is a gambling fave not to miss.

Bank Run game FAQ

Is the Bank Run game fair?

Sure, it’s a Provably Fair-based game that displays information about each round so that you can easily copy the Salt code and generate Hash to check whether it coincides with information in the ‘Results’ section.

How to play Bank Run?

Once you’ve determined the bet per round, wait for a new round and do your best to cash out before the bridle is torn. If you manage to do this, your bet will be multiplied accordingly.

How much can I win in Bank Run?

Spinmatic doesn’t specify maximum winning limits, but our experience shows that you can reach as high as 1000x per round, and the maximum bet is $20, so the potential winning limit can be as high as $20,000.

What are the bet sizes in Bank Run?

The Bank Run crash casino game is suitable for low-rollers rather than gamblers who prefer high stakes since the betting limits sit at $0.1 to $20 per round.

Does Bank Run have an auto-bet feature?

Yes, there is a separate section where you can activate these settings and determine the number of rounds you want to play automatically at the selected stake.