Aero Crash game by Turbo Games for real money

Aero game is a replica of Spribe’s Aviator crash game with a few improvements. Despite being released in August 2023, the game has gained a huge following online thanks to its in-game features, rewarding bonus round, and exciting gameplay. Aero bet game is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. The game has a flexible bet limit of between $0.10 and $100 per round. At maximum bet, you can win up to $10,000. It also comes with an official maximum multiplier of 999,999.99x your bet (although this varies from one casino to another). Whichever of the two is achieved first will be paid out. For rewarding gameplay, it comes with a free bet feature. Aero casino game improves on the basic graphics and animations seen in Aviator and other plane-themed crash games. Continue reading this Aero review to discover more about these areas mentioned above in detail, plus the best Aero online casinos to visit. 

  • Aero screenshot
  • Aero screenshot

Best online casinos to play Aero Crash game by Turbo Games

Aero facts

✅ Name Aero
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Turbo Games
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Aviation
👀 Objects Plane
🎯 Objective Cash out before the plane flies away
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 999,999x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

A crash game breaks from the normal format of online casino games. Regular games require you to place a bet and wait for the outcome. You have no power to determine how much you’d like to win once the game is in play. This is quite the opposite for crash games.

Your objective is to place a bet and watch it increase in value as it is subjected to a multiplier. The higher this multiplier goes, the bigger the returns from your initial bet. You can also decide how much you’d like to win. This is because the game allows you to decide when to cash out your bet before the multiplier ‘crashes’ from the screen.

About Aero game

Aero game is one of the latest additions to the crash gambling niche. The game was only released in August 2023 by Turbo Games. By the time of its release, there were plenty of other crash games, including the likes of Aviator (Spribe), JetX (SmartSoft Gaming), JetX 3 (SmartSoft Gaming), Skyward (BetGames), and many others, that used the same theme it is based on. To stand out, it had to come with features not seen in other plane-themed crash games.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature is how the crash mechanic is implemented. Many other plane-themed crash games use a single aircraft flying across the screen. In the Aero game, there’s a plane at the centre, which represents you. In the background, you can see other planes, which represent other active players. As a player cashes out a bet, you see one of the planes drop off the screen until only one is remaining. 

Beyond the animations, the graphics are superb, and the sound quality is top-notch. Many players will appreciate that Turbo Games has incorporated a more realistic background sound, which mimics that of a flying plane. This is not the case for other plane-themed crash games. 

Beyond this, the Aero game has basic and unique features. Standard features include a bet range seen in many crash games, a double betting area, auto-play, auto-cashout, and round history. Some of its unique features include a massive multiplier, a free bet game, and a personal statistics section. More about this shortly. 

Aero game rules

You don’t have to be a regular online casino player to play Aero game. As long as you have a basic understanding of how to adjust your bet limits, interpret bet multipliers, and know how to cash out your bet, you are good to play the Aero game for real money. You can play this game on your mobile device or desktop. Whichever way you decide, rest assured of the same high-quality gaming experience. Without further ado, here is a step-by-step guide on how to play the Aero game.

Launch Aero bet game

After signing up in your preferred online casino, find the Aero game and pick a suitable bet limit. By default, the game comes with two betting areas. You can customise both to have the same bet limits or choose differently. The decision depends on your playing strategy. Whichever way you decide, you can pick a bet limit of between $0.10 and $100 per round.

Confirm your bet and monitor it

After picking your bet amount and setting other parameters to help you play the Aero game, tap the ‘Place Bet’ button to confirm your bet. The pane will take off, and the multiplier coefficient start increasing gradually. The higher it goes, the bigger your expected returns.

Note that the multiplier coefficient will start increasing from 1.01x up to a maximum of 999,999.99x. This is the official multiplier figure seen in the game rules, although this figure varies from one Aero online casino to another. There’s also a maximum payout of $10,000 per round. 

If the maximum payout is arrived at before the maximum multiplier, the amount is credited to your account automatically. If the maximum multiplier set by the online casino is arrived at first, then the payout at that point is credited to your account automatically.

Cash out your bet

Once you’ve attained your targeted multiplier, you must cash out to win money. To do this, simply click the yellow ‘cash out’ button on the playing area, and the amount will be credited to your account.

While cashing out, Turbo Games has included sleek animations on the screen. Every time someone cashes out, you will see a plane go down until one player is left. Even after the last player has cashed out from the game and the plane is still flying, it will continue flying until it ‘crashes’ from the screen. 

Calculating wins in Aero game

Wins in Aero casino game are usually determined automatically. Once you’ve confirmed your bet and the plane takes off, the multiplier coefficient starts increasing. The bet amount also increases gradually and directly proportionally to the multiplier coefficient.

So, for example, if you’d wagered $100 and the multiplier coefficient you cash out at is 2.74x, your winnings at that point will be $274. This, of course, is inclusive of the initial $100 stake, meaning you’ll have a profit of $174. To get bigger returns from the game, you must stake big and aim for high multipliers. This, however, increases the risk as high multipliers equals high volatility.

Aero game autoplay

The auto-play feature lets you play Aero game for real money using pre-defined parameters. This is an optional feature you must activate by toggling the ‘Autoplay’ button in the playing area. This will reveal a section that requires you to pick the number of rounds (5-100) you’d like to play using the already pre-defined bet limits.  

When you click the ‘Open Pro Settings’ drop-down icon, you’ll be able to refine your autoplay setting. Under this section, you can choose when the autoplay button should stop in the event you win or lose by a certain percentage. It’s not advisable to use this feature if you are only starting as an Aero game player.

Aero game auto-cashout

Through the auto-cash-out feature, your expected winnings are automatically collected once the multiplier figure is achieved. After toggling the auto feature, you can enter a figure between 1.01x and 100x your bet. You can also use the slider feature to set this figure. 

The auto-cashout feature can be very useful when used alongside the auto-play feature. As you will notice during gameplay, there are instances where cashing out your bet can be a close shave. As soon as you’ve cashed out one bet, the plane crashes less than a second later. This is where the auto-cashout feature comes in. You can set one betting area to cash out at a certain figure. This gives you breathing space to focus on the other betting area.

Aero casino game features

Aero bet game comes with the standard live statistics and game history features. It also has unique flying hours and free bet features, which are all described in the sections below. The main aim of these features is to improve your gaming experience.

Live statistics

The live statistics feature can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen. It is updated in real time and shows you the number of players currently playing the Aero game. It also shows the amount these players have wagered, the multiplier coefficient they’ve cashed out at, and the amount won.

At the top section of the playing area, you can also see bet multipliers. There are about 25 multipliers, which represent the past 25 outcomes of the game. You can use this information to try to establish a pattern, which can help you predict the outcome of the next round. To simplify the process of using this section, these multipliers come with colour codes. For instance, all multipliers of below 1.99x your bet are coloured in white. Multipliers above 2.00x and below 10.00x are coloured in red, while those above 10.0x are coloured in green. 

My bets

The ‘My bets’ section appears next to the live statistics section. Like the live statistics section, it gives you a brief history of how you’ve been wagering over the past few rounds. You can find information regarding the bet amount, the multiplier you cashed out, the amount won, and the time you placed the bet. 

Free bet

The free bet feature is not unique to the Aero bet game. You can also see it in other titles, such as Aviator’s Spribe and Elbet’s Rocketman. The Free Bets feature allows you to play the game for a few rounds without spending a dime. It is randomly awarded during gameplay and remains online for a limited period. 

Flying hours

Basically, the flying hours feature allows you to move from one rank to another as a pilot. The more you play the game, the faster you progress through the ranks. The lowest rank is the ‘recruit,’ which only has players who have completed 0-10 flights. There are 23 other ranks, and the highest being the ‘Sky Marshal.’ When you attain this badge, it means you’ll have completed or played more than 275,000 rounds. 

Aero bet game RTP and volatility

The RTP of any online casino game is a number that shows you the expected return. The figure is usually expressed as a percentage and is usually arrived at after running millions of simulations. The higher the RTP of a game, the better your chance of winning. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the RTP is the opposite of the house edge. If you’d like to find the house edge of any casino game, including the Aero bet game, you simply subtract the RTP from 100%.

A closer look at the game rules and you’ll notice the RTP for the Aero bet game is set at 96%. What this basically means is for every $1 you spend playing, you can expect a return of $0.96. Again, this is only a theoretical figure as you could win more or lose your bet depending on other factors such as volatility. 

Aero casino game Provably Fair gaming

The Provably Fair is a concept widely seen in crash casino games. It’s a technology based on blockchain and enables you to authenticate that the game’s outcome was 100% fair and random. However, despite being common in the crash casino games niche, not all games come with it. Fortunately, Aero game incorporates the provably fair technology. This means you can expect a 100% fair outcome as you play the game. If you are unsure of the outcome, you can always use this feature to check for accuracy. 

Play Aero crash game for free


Aviator is perhaps the most popular title in plane-themed crash games. The game uses simplistic graphics, animations, and gameplay. Many other plane-themed crash games, such as JetX, JetX 3, Rocketman, and Space XY, try to emulate the same concept, but none beats the Aero game. From the Aero review above, it’s clear that Turbo Games has gone the extra mile and improved the game’s graphics and animations. It has also included a massive top multiplier of 999,999.99x your bet. Aero game also comes with free bets, which are randomly awarded during gameplay. The bet limits of between $0.10 and $100 per round and a maximum payout of $10,000 are also within the industry standards. To put everything you’ve read in this Aero game review into perspective, try it for free across the recommended Aero online casinos before switching to real money play.

Aero game FAQ

Is Aero game fair?

Yes, Aero game is fair. To ensure randomness and fairness are achieved, the game uses RNG software.

How to play Aero?

You can play Aero for real money or in demo mode. Whichever way, you must pick a bet amount, which varies between $1 and $100 per round. Select ‘Place Bet’ and wait for the plane to take off. To win real money, you must cash out before the plane flies from the screen.

How much can I win in Aero?

The official website indicates a maximum multiplier of 1.01x and 999999.99x and a top payout of $10,000 per round. So, how much you win depends on the multiplier figure you decide to cash out your bet and the initial bet amount. The higher the multiplier, the bigger the returns.

What are the bet sizes in Aero?

Aero game has a very flexible bet range. For as little as $1 and as much as $100, you can enjoy playing the game online. However, before committing to real money play, you should try it for free in demo mode. Familiarise yourself with all the game’s features and rules before switching to real money mode.

Does Aero have an autobet feature?

Yes, Aero has an autobet feature. To activate it, you must toggle the ‘Autoplay’ button from off to on. After that, you must pick different variables, such as the amount you’d like the game to auto-cashout and the number of rounds you’d like the game to auto-play, among others.