Ho Ho HODL Crash game by Gaming Corps for real money

Innovation and creativity have remained some of the most outstanding features of the iGaming industry. Software providers are always focused on leveraging these features to make their game catalogues appealing to various players’ preferences. Crash games were introduced to the gaming industry to meet the preferences of players who want fast-paced, instant-win games, and Ho Ho HODL is one of the crash games.

  • Ho Ho HODL screenshot
  • Ho Ho HODL screenshot

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Ho Ho HODL facts

✅ Name Ho Ho HODL
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Gaming Corps
📅 Release date 2021
💹 Return to Player 95.31% - 97%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Santa, sleigh
🎯 Objective Cash out before the sleigh disappears
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 10,000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

With a good RTP, great soundtrack and animations, the Ho Ho HODL crash game is a riveting social multiplayer title. It has the Bonus Challenge feature, where lucky players can get a bonus multiplier or a free bet to enhance their gameplay. Double bets, cashout and auto cashout are other regular features you’ll find in this crash game. There are many Ho Ho HODL online casinos, but our experts have singled out some of the best platforms for you. Read our Ho Ho HODL review to find these sites and learn more about the game.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are casino games with a multiplier at the centre of the action. Although the multiplier is central to these games, it can disappear from the screen at any time – whether claimed or not. That disappearance is known as a ‘crash’. These games are generally fast-paced and very easy to learn, which has continued to increase their popularity. Also, they have a social multiplayer style, allowing any number of players to have fun on the same round simultaneously.

Crash games have random number generators (RNGs) for determining the outcome of every round. These social multiplayer games have one or another return to player percentages (RTP), which indicates how much they pay in the long term. The average RTP you’ll find in most crash games is 96%–97%, which is fair for an online casino game.      

About the Ho Ho HODL crash game

Ho Ho HODL is one of the crash games from Gaming Corps, a prominent software provider with many casino games since 2014. This game has a Christmas theme, with Santa and his elves moving on a sleigh to share gifts with lucky players. The game comes with scintillating graphic designs, an exciting soundtrack and excellent animations – making the action fully absorbing. The Ho Ho HODL casino game has the double bets mechanic, which allows you to place two wagers on the same round.

Each time you open the game, you’ll find the ‘Last Results’ line at the top, showing recent multipliers. Similarly, you’ll access your recent wagers in the ‘My Bets’ section, including your bet amount, multiplier crash level, multiplier win, and real money win. There’s a live chat in the game, making it easy for you to communicate with other players and relish the social side of the game. The maximum multiplier potential in the Ho Ho HODL game is 10,000x, which is quite solid.

Ho Ho HODL game rules

You can play each round of the Ho Ho HODL crash game with bets of $0.1 to $100. However, keep in mind that the stake limits can be different in some Ho Ho HODL online casinos. Most casinos have a demo version of this game, so you can learn the rules by playing such a version extensively. Based on the game rules, Ho Ho HODL has RTP limits of 95.31% to 97%, which aligns with the average RTP for crash games. Meanwhile, the maximum real money you can win per round is $10,000, which isn’t bigger than what’s available in many similar games. 

The game accepts manual or automatic wagers based on the two-bet mechanics. The autobet option allows you to wager on at least 5 up to 1000 rounds consecutively. There’s also the unlimited autobet rounds option on the panel. 

Additionally, the collect and auto-collect features are available. The latter enables the system to collect a multiplier range of 1.35x to 100x for you across 5 to 1000 rounds or infinity. You can play Ho Ho HODL for real money on your iOS or Android smartphone. And this is possible via the website or mobile app for online casinos offering a mobile app.

Bonus Challenge in Ho Ho HODL

The Bonus Challenge feature can be triggered at random during any game round. As Santa and his elves embark on their goodies-sharing journey, a fierce-looking creature resembling a toothy snowball with a top hat shows up to challenge the crew. The shootout challenge can result in a draw, loss or win. 

If the creature succeeds in swallowing the goodies, you lose your bet instantly. However, if Santa and his crew win, you receive either a multiplier boost or a free bet.

Multiplier Boost

After a successful challenge, the system can randomly increase your available multiplier. Afterwards, the increased multiplier is added to your balance. You’ll be informed if you’re rewarded with this bonus. 

Free Bet

A free bet has the same value as the current bet in which you won the challenge. The free bet is credited for use in the next round. Once you have a free bet, your next wager is deducted from your free bet only. Besides, you can’t cancel a free bet once it’s activated. Interestingly, if you had two active bets when a particular bonus round started, you will receive free bets on both. The free bet bonus is available only once in each game round.

How to play the Ho Ho HODL bet game

Deposit real money into your account and open the game from the lobby. Set up your bet using the – and + buttons, or alternatively, type in your preferred amount according to the bet limits. You should place your stake within the game’s betting time, with the limits ranging from $0.1 to $100 per round. The game round begins after Santa and his crew set out on their Christmas adventure, with a multiplier that begins at 1x accompanying their takeoff. The ‘Place Bet’ icon switches to ‘Collect’, which you should click when the multiplier gets to any value you want.

If you have two active bets on a round, you can collect multipliers on both. The auto-collect feature is also available and may help collect two bets faster. You just have to adjust the auto-collect multiplier button according to your desired value. The game generally ends when there’s a crash, but your round ends explicitly the moment you collect a multiplier. Every successful multiplier you collect will be added to your balance, and a new round starts afterwards.

Play Ho Ho HODL game for free


The Ho Ho HODL game is a top choice for crash game fans around the world for several reasons. First, it has a delightful theme with great graphics and captivating animations. Second, the game has average bet limits of $0.1 to $100 per round, and that’s fair for all players. Third, the RTP range is acceptable, making it possible for Ho Ho HODL to rank well amongst social multiplayer games. But things get more fun with the Bonus Challenge feature, where you can receive an increased multiplier win or a free bet. A free bet can be used in the next round, while you can keep any win you get from it.      

The Ho Ho HODL crash game has a maximum multiplier limit of 10,000x per round. In terms of real-money payout, the highest you can grab is $10,000, and that’s fair when compared with some other titles. Thus, you should play this title at any of our Ho Ho HODL online casinos.  

Ho Ho HODL game FAQ

Is the Ho Ho HODL game fair?

The Ho Ho HODL bet game has an RNG that controls and influences the result of each game round. This means neither the game developer nor our reputable online casinos can alter the game outcome.

How to play Ho Ho HODL?

You should sign up at a regulated casino, deposit real money into your account, select the game and place a bet. Once the round begins, wait for the multiplier of your choice to show up and press the collect button. You can use the auto-collect to make the multiplier collection faster.

How much can I win in Ho Ho HODL?

You can win up to $10,000 per round in this Ho Ho HODL casino game. Meanwhile, the maximum multiplier you can win per round is 10,000x.

What are the bet sizes in Ho Ho HODL?

The Ho Ho HODL crash game has bet limits of $0.1 to $100 per round, which is common in many similar titles.

Does Ho Ho HODL have an autobet feature?

Yes. The autobet feature allows you to place 5 to 1000 automatic bets at a particular stake amount. Interestingly, you can play autobets till infinity, as the unlimited autobet option is also available.