Rocketman Crash game by Elbet for real money

Rocketman crash game is one of the many games using the unique ‘crash’ mechanics which allow you to bet and watch the wager increase in value directly proportionally to the multiplier coefficient. You must cash out the bet before the rocket ‘crashes’ from the screen to win real money. It may sound simple and direct because that’s what Rocketman bet game is about. But there’s more to this simplistic gameplay. To make the most out of the Rocketman game, you must understand the tiny details you’ll encounter during gameplay. This is what this Rocketman review is all about. Read a step-by-step guide on how to place a bet and cash out to win up to $10,000 (or x20,000). Also included is a list of some of the best Rocketman online casinos to sign up with. 

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  • Rocketman screenshot

Best online casinos to play Rocketman Crash game by Elbet

Rocketman facts

✅ Name Rocketman
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Elbet
📅 Release date 2022
💹 Return to Player 96.28% - 98.5%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $100
🎨 Theme Space
👀 Objects Spaceship
🎯 Objective Cash out before the rocket explodes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 20,000x, 2000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Crash casino games are not your typical online casino games. They are a new concept in the online gambling industry, only introduced in 2014. Crash games, including Rocketman, allow you to place a bet and watch it increase in value as the multiplier coefficient grows. As the coefficient increases, the higher your initial bet amount grows. To win money playing crash games, you must cash out before the multiplier ‘crashes’ from the screen. There’s no perfect time to cash out, as it all depends on your playing strategy.

Note that there is no guarantee the multiplier will increase. Given that every casino game has a house edge, it means the multiplier can crash out at 1.00x. It’s important you have this in mind while playing any crash game. 

About Rocketman crash game

Rocketman joins many other crash casino games that use the space theme to entertain. If you’ve played the likes of Aviator (Spribe), Spaceman (Pragmatic Play), JetX (SmartSoft Gaming), and Save The Hamster (EvoPlay), you should see a lot of similarities with the Rocketman crash game. In fact, there are two titles with the same name. You can play the Rocketman release from Elbet and Arcadem. They both use a theme where a rocket is launched into outer space and navigates through different obstacles. The higher it rises, the bigger the expected return.  

While both versions of Rocketman are equally entertaining to play, Elbet’s release is more popular and widely available online. As such, this Rocketman review will focus on the version from Elbet than that of Arcadem. 

There’s a single betting area on the screen. Set your wager, and hit the bet button to launch the rocket. You can add a second playing area to increase the fun, thrill, suspense, and possibly your returns should you win.

Like many other crash casino games, Rocketman has an autoplay and auto cashout feature on its home screen. It also comes with the bet history section, which allows you to check past results and possibly use the information to decide when to cash out. Under the menu section, you can toggle different buttons to activate the sound, music, and animation. Moreover, you’ll find the game’s rules, bet, and bonusing history.

However, unlike many other crash games, Rocketman has a bonus round, free bets, and a jackpot feature to offer its players. Its RTP is also not fixed and varies depending on your style of play. It also features a high maximum multiplier, as explained in one of the sections below. 

Rocketman game rules

The rules involved in the Rocketman game are easy to understand, and the gameplay is easy to execute. This is one of the main reasons why Rocketman crash game is quite a hit among players. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you must follow while playing the Rocketman bet game: 

Pick a Rocketman casino and deposit funds

Once you complete the registration process, recharge your account using any one of the supported payment methods. You don’t always have to dive straight into real money play. You can play the game in demo mode. 

Set your bet parameters

Bet parameters refer to aspects such as the amount you’d like to wager, auto-bet, and auto-cashout. The default bet limit when playing the Rocketman crash game is between $0.10 and $100 per round. However, this figure varies from one online casino to another. 

By default, the Rocketman casino game comes with one betting area. However, if you’d like to amp up the fun and double your chances of winning, click the ‘Add Another Bet’ button. This will automatically add another betting area that is independent of the first one. So if you decide to customise the parameters, they won’t affect the settings in the first section. While adding the second bet area increases the fun, it also means losing your bet equals losing twice the amount. Therefore, you need to be keen to ensure you pick the right settings that won’t drain your bankroll fast.

Monitor your bet

Once satisfied with your bet parameters, tap or click the ‘Bet’ button. The rocket will take off to the skies. As it soars to outer space, the multiplier will start increasing from 1.0x. 

Normally, some crash casino games have a multiplier coefficient that will increase indefinitely. However, for the Rocketman bet game, the multiplier can only increase up to 20,000x your bet, which is significantly higher than your average crash casino game. However, the max payout is $10,000 (Elbet), which is somewhat standard across crash games. If the maximum multiplier is reached, all open bets are automatically cashed out.

The importance of monitoring your bet is that the 20,000x multiplier is not guaranteed. Although the figure is achievable (normally, several times a month), the multiplier can crash at 1.0x, meaning you lose your bet instantly. By monitoring how the multiplier coefficient is increasing, you can easily see your expected return and cash out before it crashes. 

Rocketman game auto-bet feature

Sometimes, you might be too busy to keep placing bets manually in the Rocketman crash game. The fact that you are also limited to five seconds between the last and next bet makes it nearly impossible to quickly set parameters for the two bets. But it doesn’t always have to be the case, especially with the auto-bet feature available.

To activate this feature, you must toggle the ‘Set Auto Bet’ from off to on. From here, you can choose to play using the regular auto-bet parameters, where you only set the bet amount you’d like to wager for the next round. You can also click the ‘Advanced Autoplay’ button and pick more parameters that allow you to customise your betting experience.

Rocketman auto-cashout

The auto-cashout feature works in the same manner as the auto-bet, helping you cash out your bet automatically. Unlike the auto-bet feature that you must toggle off/on, the auto-cashout feature only requires you to input the multiplier you’d like the bet to automatically cash out. The figure ranges between 1.01x and 20,000x. Once the set number is achieved, the bet automatically cashes out, and the winnings are deposited into your account.  

How wins are calculated in Rocketman

Wins in the Rocketman casino game are calculated automatically. You don’t have to stress yourself calculating the expected returns. After placing your bet, the game will automatically calculate your expected returns by multiplying your initial bet amount and the corresponding multiplier coefficient.

So, for example, if you place a $100 bet and cash out at a multiplier of 2.73, your winnings will be $273. This includes the initial $100 stake. The profit from this Rocketman bet game will be $173. 

Rocketman bet game features

Beyond the simplistic gameplay, Rocketman crash game incorporates plenty of in-game features to further simplify the gaming experience and make the gameplay more rewarding. It has standard features such as live chat, statistics, and bet history, which you can easily find in other crash games. Beyond this, it comes with unique free bets and progressive jackpot features that you cannot see in other crash games. Here’s a quick low-down on these features and what they offer you. 


The game’s statistics section can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen. This has three sections: ‘All Bets,’ ‘My Bets,’ ‘Bet Wins’ and ‘Tournaments.’ When you open ‘All Bets’, you’ll see the bets that have been wagered in the current and previous rounds.

Instead of accessing the history of how you’ve been wagering through the menu, simply click ‘My Bets’. It will give you a history of what you’ve been staking, the multiplier coefficient you’ve cashed out, and the win amount.

When you open the ‘Bet Wins’ section, you have access to the highest scores achieved in the Rocketman bet game. The Top Wins part allows you to filter the highest scores per week, month, or year. The Top Odds lists the highest odds scored, the player ID, and the amount won. Under the Biggest Odds, you’ll access the biggest odds per week, month, or year. You’ll be surprised to know that Rocketman crash game has occasionally paid the highest multiplier of 20,000x.

Live chat

If you are the social type, the live chat feature lets you communicate with other players currently enjoying the game. The chat area is located on the right-hand side of the screen. Compared to what other online crash games offer, it’s easy to conclude Rocketman’s live chat is detailed. It shows the number of people currently online. It also allows you to type a customisable message with up to 160 characters. This is a big plus, as some live chat features in other crash games come with pre-defined messages. You can also send emojis and GIFs.

Round history

A closer look at the bottom section of the playing area and you’ll notice different multipliers. When you click the drop-down menu, you’ll see multipliers labelled blue, green, yellow, and red. These multipliers represent the outcome for the last 33 rounds. Multipliers of between 1.01x and 9.99x are blue. Those between 2.01 and 10x are green. Multipliers between 11.01x and 49.99x are yellow. Any figure above this will appear in red.

This section is important to players who use the Rocketman strategy of cashing out their bets based on past results. The fact that there are different colour codes makes it possible for players to quickly identify a pattern. For example, if in the last 33 rounds, there hasn’t been a single red, you can place two bets and use one of them to try and land a multiplier over 50x. It’s a risky strategy though, because every outcome in Rocketman is independent of the past result. 

Progressive jackpot

Many of the features discussed above can be seen in other crash games too. What sets Rocketman bet game apart is its progressive jackpot, which gets its contribution from 1% of every bet you place.

Categorised as the ‘Boosterpot’ and ‘Rocketpot’, this progressive jackpot grows gradually until one lucky player walks with the prize pot. The Boosterpot is a low-level, low-prize progressive jackpot. It pays out the most frequently compared to the Rocketpot.

The jackpot is randomly awarded to a lucky player. Anyone playing Rocketman has an equal chance of winning. It’s important to bear in mind that no two players can win this progressive jackpot. Whoever triggers the jackpot first will receive the full payout. 

Promo credits and free bets

Rocketman casino game is among the few crash releases to offer players a bonus round. The promo credits and free bets are randomly awarded during gameplay or by the online casino.

The promo credits will randomly appear on your screen during gameplay. Once you claim them, they are activated immediately and then deducted before your real-money balance. Winnings from the promo credits are automatically credited to your account.

Free bets, on the other hand, are awarded in the same manner as the promo credits. They can also be awarded by the Rocketman online casino you are playing as part of a promotion. However, unlike the promo credits that are automatically activated and used immediately, you’ll have to choose when to use the free bets.  

Rocketman tournament

Rocketman casino game also offers players a chance to compete for cash through the game’s tournaments. At the time of writing this Rocketman review, there’s no tournament. However, opening the ‘tournament’ section reveals past competitions and what they were offering.  

Rocketman provably fair system

Like many other crash casino games, Rocketman has a Provably Fair system. This allows you to verify that the game’s outcome was indeed fair and random. While many other crash games allow you to authenticate the game’s outcome using third-party software, Rocketman’s provably fair technology is somewhat unique.

To check for fairness using the Provably Fair technique, you must click on the yellow check button seen under the ‘My Bets’ section. This will reveal a complex mathematical formula used to determine the multiplier at the time of cashing out your winnings.  

Rocketman crash game RTP and volatility

RTP stands for Return To Player. This is a theoretical figure that shows how much you can expect from any online casino game, including Rocketman. The figure is usually expressed as a percentage. While some online casino games have a fixed RTP, others, like Rocketman, come with varying numbers. According to the game’s rules, the RTP for Rocketman is set at 98.5%, of which 96.5% comes directly from game RTP with an additional 2.00% from bonus features such as jackpots and free bets.

In addition to the RTP, another factor that influences your chance(s) of winning is volatility. This refers to the risk-reward aspect of any game. A highly volatile game means it pays out less frequently, but when it does, the returns are usually big.

The beauty of playing Rocketman crash game is that you are responsible for determining the volatility. When you cash out at low bet multipliers, it means the game at that point has a low volatility level. According to the risk-reward index, it means there’s a high likelihood of the event happening, and as such, the rewards (multiplier coefficient) are low. 


Whether you choose to play Elbet’s or Arcadem’s Rocketman crash game, you are certainly going to enjoy the overall experience. It’s nice to see the games offering a different approach to online casino gaming, allowing you to decide how much money you’d like to win from a round. In Elbet’s release, the 20,000x top multiplier is quite rewarding and massive compared to the 2000x multiplier offered by Arcadem’s Rocketman crash game. Elbet’s release also offers a flexible RTP range of between 96.5% and 98.5%, compared to the fixed figure of 96.28% seen in Arcadem’s. These are perhaps some of the reasons why Elbet’s version of Rocketman has many positive reviews online and is played by many gamblers worldwide.

Rocketman FAQ

Is Rocketman crash game fair?

Yes, Rocketman crash game is a fair and random game. To ensure the game’s outcome is 100% random and unpredictable, Rocketman uses RNG. The game’s algorithm also has provably fair technology. This allows you to authenticate that the game’s outcome was not manipulated.

How to play Rocketman?

You can play Rocketman crash game for real money or in demo mode using your mobile device or desktop. You should place your wager and choose whether you’d like to activate the auto-play or auto-cashout feature before clicking ‘Bet’ to launch the rocket. You must cash out your bet before the multiplier crashes to win.

How much can I win in Rocketman?

This is an open-ended question as it depends on the multiplier coefficient you’d like to cash out and the amount you’ve wagered. Rocketman bet game (Elbet) has a maximum multiplier equivalent to 20,000x and a max win of $10,000. Once either figure is achieved, the bet is automatically cashed out and credited to your account.

What are the bet sizes in Rocketman?

The betting range is quite diverse and one of the largest you’ll come across when playing a crash game. For as little as $0.10 and as much as $100, you can play Rocketman for real money. These diverse bet sizes ensure both casual and high-roller players can have fun playing the game.

Does Rocketman have an autobet feature?

Yes, Rocketman has an auto bet and auto-cashout feature. These are useful features that simplify your betting experience as you play Rocketman. You must activate the auto-bet feature by clicking on the toggle button.