Triple Cash Or Crash Crash game by Betsoft for real money

The Triple Cash Or Crash crash game is designed for players who want to have an edge-of-the-seat experience and place several real money stakes at once. Even two betting options per round provide more space for advanced strategies, and the Betsoft provider went further, adding as many as three bets per round. Of course, you don’t have to use all of them since the game is just as good with one or two stakes, but it’s nice to know that you can bet up to $100 on each astronaut and hunt for the 100,000x maximum potential winning. Here comes the detailed Triple Cash Or Crash review highlighting basic rules, some strategies, and the best online casinos to play this crash game for real money.

  • Triple Cash Or Crash screenshot
  • Triple Cash Or Crash screenshot

Best online casinos to play Triple Cash Or Crash Crash game by Betsoft

Triple Cash Or Crash facts

✅ Name Triple Cash Or Crash
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Betsoft
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $5
🎨 Theme Space
👀 Objects Three astronauts, spaceship
🎯 Objective Eject (cash out) before the rocket crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 100,000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

What is a crash game?

Online casino crash games can have different variations, but in nearly all cases, their main concept is the player’s opportunity to adjust risk levels and make their own decision to cash out. This should be done before the game crashes, and that’s the beauty of this software type: you try to reach the highest multipliers and cash out before the crash.

Triple Cash Or Crash game rules

This crash online casino game’s concept is standard: you place a real money stake and cash out when the round begins. The main differences are the presence of the three betting options and the absence of an opportunity to bet on the next round before the current one is over. Bonus rounds or anything of this kind are absent, so you fully rely on the multipliers reached by the rocket you bet on.

Design & theme

Like many other instant-win online casino games, Triple Cash Or Crash has a space theme where you bet on astronauts trying to eject from the rocket before the crash. Betsoft developed the Triple Cash Or Crash crash game in 2023, so it boasts outpacing graphics and sound design. At the same time, its main focus is on statistics and menu elements that allow players to analyse the game history and quickly modify betting amounts.

Navigation elements

On the main screen, you’ll see your rocket flying past different planets. The screen also displays two rulers next to the main screen. The vertical ruler indicates your current multiplier, while the horizontal ruler below the screen displays the time of the rocket being in the sky. The longer your game lasts, the higher these two values. When you start playing, your gameplay history is displayed on the left. The main widgets you need to play Triple Cash Or Crash for real money are on the left:

  • Each of the three betting options has buttons to decrease or increase the stake, divide it by two, double it, or choose the maximum $100 stake
  • The standard autoplay option is absent, but you can set auto-cashout and optionally repeat all bets
  • The line below the screen displays the current time, your balance, and previous multipliers (low values are red; high values of over 2x are green)
  • You can also tap on the widgets on the right to open the rules, change gameplay settings (sound and music volume), or turn on/off the sound

Autoplay settings

Since standard autoplay mechanics are absent here, players can activate auto-cashout (1.01x to 100,000x) and pick the ‘Repeat All Bets’ option as an alternative. This means that after each round, you need to tap on this button to repeat the parameters of the previous round, including the stake amount, the number of active betting options, and auto-cashout settings, if any. You can use the arrows to regulate auto-cashout limits or type in the desired amount within accepted limits.

Triple Cash Or Crash winning potential

Triple Cash Or Crash is a real-money online casino game with massive winning potential. The RTP is as high as 96%. The bet per astronaut ranges from $1 to $100, so you can bet up to $300 per round. However, keep in mind that in some cases, the limits can vary from casino to casino, and there are different settings for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The maximum multiplier a player can reach across all the three bets within a single round is 100,000x. However, the game also has a limit of up to $200,000 per player within a single round. Thus, your total winning amount shouldn’t conflict with any of these limits, and if this happens, the astronaut will auto-eject, and the winning will be automatically added to the real money balance. 

How to play Triple Cash Or Crash for real money

You may find the game’s interface a little bit overwhelming at first glance, but don’t worry; it takes up to a few minutes to learn navigation widgets and start playing. You can choose one of the top Triple Cash Or Crash online casinos reviewed by our experts and follow this guide then:

  1. Once in the game, decide how many betting options you want to activate (one to three) and modify the betting amount of each ($1 to $100 per astronaut)
  2. If you are happy with the betting settings, wait for the ‘Place Bet’ widget to be active (only when the previous round is over) and tap on it
  3. You can optionally activate auto-cashout limits of 1.01x to 100,000x, but you can always withdraw earlier than the maximum limit when you want to
  4. When the rocket reaches the multiplier where you want to cash out, tap on the yellow ‘Eject’ button to let the astronaut leave the rocket and grab the current multiplier

The red ‘Eject All Remaining’ widget appears when you’ve cashed out from a single stake, and there are other astronauts in play. You can tap on it or eject on each particular bet manually. In the case of a crash before you cash out, the bet is lost, and you see a red multiplier displaying the final destination the rocket managed to reach.

It’s a bit inconvenient that you can’t place your bet for the next round when the current round is active. Once it’s over, you have only five seconds to confirm your stake and modify it if necessary (the yellow ‘Place Bet’ button will turn into the ‘Edit Bet’ red widget). When bets are closed, there are three more seconds before the rocket takes off, but you can’t modify your stake at this time.

Triple Cash Or Crash casino game strategies & tips

We won’t give you objective tips like choosing a reliable online casino or playing responsibly since it’s a must. You should also remember that there are no ways to beat the casino in the long run, so these methods can help you master gaming mechanics but never guarantee wins. Here are some strategies and tips for the Triple Cash Or Crash bet game based on the game’s parameters and our experience.

Low risks are still risks

Cashing out at 1.01x may be very deceptive. Yes, the risks are minimised, but the profit is also low since the highest $100 bet per stake will bring you as little as $1 as net profit. Well, earning $1 within a few seconds at the lowest risks seems nice. However, a single instant crash at 1x will make you lose $100, so you need at least 100 winning rounds to compensate for it when sticking to this strategy of cashing out at 1.01x. That’s why the best way is to combine different strategies and try different limits to cash out.

Combine several risk levels

The beauty of the Triple Cash Or Crash game is the presence of three betting options per round. This is a great way to combine bets of several risk levels within the same round. You can cash out at 1.01x, 1.2x, and 3x within the same round, which will cover the lowest and moderate risks. If you are a high roller, the last bet can be set aside for much higher multipliers since the game’s total potential is as huge as 100,000x, but make sure to get insurance in the form of two other bets with more accessible goals.

Modify bet settings in advance

When you are allowed to place a bet, there are only five seconds to make the right decision, which is very little, especially when you want to deal with all the three bets and set extra options like auto-cashout. To optimise this process, you can choose the betting amount and auto-cashout settings during the current round, and when bets are accepted, you simply confirm your stakes and get started. The ‘Repeat All Bets’ button will save you time when you want to have one more round with such parameters.

Adjust the bet according to risk levels

It’s only up to you to decide how much you want to bet per round, but you can stick to a certain system to make your gaming session more consistent. For example, you can choose between a high stake with a 1.01x cashout and a low stake where you take higher risks and cash out at over 3x. Avid high rollers can stick to high bets and multipliers, while newbies will find it convenient to have at least ten gaming sessions at a $1 bet per round and low multipliers of 1.01x to 1.5x.

Learn how to work with statistics

Betsoft made the Triple Cash Or Crash casino game very convenient for analysing statistics and game history for further real-money stakes. Both desktop and mobile versions have these tools, and Jonathan Crook, Team Lead at Betsoft, says the following regarding the provider’s mobile-first approach: ‘Locating controls and maximising the screen real estate whilst still ensuring full game control by the player’s thumb has been very well received.’

You can check the multipliers reached during the previous rounds (red and green). Of course, this doesn’t guarantee wins, but you can suppose that a range of smaller multipliers precedes a high multiplier of over 30x. However, there are exceptions when the game can crash at high multipliers of over 30x several times in a row.

Triple Cash Or Crash game safety

During each gaming session, you’ll see the room number and the round ID. You can use this information when you need customer support help with any issues within this round. Unlike most other crash casino online games with information like the hash code to copy, Triple Cash Or Crash has no tools to check the round’s fairness. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the rounds are all fair since Betsoft has an excellent reputation in the iGaming market and boasts hundreds of positive reviews from players.

Play Triple Cash Or Crash game for free in demo mode


The Betsoft provider did a great job adding a crash game with three betting options to its catalogue. The betting limit and winning potential are suitable for players who hunt for big wins, though it’s somewhat disappointing that in addition to the 100,000x maximum winning limit, you’ll face the $200,000 cap. The game also has convenient ways to track statistics and use this information for further strategies. If you are into instant-win titles with a wide betting range and don’t mind the absence of bonus features, the Triple Cash Or Crash crash game is a good choice.

Triple Cash Or Crash game FAQ

Is the Triple Cash Or Crash game fair?

Yes, this crash online casino game is fair, though there are no tools to check the fairness of each round manually. Yet, you can rely on the reputation of the Betsoft provider and its licensing.

How to play Triple Cash Or Crash?

You only need to choose a reliable online casino, deposit, and decide how many bets of $1 to $100 you want to place per round (one to three). When the round begins, try to cash out before the game crashes.

How much can I win in Triple Cash Or Crash?

The game has a sky-high maximum winning limit of 100,000x, but your winnings cannot exceed $200,000, so you should keep both parameters in mind.

What are bet sizes in Triple Cash Or Crash?

You can bet $1 to $100 per astronaut, so the minimum bet is $1 when you place only one stake, and the maximum is $300 when you bet the maximum for each option. Still, always check the limits at your particular casino.

Does Triple Cash Or Crash have auto-bet?

The game has somewhat different autoplay mechanics. You can’t place auto-bets, but you can set auto-cashouts and choose an option to repeat bets of the previous round. Still, you need to pick it manually each time.