Space Taxi Crash game by Lambda Gaming for real money

Created by Lambda Gaming, the Space Taxi game is a one-of-a-kind crash game with a bonus feature that awards multiplied payouts on top of the ones you have gathered in the regular round. As the name implies, the game is designed based on a space theme, and a virtual rocket launches at the start of every round, during which a multiplier scale starts growing from 1.0x and can go indefinitely high. However, you can only win up to a maximum of $10,000. Aside from the bonus round and generous payouts, the Space Taxi casino game offers a few innovative features alongside an average RTP percentage range of 95% and 96%.

  • Space Taxi screenshot
  • Space Taxi screenshot

Best online casinos to play Space Taxi Crash game by Lambda Gaming

Space Taxi facts

✅ Name Space Taxi
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Lambda Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95% - 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.2 - $1000
🎨 Theme Space
👀 Objects Rocket
🎯 Objective Cash out before the rocket explodes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

In this Space Taxi review, we’ll examine various aspects of the game, including its rules, payouts, and the bonus round. We’ll also provide you with a well-vetted list of top online casinos where you can play Space Taxi for real money.

What is a crash game?

Crash gambling is a fun and exciting genre that has breathed new life into online casino games. These games are designed based on the crash gaming mechanic, meaning that the main object will crash at some point without warning, ending the round. For instance, the Space Taxi bet game features a virtual rocket that launches into the sky at the beginning of a round, but it explodes after a while, during which all active bets are lost. However, one notable feature about crash games is that they offer massive multiplied payouts, and if you’re lucky, you might cash out thousands of US dollars.

Space Taxi game: Overview

The Space Taxi game is an exciting title released by Lambda Gaming in February 2023. Since its introduction in the online gambling market, numerous players from across the world have tried their luck in the game and walked away with good payouts. But what does it entail?

To begin with, the game is created based on a space theme, and a virtual rocket immediately launches into the sky at the start of every round. As the rocket rises, the multiplier scale displayed on the screen also starts growing from 1.0x, and it can go indefinitely high. An interesting feature about Space Taxi is that the game has a bonus round that awards individual multiplied payouts on top of the regular winnings.

Aside from the thrilling gambling experience and generous rewards, the Space Taxi casino game offers easy-to-use betting features alongside intriguing game settings. For instance, you can turn on or off the game’s music and sound, pick your favourite avatar, and view previous rounds’ results, all under the game interface.

Space Taxi game: Objective

As mentioned earlier, the Space Taxi bet game features a virtual rocket that’s launched into the sky, and the higher it soars up the sky, the more the multiplier value increases, and it can go to infinity. However, there’s a catch, i.e., the rocket can explode mid-air without warning, leading to the round being over and the loss of your bet. Therefore, your objective during gameplay is to cash out your current winnings as early as possible before the crash happens.

But hold on, there’s more to the Space Taxi game than other crash games. In some rounds (random ones), the rocket doesn’t explode. Instead, the rocket starts to disintegrate, and a capsule begins to descend on the virtual planet, upon which a random multiplier is displayed on the screen. This coefficient will then be included in the final payout of all active bets (bets that were still in play when the bonus game was activated).

Space Taxi RTP and betting limits

As per the developer’s page, the Space Taxi game RTP is configurable, meaning it can vary depending on the casino you are playing in. The information embedded in the game states that the RTP percentage ranges between 95% and 96%. This being the average RTP for most crash games, we can fairly say that Space Taxi is a medium-volatility game. 

As for bet limits in the Space Taxi casino game, the figures can vary depending on your country of residence, online casino, and the currency you’re using to play. In our case (USD), you can place bets with as little as $0.1 but up to a maximum of $100. If you’re a high-roller with a huge gambling budget, you can increase the maximum bet to $200 per round by using both bet panels (to be discussed later). You can also bet using popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, etc., but only if your online casino accepts crypto bets.

Space Taxi multipliers and payouts

The Space Taxi bet game offers numerous multiplied payouts. You can walk away with as low as 1.01x your bet, but if you’re lucky, you can cash out on higher multipliers. However, Space Taxi has a maximum win limit of $10,000, meaning that the system will automatically collect your winnings once it hits that amount, and the round will be over for you. On the other hand, the bonus round offers individual multiplied payouts, which range between 2x and 100x. So, how are the winnings calculated if there are two separate rounds?

To begin with, payouts from the regular round are calculated the same way as in other crash games, i.e., your bet amount is multiplied by the active multiplier value when you hit the Cash Out button. For the bonus round payouts, the formula is still the same but with the inclusion of the additional multiplier value. For instance, suppose you place a bet worth $10, the rocket disintegrates when the coefficient reaches 5x, and you get awarded a 5x multiplier in the bonus round. In this case, you’ll walk away with a $250 payout calculated as USD 10x5x5.

Space Taxi game features

Whether you’re playing using your hard-earned funds or fun credits in demo mode, the Space Taxi casino game provides various innovative game features to help you have a remarkable and seamless gambling experience. Let’s take an in-depth review of some of the features you might need when playing the Space Taxi game.

Betting interface

This is the most essential feature in any online casino game, and the creators of the Space Taxi casino game understood the assignment. Whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile device, you can’t miss the betting panels because they are placed at the bottom of the screen and are brightly coloured in blue. You can use both windows or just one, depending on the amount you wish to spend during your gambling session.

To place a bet, simply enter your preferred bet amount (manually) or click the (+) button, which will keep increasing the bet size in the window. You can also use the (-) button to reduce the figure or just pick your desired bet amount from the pre-set figures (1, 2, 5, and 25). If you’re a high roller with a high gambling budget and daring instincts, you can use the Max bet button, which will input the maximum allowed bet amount of $100. The good thing about the Space Taxi game is that you can place a bet for the next in case you miss a chance to play the current round or find it in progress.


The Cancel button is activated once you place your bet, and if you hit it, the bet funds will be returned to your account balance. However, you can only use this button before your bet is accepted, i.e., the Cancel button is active before the betting phase starts. This means you’ll be able to cancel your bet only if you’re waiting for the next round, but once the next betting period begins, your bet will be accepted, and you won’t be able to revert that action.

Cash Out

The Cash Out button helps you achieve the game’s objective, i.e., collect your current winnings once the spaceship hits your preferred multiplier value. However, you should be cautious and cash out your winnings early enough before the rocket explodes mid-air, during which the round will be over, and you’ll lose your bet.


For mobile players, you can activate this feature by turning on the Auto switch button, after which you’ll have access to the Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out functions. For desktop players, you can access the Autoplay features (Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out) on the betting panel.

  • Auto Bet

If you select the Auto Bet function, it means the system will automatically place bets on your behalf in as many rounds as you wish, i.e., until you turn it off. Simply enter your preferred bet amount (within the game’s bet limits), click the Bet button, and wait for the rocket to launch into the sky. Your only job will be cashing out your winnings once the spaceship hits your desired multiplier coefficient.

  • Auto Cash Out

The Auto Cash Out function, on the other hand, allows the system to collect your winnings once the rocket reaches your desired height (multiplier). To use this feature, activate it on the betting panel, enter your preferred multiplier value (between 1.1x and 999x), and press the Bet button.

Please note that you can activate both features if you wish to go into full Autoplay mode.

Space Taxi game rules

The Space Taxi game has one of the most straightforward rules, so easy that even first-time players can try their luck in the game. All you need to do is sign up for an account in one of our top Space Taxi online casinos, deposit into the account, and start playing. The game rules are as stated earlier in the game’s objective, i.e., strategically time the best multipliers and cash out your current winnings before the rocket explodes mid-air, during which the round will end, and you’ll lose your bet. It’s as simple as that, but if you don’t feel ready, you can access the game in demo mode and practice using fun credits as many times as you wish.

Space Taxi game bonus round

If you’ve been an avid player of crash games, you must have encountered or qualified for a few in-game bonuses. For instance, the popular Aviator game by Spribe and Zeppelin by BetSolutions offer Free Bets, which allow players to place bets without touching their account balance (only bonus funds are used). However, the Space Taxi casino game takes an entirely different approach and offers a bonus game, a unique concept in crash gambling. So, how does it work?

During a random round, the multiplier coefficient freezes, and instead of the rocket exploding, it starts disintegrating and releases a capsule from its upper section. The released capsule will then start descending towards the planet, and as soon as it lands, a multiplier value is displayed on the screen. During the Space Taxi bonus round, you can walk with various multiplied payouts, including 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x your bet. As mentioned earlier, the bonus game multipliers are only applied to the bets that were active when the bonus round began.

Live statistics in Space Taxi

Like most crash games, Space Taxi offers personal and general live stats that are easily accessible during gameplay.

To begin with, the live statistics panel for desktop players is on the left side of the game interface, whereas mobile users can scroll down the screen to access it. Despite the device you’re using, the information displayed is standard across. The General Tab has information regarding the ongoing round with key details such as the players participating (identified by their usernames), bet amount, cashout multiplier, and profit (losses are not recorded). 

The Rating tab displays information regarding top multipliers, winnings, bonus profit, and multiplier wins. You can filter this information using different timeframes like daily, monthly, and yearly.

Click the My Bets tab for personal history and Bonus Games to find the bonus round winners (bet amount, bonus multiplier, and profit). Lastly, results for the previous 18 rounds are displayed at the top of the game interface, information that’s usually useful to players who believe in patterns.

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From our Space Taxi review, we have shed light on various essential details regarding the game and provided a well-vetted list of top Space Taxi online casinos. For instance, the game has an RTP percentage range of between 95% and 96%, but the exact figure will depend on whether you’ve received a regular payout or if it’s inclusive of the bonus payout. In addition, the Space Taxi bet game offers generous multiplied payouts, which start from as low as 1.01x but can go to infinity during the regular round. For the bonus game – a unique feature of the Space Taxi Game – the multipliers range between 2x and 100x.

Space Taxi game FAQ

Is the Space Taxi game fair?

Yes. Despite the Space Taxi game not having the Provably Fair technology integrated into it, the game uses RNG software to generate each round's outcome, and they are entirely random. This means that the game is not manipulatable or biased, rendering it fair.

How to play Space Taxi?

The Space Taxi gameplay is pretty straightforward. Simply enter your preferred bet amount during or before the betting phase, wait for the rocket launch, and cash out as soon as the multiplier hits your desired value. However, you should collect your winnings in time before the rocket explodes mid-air, leading you to lose your bet.

How much can I win in Space Taxi?

You can win from as little as 1.01x your bet, but if you're lucky, you might walk away with massive payouts that can go indefinitely high. Furthermore, you might receive additional rewards ranging between 2x and 100x if your bet is still active when the bonus game is triggered. However, the game has a maximum win limit of $10,000 per round.

What are the bet sizes in Space Taxi?

Space Taxi has one of the friendly betting limits in the gambling industry. You can bet with as little as $0.1 per round up to a maximum of $100, but you can increase the maximum limit to $200 if you're using both betting panels.

Does Space Taxi have an autobet feature?

Yes, the Space Taxi casino game has an Auto Bet function under the Autoplay feature. Simply select the Auto Bet option in the betting window, and the feature will be activated.