Need For X Crash game by Onlyplay for real money

Enjoy the thrills of car racing in the Need For X crash game by Onlyplay. This social multiplayer game has become one of the most followed online crash games across the globe thanks to its exciting concept. In addition to some engaging gameplay, Need For X has a fair RTP, wonderful animations, an interesting soundtrack, and colourful graphics. This crash title allows players to select and play with any avatar and use any nickname of their choice, giving them a personalised experience. 

  • Need For X screenshot
  • Need For X screenshot

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Need For X facts

✅ Name Need For X
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Onlyplay
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $50
🎨 Theme Race
👀 Objects Car, boxes
🎯 Objective Cash out before the car crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 100x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

Perhaps the most remarkable part of this title is the Infinity Play mechanic, which means the game never stops, and there’s continuous movement on the road. Thus, if you’re lucky, you can grab many big multipliers on each round before exploding. There are numerous Need For X online casinos, but we have analysed and listed some of the leading sites on this page. This Need For X review also presents how you can play the game and other noteworthy rules.    

What is a crash game?

Crash games are simple, easy-to-understand social multiplayer titles for both experienced and inexperienced gamers. Yes, crash games are designed in a way that makes it easy for novices to learn in a very short time and play them smoothly. They have random number generators (RNGs), meaning that the system determines the different multipliers appearing on the screen. 

Many titles have double bets, allowing you to claim multipliers on two wagers in the same round. Additionally, you’ll find a bonus feature in some crash games, which helps to enhance your overall experience. Each title has minimum and maximum multipliers, with the minimum multiplier starting at 1x in most games. 

About the Need For X bet game

The Need For X game is a crash game from software developer Onlyplay. This social multiplayer game was released in February 2023 and continues to make it to many players’ best crash games list. Need For X has a car racing theme, in which you move your vehicle in different lanes to collect a multiplier box. As such, the gameplay boasts alluring graphic designs and an absorbing soundtrack akin to a typical car racing video game. 

There’s an avatar at the top of the game area – click/tap it to change to any other avatar you like. You can also change your nickname and access your gameplay statistics, including rounds played, rounds won, maximum multiplier won, missions completed and rank. Yes, the casino awards you a rank based on your gaming activity across different rounds. 

There are statistics for other players in each round, including their nickname, wager amount, multiplier, and amount won. Similarly, you’ll find all your stats for each wager in the ‘My Bets’ section. Once you open the Need For X casino game, the screen displays real-time stats on recent multipliers in the game. These statistics might be useful in guiding your gameplay decisions.  

The minimum multiplier begins at 1x, but there’s no limit to how high the multiplier can go on each round. So, if you’re super lucky, you could grab a huge multiplier. Apart from USD, you can play with many other currencies, and multiple languages are available.

Need For X game rules

You have to understand the rules before you can play Need For X for real money, and thankfully, they are straightforward. The wager limits per round range from $1 to $50, but the latter falls short of the average maximum bet in many similar games. The RTP is 95%, and that’s a little below the average RTP in the majority of crash games. Need For X has the Infinity Play mechanic, which means the game never stops, and you can always bet and start playing immediately. Also, the game provider hasn’t revealed the maximum amount you can win.

The game has manual and autobet features. The Min/Max buttons are available to aid your manual bet selection. You should toggle the autobet button to play multiple rounds at your preferred bet amount. 

The auto-take feature allows you to input the multiplier you want the game to collect for you, ranging from 1.35x to 100x per round. If you drive through that multiplier, the system obtains the multiplier for you, and your round ends after that. The Need For X bet game has real-money and free versions; you can play either on your desktop or mobile device.

Missions in the Need For X game

According to the information on Onlyplay’s website, the game provider can award missions. There’s a ‘Missions’ section at the bottom of the screen as you open the game. For successfully completed missions, the game’s 95% RTP applies. However, if you don’t play with the Missions, the regular play RTP will be less than 95%.

How to play the Need For X casino game

The Need For X crash game has the appeal of a video game, and you’re expected to drive your car through a multiplier box. There’s a ‘How to Play’ button at the top of the game screen. Click/tap that button to read a step-by-step explanation of how the game works. 

After adding real money to your account, open the game and place your bet with the – and + buttons or the Min/Max buttons. Afterwards, an orange racing car appears on the left or right lane. That’s your car for the round. There are bonus or multiplier boxes placed on alternate sides of the road. Your task is to navigate your way and drive through the boxes by pressing the ‘Turn Left’ or ‘Turn Right’ buttons on the screen. Each bonus box has either a multiplier or a bomb.

If the box has a multiplier and you drive through it, you can take it by pressing the ‘Take’ button. But if it has a bomb and you drive through it, you lose your bet and your round ends. Therefore, if you can avoid boxes with bombs, you can stay long enough in the game to drive through some high multipliers. Importantly, when you drive through multipliers, they are multiplied with each other. For example, when hitting 1.05x, 1.5x, and 1.35x one by one, your total multiplier will be 2.12x (1.05×1.5×1.35).   

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If you’re looking to enjoy an animated game where you don’t have to stress yourself learning heavy rules, Need For X is for you. The auto racing theme and game style make it stand out from similar games. You can customise the avatars to suit your preference and also use any nickname of your choice. What’s more, the Need For X casino game has the Infinity Play mechanic – making room for continuous, non-stop gameplay. So, you can just bet and start playing immediately. It also has the Missions feature, which can be activated randomly when the game provider updates it. You’ll receive rewards for successful missions, and such rewards will be added to your RTP, according to information from the developer.

However, the game’s 95% base RTP is below what you’ll get in many similar titles. But it can increase with the missions, which is a plus. The Need For X crash game is available in multiple currencies and languages. You can play it at any of our well-reviewed Need For X online casinos.

Need For X game FAQ

Is the Need For X game fair?

Yes. The Need For X casino game runs on a random number generator (RNG), which makes the system the sole determinant of results. Such RNGs are occasionally audited and certified fair by third-party software testing agencies.

How to play Need For X?

You should open the game and place your bet. Then, use the ‘Turn Left’ and ‘Turn Right’ buttons to drive through multiplier boxes and take multipliers. However, any box might contain a bomb, and driving through such a box results in a loss.

How much can I win in Need For X?

There’s no information on the maximum real-money amount you can win in the Need For X game. There’s no maximum multiplier limit, too.

What are the bet sizes in Need For X?

The stake ranges from $1 to $50 per round. This maximum wager is lower than what’s available in many similar titles.

Does Need For X have an autobet feature?

Yes. You can switch on the autobet feature for multiple successive rounds to run on any bet amount of your choice.

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