Tower X Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming for real money

Have you ever worked in construction? If not, the Tower X crash game offers the perfect opportunity and, if you've ever, some bit of nostalgia for you. In this casino crash game, players build high-rise towers, with each building floor awarding its unique range of multipliers. As such, it goes without saying that if your tower contains buildings of the highest multipliers, you stand to enjoy impressive payouts.

  • Tower X screenshot
  • Tower X screenshot

Best online casinos to play Tower X Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming

Tower X facts

✅ Name Tower X
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider SmartSoft Gaming
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $5
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Urban tower, people
🎯 Objective Cash out before people with umbrellas jump from the building
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 5000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

The highest multiplier in the Tower X game is 5000x, and with a 96% RTP, it’s clear why it’s a popular casino crash game. The bet limits are reasonable but with a twist, which this Tower X review will explain, sparing no detail. In addition, players will learn more about its features, gameplay flow, payouts, maximum win, etc. Moreover, a list of the top online casinos with the Tower X game provided on this page will help start real money gambling on the front foot.

What is a crash game?

Generally, a crash game is an instant-win title that offers players instant payouts after wagering on a moving object (line, plane, jet, balloon, etc.) that awards multipliers. Eventually, the game will crash, and players need to cash out their winnings before this happens to enjoy success. This is the basic concept of casino crash games. However, recently, we’ve encountered crash-game renditions where players don’t need to click the CashOut button to secure their winnings. The Tower X casino game is a perfect example, as payouts will immediately be made after the game ends.

Overview of the Tower X crash game

Tower X is a multiplier casino game developed by the famous SmartSoft Gaming, founded in 2015. You’ll find the Tower X crash game under the ‘XGame’ category in the provider’s game catalogue alongside other noteworthy titles like JetX 3, Helicopter X, Football X, Cappadocia, etc. As a standard feature in all of the provider’s titles, Tower X features cutting-edge graphics, as seen in the superb details of the game’s background and buildings. The in-game music/sound also blends in well with the title.

The game’s animations are also stunning, especially when the game ends, and you see people jumping off the tower with different-coloured umbrellas as parachutes. The target of the game is to build the tallest towers with the highest total multiplier coefficients to enjoy exemplary payouts. As mentioned, there are various buildings in the game that help you make the tower, and each building offers a varying range of multipliers, the lowest being 1x. Conversely, 5000x is the highest total multiplier you can get in the Tower X bet game.

This multiplier crash game offers a chat feature, allowing global players to converse and share betting strategies or reviews about the game. As mentioned, Tower X doesn’t feature a ‘Cash Out’ option since this is done automatically once the game ends. Therefore, you won’t find a CashOut button or an auto cash-out option in this crash title.

However, you’ll get an autoplay feature with various configurations, allowing you to customise it to your liking. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Tower X betting game offers players one betting panel. So, placing two bets simultaneously is not possible. The sections below will shed more light on the Tower X casino game, explaining its rules, interface, features, and more.

Tower X game rules

This is not your usual crash game, as players don’t need to be alert with their fingers on the cashout button every time. Instead, in Tower X, when the game crash crashes (ends), the total multiplier will be used to calculate your payout. Regarding gaming rules, there are none that should worry you except that the bet sizes you select in the game will always be 100x more when you place the bet. We’ll look at this in detail later. The game has a maximum cap on winnings, and payouts will be added to your balance immediately after winning.

Tower X game interface

This instant-win title is set in a city with ongoing construction. In the foreground, you can see a fence with an incomplete building structure inside. Also, you can see a barricade, bricks, safety cones, and other elements you’d expect in a construction site. Fire hydrants and dust bins are also visible. In the background, you’ll see occupied buildings with lights from different window apartments just to set the scene. 

When the game starts, buildings begin dropping on top of the incomplete structure. Each new building added to form the tower appears with its respective multiplier coefficient (1x, 2x, 7x, 15x, 50x, 100x, etc.). On the left of the main game section, you’ll find live results of the past rounds (about 20 rounds. Mobile users can expect fewer results), which are updated in real time. 

The opposite side has a tab with sections on the current stakes, top wins, and statistics of a player’s bet. The current stakes section contains active players’ wagers, multipliers, and winnings. Beneath the primary game area, you’ll find options to adjust your bet size, launch and configure autoplay, and place your bets. Your account balance is on the bottom right of the game interface. 

You can launch the live chat feature on the left side of your balance or turn the in-game music on/off on the right side. Moreover, you can access Tower X game details by clicking the hamburger icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will reveal the game’s rules, features, RTP, and more.

Tower X game features

The game lacks dual betting and auto cashout features. This is not a setback since these features are rendered useless by the title’s gameplay mechanic. Still, there are game features on which we’d like to enlighten players. For example, the live results can help gamblers better predict and decide whether to bet in the next round. However, these statistics shouldn’t be relied upon since the Tower X bet game is random, and any outcome is possible. Below are the game features in Tower X.

Betting limits

In Tower X, you can adjust your bet size using the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons below the autoplay option in the betting section. The game’s betting limits range from $0.01 to $5. It might seem strange, but in this crash game, the total cost of your bet will always be 100x times the amount you’ve selected.

For instance, if you select $0.01 as your base bet, the total amount that will be deducted when placing the bet is $1 (0.01×100). Suppose you choose $1; $100 will be the total cost of the bet. You can see the total bet amount on the ‘Buy Bonus’ button, which is used to place bets in the game.

This means that the bet limits in the game range from $1 to $500. Nevertheless, your payouts will be made based on the selected bet size, not the total cost of the bet. We’ll explain the implication in the payouts section of this Tower X review.

Types of buildings

When you play Tower X for real money, you’ll notice that there are five different types of buildings, each with a varying multiplier range. The unpredictability of which building and its corresponding multiplier range will drop down to form the tower adds to the excitement of the Tower X crash game. As such, these are the buildings and their multiplier ranges:

  • Suburb House: 1x-5x
  • City House: 6x-10x
  • Green House: 15x-40x
  • Elite House: 50x-90x
  • Neon House: 100x-1000x

With each building that forms the tower, the awarded multiplier will be randomly decided by the system. You can always see the awarded coefficients in the game as they’re displayed on the building’s side. These multipliers will then be totalled to decide the round’s multiplier when the game ends. For instance, suppose you get the following multipliers: 90x, 5x, 200x, 1x, 7x, 15x, 1x, 1x, and 2x when the round is over. In that case, the multiplier at the end of the game will be 322x.

Autoplay settings

Fortunately, the Tower X bet game offers an autoplay feature, meaning you can use it to avoid clicking the ‘Buy Bonus’ button every time a new round commences. If you click the button labelled ‘AUTOPLAY’ on the betting area, you’ll view the autoplay settings. You can then configure these settings to match your bankroll balance and style of play.

This feature offers players the following number of automatic rounds: 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. You can choose your ideal number and then tweak the bet size options. When you’re ready, click the ‘Start’ toggle to activate the feature.

Autoplay will stop once the number of selected spins is exhausted, but you can cancel it at any point during real money gameplay by clicking the ‘Stop’ option. Moreover, this feature in Tower X comes with these advanced options to stop autoplay:

  • Stop if a single win is more than (your selected value).
  • Stop if the balance decreases more than (your selected value).
  • Stop if the balance increases more than (your selected value).

How to play Tower X for real money

You’ll find the best Tower X online casinos on this page. Join any platform of your choosing to enjoy a smooth Tower X gambling adventure. Some of these platforms allow wagering in cryptos like Bitcoin, with others offering bonuses that may be used in this crash casino game. After funding your account, follow the below guidelines to play Tower X for real money:

  1. Launch the Tower X crash game (SmartSoft Gaming) from your casino’s lobby on your desktop or mobile.
  2. Adjust the bet sizes to your preference. The bet limit ranges from $0.01 to $5, but remember, the total cost of the bet is 100x times your bet size. In this respect, the limits are $1 minimum and $500 maximum.
  3. Afterwards, click the ‘Buy Bonus’ button to place your bet. You’ll see an ‘Accepted’ notification after successfully betting on a round. This button usually indicates the total bet to be deducted from your balance.
  4. The Tower X casino game will commence with various types of buildings, each with a multiplier, accumulating on top of the other. The game will end with a ‘Game Over’ notification, and the round’s multiplier will then be determined by the total multiplier coefficients of the stacked buildings.

Please note that the game can end randomly, even with one building. Since there’s no cashout option in Tower X, players don’t have any sense of control over the game’s outcome. You can start another round or use the autoplay option to play many rounds nonstop.

Tower X game payouts and maximum win

So, how are your winnings calculated? As mentioned above, the total building multipliers will be added to decide the round’s multiplier outcome. Using our example above (90x, 5x, 200x, 1x, 7x, 15x, 1x, 1x, and 2x), which totals 322x, it means that your bet will be multiplied by this coefficient to give you your payout.

Now, and this is important, this total multiplier will be multiplied by your selected bet size, not the total bet amount deducted from your account. So, suppose you have a $1 wager; $100 will be subtracted from your balance, but only the $1 will be multiplied by the 322x multiplier. In that case, you’ll receive a $322 payout (322×1), NOT $32,200 (100×322).

Regarding the maximum win, the game has a cap of $25,000, resulting from the maximum multiplier (5000x) and the maximum bet ($5) in the game. When this maximum win limit is reached, payouts will be made automatically.

False winnings in the Tower X crash game

Gamblers are now wondering how casino operators make money if there’s a guaranteed payout in every round of the Tower X game. There’s a concept known as False Winnings that’s usually popular in online slots, but it also applies here. If you’re keen, some game rounds in Tower X will result in lower winnings than you invested. Let’s look at an example.

So, suppose you wager $1, where $100 is actually deducted from your balance, and the game ends with a 50x total multiplier. In that case, since only your bet size counts toward your payout, you’ll receive $50 winnings (1×50). Although the system will show you a winning notification, in reality, you’ve made a $50 loss since what you invested ($100) is lower than your returns ($50).

Now, this is what is known as false winnings. Since there’s no CashOut option in the Tower X crash game, your goal is to get multipliers that allow you to at least break even. In our example, this is a 100x multiplier that returns our initial investment ($100). So, to make a profit in this crash game, you must land multipliers of over 100x.

Play Tower X for free in demo mode


At first glance, the Tower X game may appear challenging to grasp since there’s no CashOut button like in other crash games. However, the game is pretty straightforward, and we like this new mechanic where players don’t need to secure their winnings before the game ends, as this is done automatically. With a 5000x maximum multiplier and a $25,000 maximum payout, the Tower X crash game is an excellent choice for high rollers. Nevertheless, players should be aware of the false winnings in the game that may result in losses in the long run. Generally, the Tower X crash game offers players a unique experience in regard to gameplay, payout mechanics, and more, making it an excellent crash game to break off the monotony of other titles.

Tower X game FAQ

Is Tower X game fair?

Yes, the Tower X game is RNG-certified and audited by independent testing companies like iTech Labs. Besides, you can rely on multiple licences, such as the MGA, which SmartSoft, the game provider, holds.

How to play Tower X?

Choose your bet size and click the 'Buy Bonus' to place your bet within the dedicated betting period. When the game ends, you'll receive winnings corresponding to the round's multiplier.

How much can I win in Tower X?

Typically, your payout is determined by the outcome multiplier total and your bet size. However, there's a $25,000 win cap in the Tower X casino game.

What are the bet sizes in Tower X?

You can bet $0.01 to $5. However, remember that the total deducted from your balance is usually 100 times more than your selected bet size.

Does Tower X have an autobet feature?

Yes. The autoplay feature in the Tower X game allows you to select the number of rounds and further customise when the feature can stop automatically.