Mary’s Mining Mania Crash game by Evoplay Entertainment for real money

Evoplay is known for its unique plots and striking mechanics, so the Mary's Mining Mania crash game is one of the instant-win online casino titles you are bound to enjoy. This new casino game was released in 2023, so not only its mechanics but also the plot and graphics are vibrant and mobile-friendly. Mary, a beautiful blonde, is sitting in her minecart. The rails are quite old, so the way through this cave won’t be easy, but your goal is to help the lady reach as far as possible, placing one or two bets per round and trying to get a multiplier of up to 1000x. The detailed Mary's Mining Mania review on this page will help you learn more about possible real money stakes, the best online casinos to play Mary's Mining Mania, and working strategies to manage your bets.

  • Mary's Mining Mania screenshot
  • Mary's Mining Mania screenshot

Best online casinos to play Mary’s Mining Mania Crash game by Evoplay Entertainment

Mary’s Mining Mania facts

✅ Name Mary's Mining Mania
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Evoplay Entertainment
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 96%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.10 - $30,0000
🎨 Theme Adventure
👀 Objects Mine, gold hunter
🎯 Objective Cash out before the truck crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian

What is a crash game?

Be it a rocket flying up or a minecart moving on the rails, the central concept behind crash online casino games is still the same: the longer you are in the game, the larger your prize, and vice versa. If your intuition helps you to be in the game for a long time to grab a decent multiplier and cash out before this game crashes, you win big, but when you don’t do it on time, the entire bet with all those potential multipliers disappears. Thus, crash games are fully based on your luck and reaction.

Mary’s Mining Mania game rules

Basically, you place one or two bets per round and watch Mary moving on the rails in the minecart. As soon as the new round begins, the multiplier starts growing, but there can be cases when the game crashes at 0x. Your goal is to watch the multiplier grow and cash out before the crash occurs.

Of course, it’s always random and doesn’t depend on your skills, but the game will keep you engaged since it’s up to you to decide when to grab the money and regulate your risk level this way. The sections below will tell you more things about the Mary’s Mining Mania game, including its design, navigation, and winning potential.

Mary’s Mining Mania design & plot

Mary’s Mining Mania is quite different from other online casino crash games, but it’s similar to some Evoplay games since the provider has its own style. You’ll find yourself in a mine full of gold to collect and exchange for real money multipliers. Mary, the main character, is an attractive lady who looks like a typical pin-up character. According to the story in the menu, the mine belongs to Mary’s grandfather, so now it’s her turn to overcome all the obstacles and get as much gold as her trolly can contain.

As long as the minecart rides, the woman realistically moves, especially when the cart jumps on its bumpy path, which adds fun to the gameplay. The game can crash in different ways. When a stone falls from above, the cart simply stops, Mary gets upset, and the round is over. If the cart rides on broken trails, it falls and disappears. All these things make the Mary’s Mining Mania crash game very similar to an arcade game.


The main screen brings gamblers to the mine rich in gold and to the trails for Mary’s cart. The white line below the screen displays current multipliers, so the further Mary goes, the larger the number. The large current multiplier highlighted in yellow is also displayed in the middle of the screen.

The line with pink multipliers shows the results of the previous rounds. It’s helpful for players who estimate the last multipliers, trying to guess what number will be winning next. Navigation in the Mary’s Mining Mania bet game is available through the following widgets:

  • The green ‘Bet on Next Round’ button allows players to place a real money bet for the next round
  • When the current game has crashed, the buttons display ‘Bet Now’
  • You can tap on ‘+’ and ‘-’ to modify the betting amount or choose from the prompted amounts in this section
  • By tapping on ‘Auto’, you can switch to the autoplay mode
  • Statistical details are displayed below on the mobile casino version or on the left on desktops
  • There is a chat section where you can communicate with other players
  • The hamburger button (three stripes) displays the menu where you can find the rules, your gaming history, and other settings

Betting limits

According to the game’s description on the provider’s official site, you can play Mary’s Mining Mania for real money within the betting range of $1 to $1000 (or €750). Still, make sure to check limits at your particular online casino. Conveniently, the game accepts one or two bets per round.

Payout parameters

Mary’s Mining Mania has an RTP of 96% and a 1000x winning potential (or up to $1,000,000, whatever is reached first). This may be not the largest upper multiplier out there, but from experience, even 100x is a win that is quite hard to achieve, and according to the game’s technical description, the 1000x winning can happen once in 500 million rounds.

How to play Mary’s Mining Mania for real money

After learning more about the game and testing its free mode, you can choose the top online casino on this page, sign up, and deposit to play Mary’s Mining Mania for real money. You can choose your mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop; at any rate, the basic guide is similar, while the perfect optimisation makes the game suitable for all devices.

  1. Choose your bet by tapping on ‘+’ and ‘-’ or entering the necessary amount at once
  2. Tap on ‘Bet on Next Round’ when the current round is in progress, or tap the ‘Bet Now’ option within 10 seconds in between the rounds
  3. When the round begins, these buttons turn into ‘Cash Out’ widgets, so you can tap on them to leave this particular round at a certain multiplier
  4. Оptionally, you can switch to the autoplay mode and choose a bet for your next rounds and a multiplier of 1.1x to 999x
  5. Once you are happy with your total real-money winning, head over to your online casino’s cashier and leave a cashout request

Mary’s Mining Mania crash game strategies

Online casino games are always unpredictable and random, so players can’t influence the outcomes, even though instant-win games have this imitation of the player’s presence. Still, your decision to cash out determines the volatility level since the longer you are in the game, the higher the risks and potential wins. That’s why certain tactics can help you play with lower or higher risks, depending on your bankroll and needs. Below, you’ll find the top 5 strategies to play the Mary’s Mining Mania casino game at real money online casinos.

‘Girl behind the wheel’ crash game strategy

You may have heard all those jokes about girls driving the car for the first time. Well, this is exactly the case. According to this strategy, this lady isn’t an experienced driver of her cart, so she won’t drive long. You’ll need to place low bets of $1 and cash out at 1.1x to 1.5x.

For example, you have 10 autoplay rounds at $1 and the 1.1x cashout. If each of these bets wins, you leave with $11, where $1 is your net winning. Even when one of the rounds is non-winning, your total win will be $9.9, and the losses will be as low as $0.1. Optionally, you can use this approach to place both bets at once.

‘Need husband’s help’ online casino strategy

When the inexperienced driver can ask for help, it’s perfect, so Mary can ask her husband to back her up. Thus, you can have your second bet higher and cash out later, reaching 2x to 3x. It’s recommended to have ten rounds in these settings.

For instance, your first bet works the same way as in the previous strategy, and you need to cash out the second bet of $2 at 2x. Thus, if your first bet doesn’t lose and the second bet is lost two times, you can win $43 ($11 + $32), where your net win is $13.

‘Big money’ Mary’s Mining Mania strategy

Mary’s potential heritage is really huge since she now owns the entire mine full of gold. That’s why she may want to work less and earn more. That’s what this strategy for the Mary’s Mining Mania online casino game is about. You’ll place large bets and cash out quickly so that Mary doesn’t get tired of riding her cart long.

Let’s suppose that you place two $10 bets and decide to cash out at 1.1x. You experience the lowest risks in this case, so it’s highly likely the round will be winning. In this case, the initial $20 bet ($10 for each) can turn into $22, bringing you $2 as a net win.

‘Desperate housewife’ casino strategy

As an experienced housewife, Mary knows how to save money and manage a household, so she can invest a little bit and place two low bets of $1, trying to reach high multipliers of at least 3x. Of course, there can be more non-winning rounds compared to previous strategies; that’s why this one is called ‘desperate’.

If you place two bets per round, have ten rounds at $1, cash out at 3x, and only five of them are winning, you can win $30 at the end. Your bet here is $20, so $10 is the net winning.

‘Shopping Spree’ crash casino strategy

Don’t forget that Mary is a woman, and women adore shopping, even when the goods are too expensive. That’s why this strategy is about large stakes and high multipliers. Moreover, you’ll place two bets per round.

In the case of two $20 bets and the 3x multiplier, you may experience something of this kind. When five out of ten rounds are winning, you get a net winning of $200. But be careful since sometimes, you can lose more than five rounds, and when you deal with real money bets, especially high stakes, responsible gambling is a must.

Provably Fair in Mary’s Mining Mania

The Mary’s Mining Mania crash online casino game is built on the Provably Fair technology, so players can check the outcomes of each round with any SHA-256 generator. To do this, open the game’s history, copy the ‘Validation String’ data of the round you want to check and paste it into the hash generator. Once the tool generates the hash code, you can check whether it matches the details specified in the game’s history.

Additionally, you can pay attention to the reliability of Mary’s Mining Mania online casinos where you want to play. By choosing online gambling sites from our rating, you can be sure that they are friendly to cryptocurrency players using Bitcoin and other cryptos, have large withdrawal limits, and provide other suitable conditions for safe gameplay.

Play Mary’s Mining Mania for free


Mary’s Mining Mania is a pretty new crash online casino game by Evoplay. Its graphics are brilliant, while the theme isn’t trivial. Though it has no bonus rounds, the gameplay isn’t boring since you can place two bets per round and enjoy appealing gameplay mechanics. Our tests and reviews from players show that navigation is smooth not only on desktops but also on iOS and Android devices. If you are also into the gold rush and want to try out your intuition, the Mary’s Mining Mania crash game is an innovative instant-win title that is certain to suit you.

Mary’s Mining Mania gamу FAQ

Is Mary's Mining Mania game fair?

Yes, it’s a Provably Fair-based crash casino online game. You can check the result of each round yourself with the help of any SHA-256 generator.

How to play Mary's Mining Mania?

The game has simple rules and navigation suitable for desktops and mobile gaming. Simply choose your bet and try to cash out on time when the round begins.

How much can I win in Mary's Mining Mania?

The game’s settings determine the maximum winning potential of 1000x or $1,000,000 / €750,000, whichever is reached first.

What are the bet sizes in Mary's Mining Mania?

The provider’s official site displays the betting range of $1 to $1000 (or €750). However, this may also vary, depending on your online casino’s settings, so double-check this on the site where you want to play.

Does Mary's Mining Mania have an auto-bet feature?

Yes, and this option is convenient for players who want to have a long gaming session. You can place the same bets and set the auto cashout at 1.1x to 999x.