Big Bass Crash game by Pragmatic Play for real money

Based on the award-winning Big Bass slots series, Pragmatic Play is at it again with a crash game. The Big Bass Crash game is an addition to the provider's crash portfolio. As you might have imagined, the gameplay or rules are somewhat similar to what other crash games offer. 

  • Big Bass screenshot
  • Big Bass screenshot

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Big Bass facts

✅ Name Big Bass
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Pragmatic Play
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95.5%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $100
🎨 Theme Fishing
👀 Objects Ship, net, fisherman
🎯 Objective Cash out before the fishing net crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 5000x
✅ Provable fair yes
🔄 Autobet yes

But instead of venturing into the galaxy as in the previous release by the provider (Spaceman), Big Bass Crash takes you on a fishing expedition. So, if you’re a fishing fan, you don’t want to miss out on the thrill of reeling in amazing rewards. The main job here is to decide when to onboard your catch before the fishing net snaps and sinks. Are you ready to test your nerves out in the water? Let’s learn more in this Big Bass Crash game review. 

What is a crash game?

It goes without saying that crash games are one of the most sensational online casino games due to their volatility. But let’s dissect what a crash game is if you’re not familiar with them.

In these games, players bet on the outcome of a rapidly accelerating multiplier. For a typical crash game, participants place their wagers before the round begins. The multiplier will start increasing, and your job is to predict when it will ‘crash’ and cash out before it does. 

Of course, the higher the multiplier rises, the bigger your winnings. However, if the multiplier crashes, you will lose all active bets. The combination of this high-risk, high-reward dynamic makes crash games both thrilling and unpredictable, appealing to players seeking fast-paced gambling experiences with the chance for significant payouts.

About Big Bass Crash

A thrilling fusion of a fishing theme and a crash concept yields exciting and engaging gameplay by Big Bass Crash. However, the game doesn’t deviate from the basics of crash game mechanics. The aim is to decide when to cash out before a multiplier crashes. No cascading symbols or reels in this game. It’s all about whether you have nerves of steel to stomach the tension of a rising multiplier and wait for the crash. 

The game is about a fisherman aboard his vessel. As he moves from left to right on your screen, he drags his fishing net beneath the water. While at it, he collects fish and an increasing multiplier, which starts at 1x. This multiplier can grow to 5000x, but the net might slip (crash), ending the game. 

But before the net slips, you can reel in your win. Helping you reel in your wins are handy features, such as the Auto Cash Out and the 50% Auto Cash Out. We’ll explore both options along with other features later in this review. 

Sounds and graphics

Pragmatic Play did a fantastic job in development by incorporating a fishing theme. It gets even better when you load the game with the fisherman on the side of his boat as it moves from left to right. 

In the water are fish moving in the opposite direction. The graphics are on point, and the animations are lively. For instance, you can see the fish tails flapping from side to side. Then you have the boat chugging as it spears through the water, bellowing smoke from its exhaust. But you can turn off the animation if you have a poor internet connection. 

In the background are little islands with trees and a blue sky dotted with clouds and birds flying by – a perfect day for fishing. The sounds add more excitement to the game. 

The blaring horn of the boat, splashes of water, and other ambient sounds, such as chirping birds, help bring some relaxation to the building tension as you watch the multiplier value build up. Similar to the animation, you can also turn off or adjust the volume of the sound effects and game music. 

Big Bass Crash rules

Going fishing is an amazing concept the Big Bass Crash game adopted. But just like other online casino games, you must follow the laid down rules when playing. Besides, it’s important to learn what the game is about and what it entails to increase your winning potential. In that case, we have played this exciting release to understand the rules, and now we are breaking them down. 

Auto bet

You can set a specific bet amount and use it for every game round. With the auto-bet function, you can avoid the recurring action of placing a bet on every round for smoother gameplay. 

To enable this function, click the reload button to set the bet amount and the number of rounds you wish to play. The number of rounds ranges from 5 to 100. It’s worth noting that there may be more settings available depending on your selected online casino and location. These settings include an option to set the function to stop if your balance decreases/increases or if a single win exceeds your selected value. 

Once ready, click the start button, and the autoplay function will start. The chosen number of rounds will be available to monitor. 

Minimum and maximum bet amounts

Whether you’re a player on a budget or a high roller, Big Bass Crash offers an inclusive bet range on every round. However, compared to other crash games, such as Cricket X, the minimum bet amount is quite high. 

Bets start at $1 to $100 per round, and you can set the bet amount using the arrow keys. Alternatively, you can use the preset values to set a specific bet. There’s a 2x button too, which you can use to double the current bet. 

There’s an undo button, too, just below the bet amounts. With this button, you can clear the displayed bet amount instead of constantly clicking the ‘<’ button. 

Game statistics

At the bottom of the game’s interface is a section showing the most recent results by active players. The results run from left to right, and you can click on a particular result for more information, including a list of other results, up to 500. 

Another interesting feature of the game is the Charts. Click on the right arrow near the Last Results title, and you’ll see multipliers categorised in ranges, showing their hit frequency in percentage. This will give you insight into which multiplier ranges are likely to offer a return on your investment. 

In-built chat

Big Bass Crash adds some elements of social gameplay for a more interactive gaming experience. Apart from the leaderboard, the game also features an in-built chat service. Click the message icon at the top right of the interface to launch the chat service. From there, you can start messaging other online players. 

In addition to the chat feature for players, there’s a live chat support feature. You can use this feature to communicate with the support team. 

Auto cashout and 50% auto cashout

The Big Bass Crash casino game is all about making your gaming experience smoother and less stressful. In addition to the autoplay function, you can also engage the auto cashout feature. 

As the name suggests, you can cash out once the multiplier hits a specific preset value. This feature lies at the bottom left of the interface. Toggle the button and use the arrow buttons to set the multiplier value. 

Another handy feature is the 50% auto cash out. With this option, you can cash out half your winnings once the multiplier hits a specific value that you set before the game round begins. The remaining half will continue in play, allowing you to aim for bigger wins. 

Multiplier history

On the right is a more detailed panel displaying the username, bet amount, multiplier, and win amount. Wins of 2x and above are displayed in green, while those below 2x are in red. 

You can also view your game history by clicking the history icon at the top right of the interface. This section provides the day’s history, or you can switch to the “Older” tab for older statistics on your gameplay. 

Big Bass Crash demo version

Crash games are simple to learn and play. In fact, you can start playing for real money even without reading the rules. But that’s not ideal. You want to get a hang of things by playing the demo version of the Big Bass Crash game. 

By playing for fun, you can implement your strategies while learning everything there is to know about the game. Besides, the gameplay remains the same. Once you’re satisfied, you can play Bog Bass Crash for real money. 

How to play the Big Bass Crash game

After learning the rules of the Big Bass Crash bet game, it’s time to learn how to play this Pragmatic Play release. 

The first step is to find an online casino that offers this game. Of course, it has to be a legitimate site offering sufficient payment methods, among other factors. But that shouldn’t be yours to worry. We have listed the top casinos with this title on this page. So, your only job is to choose from this list of Big Bass Crash online casinos and sign up by providing the required details. 

Next, deposit funds into your account and find the Big Bass Crash game in the lobby. Launch the game and place your bet, as explained earlier. Set other parameters based on your preference and click ‘Confirm Bet’ to start the round. 

Multipliers and payouts

The Big Bass Crash casino game is quite rewarding, with the maximum multiplier set at 5000x. Not the biggest you’ll come across in the crash world, but it’s worth a shot. 

The maximum payout in the game is €500,000 or the equivalent currency or 5000x, whichever is reached first.  

RTP and volatility

Like any other crash game, the Big Bass Crash game is quite volatile. Remember, you cannot rely on skill or strategy since the game is all about luck. 

Regarding RTP, the provider sets this at 95.50%, which is below average compared to other crash games offering over 96%. As such, expect slightly lower returns over a long period. 

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Crash games continue gaining popularity among online gambling faithful. Pragmatic Play is aware of this, and its Big Bass Crash game following the popular Spaceman is testimony to the demand. Fishing might not be a skill you possess, but with this game, you have the opportunity to use your instinct to get amazing catches. The maximum win of 5000x is not the biggest you’ll come across, but it’s great for a beginner in this genre. 

You’ll also appreciate the effort put in by the operator to deliver lively animations and ambient sounds. Furthermore, the game has several functions to improve your experience. An in-game chat, auto cashout, and a leaderboard are great additions to the Big Bass Crash game. All that’s left is to pack your fishing gear, head out, and catch some fish.

Big Bass Crash game FAQ

Is the Big Bass Crash game fair?

Big Bass Crash is a product of Pragmatic Play, a game provider that boasts a fantastic reputation with several licenses from leading regulators. They include the UKGC in the United Kingdom, PAGCOR in the Philippines, and AAMS in Italy, among others. That means you are assured of the game’s fairness.

How to play Big Bass Crash?

The first step is to set your bet sizes, and you can use the auto-bet feature to use the same bet amount on multiple rounds. Confirm your bet, and the game will start, with the fisherman collecting multipliers as the boat moves. Once you feel you’re about to crash, simply cash out or use the auto-cashout feature to automatically collect your winnings at a specific multiplier value.

How much can I win in Big Bass Crash?

The Big Bass Crash casino game has a maximum multiplier value of 5000x. Using the maximum bet amount of $100 per round means you can bag $500,000. The provider states that you will receive whichever comes first.

What are the bet sizes in Big Bass Crash?

Bet sizes in the Big Bass Crash game start at $1 per round, with the maximum set at $100, allowing players on both ends of the spectrum to comfortably play based on their budgets.

Does Big Bass Crash have an autobet feature?

Yes. There’s an autobet feature that allows you to set a specific bet amount to run for a certain number of rounds. You can also stop the autobet if you wish to change the bet amount. Additionally, there’s an auto cashout and 50% auto cashout feature, allowing you to reel in your catch when the multiplier hits a specific value.

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