When Lambo Crash game by Onlyplay for real money

Would you like to take a luxurious sports car on a spin? Who wouldn't, though? So, with the When Lambo crash game, you get to test drive a Lamborghini as it increases speed from the departure point while awarding multipliers. These multipliers could rise indefinitely, but the Lambo can explode (crash) randomly, and when this happens, you lose your bet.

  • When Lambo screenshot
  • When Lambo screenshot

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When Lambo facts

✅ Name When Lambo
🔍 Type Crash game
🌐 Provider Onlyplay
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $50
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Sports car
🎯 Objective Cash out before the lambo crashes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier n/a
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

Therefore, the aim is to take your winnings at your ideal multiplier before the Lambo explodes. Interestingly, the When Lambo game has a bonus feature where players enjoy multiplier boosts as the sports car hits the road. Learn more about this online casino crash game, including how to play, rules, payouts, and bet sizes in our When Lambo review. Also, gamblers will find a list of the top casinos online with the title herein.

What is a crash game?

Diversity is the name of the game in the gambling industry. And with the online casino crash game genre now featuring different variations, you can expect instant-win titles covering various themes, additional features like bonuses, and more than just an object rising while awarding multipliers. Regardless of the rendition, the concept remains the same: Cash out your winnings before the game crashes so that you don’t lose your bet. This way, players get to decide their risk level in the game by collecting payouts at higher or lower multipliers. In respect to our review, the When Lambo casino game follows this crash gaming concept to the letter.

When Lambo game overview

This crash game was released in May 2023 by Onlyplay, a crypto-friendly game provider with a wide range of games featuring various mechanics. In addition to crash games, the software developer has online slots and lottery-based titles in its catalogue. When Lambo is a sports car-themed crash game featuring the animation of the widely coveted Lamborghini. The game has top-tier graphics, animations, and music/sound, which make gameplay captivating.

When Lambo is a multiplayer crash game where all players wager on the same event simultaneously. However, your cashout decisions won’t affect the gameplay of other active gamblers. Every player collects their winnings at their preferred point during real-money gameplay. Although the game lacks a live chat feature for all active gamblers to converse, it offers a smilies tab where you can send various emoticons to express your feelings and emotions in each game session.

The game features two betting booths, meaning you can have two wagers running simultaneously. Before a round starts, you’ll see the animation of the Lambo fueling, with gas jerricans popping into the vehicle. This fueling period is the dedicated betting time (about 10 seconds), after which no more bets can be placed until the next round. When the game starts, multipliers in the When Lambo bet game begin counting from a 1x coefficient and can rise indefinitely.

This, of course, means a huge payout potential, but the game has a maximum cap on winnings per bet. The crash game features auto-play and auto-cashout configurations, allowing for a smooth gambling experience. Besides, players can view their bet history, live bet statistics of other gamblers, and live results of the past rounds when playing When Lambo for real money. During gameplay, nitro cans along the road boost your multipliers for a better payout.

When Lambo game rules

Crash games like When Lambo operate under the same concept: Place your wager(s) and collect your winnings based on your preferred multiplier before the game crashes. In this title, the crash event occurs when the Lambo explodes. You lose the round if you fail to take your proceeds before this crash event. There are no out-of-this-world game rules to brood over, but you should stick to the minimum and maximum bets when you play When Lambo for real money.

You cannot place bets below or beyond these limits. Also, remember there’s a maximum threshold on how much you can win per round. Lastly, 1.35x is the least multiplier you can set to auto-collect your winnings when using the auto cashout feature. Once you grasp these rules, join our recommended When Lambo online casinos and commence real money gameplay.

When Lambo game interface

The luxurious Lamborghini is the central part of the game, driving while awarding multipliers. However, the overall design and theme of the game is also appealing. Therefore, the game is set on a beach – a luxurious car for a glamorous lifestyle. In the background, you can see posh beach hotels, the ocean, palm trees, yachts, bay watch towers, and mountains and hills in the distant background.

You can change the sound settings, view game limits, and get more information about the game by clicking the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the screen. Unfortunately, the game’s rules, RTP, and other info about the game are not embedded in the title. You must download a PDF file with this data. Your balance is indicated next to this hamburger icon. Below the main game section, you’ll see a tab with a string of live results of the past rounds (up to 12 outcomes on desktop).

A smiley next to this tab opens the smilies tab, allowing you to send emojis that capture and express your emotions about the game. At the base of the interface, you’ll find the betting area, with the betting panels and UI buttons to select bet amount, place bets, and activate the auto-play and cashout features. You’ll find your bet history on the panel on the right of the interface, alongside the global bet stats of other active players.

When Lambo game features

This crash casino game provides a similar user interface across all gaming devices (mobile and desktop). As such, you can easily access the below game features whether you’re playing When Lambo for real money or fun during demo play. Below is a description of these UI features and other elements in the When Lambo casino game.

Betting booths

As mentioned, the game has two betting booths. However, when you launch the game, only one is active. As such, you can open the second panel by clicking the ‘+’ symbol next to the yellow ‘Make Bet’ button on the betting area. The ‘Make Bet’ button is used to place bets in the game and turns to ‘Take’ when the round commences.

Each betting panel has an auto bet and auto take (cashout) option alongside UI buttons to increase or decrease your bet size in a gaming round. This means you place two bets in one round, but you must click the ‘Take’ button in each booth to collect your winnings.

Betting limits

You can use the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons on each betting panel to adjust your bet size during gameplay. Alternatively, you can click the bet value section and manually enter your desired bet amount or select a bet size from the predetermined bet value at the end of each bet panel.

In the When Lambo game, the betting limits are somewhat more conservative than what other crash games offer, as you can only bet as little as $0.50 and a maximum of $50 per round. If you’re playing at a crypto casino that accepts tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., these limits will be indicated in the respective currency tokens.

However, these wagering limits are bound to vary from one When Lambo online casino to another, depending on factors like your local currencies, operator’s policies, etc. Therefore, we recommend visiting the ‘Limits’ section under the settings menu (hamburger icon) to view the precise acceptable maximum and minimum thresholds. Since there are two betting panels, you can play with a maximum of $100 per round ($50 on each panel).

Bonus canisters

Although the game doesn’t feature standalone bonus rounds, it has nitro canisters that boost the current multiplier coefficient. These nitro canisters placed along the road usually increase the multiplier by 1.20x after the Lambo successfully fuels with the nitro. 

For instance, suppose the initial multiplier was 6.20x before a nitro canister fueling. In that case, the multiplier will increase to 7.44x (6.20×1.20) after a successful nitro fueling. However, the fueling must be successful for this nitro multiplier boost to work. If the Lambo explodes before fueling, the additional multiplier (1.20x) won’t take effect on the round.

Auto Bet

When playing the When Lambo crash game, you don’t need to hit the ‘Make Bet’ button every time to place your wager(s). The game offers an auto-bet feature where the system automatically places your bets each round. However, to use this feature, you must activate it by toggling the ‘AUTO’ button (turns yellow) on the tab labelled ‘Bet’ on the betting panels. After activating it, you can choose your ideal bet size and click the ‘Make Bet’ button once to start autoplay.

The following rounds will then be played automatically, but you must click the ‘Take’ button to collect your winnings for each round. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t have advanced configurations that enable you to stop it automatically. Therefore, you can switch the ‘AUTO’ button off (turns grey) after a completed round to stop this feature. Auto Bet will, however, stop automatically if your balance doesn’t support more rounds.

Auto Take

You’ll find this feature in the ‘Take’ section of each betting panel. To switch it on, click on the ‘AUTO’ toggle button (turns yellow) on the Take section and then adjust your ideal auto-take multiplier. You can use the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons to decrease or increase your ideal multiplier coefficient. Alternatively, you can click on the multiplier section and enter your preferred multiplier coefficient. Therefore, each time you place a bet, your winnings will be automatically collected once your set multiplier is reached in a game round.

Notably, the least multiplier that can be set while using this feature is 1.35x. The maximum, on the other hand, is infinite; it can even exceed 1,000,000x. You can change the auto-take multiplier coefficient after collecting payouts of the current round. You can click the ‘AUTO’ toggle once more on the Take section to turn off Auto Take (turns grey). If you’re looking to explore these auto features, we recommend using both Auto Bet and Auto Take to get the best gaming experience. Nevertheless, keep an eye on your balance, as it can be exhausted quickly.

How to play When Lambo for real money

We’ve listed some of the best When Lambo online casinos on this page. So, you can join one, make a deposit, and follow the below procedure to place real money bets in the When Lambo crash game:

  1. Find and launch the When Lambo game (Onlyplay) from your casino’s library on your mobile or desktop.
  2. Set your ideal bet size from the betting panel. You can use one or two betting panels. Therefore, use any options mentioned herein to set your bet amount between $0.50 and $50.
  3. Afterwards, click the yellow ‘Make Bet’ button to place your wager (s). This button will switch to ‘Bet Accepted’ to indicate you’ve successfully placed your bet. You’ll have about 10 seconds to place bets in the When Lambo bet game.
  4. The game will then start with the Lambo speeding off while awarding multipliers. Along the way, it’ll be fueling via nitro canisters, which boost the multiplier by 1.20x. The luxurious Lambo will move until its untimely demise (explodes), indicating the end of the round. So, you must click the ‘Take’ button before the crash to collect your winnings and win the round.

Please note that the Lambo can crash even at a 1.00x multiplier. You can employ betting strategies that give you the best results while exploiting the Auto Bet and Auto Take features in When Lambo.

When Lambo game payouts and maximum win

According to the rules manual, the When Lambo game has an RTP of 94.20%, which is lower than that of other crash games (usually 96%). While the 94.20% RTP indicates a $94.20 return for $100 spent over a long gambling session, in the short run, you can enjoy higher payouts. Payouts are calculated based on your bet amount and the multiplier coefficient at the time of clicking the ‘Take’ button.

With the multiplier in this crash game rising indefinitely, there’s a colossal payout potential. However, the title has a maximum cap on winnings per round (about $12,000 / 238 mBTC), which is displayed under the Limits section of the game during real money gambling. We advise players to check the precise limit in their local gaming currency in their preferred When Lambo online casinos.

Play When Lambo for free in demo mode


When Lambo is a famous crash casino game in the Onlyplay library with only titles like Quantum X and F777 Fighter, among others, matching its aura. The game’s concept is easy, enabling all players to enjoy driving the luxurious Lamborghini while receiving incredible multipliers. The nitro-fueling canisters in the game further boost these multipliers to offer players increased winnings. The bet limit is relatively low ($0.50-$50), accommodating low rollers, but high rollers can partake in the fun, with the two betting panels offering a $100 limit per round. With a maximum win limit of about $12,000 and infinitely rising multipliers, the When Lambo crash game is one of the top choices you can play for real money.

When Lambo game FAQ

Is When Lambo game fair?

Although Onlyplay is a crypto-friendly software developer, the When Lambo casino game doesn't feature tools for the manual verification of results. Still, it uses the RNG algorithm, and players can rely on the licensing and reputation of the Onlyplay game supplier.

How to play When Lambo?

The gameplay is straightforward: Select a top When Lambo online casino, deposit, select your bet amount ($0.50-$50) on one or two tabs, and click the 'Make Bet' button. After the game commences, try to cash out at your ideal multiplier before Lambo explodes.

How much can I win in When Lambo?

The game has a maximum win threshold of about $12,000 or 238mBTC per round if you're gambling in a crypto casino online.

What are bet sizes in When Lambo?

The bet sizes may vary depending on the respective online casino, but generally, you should bet with anything between a minimum of $0.50 and a maximum of $50. Two panels mean a $100 maximum limit.

Does When Lambo have autobet?

Yes. You can use this feature for infinite rounds as long as your balance supports it. However, the Auto Bet feature doesn't have advanced settings, but you can use the Auto Take option alongside it.

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